Mobile device! | Competition for the best, "an ode of praise."

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Competition for the best, "an ode of praise"

You need the most colorful and interesting, perhaps with a touch of humor, to praise from the picture object as a mobile device, which can not live without.
Offer the most interesting and non-standard use of the object in the photo.

The competition is held in three stages. Each tour offered to the description of the object will change.

Authors of the best five works by the jury (from the moderators) after each stage will be awarded points. The winner will be determined by the sum of points.

flooding the master, we are waiting for you!


Round 1: 25.12-28.12
2nd round: 31.12-03.01
Round 3: 04.01-07.01

Announcement of the results:January 8.

Scoring System
For Round 1 will be credited (places 1 to 5): 5 points - 4 points - 3 points - 2 points - 1 point
Round 2: 8 points - 6 points -4 points - 3 points - 2 points
Round 3: 10 points - points 8 points -6 - score 4 points -3


The final results!

1. dim ^ n- 18 points
2. Moroziki- 12 points
3. Fikus-r34- 10 points

Congratulations to the winners!

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but you can photoshop with their own work, and then send it here for the tour

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Thank you, we have already picked Soup for all three rounds.

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In the picture is a perspective smartphone Soviet scientists! Judging by the character of his name "Infinity" that is able to polzovatsa indefinitely, but within the expiration date. Also it has a smart new way to dial "wheel"not remember the nameDespite the fact that the Soviet smart, Claudia on it on pindosskie language, because it's cool, to imitate the West, as they can defend themselves, crack nuts, used as a substrate under the table "shoby not staggered" and trained hands. The basic calculation is to use older people who remember the input method "wheel"young afraid not sort, Well, like I described all methods use this device!

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This is a super new mega-smartphone
It seems simple, but the trick this varied and ice knows and performs.
In this new model, there is the wheel to enter the number, by the way it is very convenient. There is a sliding qwerty keyboard and not like some of the old Nokia, it is very special and versatile, as well as the smartphone.
More on this a smart, I noticed the sign of infinity, what does that mean, you ask, and it means that the smartphone is infinitely great, but since this smartphone to my great regret is not touch, then it is more suitable for the elderly.

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Let's take a closer look at the gadget presented Slavic-Kazakh nanotechnology breakthrough !!!! Let's see and appreciate it! Regarding color and relatively large screen is made of glass zharobronevodostoykogo that in field conditions extremely polezen.Na it can be cut as the sausage, cheese, bread and used for the ignition of matches for breeding kostra.Ochen convenient nomeronaberatel disk has a hidden, built a niche that allows you to hide inside a titanium connecting wire is connected, allowing use this divays in critical situations, such as self-defense device, for example, nunchaku (because the weight of the claimed apparatus, all nanoparametram is 345.675984 grams) .Pod cover inside the cabin we see in a hidden klaviaturu.No is only a dummy, which gives the right to true lovers of computing processes, throwing his (fake) enjoy the drupes abacus made in the style of past Soviet period-Ala Gastranom! in general, presented a very smart shower fell on the diverse layers of exotic lovers! : Thank_you:

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The new word in the phone-structure, "AvtoVAZ" has released its first phone "Lada Pontina". In the equipment it has: a unique dialer in the form of a disk that can be used instead of the coil at the bait, integrated sensor poklovki not miss any fish; colorful sticker instead of display - saves energy, and will please the female sex; qwerty-keyboard, where do without it; for motorists valuable apparatus, as, if you attach to the glass can record, evaluate and provide appropriate cues such as "where prosh", "ponorazhali" etc. In general a very, very valuable unit for true connoisseurs of Russian "teleproma".
P.S. Every 100 calls asking to replace this or that detail.

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In the picture presented protatip vysokoekonomnogo apparatus for the needs of the internal market of the CIS.
It has a mini - LCD display; physical buttons for more convenient set of messages; stable 2G network, but you can connect the modem LTE using a USB cable; camera at 15MP; OC "star" of the scientists Skolkovo; supports 4 SIM-card; fully collapsible housing gipkogo plastic.
Very stable network obespechivaetsya steklavolokonna tube coated internally and externally of aluminum and metal alloy castings.
The list of applications built into the OS: google map; yandex map; Yandex Browser; chrome; Yandex. Mail; gmail; Agent; Twitter; Facebook; Skype and so on. D.
The Internet is the right rassprostranyatsya super user "with a screwdriver." It is necessary for the operating system modifications and the installation / removal of embedded applications. There is full support for java / android / ios apps and games.
The device is mainly natselina on the use of children, the elderly, grandparents and military.
Now there is a refinement of the body, eating patterns, enegropotrebleniya. Product Unit Stake amount to 300 - 1200 rubles.
The first 20 batches will military. They have sponsored the project.
Further action will be covered by the media. Official sales start in 17 of the summer.
After the start of sales of several variations of the firmware will be released: a white background with a red background and with a selection of pictures.

She will rasprostronyaetsya firmware using the official client "Star." Also, the OS can be installed on different appliances from an iron to stiralki.
It is possible that the Operating System will improve on its own. This will give a powerful AI technique with delusions of grandeur, but this is unlikely, since it developed Skolkovo.

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Smartphone with the name "Infinity"? If it works on Android, the developers claim to have put endless battery :)
Full mechanical QWERTY-keyboard remotely resembles the Nokia N97, which I broke from a friend at a party.He then was very angry and wanted to kill me :(
Round crap in the middle may be a good idea to tighten the bolts on shinomontazhke. It is also suitable grandparents due to the fact that they do not need to be taught to use a modern smartphone. Display with a resolution on 100500x100500 (physical size of 4x4 cm) pixels and 805 Snapdragon processor as designed to replace a desktop PC this smartphone. After all, it is more convenient to watch 4K video, create collages in Photoshop Touch and edit video! Still I want to say about the camera: the nano-camera 1000 Mpx resolution. She knows how to take 50k videos and pictures can be viewed with such clarity that your eyes will get out on his forehead in the truest sense.

Given the cost of the smartphone in the $ 56,000, we can note that it corresponds IP9999 class, ie, it can withstand a drop from the Eiffel Tower, can withstand immersion in water up to 10,994 meters. You can not shoot with a sniper rifle.

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Good day! On our table is HighFlyDNStigio PAlpha5500. This device is equipped with 8-core processor with a clock frequency of 250 MHz, 5 MB RAM, and a built-in 12 Mb. The main feature of this device - SuperAMOLED screen with the highest resolution 170x220. With this device you can watch FullHD videos without lag, stable 3 frames per second. Also, we decided to test the game. GTA San Andreas really did not start, but that it is poorly optimized for 8-core processors. But Tetris is absolutely no lag, and you will do in the way, because in this game is so atmospheric soundtrack and perfect graphics. We finish in technical terms, to design peretsdem

Our engineer have made a breakthrough in the design of this device. No one has previously thought about the uniqueness of the device, we - thought. And we decided to build the wheels of the old fixed-line phones. You ask why? Ooh, this wheel a lot of function, not all pereschest. Summary - dialing, etc., multifunctional calculator, joystick control for interefeysom, timer, and finally, the electric heater function. For the latter, you need to run N.O.V.A. 3 and set the timer. And to put a special cover made of waterproof and durable polyethylene in a pot of water. The cover can be purchased separately for the acceptability of the price of 400 rubles.

It is also a feature of this device - qwerty-keyboard. But its main drawback - the lack of Russian letters. But you can buy them for just 250 rubles. If you are tired of the Russian language, you can change the keyboard in just 1 hour. The truth is you can do it only 3 times. Buy a special key - and you will be able to do so indefinitely.

Support Russian company kvpite this device in our shop dostavkots from China! : D

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Someone has already started to celebrate the New Year, and a subsidiary of Evil Empire, DoomPhone, continues to work hard and develop new uber-device that will help it take over the world and everything in it is. In this wonderful, winter, New Year's Eve day, they are glad to introduce us to his new invention - the phone-hrenofon Atomic Punch V12 TwinTurbo 3500 GT R / T Galaxy S666 LP640 Corben Dallas Edition AMD-AMG GT-R Soul Reaver 7 "FullHD IPS OGGGG features. this phone is that it is not nichrome features. In this age of high technology and actively developing schizophrenia, produce this type of phone, shaped suicide. Who would need this piece of "you know what"(Edit version), unclear. But! We have paid an ode of praise because this gadget, rather than dressing it to the nines. So, let's throw in the direction of our pessimistic attitude towards this small animal and consider its advantages, that he, as well as the cons are, and abound. One of its main advantages is, of course, adamantine body, due to which he was not afraid of falling, as well as the curves loony users hands, because of which 95% occur and downs. This phone you can drop as much as necessary, he does not care. Even with Big Ben, at least one of the Petronas Twin Towers - it is still the same. Rather, you prodolbite hole in Hell than smash this device. So, alcoholics, or simply people with hands stems from a fifth point, take this wonderful invention has a mental note. Also, Atomic Punch is a very powerful and efficient processor, supporting a 1024 cores, each of which operates at a frequency close to the universal apocalypse and human holocaust. A RAM 64 therein GFLOPS-teraflop. As used videouskoritelya RowerVR1200000Mali-200000MP. Performance of the system exceeds the limit, the Pentagon has already bought a couple of toys and gave them the management of nuclear weapons, fighter flights, dives submarines and other crap, and all the staff sent on indefinite leave. Barack Obama gave the phone to my wife. Just. After his dear little wife likes to take pictures, but the camera is the hero of our review, as many as 1,115 megapixels. In the photos you can see the lice on the head making love, and your dog's fleas tic-tac-toe. Wi-fi pounding right up to the neighboring galaxy, which allows small talk with yaytseborodymi rukozhopami belt asteroids of planet Xenophon-12B, and bluetooth ... But who the fuck he is needed, with a wi-FEMA. On this note of praise, it was possible to complete our review, because your eyes are lit up in flames, and you can pre-order on ebee, but we have not told you a couple of features of this uber-device. It integrated the latest generation AI that is able to educate themselves and maintain any topic of conversation, whether it is the latest development in the field of BBMMWW active steering or compatibility issues red shoes and the pink bag. Hopefully, the Pentagon was aware of this especially when transferred the management of their nuclear warheads to this phone. And then, one never knows, each of us will fall opportunity to feel glavntsmi characters in the film Terminator: Rise of the Machines. Well, as a cherry - the operating system Android 90.210 Kinder Surprise. Probably many of you have exclaimed "Yes takots with power and the OS will have to charge the phone every five minutes!" But we hasten to reassure you. You do not need to charge it as often. You'll have to charge it more often! Ahahaha! Will have to carry a portable nuclear power plant, if you want to stay connected. Joke-joke) have devaysa akkumlyator match for his power - 123500000 Mah. Now, we finish paint its advantages and begin to reveal its weaknesses. And the cons do not have this device. So, hurry to buy it for themselves and their loved ones, because after this article, you risk not to have time as crowds of people rush to buy it for cash, credit, installment. If you call at this number right now, it will cost you not five, not six, or even four tyasyachi rubles. We will sell it to you for only 3590 rubles, but that's not all, as a gift you get a special cloth for the screen, which helps you to get rid of any scratches on the surface of your smartphone. You no longer have to glue different protective plenochki on the screen of your phone, and you will no longer wake up in a cold sweat from what you dreamed you lay down your phone in one pocket with keys and thirty-ruble coin. Call us! The offer is limited!

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Oh, diskofon, you're so beautiful! in you is all I could ask for!
Your drive is beautiful, and if the sun is clear, your keyboard - as a PC.
In you there is something native to us, your small screen as a mirror of the soul.
Not chasing forward - you are original. Erases temporary brink ...
Yet you will not find in the store - you're above all this shit.
I turn, I see - I do not need this world without you.
Live and Prosper - incomprehensible garbage.

Ode is, well ...: D

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Well, this is the gadget for soovremenny babushek.Im difficult to use modern devices, but here there is a good old set kolesikom.Esli suddenly granny, this unit will like, they will be able to go at an incredible rate in the facebook and layknut this device using the keyboard! The keyboard can also be used to study the alphabet or vnukom.Vnuk granny can enjoy incredible beam expansion in a range on the screen of the gadget empirically verify that the red light wave length = 7 * 10 ^ (- 7), a phi LETOV 3 * 10 ^ (- 7) .Also, they will be able to observe the violation of the law of reflection (angle of incidence = angle of reflection) This device will brighten up your loneliness, or helps to relax converting spectrum beam sveta.Dannoe ustroysto work on dark energy, but it no-one flight into the black hole is worth it, the very same machine is free !!!! Using this device, you will get 50% discount on the purchase of takogozhe device !!! (FSUs and it's free XD) also, you will get 20% hit probability paradise, and +1 luck!

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Yes, it's super fotoaparat

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Imagine a smartphone. Anyone who will come to your mind. Now imagine that it is convenient for you. The circle has narrowed. And now imagine that when using a smartphone does not matter in what order - you enjoy. The device that you presented - our new development. Screen with a resolution of 320x240, 16mln colors to the incredible richness of the image that exceeds the AMOLED screens, because it is the development of highly classified defense ministry, got into our hands.
Retractable qwerty-keyboard is divine. You have not seen a material that would be so caressing your fingers. Ergonomics at the height, and due to the small gap type with two fingers on a device like never comfortable, as if you were doing it since birth.
You have seen somewhere else compact device with a circular dialer? We can argue that there is, because it is our revolutionary and patented technology. Feel the nostalgia, old school. But this function of the wheels do not come to an end. This peerless volume control when listening to music, just like at your home on the music center! And the main feature - in this game can be used as a steering wheel or the steering wheel! Superb convenience and exclusivity will not leave you indifferent.
We live in a fairly cold country, and often wear gloves. Remember how it was difficult to pick up in the cold, as it is inconvenient. Now imagine that these ultra-sensitive buttons respond to touch your fingers even with gloves on! You no longer find such a perfect combination!
The best engineers from around the world worked on the system keyboard extend and balancing dialer elasticity. We have achieved that when you slide out keyboard, it will seem as if you did it the power of thought, because it is incredibly easy. Of course, you can always spring to relax, you might say. But our engineers have worked on glory, and thanks to this keyboard pops up when you do not want it! This is our proprietary technology, which you will not find anywhere else. Despite the ease of pulling out, pulling out does not happen spontaneously!
The same situation is with the wheel dial pad as if he leads you to the digit, pleasant clicks will create memorable tactile sensations.
And what does this symbol under the incredibly colorful screen? It is a symbol of infinity. Of course, it is obvious that we can not forget about energy efficiency, and work incredibly long time device. But here lies the meaning, which will reveal the people with a technical background. We hire the best people, because we have people work only with the hands, the radius of curvature tends to infinity. And speaking in plain language - all of my colleagues, as I have certified, as it is popularly called "golden hands".
Do you think that you could find a better communication device?

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/ style_emoticons / default /

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Presenting the most unusual hybrid - Phone + Holder for toilet paper! : D. Convenient wheel keeps excellent paper of any size and material, and a built-in phone - talk on the phone and at the same time be ** ka: D, but you can simply SMS Sit by a qwerty keyboard. Infinity sign means that you can infinitely be like * and talk on the phone (SMS Sit). A special case made of titanium allows the right by him and natiratsya, all the more so the case is completely bendable. And the name of this miracle - mogriesorin 9816 core 59x / s japenproduction on tegra 999.

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So it zhesh Perpetuum Mobile (MOBILE Pertetuum), it does not need a battery, it works by the dynamo driving the car on the outside, she disguised as a dialer specimen of the 19th century. Bourgeois Claudia screwed just like that, for the European market, and no semantic load does not bear.

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This phone personalizes your phone retro times: circular dialer, simple design. In those days, it was a simple design is very fashionable and beautiful. Few loved hard style. But this phone just blows everything! Very convenient keyboard as a computer layout style, gamers enjoyed it very much! His small screen you could not seem convenient, but no! You're wrong! Phone big in use. This unit is waterproof and can be easy to go in winter and dig a hole. Smart Housing is made of heat-resistant and sturdy steel coated with paint without glare !!! He looks very good in your hand and you'll look respectable by!
His camera takes very clear, smooth! Since this "Patifon" under 100MP camera! If your phone is hot, you can safely fry any food on it!
Buying this smart phone, you get a gift! The second such smartphone! You will be very easy to dig and eat!

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It's the coolest instrument I've ever seen on svete.Koroche VAUUUU !!!!!!!!!! It is so versatile that I shoke.A such a device can only mechtat.Ya saw him only in dreams, and where no more and now see in reality and again !!!!!!!!! VAUUUUUU Ofiget it has all the features that only togut be in the world, even the alien is no such pribora.Eto super duper smart !!!! it has a keyboard not the usual, and very steep, and there is a mini small screen, there is still a lot of buttons Do not know why, but they are cool buttons I uveren.Koroche is super duper smart cat ing only in the world !!!!!!!!
At this point I ZAKONCHU.VSEM THANK YOU HOPE THAT LIKE. PANCAKE it really is the coolest SMARTFON.KOROCHE I finish or do not stop to praise him.

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In the photo we see the world's first color calculator that performs the function of a landline phone, and he still has a tear-off calendar function - is unearthed display which immediately revived)

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