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DELL Inspiron 15R
PictureInspiron 15R, N5110, M5110
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Laptop specifications
DELL N5110 system.
The laptop comes with the following processors:
1. Intel Core i7-2670QM Quad-Core Processor 2.2GHz / 6MB
2. Intel Core i7-2630QM Quad-Core Processor 2.0GHz / 6MB
3. Intel Core i5-2540M Dual-Core Processor 2.6GHz / 3MB
4. Intel Core i5-2450M Dual-Core Processor 2.5GHz / 3MB
5. Intel Core i5-2430M Dual-Core Processor 2.4GHz / 3MB
6. Intel Core i5-2410M Dual-Core Processor 2.3GHz / 3MB
7. Intel Core i3-2350M Dual-Core Processor 2.3GHz / 3MB
8. Intel Core i3-2330M Dual-Core Processor 2.2GHz / 3MB
9. Intel Core i3-2310M Dual-Core Processor 2.1GHz / 3MB

Chipset Intel HM67

Memory type DDR3
Maximum memory size 8 (16 GB sometimes work)

Screen size 15.6 inches
Screen resolution 1366x768
Screen cover gloss

In the laptop 2 video adapters discrete (separate chip), built-in (video core in the processor)In the M5110, only one (discrete) video card!
Video processor NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M / ATI Radeon HD 6470M
Video memory size 512 or 1024 MB
Type of video memory GDDR3-discrete, SOdimm (memory bar) - embedded video core (memory for the embedded core is taken from the main RAM)

Optical drive DVD-RW
Hard disk interface Serial ATA
The volume of the first disk 320-640 GB

Wi-Fi standard 802.11b / 802.11g / 802.11n
WiDi support not
Bluetooth is
Bluetooth version / 3.0 HS

Max. LAN adapter speed 100 Mbps
Number of USB interfaces 4 (2X USB 2.0, 2X USB 3.0)
Firewire interface not
ESATA interface there is
Com port not
PS / 2 interface not
VGA (D-Sub) output there is
DVI output not
HDMI output there is
Dock connection not
Audio input software (turns off the signal gain)
Microphone input there is
Audio / Headphone Out there is
Mic In / Headphone Combo Out no (separate)
Digital audio output (S / PDIF) not

Number of battery cells 6
Battery type Li-ion

GPS not
Webcam there is
Number of webcam pixels 1.3 Megapixel.
Fingerprint scanner not
Kensington Castle there is
Length 376 mm
Width 260.2 mm
Thickness 33.8 mm
Weight 2.44 kg
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DELL inspirion 15 laptop there is no boot priority selection menu in the BIOS: shocked: rummaged the entire Internet - there is no answer, so as mine :( _


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Herein the first seconds you can see: F2 - bios setup, F12 - boot something there ... F12 did not try to press?

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This function is in BIOS, try updating it.

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Hello. Tell me where to find drivers for the seven 32bit, but most of the programs are 32bit, they slow down a bit. Thank you in advance

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Drivers can be found in the topic header.Drivers and software on the official website

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Yes, but there is only 64bit, so I ask on the forum. I think someone put windows 7 32bit

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Bluetooth does not work, it used to work before the norms, in the penultimate installation of Windows 7 which only firewood did not put on bluetooth, anyway the exclamation point is and does not work. Now Windows 8.1, there is also no firewood on it, and they are not installed from the site, they write about some impossible errors. and I still can’t find applications for the buttons at the top right to work, at least turn off the screen.

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The problem with the buttons depends on the drivers, with bluetooth too. Where did you get the drivers?

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The problem with the buttons depends on the drivers, with bluetooth too. Where did you get the drivers?

I download drivers from the site site, according to the service label. The fact is that on Windows 8 there are much fewer drivers than on 7. but I tried the 7th drivers to put the same errors on some. I installed drivers on a pure Windows automatically with the sam drivers program. Well, I hit the site where it says that I should install the driver in the correct order.
Well, tell me as a person with experience installing drivers on these PCs and more. right after installing clean windows what should i set? I installed Windows 8.1 and network firewood was already there, I went to the Internet without any problems. I had the SamDrivers program, from where the necessary drivers were automatically installed. And I downloaded the drivers for the three buttons in the right corner from the office. site (the middle one doesn’t work) Did I do something wrong?
Currently problems:
1. the fact that bluetooth does not work,
2. doubt that the drivers were installed on turbo boost.

On the site that I talked about the correct order, there are viruses in the files to the campaign, install the mail application, etc.

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Hello, in one of the slots there is a 4gb memory bar, I want to add another 8gb, I’ve surfed the Internet a bit and everywhere there is info that the laptop supports up to 8gb, that is, does it even make sense to try to put 12gb?

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At 16GB it works (core i7), but, it seems, only 8GB is used. So locked mate. pay.

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Friends, I installed Windows 8.1 Update 1. On my inspirion n5110. Faced with problems: 1. Service buttons do not work, which on Windows 7 opened the settings of the Windows Mobility Center and the laptop diagnostic button.
2. USB 3.0 ports do not work
Who faced this problem, and how was it solved?

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Demolished 8.1, put 7rku. I still can’t install firewood on 3.0 USB. What to do? I download firewood from the official site the name of the archive R309746. Setup.exe does not start at all.

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FFiX, find the archive of the factory disk, download, there are drivers for 3.0 there, they should get up anyway, try.

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Hello. I have a DELL N5110. The hard drive has flown. It was (ST750LM022) Seagate (Cache (mb) 8, Volume (GB) 750, Speed ​​(rpm) 5400, SATA 2 connection interface). I want to install a new one, but with better parameters (Cache memory (mb) 32-64, Volume (TB) 1-2, Speed ​​(rpm) 5400-7200, SATA 3 connection interface). The question is whether the hard drive with the motherboard will interact normally via the SATA 3 interface, since there was a hard drive with SATA 2. That is, does the motherboard in the laptop support SATA 3, or will it just be overpaying for money. + Maybe there will be some recommendations regarding the purchase of hard for DELL N5110.

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Now they recommend switching to SSD. SATA3 and SATA2, apparently, are compatible, but will work at SATA2 speeds.

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Hi everyone, such a question
On my laptop, the motherboard and touchpad burned out, I found a laptop like on my Avito for 7500 without a matrix. Should I buy it and change the matrix? Will my old processor work with a laptop if it is also a dell inspuron n5110, but with different characteristics?

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Hello! ) Has anyone put on this miracle, Windows XP?

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I plan to put a 150-200 GB flash instead of a hard drive, and instead of a sidirom a terabyte hard drive, who will advise what?

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Who knows, the cooling system from a model with an i3 processor is suitable for a model with an i7?

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