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And immediately the question, who knows how to raise the sensitivity of the stitch through the engineering menu?
The fact is that when you play Subway sometimes not determined correctly swipe

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Yeah, so I lohanulsya - my 5th phone there, and for the first time took a fake Can jamb with headphones help correct firmware (when prompted), if there is no change -pridotsya .... but sorry - in principle a good body!

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sneke64, which means fake? Someone already Chinese counterfeits: smile: What's wrong?

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Broxx @ 20.02.2014, 18:23*
Someone already Chinese counterfeits

So they themselves and forge, here for example -
I myself sharilsya on ofsayte
- there is no such, and vending wrote to the link given (for firmware) - I say I can not give the link!

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little hard to believe;)
I bought my wife's body, set up. She is very happy.

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Gettingroot on Xiaocai X9S
The program for Winhere

enhanced recovery here
download, put on the map. Download phone recoverymod (can be done by any rebooter'omhere). Or turn the phone off, hold down buttons simultaneously Power + Volumen Plus.


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Hello everybody . I offer to write your dealer about the firmware. I took the tinidile if that.

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Broxx @ 20.02.2014, 20:22*
She is very happy.

And I Dowle generally, but if more work for me headphones ... unfortunately it nebhodimo ... of selling his writing - a bummer.

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sneke64, and what with headphones?

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- another way to gain root without .Kidaesh computer to the memory card after the installation select the third item "Barahir". body restarts and all hockey !!! checked on her - works! As for headphones - stick a, vkl.pleer begins ... is playing second, cut down to the second, and again turned on and off zadolbala !!!.! They have been tried - Poweramp. Jetaudio. NRG Player. MXPlayer. the native player, a lot of online radio stations - damn !!!

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sneke64, so the same cheap headphones. Are a couple of cents. Buy yourself and others forget: smile:

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Broxx @ 21.02.2014, 00:54*
so the same cheap headphones.

I always throw the headphones stock after unpacking! Brothers who volokot - here:
you can ask our take? ((poked looks and there's nothing suitable there ...

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Acquired this machine on Ali, here are screenshots from antutu
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

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And that our body from the usual firmware X9 does not fit? And then I did not want to cache for the game on the memory card set.
P.S. Sorry. Just I noticed that we have another video card.
Then can someone tell me how to get to the caches on the memory card games to stick? In memory of the corresponding item is worth, but says "not enough space", although 16GB free.

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Friends, tell me how someone deals with battery discharge?
Phone razryazhaetsya a rate of about 2% per hour, even if he is just lying. Noted that if google service framework disable the discharge curve stanovisya horizontal but over time the charge kakoeto wildly again starts to fall. I put wakelock detector. Of suspicious veyklokov only two RILJ and AlarmManager. For AlarmManager found that it is possible to obtain alarmdamp. This dump has suspicious Time_tick. I put the clock widget from the desktop but nothing has changed.
We all like me? Maybe someone knows escheme Toda prozhery definition or the one who does not give a phone to go to sleep?

Even on the firmware. I wrote prlavtsu but still silent. In theory, we should approach the firmware of phones with similar characteristics - such as thl w100s. But surely you need to replace the driver or the touchscreen display. There are among us some who are a little At least versed in the disassembly, assembly and sub-drivers?

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Here. the seller sentfirmware!

Ask craftsmen experience, is it realistic to reassign the memory to games and applications on the memory card set.
Sam would try, but do not know much about the issue of picking firmware (I can only dumb sew on there: blush:), yes, and ordered it phone given now if its cause with the device, you need to with her to make quick everyone, and experimenting will simply once.

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WOOHer @ 06.03.2014, 08:34*
Here. The seller sent the firmware!

what kind of firmware?

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If someone from this firmwareWOOHer, already tested, unsubscribe

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rommzes @ 06.03.2014, 16:13*
what kind of firmware?

Firmware X9S. Asked to sell, to give the firmware, because the body with the persistent problem of the memory card. He says that it has requested from the manufacturer, including kind of like to be ofitsialka. He can not check, since body gave ordered it. Share, so to speak, with the community not disinterested;) If it is possible someone with memory problems to solve, please share the way here. If the issues are resolved, it will take the body and have ordered it to flash its apparatus, and then do not like to leave behind debts: blush:, and once again it did not want to pull - it is not correct.

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Firmware, which laid WOOHer, I have not yet set, but the number and the date can be seen that this assembly is v0.2 of 19 November. On my body stands firmware v0.3 November 25, ie, newer.

But now it seems even found a newer firmware for our unit on December 30,http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dD7ndtf.
I'll try to put both the firmware probably already on Sunday, now no time for it. It is also still looking for the instructions to install the firmware, if someone finds Put pliz.

And if someone put before the firmware is also the unsubscribe please.

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