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More saw that kind can be free to flash using EMMA III Program
Here you can read

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children who live there with this device?
there is a problem here I want to repair it schikrnoe miracle. water droplets and the screen turns white to show. this can be done at all

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You can try to disassemble drier, like there bolts have a battery

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It was about 3 years ago
and I had assorted dried.
they are generally more repair?

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Guys, it is clear that now other phones, other firmware Android 4.4, and so on .. but wanted to include old cool phone, and then power-on password. And, you guessed it, the password can not remember after so many years.

Attention to the question:that black box How to reset the password when the Sony Ericsson w950i?

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Look here, it can help:

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Good day to all
I killed my miracle standard player prog WalkSkinchanger. Tepre player at startup error takes "KERN-EXEC Reason code. 3"
Besides flashing there is a way to recover?

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make formatirrovanie

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* samostav
It does not help, did have a master reset, erasing all data and applications

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Well, ladies and gentlemen. someone can help me with a solution to the problem?
can anyone lay archive your C drive will try to replace your system files on your own. that can come out of this.
PS Sew at home is impossible, in the absence of direct hands

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Today decided to connect headphones from China (bluetooth) but 950 I wrote enter the pairing code, began to search in the net and found nothing not, in short, trying to drive himself dopor 0000 zero and headphones connected to the phone.
Maybe someone will come in handy as such of information seems to be there in the vast, maybe there is but I have not found.

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Good day!

I want and hope to find a modern equivalent of this phone.
Can someone tell me if there is an alternative in high places or on ebay?

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* epoxm,
Do you still use the product? Share your experiences what it's like in 2016?

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For almost 4 years using x130. ))
For not chasing novelties. Before there were w300i and k500i.
The philips-e do not like it, you can not put the e-mail client, or rather to do not put anything)).
Sometimes on the road you need to check your emails.
Yet the inability to plug normal headphones.
Android-s used, not loved.
Do not like the touch screen, plus sit constantly on the charging and glitches.

A w950 in my opinion was one of the best in the line of SonyEricsson.
Something like this...

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The owners !!! Please write any bluetooth headphones fit? Or where to get the best adapter ?? Thank you very much

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* Shymer, I normally work mates and bluetooth headset '' Jabra BT3030 '', so - well connected and work bloetooth-naushnini Hiper Space and Qumo concord. A coupler in 2017 - is not beautiful, bulky, uncomfortable and in general too. (W950 me only as a player).

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Fast Port dies a couple of months with the adapter., I do not advise. I have a wireless mono jabra / bosh, do not listen to music.

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Good afternoon! Those in the know - where you can buy this miracle of technology?

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Bought this on ALI for 5600 rubles, today arrived. Was looking for, that was without a camera, because to prohibit the cameras. Phone is excellent, the sound just quiet.

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skinte please firmware se w950i I can not find the bodies buggy reset did not help

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