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Emulator of one of the most successful home computersCommodore 64for tachy devices on Symbian ^ 3, Anna, Belle.

What emulator is capable of:
* Using images of tapes and floppy disks (formats .d64 .t64);
* Save and restore state;
* You can play both in portrait and landscape orientations in the original screen resolution or in zoom mode.
* Support for sound, vibration, on-screen keyboard and gyroscope via the optional Bilbo Gaming Library libraries (see below)
* Emulation of the 1541 disk drive modelCommodore SX64(to download games from multiple cassettes / floppy disks)
* Adjustable emulator speed
* Auto-fire feature

1. Download and install frodo_s60_17.sis (if the installation complains about the incompatibility, but we have a Symbolic ^ 3 device, Anna or Belle - we ignore it)
2. Run Frodo. The launch takes a very long time - up to 2-3 minutes, although the settings menu of the emulator is effective immediately. The menu can be opened by tapping on the center of the screen.
NOTE:The "center of the screen" is the center of the current graphic screen of the emulator. If you have a full-screen image (big 2 mode), then the center of the emulator coincides with the center of the physical screen, but if you are in the Small 1 or Small 2 mode, with Joy / Claudia below or to the left of the screen, then tap it to the center of the playing field .
3. If the emulator starts, enter the settings menu and select Text Input - the standard Symbian text input interface should appear.
4. Operational check is over - close the emulator - menu>Exit
5. Depending on the model of your device, install Bilbo_s60_5th_Samsung.sisx or Bilbo_s60_5th_Nokia.sisx.
ATTENTION:Although I have a Nokia C7-01, after installing Bilbo_s60_5th_Nokia.sisx, the emulator closed immediately after launch, but it worked fine after installing Bilbo_s60_5th_Samsung.sisx o.O
6. Again check - start>menu>Input text<^ c>- the screen keyboard C64 should appear:
Emulator On-Screen Keyboard - small 2 screen mode, landscape orientation
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7. If after installing one type of Bilbo library the emulator crashes or the screen keyboard does not appear, delete the Bilbo Gaming Library through the application manager and install the version for other phone types. If it does not work like that - we refer the questions to the creator of the emulator onoff-site, or just playing without sound and with uncomfortable typing.

Running games
0. Downloading games, C64-Wikior other similar resources.
1. Unzip and copy .d64 or .t64 files in the folder C: \ data \ others \ Frodo or E: \ others \ Frodo
2. In the emulator enter the menu>Load game - select the image of the game and confirm with a tick in the lower right corner. The emulator itself knocks the load commands - LOAD "*", 8,1 and starts the loading process at the required memory addresses.
3. You can not wait for the end of the boot process, and immediately give the start command - menu>Run
4. If the game starts, but requires keyboard input to continue, then we enter the menu>Input Text - enter the required text and turn off the keyboard by pressing the CLOSE buttons in the upper right corner of the keyboard. When the keyboard is NOT active, the joystick always works (see the first screenshots), and the green tube is on the Enter key.

Running games running on multiple discs
0. In the menu>Settings turn on drive emulation 1541
1. Start the game from the image of the first disk according to the above procedure
2. When it is necessary to go on another disk we enter the menu>Disk commands>Select disk - to select a new disk and after that - Disk commands>Load - to load the continuation of the game.

Save / restore current state
1. Save - Menu>Quick save>Store #x
2. Recovery - Menu>Quick save>Restore #x

Restart emulator without exit - menu>Extras>Reset

F.A.Q. by emulatorfrom the author (in English).
NOTEOn the author's page you can find the Frodo emulator version for devices for Symbian S60 3rd, S80 and UIQ.
Emulator operation demonstrationon your Nokia Xpress Music phone on Youtub.

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* NormanD, and where to get libraries for s60v3? I can not find anywhere

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No one will tell where to get the library?

-_- extremely happy!

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