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LG L90 - Discussion | Smartphone

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DiscussionLG L90
PictureD410 / 2SIM, D405 / 1SIM
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Overview:UpdateLG L90beforeAndroid 5.0.2

Mini FAQ


How the service center can determine whether smart has been rooted
Caution problems with Chinese sensors
The inclusion of the mode (option) of the developer on Android 4.4. List of features and capabilities.
How to enter the service menu? Check for broken pixels, etc.
Recovery instructions after manipulations in the service menu, as a result green screen
How to do a full reset without a computer
Instructions for updating the official firmware using a PC
Recovery after update error
Reassigning buttons [ROOT]
Improved GPS reception and A-GPS modification
How can Yandex maps be saved on an external card (and not only)
Installing Navitel cards on an external memory card
How to get outMini OS.
Quick Start Task Manager [ROOT]
The swap file (SWAP) in the ART environment [ROOT]
Turn on Swype / Trace / Path Input on a standard LG keyboard
Viper FX settings for those who have background noise in the headphones
Solving the problem with tachim
Black list
How to remove the graphic password
Mount the memory card as a USB drive.
Poor GPS reception
Sound enhancement: Guide for setting up Viper4Android from Afghanistan
Photos of the disassembled LG D410
An alternative way to solve the problem with touch buttons

Disable MLT Test to free up memory
Writing to a memory card (even without root!)
Xposed does not allow to turn on ART (solution)
The inclusion of the regular function of recording conversations and square icons on the lockbox
Sound enhancement: Viper4Android tuning guide Another setting for Viperfromevoname
How to put the cache right on the memory card.
Transfer files larger than 2GB via Wi-Fi
The solution to the poor responsiveness of the sensor
Fighting battery zhoromu
Answer the call with a tray to the ear
Free navigator for our smartphones
What pre-installed software can I freeze?
How to add Russian to voice input without the Internet
How to make a fully working and customized backup
Instructions for installing the Russian language in the speech synthesizer Google
About the number of dead pixels
Collection of optimization, sound enhancement, tips on energy saving and a short guide to Lux Autobrightness
Monitor battery capacity and settings for the 3C Toolbox in L90
List of applications working with the ART environment
How to increase the screen contrast

Tests, reviews and comparisons
Personal experience
The results of previous surveys.
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by the way about the gray devices
How to determine in skis whether it is smart certified for our countries? And the authenticity of the device, whether it is white or gray?
In Samsung, for example, there is a marking, and in skiing, what are the distinctive marks of quality?

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Under the battery, the EAC sign. Or call Lg to dictate imei. Even as an option to buy in normal stores there do not sell gray.

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By pricing, the following logical chain seemed to me: Nexus 5 - 16k, G2 mini - 12k, L90 - 8k. That is, a step of 4k would be quite rational, in the case of a smaller difference, it simply makes no sense to take a weaker apparatus. Even with the choice of L90 for 10k or Nexus 5 for 16k, the choice is still in favor of the latter.

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XENom39 @ 03/03/2014, 14:16*
By pricing, the following logical chain seemed to me: Nexus 5 - 16k, G2 mini - 12k, L90 - 8k. That is, a step of 4k would be quite rational, in the case of a smaller difference, it simply makes no sense to take a weaker apparatus. Even with the choice of L90 for 10k or Nexus 5 for 16k, the choice is still in favor of the latter.

Well, and Samara common mistake, why compare aparaty 2 sim with 1 sim?
if you compare it then let's 2 simchonye with 2 simochnye.

And so I will say, for which the price is offered a subject, then there is really nothing to compare with, this is a Sony S2305, and the subject will be much better and newer.

That, and even if we compare with 1 simochnymi something with someone for such a price? not throwing 50 bucks, and then the race comes to the very flagships already then ..

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OnlineLGThere is information on the devices. With a button, this is a D405 for one sim (no ribbing on the back cover, which is sad), and a D410 with four touch buttons under the screen - two SIM cards (a grooved back cover)

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A photo
Attached Image

Information from the market
General characteristics
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Type of
operating system
Android 4.4
Type of shell
Body material
The number of SIM-cards
Mode of operation of several SIM cards
126 g
Dimensions (WxHxT)
66x131.6x9.7 mm
Screen type
color IPS, 16.78 million colors, touch
Type of touch screen
multitouch, capacitive
4.7 inches.
Image size
Number of pixels per inch (PPI)
Automatic screen rotation
there is
Scratch-resistant glass
there is
Melody type
polyphonic, MP3 melodies
Vibrating alert
there is
Multimedia features
8 million pixels., Built-in flash
Camera features
Video recording
there is
Max. video resolution
Geo tagging
there is
there is
MP3, FM radio
there is
Headphone jack
3.5 mm
Wi-Fi 802.11g, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
Satellite navigation
A-GPS system
there is
Internet access
there is
Computer synchronization
there is
Memory and processor
1200 MHz
The number of processor cores
Video processor
Adreno 305
Built-in memory
8 GB
RAM size
1 GB
Memory card support
microSD (TransFlash), up to 32 GB
Additional SMS features
entering text with a dictionary
there is
Battery capacity
2540 mAh
Other features
approach, compass
Notebook and organizer
Search by book
there is
Exchange between SIM card and internal memory
there is
alarm clock, calculator, task scheduler
Additional Information
Announcement Date (gmd)

Press release from offsite with technical characteristics.

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Today I got the first impression in a coherent way, quickly as a bonus Ik the camera is very good with sufficient lighting, I chose between Sony ZR and LG when buying. ”In my opinion, I did not lose

Rep: (7)
Tell me, who knows yusb audio output is, well, to connect yusb-tsap, such as in zh2?

Rep: (134)
The moto g that has gathered a lot of admiring reviews has identical hardware, plus on the lg side an 8Mr camera has a memory card, a second SIM card

Rep: (48)
I don’t even consider odnosimochniki, I had a choice between lg l90 and highscreen boost2 se but with that bunch of jambs in highscreen, despite the super battery, the weights arrow leans in favor of LG

Rep: (101)
Guys, well, so too can not. I bought a man a good subject myself !! We will be objective, on it all the games will absolutely fly on high-voltage and the video accelerator will pull out stupidly still and with a plus in proportion to the screen resolution. The quality of the screen is satisfactory, if not at the height, but a quality display, because It is the ski that produces ips, so there will be no problems with it. Navigation will be at a height-glonass provide! Build quality at a height. The standard camera for the middling. the modules are also waffles, sensors and radio-ski modules do not stint here. + Buns from skis that can only be found on the latest devices from the skis themselves, so I’ll give the device a huge plus, and the 4.4 is already a level)
The device was held in the hands of the store. Yuzayu smart with a similar iron, so I'm sure of the stability of this. And it is the subject that I will give my wife a little soon, in about a month (we can have earlier))

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for disputes in these devices, make a small emphasis on the fact that the ski makes the devices of the 1st tier, sharpens the firmware and adjusts its devices to the maximum, pulling out all the possibilities from them. Lenovo China is not bad, but China-firmware and failures are provided, problems both at the level of optimization and at the level of hardware. I advise you to read branches with devices about lenovo. Then how lucky)
So I advise you to take the subject or the like.

We also add that gps in offlan on prots mtk works with convulsions-engineering menu, settings and then it will be connected to the satellites every time.

On the subject Andrew 4.4.2, on those of all 4.2.2 and it is unlikely there will be an opportunity to increase, because Mtk did not make firewood that will be able to port the higher versions of the dryush on the mtk ((

If you compare with something, then Sony S2305 (Sony squeezed everything they could from the Chinese prots and made a decent device), but it really gives way to sabzh (the design is only much cooler and the shell from Sony + battery is durable so that everyone would have such vitality)
Samsung Grand 2 - but more expensive

if you want to wait, then maybe the asusy will soon be on sale (but what will they have with stability is the question))

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Rep: (101)
price-justifies glitches and lags
3000 sweeps - for an extended time of operation of such devices will not be reflected-checked.

backlit keys and alum casing is a significant plus

But there is still a tactile sensation, I just hold it in my hands, I don’t know, but of all that I kept in stores and used it myself from Keta, I can say one thing: huavei p6-from where the level, a gigabyte of May is B2-very pleasant, but for such bullshit released a gigabyte, I will never trust this company again, because I was not the owner for a long time, after a couple of days I broke down and suffered for a long time in the consumer protection service to get money out. The rest of the Chinese devices are almost the same, nothing special can be said in the assembly or in the design.

And therefore I can very well compare mtk and scribbling, I will say that mtk is very good proc, just manufacturers are clumsy and greedy, and if manufacturers put up good hardware like normal communication modules and at least a little bit of a knob to finish the firmware, then the devices would be very competitive To the first echelon, but the price would be almost the same. And so you take a smart one and pray to it, so that nothing will fall off

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Photo camera LGDS410

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Daze @ 03/08/2014, 18:14*
There are no mechanical buttons in LG.

Not properly. On the bodies with one sim card there is fur. a button with an indicator of missed calls, etc., on phones with two SIM cards mech. no button. Judging by the series LG L II.
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Not a music lover, but the sound in the headphones is good enough, loud though I didn’t want to see a small nuance of ears from lenovo, but with ears from a string optimus I showed and showed which program to choose as g2

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By the way, considering that the subject has no auto-adjustment of the screen brightness, it’s very convenientprogram- Customizable slider for quick manual brightness control, hanging on top of all windows on the screen. Not a widget, takes up little space, free, root is not required. I tried it on my smart and tablet with Andrew 4.4.2 - it works correctly. Can someone come in handy.

what can you say on my previously asked questions:
Global07 @ 03/08/2014, 17:43*
1) how the loudness of the ringing speaker is - is it heard from the pocket? 2) how is the quality of the conversational dynamics? 3) is the communication quality normal on both SIM cards (in my previous hts 600 the communication quality from the second sim was very low) 4) does it creak hull, and how is the build quality? 5) Are there any brakes in the shell?

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Global07, There is a mass of tweaks that activate the change in the brightness level of the display with a swipe over the status bar.

danyleene @ 03/08/2014, 20:09*
Not a music lover, but the sound in the headphones is of good quality.

FLAC from mp3 can be distinguished?

Rep: (39)
XENom39, I saw these tweaks, but the nuance is that when the screen is 4.7, not everyone and it is not always convenient to reach the statusbar. This is also convenient because the slider can be placed anywhere on the screen and customized. ;)

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The sound of the ringing speaker, the loud build quality of the complaints, the back cover is not perforated, the screen is thin, the screen is good. The pixels are not visible. in general in appearance by 5

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