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DELL Inspiron 15R
PictureInspiron 15R, N5110, M5110
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Laptop specifications
DELL N5110 system.
The laptop comes with the following processors:
1. Intel Core i7-2670QM Quad-Core Processor 2.2GHz / 6MB
2. Intel Core i7-2630QM Quad-Core Processor 2.0GHz / 6MB
3. Intel Core i5-2540M Dual-Core Processor 2.6GHz / 3MB
4. Intel Core i5-2450M Dual-Core Processor 2.5GHz / 3MB
5. Intel Core i5-2430M Dual-Core Processor 2.4GHz / 3MB
6. Intel Core i5-2410M Dual-Core Processor 2.3GHz / 3MB
7. Intel Core i3-2350M Dual-Core Processor 2.3GHz / 3MB
8. Intel Core i3-2330M Dual-Core Processor 2.2GHz / 3MB
9. Intel Core i3-2310M Dual-Core Processor 2.1GHz / 3MB

Chipset Intel HM67

Memory type DDR3
Maximum memory size 8 (16 GB sometimes work)

Screen size 15.6 inches
Screen resolution 1366x768
Screen cover gloss

In the laptop 2 video adapters discrete (separate chip), built-in (video core in the processor)In the M5110, only one (discrete) video card!
Video processor NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M / ATI Radeon HD 6470M
Video memory size 512 or 1024 MB
Type of video memory GDDR3-discrete, SOdimm (memory bar) - embedded video core (memory for the embedded core is taken from the main RAM)

Optical drive DVD-RW
Hard disk interface Serial ATA
The volume of the first disk 320-640 GB

Wi-Fi standard 802.11b / 802.11g / 802.11n
WiDi support not
Bluetooth is
Bluetooth version / 3.0 HS

Max. LAN adapter speed 100 Mbps
Number of USB interfaces 4 (2X USB 2.0, 2X USB 3.0)
Firewire interface not
ESATA interface there is
Com port not
PS / 2 interface not
VGA (D-Sub) output there is
DVI output not
HDMI output there is
Dock connection not
Audio input software (turns off the signal gain)
Microphone input there is
Audio / Headphone Out there is
Mic In / Headphone Combo Out no (separate)
Digital audio output (S / PDIF) not

Number of battery cells 6
Battery type Li-ion

GPS not
Webcam there is
Number of webcam pixels 1.3 Megapixel.
Fingerprint scanner not
Kensington Castle there is
Length 376 mm
Width 260.2 mm
Thickness 33.8 mm
Weight 2.44 kg
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Good day! No one noticed, after updating to wines 10, the wi-fi connection speed dropped sharply. A fresh driver for a wireless module can not be found. What can be done?

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after updating to wines 10

How was it updated? It writes to me that the bios does not fit!

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Good day to all!
There is also a problem with the upgrade, I updated the BIOS to A11, but wines 10 can still not be installed :(

same stuff
as I understand it, you need to flash UEFI instead of BIOSA, but this is not suitable for our laptop ..))

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found installation solution 10
I downloaded BIOS N5110A11 from the site’s website and it turned out

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Has anyone installed windows 10 on this laptop? When I try to install, the error 0xC1900101-0x30018 pops up. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

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* Dolpher
I updated windows 8.1 through the program (see below) from the microsoft website. Everything went well, but apparently the drivers for the Wi-Fi adapter are not very suitable - the speed dropped 10 times.

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* dr.semen,
I'm trying to upgrade from 7, but the error constantly falls. What through windows update, what through media creation tool. cleanly put somehow I do not risk yet

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* Dolpher
BIOS updated?

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* dr.semen,
Of course, A11 costs, updates are all installed, everything is prepared. But anyway an error crawls out.

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Dogis @ 08/08/2015, 09:57*
found installation solution 10
I downloaded BIOS N5110A11 from the site’s website and it turned out


I downloaded and installed the N5110A11, but I still can’t install it.
Now there is Win 7 SP1 Ultim 32bit.

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* tehnoinstyle, try using mediacreationtoolx, just download the 32bit version from microsoft

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* dr.semen,
Yesterday, on their forums, I also found a link to this utility. I will try.

It is interesting that on the second laptop (2007), the Dell Inspiron n6400 offers to be updated without any errors.

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After updating the BIOS to A11, today the error has disappeared, everything is fine, the offer to upgrade to Win 10 is hanging. This is better.

But. The following is alarming: I began to install Vin 10 on the PC (Vin7h64 SP1 Max). It loaded 1.5 hours, booted up, accepted the agreement, and for 3.5 hours I see this:
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Wait further, or?

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I greet everyone
Windows 10 two weeks ago successfully installed on my n5110, released in 2011 (with i5-2410, GT525M 1gb). After a couple of days, I stuck an i7-2670QM into it (Topovy! I took it on Avito for 4k rubles), and there were no problems either.

For those who have an update error, try downloading the Win10 image and installing it from a disk / flash drive.

One big problem - after installing the driver from the Dell website, SRS Audio (IDT High Definition Audio Codec) does not work - the driver is installed, but after some time the sound stupidly disappears, and if you plug in the headphones, you can hear strange creaks.
The sound is fixed like this: go to the Device Manager (RMB on start-up), then to “Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs”, delete all devices there, then to “Sound, Game and Video Devices”, delete “IDT High Definition Audio”, ticking off the driver removal. Then update the Device Manager and it puts you the standard driver for the sound "High Definition Audio". After rebooting, there is sound.

Has anyone dealt with the replacement of internal laptop speakers?

P.S. With the new processor in GTA5, FPS averages 35-45 with anti-aliasing.

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The same problem as withdr.semen, After installing Win 10, all firewood got up normally, except for firewood on WiFi. In the device manager, in properties, etc. He writes that the device is working fine, but the download speed does not exceed 600 kb / s. via cable 11 Mb / s, i.e. all OK.
Did a clean installation from a flash drive.
Who has the same problem, let's unite))

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* Hitrii
I found suitable firewood yesterday!

P.S. dell wireless adapter wireless 1702. As I understand it, there are other options.

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* dr.semen,

Do you need to insert these files from the archive instead of the existing ones?

Please tell me where they need to be pushed so that WiFi comes to life))

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* Hitrii archive the archive, go to the device manager, open the network adapters group-->dell wireless 1702-->driver tab, update, search for drivers on this computer, specify the folder path to the folder from the archive.

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Is it possible to somehow hack or remove the binding of video drivers only from Dell?
It is impossible to install the latest firewood on nVidia and of. site, and at della they are old 2011. When updating to 10, she certainly updated the driver, but I thought I could upgrade - as a result, I lost new ones and those that were still installed earlier than nvidia from 2013 (310.90) did not go either. I had to install 2011 from the disk, but they do not even have settings.

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I never had problems with drivers from the site. on any axis even on vin10 !!!

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