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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - EFS Recovery (IMEI)
Poll in topic
Under what situations during the operation of the device, was the loss of IMEI (communication, S / N)?
Lowered the OS from version 4.3 / 4.1.2 to 4.0.4; [ 299 ] ** [11,21%]
I sewed on custom firmware; [ 451 ] ** [16,91%]
I did not make a backup of the efs folder in advance; [ 590 ] ** [22,12%]
I never flew. [ 194 ] ** [7,27%]
Updated through KIES or FOTA; [ 81 ] ** [3,04%]
Physical damage; [ 103 ] ** [3,86%]
I sewed on the stock firmware; [ 248 ] ** [9,3%]
It was sewn on a custom SyanogenMode 10/11/12; [ 209 ] ** [7,84%]
Other; [ 153 ] ** [5,74%]
Made him a "hard reset" - reset to factory; [ 225 ] ** [8,44%]
Did not do anything, did not install; [ 436 ] ** [16,35%]
Total votes: 2667

Rep: (2782)
Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - EFS Recovery (IMEI; S / N)


Description | FAQ | Discussion | Marriage / Repair | Official firmware | Custom firmware | Custom recovery | EFS Recovery (IMEI)

Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image


Drivers and Utilities
Software application USB Driver:
Attached fileSAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_V1.5.49.0.exe(15.27 MB)

Attached fileSAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_V1.5.53.0.exe(24.46 MB)

Attached fileSAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_V1.5.55.0.exe(24.46 MB)

Software for updating and emergency system recovery via PC:
Smart switch : Attached fileSmart_Switch_PC_4.0.15082_16.exe (37.82 MB)

Samsung Kies 3 : Attached fileKies3Setup_2.exe (39.93 MB)

Odin - Samsung Smartphone Broker:
A new version
Early versions of Odin
Attached fileOdin + v3.10.6.zip(2.06 MB)

Attached fileOdin_3.10.0.zip(951.97 KB)
Attached fileodin + v3.09.zip(973.18 KB)

Attached fileODIN3_v1.87.rar(170.28 KB)

Attached fileOdin3_v1.85.zip(198.51 KB)

Attached fileOdin3_v1.83.zip(198.35 KB)
Beginners to read first

  • First of all, I would like to remind you thatForum RulesandRules section "Android - first aid".
  • The topic was created to discuss ways to create backup and restore.
  • When creating new messages follow the topic guideRegistration of messages on the Forum.
  • Specify the version of the firmware, modem, kernel (Stoke / Custom, if Custom, which one), recovery (Stoke / Custom, if Custom, which one), format RK efs and how rk was created

Now read the contents of the second spoiler
It so happened that Samsung’s efs flagships were in such trouble that it’s easy to “lose” efs, but it's hard to recover. Sometimes very much so.

Before you start browsing various firmware (modems), you should take care of the backup of the efs section - this is the only sure and guaranteed (it is worth noting that it is also free) to restore imei and serial number.
All known ways to backup / restore efs are contained in the header of our topic, as well as in the topics on the links.
Carefully read the backup and restore instructions.
Backup in several ways.
Store backups not only on the phone, but also on the computer and on "every fireman" on the cloud.

And so, with the introductory part figured out, choose the methods of backup yourself, go to the questionloss (gathering) of efs and its recovery.

Back up / restore efs
1. Backup / Restore
  1. The program for creating backup copies and recovery under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 -Attached fileEFS Professional.zip(865.94 KB)
    Must have Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 installedTheme on xda-developers.com Busybox_Installer
  2. How to extract / copy the efs folder from "non-key"
  3. Ways to create and restore a river efs (software copy / restore)
  4. The program for creating and restoring efs- kTool
  5. The program for creating and restoring efs - Samsung Tool
  6. Backup and Restore IMEI (efs) on I9300with adb,teminalorRootExplorer
  7. The script for creating an image efs.img under Odin from the efs folder, backup efs.ext4.tar, efs.ext.win
  8. Scripts for creating and restoring efs.img with MODEM_PDA versions in the title
  10. Repair IMEI GT-I9300 with Samsung Remote Unlock Client Additional description to the program
  11. Repair IMEI and S / N using the Chimera service (Chimera account)
  12. Repair IMEI and S / N using Samsung Kies, using the device’s serial number
  13. Repair IMEI without backup using Xposed Installer and module
  14. Octoplus Box - Repair IMEI and S / N
  15. Octoplus Box - Repair IMEI and S / N more detailed instructions

2. Determining the version of PDA / MODEM in the efs backup (efs, efs.tar, efs.img)
  1. How to find out the firmware and modem version in efs.img
  2. How to find out which version of your EFS backup (utility "EFS_backup_ver")
  3. EFS Reader - program for reading data from nv_data.bin

3. Solving a problem when S / N (serial number) starts with 0000 ...
  1. Modem patch at zero serial via PUMa program
  2. Custom firmware with patched modem 4.1.2 (EFS v.2) for firmware from XXEMG4 and higher
  3. Patched modem (Ariza patch) 4.1.2 (EFS v.1) and higher
  4. Patched modem 4.3

4. Patched modems for problems with IMEI, IMEI became default - 0049 ... or 0000
  1. Patched modems 4.1.2 (EFS v.2) for firmware from XXEMG4 and above

5. The phone is loaded into the recovery with the error message "E: unable to mount / efs (Invalid argument)" or "E: failed to mount / efs ..."
  1. Error "E: unable to mount / efs (Invalid argument) (AromaFM)
  2. Error "E: unable to mount / efs (Invalid argument) (EFS Calibrate)

6. Repair IMEI, S / N with a programmer
Samsung i9300 Imei Null / Unknown Baseband Repair Done
Root and Recovery
Get root with modified TWRP recovery
Get root through a modified PhilZ Touch recovery.

CF_Auto_Root_I9300_4.3_recovery_XXUGND2 for_OdinPC:
Attached fileI9300-4.3_ND2-CF-Auto-Root.tar.zip(13.85 MB)

Modified Recovery:
PhilZ Touch Recovery for OdinPC firmware:
Attached filephilz_touch_6.48.4-i9300.tar.zip(7.69 MB)

Change caps
04/28/2015 Added to the section "Drivers and Utilities":USB Driver V1.5.53.0 dated 2015.04.21
05/28/2015 Added to the section "Drivers and Utilities": the Samsung "Smart Switch" application replacing the "KIES" application
06/21/2015 Instruction has been added to the section “Backing up / restoring efs” to extract / copy the efs folder from the device that is not included.
06/27/2015 Instruction was added to the section “Backing up / restoring efs” to restore codes using the Samsung Kies application.
07/19/2015 Added instructions in the section "Backing up / restoring efs" to restore IMEI, paragraph 14
09/06/2015 Added instructions in the section "Backing up / restoring efs" to restore IMEI and S / N, paragraph 16

Do not store backup folders EFS on the internal memory of the phone!

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Rep: (897)
Installing the patch from Ariza without custom recovery
(problem solving whenserial numberstarts with 0000 ... and the phone writes:No network. The selected network (YOUR OPERATOR) is unavailable)


- this method corrects the errorSerial number ONLY(view 0000 ....) anddoes not help if you have the wrong IMEI
- The author of the application has updated the patch,version 0.6 appeared,problem solving serial number for firmware basedMG-modems and android version 4.3
- according to the author,patch 0.6 for MG firmware and 4.3 only CM, Slim and AOSP firmware works
- proof from the author
- also on the phone must be installed:rootandbusybox!

In this topic there is a way to install the patch fromAriza through custom recovery (the method proposed by the user stan1986 ), not everyone uses or knows how to use custom recovery, as well as at the request of the curator I post the translation of instructions from the user Ci5co with xda-developers How to do this without the presence of custom recovery.

1. downloadbusybox installer from the market, link - BusyBox Installer
2. Include insettings / developer options / USB debugging (tick)
3. runbusybox installer (give root-rights to the application), check the installation location (path necessarily should be like this: / system /xbin ), go to the advanced installation ( advance install ) and click install (most likely you have to press twice)
4. enablesettings / security / unknown sources (tick) and install the patch from Ariza Attached fileARIZAPatch.apk (9.49 MB)
5. runARIZAPatch.apk (withincludedInternet) and wait until the first window in the program changes to the following (where you can select the patch version) and click the button:
- for firmware on Android 4.1.2 to MG-modems -Apply 0.5 patch
- for firmware 4.1.2 on MG-modems and Android 4.3 -Apply 0.6 patch
6. apparatusmyself should restart / reboot
7. after restarting the device, waitfrom 5 to 20 seconds , the network signal should appear

* - note - the author of the patch (Ariza) says that the patch will have to be installed every time after each new flashing of the phone

- at the moment the ariza-patch works only for firmware 4.1.2 to MG-modems (patch version 0.5) why is it written in more detailhere
- to solve the problem on firmware 4.1.2 on MG-modems and above, use the search on the topic

original branch with the theme of the patch from Ariza -link
original instruction from Ci5co user -link
Ariza's proof of the patch update for MG-modems and 4.3 versions in general -link

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Rep: (2782)
As one of the options in haste. If desired, you can write a batch file with the search algorithm. But it's easier to immediately set the name of the backup. For example, efs_XXEMB5.img So I would only do it through the terminal. Folders with the names of the firmware reluctant to breed
In general, we copy efs.img, open it inhex editorand do a search for "i9300"
In one of the found lines there will be something like
Attached Image

If you have an archive with a folder, then unpack it, open it inNotePad ++a file called nv_core, we do a search for "I9300" and in the second match we get something like
Attached Image

In nv_data.bin you can find the info on which modem you were in at the time of the efs backup.

In files with extension.bak data from previous firmware

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Rep: (2782)
Error "E: unable to mount / efs (Invalid argument)" or "failed to mount / efs ..."
The phone does not load into the system. I'm in shock! Bacup efs have what to do?

Attention! This method will not raise IMEI and S / N without backup efs. If you do not have it, then you can only download your phone, but there will be no network.
Tested on SGS III [/ b]

1. If you currently do not have root-rights, then download them by reference from the topic header, the version to install in One, install.
2. Download Custom Recovery. Also versions for Odin (.tar.md5), install.
3. DownloadAROMA Filemanager.
4. Install the File Manager through the recovery as an ordinary update.
5. Run the built-in terminal File Manager (press the menu / select in the list "open console" or "terminal").
6. Register the commands (after each enter - input):
mke2fs / dev / block / mmcblk0p3
mount -w -t ext4 / dev / block / mmcblk0p3 / efs

The teams are taken here -http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1896470

7. Reboot system now.
8. We read the instructions for the restoration of efs (who did what) and restore.

If you see when loadingon the desktop a translucent pop-up window with yellow labels
Attached Image

then decide so -Samsung Galaxy S III Fans Club (Post # 16738476)

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Rep: (1153)
How to find out which version of your EFS backup?

Options for EFS backups
Backup (backup) EFS of our I9300 can be stored in several forms:
1. The image of the "disk" section of EFS in its original form (raw image), or in a slightly compressed (sparse image). Files with such content are usually given an extension..img. For example: EFS_201317_17245.img, efs.img, etc.
2. An image of the EFS "disk" partition in ext4 file system format. In such images taken to indicateext4in the name. For example: efs.ext4.img, efs.ext4.win, etc.
3. Archive of files and folders located in / efs. If the name is.tar, the archive stores files with their attributes. Most often, tar archives additionally compress using the gzip method (short for GNU Zip), complementing the extension.tar.gz.

There are always options for combinations. You can create an IMG, then put it in a tar and sign MD5. By the way, any file can contain a signature in the form of MD5. In such files, it is customary to specify.md5. For example, I9300XXEMG4_EFS_BACKUP.tar.md5. If such a file is renamed to I9300XXEMG4_EFS_BACKUP.tar, then it is easily opened by the archiver.

So, you have one of the EFS backup options.
Now you need to pull out the nv_data.bin file from it. If the backup is an image, then use the utility.Android ICS JB EXT4 imagefile unpacker. If this is an archive, then simply unzip it, for example from Total Commander. Now you can calculate from what you have a backup.
Algorithm for finding data in nv_data.bin
The search algorithm in nv_data.bin for today is:
1. We are looking for a text string I9300
2. From the location we are looking for two hexadecimal characters ff (i.e. two consecutive ff and ff)
3. From the location plus an offset of 2 bytes (i.e., immediately after ffff), we look at the symbol of a capital letter or a digit character, and also look at 0 (\ x0) or 1 (\ x1) through offset 11. If found - this is our serial. If you do not find it, we shift by 1 and repeat the search a reasonable number of times.
4. From the location we are looking for the string I9300. If found - this is the beginning of the line version of our modem, the line ends in zero.

The EFS_backup_ver.exe utility searches for the serial number and version of the modem in nv_data.bin. The utility is designed for the command line MS Windows.
Attached fileEFS_backup_ver.rar(4.45 KB)

Startup example:
EFS_backup_ver.exe nv_data.bin
The output of the program should give

Usage example
For those who do not know about the windows command line:
Create a test folder on the C drive, put the EFS_backup_ver.exe and nv_data.bin files there, press the win + r buttons on the keyboard, type cmd in the pop-up window and press the enter key, type in the pop-up window
cd \ test
EFS_backup_ver nv_data.bin

You can output data to a file, for example:
EFS_backup_ver nv_data.bin>backup_modem_ver.txt

A utility for finding out the version and date of the modem from modem.bin, supplied in the firmware, here:
Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official firmware (Post # 24548631)
Algorithm: we are looking for the first occurrence of I9300 - this is the version, the date will be slightly higher.

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Rep: (897)
Patched modems or "Samsung what are you doing, stop it!"
Some explanations about the new EFS formatta, patched modems and the lack of mobile communication after updating the firmware

A few words of introduction:
- in order to avoid getting into the situation described below, I strongly advise you to make a backup of everything before any manipulations with the device (nandroid backup, backup EFS, etc.), as it is written here -about backups and not only;
- all written here, can duplicate or repeat already written by userssavagemessiahzine.comin this thread (please do not spit much on a turnip);
- do not shoot the pianist, he plays as best he can - I just found, translated and combined everything into one post;
- in the text below, we will talk about phones with a modified, new EFS format, and not about devices with restored IMEI (whether it is editing the section manually or programmers, at home or in the SC);
- All actions are performed by you at your own peril and risk, all claims to the authors of the original files, manuals and instructions.

On XDA, the situation with the new EFS format has been discussed for quite a long time and a lot has been discussed. In this connection, the corresponding abbreviation of the old and new formats of the EFS section (EFSv1 and EFSv2) has been used:
- all firmware released before July 2013 (all below MG * firmware) work only with EFSv1;
- all firmware released since July 2013 (MG * and higher) - both with EFSv2 and EFSv1.
It was also established that modems with MG * firmware (and newer) can read both the old EFSv1 format and the new EFSv2 format. But at the same time, modems up to MG * firmware cannot read the new EFSv2 format, but only the old EFSv1. Hence the problems with mobile communications from users with downgrades from MG * firmware to older ones. The old firmware modem is simply not able to read data from the EFS section, which has already been changed to EFSv2 when upgraded to MG * firmware or higher.It is worth noting that if you have stitched to the MG * firmware and you do not have an EFSv1 backup (EFS backup on old modems and firmware), then you will not be able to use the bundle: firmware below MG * + EFSv1 section (firmware + modems released before July 2013). Respectively,conclusion: if you want to be able to use old firmware and old modems, before you upgrade or upgrade to July firmware, make backup EFS and backup from recovery (nandroid backup).
So what to do if you have stitched to the MG * firmware (or newer), then for some reason returned to the old one, and the mobile connection does not work (there are no backups and IMEI has become default - 0049 ... or 0000)?
There are two ways: the first is to return from the old firmware to the MG * firmware (the performance of the mobile communication will be restored), or to install a patched modem from the new firmware on the old firmware. If the first method doesn’t cause any difficulties (back to the new one and business), then in case of an acute and irresistible desire to stay on the old firmware (before MG *), many people have problems with restoring mobile communication. The second way is to install a patched modem through custom recovery.Note: The solutions proposed below do not affect the EFS partition, RIL, or any similar toolkit.

JustArchi Solution

A few points about the modem:
- modem firmware MG4, with all the consequences;
- if you have a device after repairing / restoring IMEI, most likely this patched modem will not help you;
- The modem can be used on any firmware for SGS3 with the new EFS partition format (EFSv2);
- the modem, in addition to the stock firmware, was checked on the firmware of the author (ArchiDroid: 2.0.3 AOSP, 1.6.1 XXUFME7 and 1.5.3 XXEMF1).
How to use: from custom recovery flash zip archive with modem.

link to the patch modem file:Attached filexxemg4.zip(4.74 MB)
original post of the author:XDA link

Maatsby Solution

There are no fundamental differences from the JustArchi solution, except for:
- in the archive a choice of several modems (MG2, MG4, MH1 andMJ3), sew to your taste;
- if you have a device after repairing / restoring IMEI, most likely this patched modem will not help you;
- works on AOSP and stock firmware (also custom based on them);
- installation takes place through Aroma-installer.
How to use: from the custom recovery flash the zip-archive with the modem, in Aroma-installer choose the modem you like.

link to the patch modem file:Attached fileEFSv2_basebands_opt4.zip(22.75 MB)
old version of patch modem
in the archive to choose 3 modem (MG2, MG4 and MH1)
Attached fileEFSv2_basebands.zip(18.04 MB)
original post of the author:XDA link

Questions and answers or based on "Dear editors ..."
Why sew patched, if the native works? and what is there patched in this modem?
If your connection works, why do you need this manual at all? Post for those who for some reason IMEI flew to the default 0049 ... or 0000 ..., for example, the old firmware and EFSv2 partition, while the mobile connection does not work, the manual is not about the analogue of the Ariza patch, or rather not quite analogue, Ariza-patch treated zero serial number, these modems treat default IMEI
IMHO : my opinion, the modems that are posted on the link above, do not differ from the usual ones, just on the XDA for some reason they were called patched, in essence they are simple modems taken from stock firmwares and packed into zip archives for firmware through recovery, probably I will not be mistaken, you can flash a regular modem from July drains and the result will be the same as from the patched modem
Is installing a patched modem the ultimate solution?
No, the authors of the patches write, in any case, this is a temporary measure and requires constant installation of the patched modem after firmware updates (of course, it’s about stitching that is needed when there is no mobile connection), and in fact you need to look for the roots of this problem and if possible restore the normal firmware view: MG * + firmware native (from the original firmware) modem + work mobile connection
need clarification that there is still the possibility to stay on the old firmware with the appropriate backup EFS
solutions in my post do not affect EFS itself (as in the case of EFS recovery) but only help to establish a connection between the modem and the new EFS format - EFSv2 (without changing it), which is why the method of replacing the EFS partition with the old format was not given (recovering EFS backup )
IMHO:taking into account the firmware already released by Samsung on the new format, it is appropriate to say about the transition of Samsung to the new EFS format, respectively, my post, in this situation as an auxiliary (helps to survive the transition to a new format without serious consequences, I think it makes sense to abandon installing firmware released before MG *, I can assume that with the old EFS formats, the firmware will not be released anymore, with all the consequences ... (I repeat, this is just my IMHO)
How do the so-called “leaks” firmware with Android 4.2.2 relate to this manual?
Firmware- "leaks" with the version of Android 4.2.2 released (or assembled by romodels, as you like) before the July firmware, respectively, they have an EFS partition in the EFSv1 format
what if you misunderstood something or translated?
That is why in the text there are links to the original posts (in English), where you can get acquainted with the original text in the language of the original source
P.S. I am pleased to read inQMSall successful or unsuccessful results of the use of this manual, substantiated claims, amendments and disagreement on the translated text.
P.P.S. I am not a pro in this matter and I do not advise on the above problem, I have a PCT device, on which there are no such problems, I encounter the problem of lack of communication only by reading this topic.

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Rep: (1023)
E: failed to mount / efs (Invalid argument) and how to deal with it!

_unix, Yes, and I think many more can help ...
Question on the subject of the deceased EFS (namely, the deceased!)Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official firmware (Post # 26154895)this is what was written about
What to do? How to fight?
We need to reformat the EFS partition! To do this, we will need to flash through Odin3Attached fileI9300EFS_EMPTY.tar.md5(4.37 MB)
andabout! miracle! the phone turned on again! But no! That's not all! Now all the calibrations sewn in this section have disappeared and the annoying square with a bunch of inscriptions is lit on the screen! We remove it by flashing this file through CWM Attached fileEFS_Calibrate_NO-IMEI.zip (249.56 KB)

UPD: All the same, only in the usual TAR under Odin3 Attached fileI9300_Repair_efs.tar.md5 (9.66 MB)
now no need to blow your brain! after flashing this file, IMEI will be 0049 .....

Everything!Now we have a PLAYER! ) Now to return the connection we have 2 ways:
- if EFS backup is available, restore it through the programs and utilities with which this backup was made (respectively, on the firmware on which the backup was made earlier)
- in the absence of EFS backup, the method you have already specified is a trip to the SC or device (device), which is only in the SC (not in Samsung!) to restore IMEI and this service will be within 1000r. Ask for Octopus Box, Z3x Box, SPT Box, Asansam or NSPro

ABOUT! Here they shared another post on this topic.Error "E: unable to mount / efs (Invalid argument)" or "failed to mount / efs ..."

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Rep: (2782)
Ways to create and restore a river efs

software copy / restore

In the version from the header added markup for the GT-I9300. When updating the program from xda-developers.com transfer the files GS3_INT_Var.bin and GT-I9300.pit

Unpack the archive EFS_Professional_XXX_Release.zip
The folder is transferred to the root of the disk C: /
Attached Image

go to the folder and click on EFS Professional
Attached Image

in the pop-up window again choose EFS Professional
Attached Image

the program tells us that the device is not connected
Attached Image

This can be caused by disabled "USB debugging"
Attached Image
Attached Image

either the absence of an appropriate driver
Attached Image

if we are okay with this, then we see such a window on the phone, we agree
Attached Image

there is progress, we are told that the phone has root access, busybox is also in place
Attached Image

go to the "Backup" tab
Attached Image

in the "Device Filter" select "Galaxy SIII (INT)", in the "Block Device" window select EFS and RADIO, click Backup
Attached Image

Backup EFS ready
Attached Image

check on the computer
Attached Image

and on the phone
Attached Image

Restore through the tab "Restore".
Attached Image

Choose where to get files, mark EFS and RADIO, click Restore
Attached Image

Run the application
Attached Image

Choose Backup EFS to /sdcard/efs.img
Attached Image

Check backup (optional)
Attached Image

If you did a test, then we see such a picture
Attached Image

When restoring, select Restore EFS from backup
Attached Image

Select format (img / tar, optional)
Attached Image

Samsung Tool
Run the application
Attached Image

Choose Backup EFS
Attached Image

We see such a picture
Attached Image

When restoring, select Restore EFS
Attached Image

The image is stored in / data / media / SamsungTool /

Nandroid backup
PhilZ Touch Recovery
  • Boot into recovery
  • Choose Backup & Restore ->
  • Custom Backup & Restore ->
  • Custom Backup Job ->
  • We remove crosses from all points ->
  • Put a cross on modem ->
  • >>Start Custom Backup Job<< ->
  • Choosing a place for backup ->
  • After modem backup, we take a step back ->
  • Remove the cross with modem ->
  • Put a cross on efs ->
  • >>Start Custom Backup Job<< ->
  • Choosing a place for backup ->

  • Choose Backup & Restore ->
  • Custom Backup & Restore ->
  • Custom Restore Job ->
  • We remove crosses from all points ->
  • Put a cross on modem ->
  • >>Start Custom Restore Job<< ->
  • Choosing a backup storage location ->
  • After restoring the modem take a step back ->
  • Remove the cross with modem ->
  • Put a cross on efs ->
  • >>Start Custom Restore Job<< ->
  • Choosing a backup storage ->
  • We leave in the main menu ->
  • Reboot System Now

Boot into recovery
  • Choose Backup
  • Choosing a place to save backup
  • Or we do a full backup, or only EFS
  • Put a cross on EFS
  • Add to the name of the firmware EFS
  • Make backup

  • Restore through the Restore tab

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Rep: (2782)
efs - One of the important system sections, containing: IMEI, S / N, GPSID, WIFIMAC, BTMAC, etc. .

Composition of efs
.files folder resolutions: rwx rwx r-x Owner: root Group: root
.files \ .dm33empty folder
.files \ .dx1empty folder
.files \ .mp301empty folder

bluetooth folder resolutions: rwx rwx r-x Owner: radio Group: system
bluetooth \ bt_addrPermissions: rw-rrr-- Owner: radio Group: radio

carrier folder
carrier \ HiddenMenu

drm folder resolutions: rwx rwx r-x Owner: drm Group: system

playready folder
playready \ 00003.PRVPermissions: rwx --- --- Owner: system Group: system

FactoryApp folder resolutions: rwx r-x r-x Owner: system Group: system
FactoryApp \ baro_deltaPermissions: rwx r-- r-- Owner: system Group: system
FactoryApp \ batt_cable_count
FactoryApp \ earjack_count
FactoryApp \ factorymodePermissions: rwx r-- r-- Owner: system Group: system
FactoryApp \ fdata
FactoryApp \ hist_nv
FactoryApp \ hw_verPermissions: rwx r-- r-- Owner: system Group: system
FactoryApp \ keystrPermissions: rwx r-- r-- Owner: system Group: system
FactoryApp \ prepay
FactoryApp \ serial_noPermissions: rwx r-- r-- Owner: system Group: system
FactoryApp \ test_nv

imei folder resolutions: rwx rwx r-x Owner: radio Group: system
imei \ mps_code.datresolutions: rwx rwx r-x Owner: radio Group: system

wifi folder resolutions: rwx rwx r-x Owner: radio Group: system
wifi \ .mac.infoPermissions: rw- rw- r-- Owner: system Group: system

.nv_core.bak Permissions: rwx --- --- Owner: radio Group: radio
.nv_core.bak.md5 Permissions: rwx --- --- Owner: radio Group: radio

.nv_data.bak Permissions: rwx --- --- Owner: radio Group: radio
.nv_data.bak.md5 Permissions: rwx --- --- Owner: radio Group: radio

.nv_state Permissions: rw --- --- Owner: radio Group: radio

00000000.authtokcont Permissions: rw- rw- r-- Owner: radio Group: radio

gyro_cal_data Permissions: rw- rw- rw- Owner: system Group: system

h2k.dat Permissions: rw- r-- r-- Owner: radio Group: radio

nv.log permissions: rw- --- --- Owner: radio Group: radio

nv_data.bin Permissions: rwx --- --- Owner: radio Group: radio
nv_data.bin.md5 Permissions: rwx --- --- Owner: radio Group: radio

ss_data Permissions: rw- rw- --- Owner: system Group: system

wv.keys Permissions: rw- r-- r-- Owner: radio Group: radio

Script permissions, owners and groups on files and folders -Attached filepermisions.zip(609 bytes)
Script permissions, owners and groups for files and folders on OS 4.3 -Attached filepermisions + _4.3.zip(684 bytes)
How to run sh script

About EFS v.1 and EFS v.2 formats

All modems starting with NEEMG1 usenewformat nv_data.bin and therefore whenloweringversion of the modem (firmware) an error occurs in efs, the network disappears, in Settings / About the phone in the "firmware version (modem)" - Unknown, IMEI - 004999 ..., Serial number - 000000 ... [/ b]
Attached Image
To restore you need to flash the modem (firmware), which was beforedowngrades.

No backup efs back to old firmware with old modemis impossible

Modem list
EFS v.2 modems

Modem XXUGNB1 release date 05/21/2015(4.3)
Modem XXUGNA8 release date 04/01/2014(4.3)
Modem XXUGMK6 release date 11.11.2013(4.3)
Modem XXUGMJ9 release date 10/25/2013(4.3)
Modem BUUGMJ3 release date 10/17/2013(4.3)
Modem BUEMJ1 release date 04/10/2013
Modem UBEMH1 release date 08/15/2013
Modem XXEMH1 release date 12.08.2013
Modem CCEMG2 release date 07/23/2013
Modem DDEMG2 release date 07/16/2013
Modem XXEMG4 release date 07/16/2013
Modem NEEMG1 release date 07/15/2013

EFS v.1 modems

Modem XXEMF6 release date 06/27/2013
Modem BVEMF1 release date 06/01/2013
Modem XXEMB6 release date 03/28/2013
Modem BUEMC2 release date 03/03/2013
Modem XXEMC2 release date 11.03.2013
Modem BUEMC1 release date 03/06/2013
Modem XXEMB5 release date 02/25/2013
Modem BUEMA1 release date 02/01/2013
Modem XXELLA release date 12/24/2012
Modem XXELL4 release date 12/10/2012

Collection of modems 4.1.2fromLeucid

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Reason for editing: Added modem modem XXUGNB1 (4.3)

Rep: (2782)
Imei (efs) has flown down
how to properly recover or report a problem in the subject

AT: I have a backup of efs and it was made before imei and serial number went off.
ABOUT: There should be no problems. If the backup is not "empty", then efs will be restored. Set the phone aside and read all the instructions carefully.

AT: I made a backup on one version of the firmware (modem), but I want to restore to another.
ABOUT: We restore the backup only on the version of the firmware and modem on which the backup is made. It is important. If the version of OS and / or modems is different, then the probability of recovering efs is very small. efs since OS 4.1.2 ( firmware until July 2013 ) can not be restored to OS 4.1.2 (after July 2013) and to OS 4.3.

AT: I have a backup, but I do not remember from which version of the firmware (modem).
ABOUT: The answer is in the cap. Determining the version of PDA / MODEM in the efs backup (efs, efs.tar, efs.img)

AT: I have the same device. Can I restore a backup from it?
ABOUT: No, donor backup from another device is not suitable. All data is personal. Edit the efs section files in the hex editor does not work - the information is encrypted, the key is not matched. Edit build.prop useless

AT: I do not have backup efs.
ABOUT: If you do not have a backup, but after the loss of efs, you didn’t flash anything anymore, then the option of replacing .bak files in the efs section is possible.
1. If there is no root-access, then we get it - Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official firmware (Post # 27590273)

2. Copy the efs folder to a computer or to an external sdcard

3. Check for the presence of files in the efs folder:

If any, then you need to flash on the previous firmware with the modem that was before the firmware. You can learn So
Delete files in the copied efs folder:

rename files:

to just deleted (i.e. remove the .bak extension in the title)

4. Move files to the / efs partition.

5. Set rights and owners for files / folders according to how it is painted.here
How to set rights manually

Reboot device

AT: I have no efs backup, no .bak files in the efs section.
ABOUT: At home, you have only one way - patched modem firmware or stand-alone modem patch.

AT: Nothing helped me.
ABOUT: Contact the service or purchase a Samsung Remote Unlock Client program account.
If problems arise, all questions should be sent to the address of the service in which you restored efs or the Samsung Remote Unlock Client caliper, if you restored efs through it.

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Rep: (1692)
Attached Image

Samsung i9300 Imei Null / Unknown Baseband Repair Done

(Software IMEI Repair Programmer)

Flash the Odin v.3.04 file I9300_Repair_efs.tar to restore the EFS partition
Next, run the Z3X box and edit S / N and IMEI
Attached Image

Download :Attached fileI9300_Repair_efs.tar.rar(44.21 KB)

Software IMEI, S / N repair using programmer Nspro (Samsung activation is needed) if you have IMEI 004 or when typing * # 06 # null / null, with the command * # 1234 # S / N - Unknown:
Flash this file I9300 IMEI Baseband Repair.rar (laid out in the topic)
Go to the Repair IMEI section
Enter the name and serial of the product from the sticker under the battery
Push start starts the firmware having flashed through USB and on demand we switch to COM cable.
The device is restored, there is a correct IMEI and S / N

DownloadAttached fileI9300 IMEI Baseband Repair.zip(5.03 KB)

P.S. The post will be filled with instructions

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Rep: (66)
- JZO54K.I9300XXEMB5, emb5 modem, core drain from root changed to ROM [03/11] [MJ9 V7.2] [JB4.3] WanamLite Fast | Clean & rock stableIMEI correspond to the inscriptions on the box and the case, took in a coherent Serial 00000000000

-apparatus after the restoration of IMEI, there is no data about the programmer, it will be restored in an unofficial service center

-After SC was JZO54K.I9300XXEMB5, emb5 modem, core runoff from root

The result is imei in a normal form but there is no connection, it writes it is not registered in the network. I know everything I did, I tried again. If it is possible to do something, let me know.

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Rep: (897)
Nissan gtr,
I asked you in a personal, about the serial number, you assured that it corresponds to what is written on the case, do you have a serial number 000000000 on the sticker?
try to roll back to mb5 and put an ariza patch -Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - EFS Recovery (IMEI) (Post # 21224112)

Rep: (897)
Solving the problem when the serial number starts with 0000 ...
and the phone writes
"No network. The selected network (YOUR OPERATOR) is unavailable" on MG * and newer modems

Some explanations:
- instructiononly for those who have an error network dialing or sending SMS and zero serial number(view 0000 ...)
- instructiondoes not fix or return IMEIThe solution is only for devices that havenormal IMEIand serial number is 0000 ...
- unlike Ariza-patch,This manual for firmware based on MG2 and newer modems
- for modems older than MG *, still validfixing the problem with a patch from Ariza

- all actions are performed by you at your own peril and risk, the authors of the manual and translation are not responsible for any damage or bricks received!
- after all the manipulations you will have custom firmwareBlack Box (based on stock mg4)with all the consequences!
- what happens with the connection (if I then flash any stock or custom firmware) I don’t know, try to clarify this point in the original topic with the manual, the link is at the end of the manual!

(if you already have the firmware installed with the MG2 modem (or higher) and there is a custom recovery, then you can skip steps 1-2):
1. Download and flash through Odin stock firmware 4.1.2, MG4 or higher (links to firmware in the topic headerSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official firmware )
2. After the first boot of the device, using Odin, install any custom recovery (links in the topic headerSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Custom recovery )
3. Download and flash firmware through custom recoveryBlackbox 1.3.1(custom firmware based on stock MG4) -mirror with xda-developersortorrent file
4. After downloading the device, download, transfer to the phone and flash the patched modem through the custom recovery -Attached filePatched_Modem_I9300XXEMG4.zip(4.86 MB)
5. Reboot in normal mode and see that the connection is present and SMS are working

The original manual (in English) is onxda-developers

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Rep: (1692)
Dear users, the SRS server has become fully paid regardless of me, not of the forum administration. , All claims to Samsung !!!

Repair IMEI GT-I9300

Perform the following steps:
Install ADB, download EFS Baseband Repair (flash through One v.3.04), ROOT must be installed on the smartphone
1. Download the program:unlocksamsungonline ... ck-Install.exe
2 Install drivers, software, after installation, restart your computer
3 On the phone, follow the link: Menu>Settings>Developer options (for some phone models this: Menu ->Settings ->Programs ->Development)
four . Enable the USB debugging option.
five . Connect Original Samsung USB cable to computer and phone
6. Enable flight mode on the phone
7. If the phone asks to go to a certain 'Mode' on the phone itself, select "KIES mode" (not in storage device mode)
8. Run the programSamsung SRS (Start ->All programs ->Simlock Remote Client ->Samsung Remote Unlock Client)
9. Run with rightsADMINISTRATOR buy an account with Samsung
ten . Select the I9300 phone model and clickRescan for determining COM port
Attached Image

11. Click on the 'Baseband repair tool ( BBRT (for IMEI 049xxxxxxx, skip this item) )
Attached Image

12. Use for editingbutton 4
13. After the restoration of the EFS partition and the connection of the smart in the program, press the buttonAdvansed Options menu appears Repair Imei (and MSI ADDR S / N)
Attached Image

14. Enter your IMEI and serial number from under the battery
15. Click the buttonRepair Imei / SNR and wait for the completion of the process.
DOWNLOAD SRS INSTALLER : Attached filesrs-samsung-unlock-Install.exe (415.93 KB)

DOWNLOAD ADB : Attached filePDAnet ADB driver.rar (5.67 MB)

DOWNLOAD IMEI Baseband : Attached fileI9300 IMEI Baseband Repair.zip (5.03 KB)
(install if the EFS partition is damaged)
DOWNLOAD ODIN v.3.04Attached fileOdin3_v3.04.rar(407.01 KB)

P.S. The program works correctly on win7 (32), IMEI should start 0049 ...

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Rep: (2782)
xaoc747 @ 11/06/2013, 01:21*
That is, after all, without a programmer, the device can not be lifted? Now on SIII, the device comrade, imei writes 004999010640000/01

There is a dependence on many factors. If previously there were no problems, then the meeting can only be obtained by lowering the version of the modem. Need to flash modem format EFS v.2.
If a person who does not have efs backups, lowered the modem and then began to sew everything in a fever, then upgrading the modem version may not help. Rather, 99% that does not help. In this case, only the programmers. What exactly is written in the posts above.
With the presence of a backup, efs can be raised, but you need to know the details. In your post they are not.
If imei was already picking, you can try patches for modems from postsTargit . Read carefully. All patches are dependent on the release date of the modem.

You can try the method from the previous post.

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Rep: (66)
Nissan gtr @ 11/05/2013, 18:22*
Put version 0.5 of effect zero.

I tried many times, in the end it turned out, I asked wanam 6.8, then there is an ARIZA connection. : clap:

Posted on 11/06/2013 3:50 PM:

Targit @ 11/05/2013, 18:57*
Download and flash Blackbox 1.3.1 firmware via custom recovery (custom firmware based on MG4 stock) - mirror from xda-developers or torrent file

Only works with Blacbox, or can you try 4.3 by wanam?

Posted on 11/06/2013 15:53:

xaoc747 @ 11/06/2013, 01:21*
004999010640000/ 01

I had a backup imei with a working firmware with a connection. I used ariza, I rebooted, I’m looking to have it start with zeros, I restored it through the program from Hellcat, I rebooted the connection and it worked.

Post has been editedNissan gtr - 06.11.13, 15:55

Rep: (897)
Nissan gtr @ 11/06/2013, 16:53*
Only works with Blacbox, or can you try 4.3 by wanam?
I don’t know, translated and laid out as is, you can ask about the original thread

Rep: (897)
Solving the problem of Zuluman with a serial number in the firmware based on stock 4.3
(the serial number starts with 0000 ... and there is no connection)

- this manual to restore communication only on devices withnormal IMEI(in the settings it corresponds to what is written on the case) andserial number 00 ...

- do everything below at your own risk

- any firmware based on stock firmware 4.3
- kernel with init.d support
- custom recovery (CWM, TWRP, etc.)

1. boot into custom recovery and sew a kernel with init.d support (if you already have a kernel with init.d support you can skip this item) -Attached filePatched_XXUFMJ9_kernel.zip(5.92 MB)
2. then immediately from the recovery we sew a patched modem from firmware 4.3 -Attached filePatched_BUUGMJ3_modem.zip(4.78 MB)
3. reboot the device in normal mode and enjoy the connection

P.S. samehereyou can find other patched kernels and modems for 4.3

- original zuluman user post on xda-developers - link
- special thanks to the userNissan gtrfor hint links to xda

Post has been editedTargit - 05.05.14, 16:28

Rep: (4013)
Spetsi, I don’t understand a bit of the content of 3 pages - if the problem is “when the serial number starts with 0000 ...”, then everyone becomes tied to those modems that are patched?

Rep: (897)
Vovanshtein @ 11.11.2013, 20:26*
problems with the serial number format 004 ...... ???
Are you talking about the serial number or are you talking about IMEI? As a rule, default IMEIs look like 004 ...

I'm on xda, in multiple topics on this issue, did not see a clear answer to this question, although the authors of the manuals all write as one that their patched modems should be used after each new firmware of the device
also, in the form of an alternative, there is a utility (modem patcher) from the user zuluman -modem.patcher.v2patch modems with both EFSv1 and EFSv2

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