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2ГИС download

Version: 3.19.4

Last update of the program in the header:03.02.2015

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GIS is a free directory of organizations with a map of the city. 22 100 000 users in more than 200 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Cyprus and the Czech Republic regularly use 2GIS for personal purposes and for solving business problems.

Is free. Quickly. Simply.

2GIS is complete and always up-to-date information about the city:

  • phone numbers and addresses of organizations;
  • addresses of their sites and e-mail;
  • organization schedule;
  • a map of your city and its satellite cities;
  • urban transport routes.

The ability to determine your location even without GPS.
Search for the nearest organization.
Full 3D map.
The ability to save selected organizations or map objects.
Search options for travel on public transport.

Mobility - you can take advantage of 2GIS, wherever you are.
Single search string.
Does not require access to the Internet.

Homepage: https://openrepos.net/content/doublegis/2gis

Russian interface: there is

DEB: Version 3.19.4

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* Vadim241984,please take the sequence of steps from left to right:
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And 2 GIS can be installed on the Kia Sorento IC on the Android as a third-party application instead of Yandex navigator? Brick should not be afraid?

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