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Does anyone know where to look at all the information about the firmware release dates?

Last updated phone in September, during the period of use revealed a bunch of glitches, such as the inability pereimotki in long songs (sets of 70-90 minutes, often listen to, sometimes not simply rewind does not work, and you can not pause, press - when you play the song takes off and a player goes to the next), the sound is very quiet and a few other little things ...

I think that now, I'll get exactly has the new version, but no, "your phone is up to date."

At the office site, no technical information on the subject: /

Enlighten me, please.

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Lord, tell me if I can flash the firmware in Russian W950i Sonic bought on e-bay? Could there be a problem with that?

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jony_aa @ 06.01.08 11:47:11
rd, tell me if I can flash the firmware in Russian W950i Sonic bought on e-bay? Could there be a problem with that?

The idea with this problem should arise. Proshesh smart through SEUS, and then just zalesh in his language pack.
Offshore @ 04.01.08 10:13:28
At the office site, no technical information on the subject: /

Alas, apparently ended support smart ...: '(

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but what about flashing?

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Miron ,
top link given

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Yuzal 960 models, in principle, a number of rolls. Review - nedokpk and at the same time peretelefon. The interface in the end turned out much confusing, overwhelming and nagromazhdennym, sometimes similar to KPKshny interface, and in some places on a conventional cellular phone. And the stylus is not sewn dog's tail :) Complementing the picture Repin "Sailed" is also a great many of these "operatsionok" called symbian and all the resulting sets of incompatibility: the program that came on one version under a different OSes do not go and Conversely, though, too, Symbian. but different. Phone In general I liked the design, but the filling is not ....

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Where can I download the normal Office Mobile?

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Angel1024 @ 26.02.08 21:30:33
nedokpk and at the same time peretelefon

this is called a smartphone
Angel1024 @ 26.02.08 21:30:33
yet a great many of these "operatsionok" called symbian

only 2 - s60 and UIQ

Angel1024 @ 26.02.08 21:30:33
all stemming from the incompatibility of this set: the program that came on one version under a different OSes are not, and vice versa, but also Symbian. but different.

transition to symbian 9.1 (only not compatible with each axis) ended a year ago. given the fact that under the version of the program is written, if not more, not less clearly, I see no reason for outrage. and then recall the quote from the magazine "and the hell us your dzhYforsy if and 640kb VRAM beauty was unearthly"

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I 950i smart and I bought blyutuzku 980, too, Sony, and now the question is, tell me why when I vhohu in the phone book with blyutuzki I nevizhu contacts written in Rusca at delaesh call and everything in s what vysvechivaetsya (no inglishe everything in sight, but do not feel . the whole book translated into English) are interested in: 1- is it possible to correct; 2-what is the problem in blyutuzke or smart?

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There is still a question for overdue))) Is it possible (using the native software or without weft) with SE-W950i phone (t.k.tam 4 gig memory) to transfer music from a standard player on the phone, SE W850i (as there is a great speaker) well, it's so tricky question: lol: as I look here on the first question the answer is poured: lol:

P.S. And All the same, I hope that preletit wizard with afigennyh mabiloy and all we (or I) raskazhet: lol:: lol:: lol:
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Through File Manager X-plore can pass anything you want ..
Or try to change the extension from .mp3 to .3gp!

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I have a problem: broken ssd drive! It appears once a month for a couple of minutes-and again not available ... What are they doing ??? :(

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My old and victorious SE W950i began to lose his mind and I reflash by making a backup of contacts, notes, text messages and calendar (I'm umnon). All is well preserved through the SonyEricsson PC Suite 1.6.0, continue to flash, and then I decided to rebuild through the same PC Suite. Hooked, found a phone, found a backup by clicking the "restore", everything went smoothly, the cell crashes, but not including a message "conducted backup restore." And so it went for several hours. I am trying more - the same result. The cell was switched off just pulling out of the cable or the battery, nothing else is not responding, log wrote that all recovered well, but in the cell is empty.

So. Who knows how to solve this trouble or to tear out the data from the backup files to flash, or an older version of the firmware?

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If anyone ever come here to seek an answer to the question, so here goes: you know, old backups are not compatible with the new firmware and it is very funny.

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Lord, if it is possible to buy this model in the new state? I know that for a long time out of production, but really want to ...

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kelebras @ 31.08.2012, 16:51*
really want to...

You do with the planet ?! as well as on sites with ads look for.

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And for the initial cost of 24,000 for 8000 :) I took in 2007. I beg once. He served faithfully until the beginning of 2012. Smashed glass touch and body wear. Here's how to go buy a case and screen, and walk instead of the player. After 5 years, own the battery still keeps the music :) 12:00

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Posony prompt plc I formatted w950i after that it does not see a computer

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I do not suck on the progress and also became the owner of the w950i)
This question-as it is now it is possible to ask if Sony Ericsson Update Service is not it now?

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Recently he prompted on the Vivaz, but there SEUS helped.
It is possible through Omnius, 1-day license is € 6.70, 1-month 19,90 €. In Wotan W950 not found

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