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Discussing all issues related to discounts and promotions in the Android Market and Amazon Appstore

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Here we will discuss the shares posted fromTHIS TOPICS taking place in Android Market and Amazon Appstore , just on PROGRAMS .

Quite often there are promotions, someone makes something free for a day or two to rise in sales ratings, and we have a chance to download for free / cheaper licensed software. If you have any difficulties with its purchase, activation, etc., then welcome here - here you will always be helped or given advice on how to use the action correctly!

The software that you managed to download for free, you can safely update even when it becomes paid.

Daily sales: Applications informing about promotions sales: How to change country in Amazone AppStore? - Instruction in pictures
COINS expiration date from Amazon AppStore
One of the ways to purchase applications for PrivatBank users, in order to avoid double conversion
How to buy stocks for "other countries" (use at your own risk) !!!

In this topic, only a discussion of the purchase and activation of promotional programs.
Links to promotions of programs and games posted here (outside the main topics) will be regarded as offtopic.

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10 kopecks from a virtual Yandex card money was paid immediately.

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Paid with PayPal from a linked card.

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I didn’t pay either with a credit card or debit, or paypal - I tried to screw both cards to a stick
some kind of glitch

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And did anyone, except me, write to Google or to the author to do it for free?

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I also tried to pay with a bank card, it turned out that the Google account tied to the account had already expired. I tied a new one from a mobile phone - it did not work, although 30 rubles was blocked. I found a half-forgotten paypal account, it turned out that there was another 3.90 USD there, I tied it to Google. Paid from him. Charged 1 cent. So I overpaid 6 times!
And 30 rubles to the card returned almost immediately, after 5-10 minutes.

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* Ivan_Kuznetsov, Did you first download the test version?

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They made 10 rubles. But Google does not allow to pay - does not have time to react. They put the block today - you can’t pay from the cards, the price has changed, and the lock has not yet been removed. No matter how the stock ends with all these twists.
Today, the whole thing has dropped over there. It turned out to buy. Although the program is not needed at all (is it possible that someone is listening to music on tablets, or on irradiating phones?), I took it "greedy."

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Why is it written in the action that you can buy for 10r, and when buying it asks for $ 3.99?
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EjSamoGon @ 11.21.2015, 21:52*
when buying, asks for $ 3.99?

for example, asks me for UAH 29 = $ 1.15! = 10rub! = $ 3.99
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see from the region depends, IMHO

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Discounts and promotions on Google Play and Amazon Appstore (Post golandets # 44783326)
Even a dumb discount: nea: .... here withPromt 'ohm below - all the rules, the price of 5 UAH is shown, but with the camera - an ambush: writes 78 UAH ... The promotion is only for Russia?

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* Sotik,
I also could not find the camera in the market, when I went through the browser, I saw - “unsupported by the device” ...

Posted on 11/25/2015, 13:52:

and in the browser, there yes - 10 rubles, writes: yes:

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Here is another convenient site that collects discounts:http://www.playstoresales.com/

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* Sotik,
I think you need to fix it somewhere because it is relevant for Ukraine.
If a private card (hryvnia) is tied to Google play, then most likely the purchases will be blocked by the bank due to double conversion (the Bank incurs losses due to double conversion and blocked it). It can of course be turned off but it will be expensive.
What a way out, open a virtual visa virtual from PrivatBank and tie it to Google play, the currency is $ and we will receive the bill in $ without double conversions.

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* pionner
Thank you, I also bought it through a virtual card.I opened it 3 years ago (just for this case), and that's just the first time I used it :))
p.s. Added to the header as one of the options for Ukraine.

Question on this promotion -Discounts and promotions on Google Play and Amazon Appstore (Post golandets # 45188819): is it only for Russia? Who tried to buy a thread from Ukraine? - I (even with a virtual card) write the cost to22.65 UAH ...
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At least I wrote the right price at the last ...

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* Sotik,
Probably only for Russia. I have the same price.

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* Sotik,
Russian prices:
Sleep as Android Unlock - 30 rubles
Weather Live - 15p.
Greenify (Donation Package) -? (purchased)
BlackPlayer EX - 35R.

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* CatAlex ,
Greenify (Donation Package) - $ 91.56

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The LIVE weather went well - for 15 rubles then :-)
more often, such shares and people would buy and not put broken
And in Google Play itself, is there a separate section where these same discounts are indicated?
NFC ReTag PRO - $ 0.99 with troubles in courses and conversions turn into 79 rubles

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d -_- b @ 12/11/2015, 17:13*
more often, such shares and people would buy and not put broken

I agree, really a very beautiful application! : good:

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Sotik @ 12/12/2015, 17:16*
I agree, really a very beautiful application!

I like My Weather more :-) (I bought it for a long time for a stock for 29.99 rubles)

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