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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - EFS Recovery (IMEI)
Poll in topic
Under what situations during the operation of the device, was the loss of IMEI (communication, S / N)?
Lowered the OS from version 4.3 / 4.1.2 to 4.0.4; [ 305 ] ** [11,2%]
I sewed on custom firmware; [ 470 ] ** [17,25%]
I did not make a backup of the efs folder in advance; [ 606 ] ** [22,25%]
I never flew. [ 196 ] ** [7,2%]
Updated through KIES or FOTA; [ 81 ] ** [2,97%]
Physical damage; [ 105 ] ** [3,85%]
I sewed on the stock firmware; [ 249 ] ** [9,14%]
It was sewn on a custom SyanogenMode 10/11/12; [ 215 ] ** [7,89%]
Other; [ 155 ] ** [5,69%]
Made him a "hard reset" - reset to factory; [ 229 ] ** [8,41%]
Did not do anything, did not install; [ 444 ] ** [16,3%]
Total votes: 2724

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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - EFS Recovery (IMEI; S / N)


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Drivers and Utilities
Software application USB Driver:
Attached fileSAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_V1.5.49.0.exe(15.27 MB)

Attached fileSAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_V1.5.53.0.exe(24.46 MB)

Attached fileSAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_V1.5.55.0.exe(24.46 MB)

Software for updating and emergency system recovery via PC:
Smart switch : Attached fileSmart_Switch_PC_4.0.15082_16.exe (37.82 MB)

Samsung Kies 3 : Attached fileKies3Setup_2.exe (39.93 MB)

Odin - Samsung Smartphone Broker:
A new version
Early versions of Odin
Attached fileOdin + v3.10.6.zip(2.06 MB)

Attached fileOdin_3.10.0.zip(951.97 KB)
Attached fileodin + v3.09.zip(973.18 KB)

Attached fileODIN3_v1.87.rar(170.28 KB)

Attached fileOdin3_v1.85.zip(198.51 KB)

Attached fileOdin3_v1.83.zip(198.35 KB)
Beginners to read first

  • First of all, I would like to remind you thatForum RulesandRules section "Android - first aid".
  • The topic was created to discuss ways to create backup and restore.
  • When creating new messages follow the topic guideRegistration of messages on the Forum.
  • Specify the version of the firmware, modem, kernel (Stoke / Custom, if Custom, which one), recovery (Stoke / Custom, if Custom, which one), format RK efs and how rk was created

Now read the contents of the second spoiler
It so happened that Samsung’s efs flagships were in such trouble that it’s easy to “lose” efs, but it's hard to recover. Sometimes very much so.

Before you start browsing various firmware (modems), you should take care of the backup of the efs section - this is the only sure and guaranteed (it is worth noting that it is also free) to restore imei and serial number.
All known ways to backup / restore efs are contained in the header of our topic, as well as in the topics on the links.
Carefully read the backup and restore instructions.
Backup in several ways.
Store backups not only on the phone, but also on the computer and on "every fireman" on the cloud.

And so, with the introductory part figured out, choose the methods of backup yourself, go to the questionloss (gathering) of efs and its recovery.

Back up / restore efs
1. Backup / Restore
  1. The program for creating backup copies and recovery under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 -Attached fileEFS Professional.zip(865.94 KB)
    Must have Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 installedTheme on xda-developers.com Busybox_Installer
  2. How to extract / copy the efs folder from "non-key"
  3. Ways to create and restore a river efs (software copy / restore)
  4. The program for creating and restoring efs- kTool
  5. The program for creating and restoring efs - Samsung Tool
  6. Backup and Restore IMEI (efs) on I9300with adb,teminalorRootExplorer
  7. The script for creating an image efs.img under Odin from the efs folder, backup efs.ext4.tar, efs.ext.win
  8. Scripts for creating and restoring efs.img with MODEM_PDA versions in the title
  10. Repair IMEI GT-I9300 with Samsung Remote Unlock Client Additional description to the program
  11. Repair IMEI and S / N using the Chimera service (Chimera account)
  12. Repair IMEI and S / N using Samsung Kies, using the device’s serial number
  13. Repair IMEI without backup using Xposed Installer and module
  14. Octoplus Box - Repair IMEI and S / N
  15. Octoplus Box - Repair IMEI and S / N more detailed instructions

2. Determining the version of PDA / MODEM in the efs backup (efs, efs.tar, efs.img)
  1. How to find out the firmware and modem version in efs.img
  2. How to find out which version of your EFS backup (utility "EFS_backup_ver")
  3. EFS Reader - program for reading data from nv_data.bin

3. Solving a problem when S / N (serial number) starts with 0000 ...
  1. Modem patch at zero serial via PUMa program
  2. Custom firmware with patched modem 4.1.2 (EFS v.2) for firmware from XXEMG4 and higher
  3. Patched modem (Ariza patch) 4.1.2 (EFS v.1) and higher
  4. Patched modem 4.3

4. Patched modems for problems with IMEI, IMEI became default - 0049 ... or 0000
  1. Patched modems 4.1.2 (EFS v.2) for firmware from XXEMG4 and above

5. The phone is loaded into the recovery with the error message "E: unable to mount / efs (Invalid argument)" or "E: failed to mount / efs ..."
  1. Error "E: unable to mount / efs (Invalid argument) (AromaFM)
  2. Error "E: unable to mount / efs (Invalid argument) (EFS Calibrate)

6. Repair IMEI, S / N with a programmer
Samsung i9300 Imei Null / Unknown Baseband Repair Done
Root and Recovery
Get root with modified TWRP recovery
Get root through a modified PhilZ Touch recovery.

CF_Auto_Root_I9300_4.3_recovery_XXUGND2 for_OdinPC:
Attached fileI9300-4.3_ND2-CF-Auto-Root.tar.zip(13.85 MB)

Modified Recovery:
PhilZ Touch Recovery for OdinPC firmware:
Attached filephilz_touch_6.48.4-i9300.tar.zip(7.69 MB)

Change caps
04/28/2015 Added to the section "Drivers and Utilities":USB Driver V1.5.53.0 dated 2015.04.21
05/28/2015 Added to the section "Drivers and Utilities": the Samsung "Smart Switch" application replacing the "KIES" application
06/21/2015 Instruction has been added to the section “Backing up / restoring efs” to extract / copy the efs folder from the device that is not included.
06/27/2015 Instruction was added to the section “Backing up / restoring efs” to restore codes using the Samsung Kies application.
07/19/2015 Added instructions in the section "Backing up / restoring efs" to restore IMEI, paragraph 14
09/06/2015 Added instructions in the section "Backing up / restoring efs" to restore IMEI and S / N, paragraph 16

Do not store backup folders EFS on the internal memory of the phone!

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Vemeni Good day to all! Problem in the following: Phone came from Israel. It was already sewn several local regional service multifile factory firmware. Prior to that he worked there normally - is unknown. Check was not possible and even if all the time buggy -It would be even noticeable that something is wrong. Maybe Simcoe and tested in the rapid version. The problem is very unstable in the 3G network mode. ie dial-up via the Internet through just once. In 2G mode - it works fine. Weed out such reasons as the symmetric map, the operator, technical konnektirovanie, a slot antenna, and so on. Could it affect anything except the modem? Communications chip hardware "non-native" (can be laid on the iron range stranger), section EFS? There is a problem that, after the original EFS there are troubles with communication (after flashing), but do not know whether it can affect only 3G? And if so how can it be solved? Was originally iOS 4.3, was stitched on 4.3. The problem did not go away. Stitched service 4.1.2 and updated over the air to 4.3. Then he flashed Single-4.3. There is a full backup for the TWRP after the first firmware 4.3 .IMEI in place as was originally. Can someone faced with the option? Backup EFS entirely original course not.
By the way exactly the same problem with the officially bought "vinfonoy" (certified) Nokia 620. The same solution has yet been found.

P.S. The reason is revealed. On the reverse side of the board is right in the middle of the antenna GSM biasing contact with the impact which structurally may prosest. On board a lot of contacts, and almost all from the front and this can and miss. Which is what happened. In this case, it touches but it was not a good contact. That's the whole reason 2 days troubleshooting. (Maybe someone will come in handy)

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Welcome flies IMEI during the transition to any caste, keygen is not flies. Efs restored, with backup from 4.3 to CM13, imei appeared for a few seconds and then display the no service and nothing else helps, tried once again to restore the backup, sewed modems including and with patches and it was no. 4.3 All works, which way in the cap may come?

Rep: (1563)
frozenbrains @ 12.01.20, 13:06*
IMEI flies when you go to any caste, keygen is not flies.

frozenbrains @ 12.01.20, 13:06*
4.3 All works

The answer is obvious - not to custom bikes. } -)

PS And if so you want - it turns addressing the author of custom bikes. : Yes2:

Rep: (12)
* rusigor
Yes 4.3 sit when there is a 6.0 as something not very much)

Rep: (1563)
* frozenbrains
Yes, this is understandable, but without the IMEI is there any sense does not ...

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Greetings Citizens! Tell me what to do. The problem is that there is no mobile internet and airplane mode after change IMEI disappeared. Calls, sms, wi-fi works. All work and no mobile Net. WHAT TO DO? (C3 device samsung Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III)

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Good day to all. A question. Brought me a brick samsung galaxy s3 gt i9300. As I understand it son handyman tried to flash as a result of carried stitching Rodney eventually phone starts only rekaveri mode. I hung up the firmware means. Phone started. IMEI is not flew. sim card phone sees, shows an antenna but does not recognize the operator and a call gives the message is not registered in the network

Rep: (1477)
Romka696 @ 14.04.20, 10:59*
Phone started. IMEI is not flew. sim card phone sees, shows an antenna but does not recognize the operator and a call gives the message is not registered in the network
Maybe help
A $ teroid @ 18.04.20, 16:01*
5. If not running a mobile network
5.1. Install and run the terminal.

5.2. Print "su" and press "Enter" on the keyboard.
In the pop-up agrees to provide root access.
If done correctly, the terminal will arise a new line with a sharp symbol (#) at the end.

5.3. Next, perform the three commands, pressing "Enter" after each line:
chown root: radio / efs / nv *
chmod 664 / efs / nv *
chmod 774 /efs/nv_data.bin.md5

It will fix the file permissions modem.

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