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HTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)

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HTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X - 6.X.X)
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Before you ask a question in the topic, you need to collect data on the phone
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Prerequisites for installing OTA updates: completely stock firmware without any changes for its CID / MID, STOCK RECOVERY, the state of the boot does not prevent the update from happening. Though locked, unkocked or relocked. Starting with android 5.0.1, the presence of ROOT leads to a hang on the splash, after installing OTA.Instructions for installing the update (similar to other regions, using the appropriate files).

For correct installation and operation of the firmware on Android 5.0.X, you must first install firmware 4.XX.XXX.X (otherwise Wi-Fi may not work) and TWRP recovery not lower than version

I can not go to the buloader to do something? Clamp the power and volume "+", the screen goes out and, immediately, the volume "-". Perhaps the first time will not work, but the only way.

OTA is not installed, red triangle in recovery. How to be?

Why was my post deleted?!?
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Useful information

Stock service RUU firmware in the form of .EXE
Stocked and deodexed versions in the form of .ZIP
Firmware in the form of RUU.zip
Ota update
Backups of stock firmware
Android 7.x

Android 6.0 Sense7 / Sense8

Android 5.0.X (most popular firmware with sensor)

Android Development ROM Repository (android 4.4.2-4.4.4)


The rest of the custom firmware can be found on the XDA exile
For camera devices:
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  • Best firmware for android 4.4.4 and which kernel do you use?
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  • The most popular firmware on android 6.0
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* EminOd, S-OFF is part of the root and unlock the bootloader

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* dj60,
Thanks. One more question, if I ask of GPE, will I be able to roll back the phone on runoff from getting the OTA, without S-OFF

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* EminOd,
Yes. sew the drain firmware and rekaveri

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Got m8 Verizon, already from the States came with unlocked Booth and S-Off, but 4.4.4. Downloaded from xda appropriate RUU.exe for updates on Lolipop 4.17.605.5, launched - all delivered and even worked. I decided to get Ruth to remove annoying inscription about the wrong SIM. Established through fastbut rekaveri Phil (extreme version 6.2.7), flashed through him Update_SuperSU2.46.zip. When overloading rekaveri swore that Ruth is not received, I chose the No - I thought that no harm from it, or at least put Ruth again and select Yes. And this is where the fun began.
Phone hanging on the splash screen Htc. So hung 2 or 3 minutes before the animation Verizon so never reached. I turned off the unit via ON and Volume +. I try to include - and there is no answer: the screen is black. Tried to go to the bootloader - does not go. Connected to a computer - he saw a lot of unformatted disks and Quallcom HS-USB Diagnostic 9006 on the COM-port. Which means "almost a brick."
Tulsa for the firmware loader I may nashkryabal on forum topics about other devices (such byaki "treated" using Python and QPST), from the Internet with a fascinating description of the recovery LG G3 (however, there image file with a password, and strongly -presilno I'm not sure that they come to buy your password).
Where to take the very image of flash and are guaranteed to work flasher?

PySy: there is HTC Droid DNA, only there are worse things - HS-USB QDLoader 9008, which means that the loader suicide (there was a strong overheating of the board), but chances are, that is, if someone help files for it!

PyPySY: to me the pros in turnip and, if possible, something more substantial!

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grayplus @ 19.08.2015, 23:08*
unformatted disks and Quallcom HS-USB Diagnostic 9006 on the COM-port. Which means "almost a brick."

dd through a Linux or througheMMC RAW Toolreturn the chain of loaders in the device, it is on your model, and preferably on the firmware that it must now be (but not younger !!!).
Specifically - sbl1, aboot, tz, rpm, dbi - dumps it can be made with the same apparatus at the same firmware, the part can be found in the relevant firmvare.zip. But it is better to ask someone sdampit you all downloaders.
you can still complete dump merge with live devices and to fill, but he will bear duplicated and should be understood as it then recover and who is willing to risk his bear ...
You can get acquainted with the theory in this thread -General principles of recovery loaders on Qualcomm(Search for 9006), there is no ready-made cases, so you have to go all by yourself.

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Guys, want to flash the firmware on the drain android 4.4.4 in the format * .zip: rolleyes:
There is a custom rekaveri, android 5, S-on, base 4.16.401.10
I need to be sewn on the stock rekaveri and Firmware? : Sveta:

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* rogi17,
You need S-OFF.

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* rogi17, if there is a firmware zip file, you do not need anything. Just sew through custom rekaveri

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Guys this question, when will the new 5 Andrew to m8, have infa?
Rules section "Android - Firmware" :
3.2. It is forbidden to ask questions that are not directly related to a specific topic, do not carry a semantic load and have a clearly stimulating character (especially such as "When will you lay out?", "How long should the firmware be?" And similar).

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I recommend you read carefully Forum Rules once again, all items .
More warnings will not be.

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Guys tell me a detailed guide (you can with video) how to put Of firmware upgradeable.
Incomprehensible firmware stands, does not want to be updated is written in butlodere unlocked, cid htc A07, mid 0P6B63000, firmware name 2.11.708.2.
Thanks in advance...)

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alikDa @ 21.08.2015, 02:44*
Incomprehensible firmware stands, does not want to be updated is written in butlodere unlocked, cid htc A07, mid 0P6B63000, firmware name 2.11.708.2.

It is quite understandable firmware official for Hong Kong. You, or a change in the CID HTC__622, or MID - in the 0P6B10000. In the first version, probably upgraded via OTA, in the second - set the RUU 4.16.401.10. For anyone to restore the ability to update the air. Instructions Full cap.

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Search used. Please tell me how much memory the phone? Only 8.5 GB free. Firmware is empty. In rekoveri shows 10.6. Version to 16GB. Enjoyed multiromom and now some bug issues with the wipe.

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Guys like Verizon to put Ruth? Through off site downloader does not unlock.

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* grayplus, I was so, when rutirovanny gpe by OTE updated, subject to night, completely out of power, on the morning put in charge, went to the bootloader and sew.

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Do I need to put firmeware when installing custom firmware and still that or not ?!

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* Ki6erPanK,
It depends on the firmware that bet. Firmvare of flow 5.0 is suitable for almost all piercings

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* Maraudeur
Put 1 custom firmware of caps sd v10.1

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* Ki6erPanK,
And initially it stood?

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dorickrus @ 21.08.2015, 10:23*
I was so, when rutirovanny gpe by OTE updated, subject to night, completely out of power, on the morning put in charge, went to the bootloader and sew.

Thank you, the same thing happened. Discharged to zero during the night, connected to a computer - he turned on the screen with a battery. Connected to the charger, loaded to 85% and flashed through RUU.

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