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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

[WP8] Pocket File Manager

Rep: (3962)
[WP8] Pocket File Manager

Last update of the program in the header:02.04.2018

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The best file manager for Windows Phone 8 now with the ability to view PDF documents!

  • Full-featured FTP server. Support for active and passive connections. Authentication support.
  • Download Manager with Recovery Support and Scheduler
  • File browser
  • Support for all file operations
  • Cloud storage support: SkyDrive, Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, Box, Google Drive
  • View pictures from the phone library
  • SD card access
  • Sending files via Bluetooth
  • Sending files by mail
  • File Hacking over HTTP with NFC Support
  • Unpacking rar, zip, tar, gz, 7z archives
  • Packaging in .zip format
  • Save music files to the library and install as a ringtone
  • View video files
  • Opening files in the phone with the appropriate program
  • Getting archives from mail and browser
  • Work when the screen is locked

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/PocketFileManager

Russian interface: Yes

XAP: Pocket File Manager
Previous versions:

Marketplace Web: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-ru/store/ap...b0-043e58e55b19

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Kuz18rus @ 03/26/2014, 11:19*
I have L925, in this manager only photos are displayed, neither music, nor video, nor documents

A similar problem! He sees everything on the sd card, but only pictures on the phone :(

Rep: (44)
Kuz18rus @ 03/26/2014, 12:19*
I have L925, in this manager only photos are displayed, neither music, nor video, nor documents (Word, Excel, etc.) does not see what nonsense? how to treat it, can anyone come across and get out of the situation? share info pliz.s. I bought this program in the store, I thought that after the purchase other folders will appear, but alas, a miracle did not happen.

After Lumia 920-925 there are no memory cards (microSD), only internal, and this manager is intended only formicroSD .

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Rep: (34)
Kytyzoth @ 03/26/2014, 18:36*
microSD only.

I'm wildly sorry, but the store doesn't say whatmicroSD only. and it’s also not written that View pictures from the phone library , here I am in the description from this header and found out about it.
ps How can I get my money back from the store for a purchase?

Rep: (33)
Kuz18rus @ 03/26/2014, 12:19*
I have L925

Well this explains everything.

Windows phone does not give full access to the file system of the phone. So far, there is no way to read documents and music files located in the internal memory of the phone. But with an SD card, access is fully open.

There is no file manager on lumi without a flash drive. wait for WP 8.1

Rep: (34)
LordWarrior, Thanks, and on my second point, are there any options? : blush: or me: sveta:? : D

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Rep: (33)
and on my second point there are options?

what are you talking about the second point?

Rep: (34)
LordWarrior @ 03/28/2014, 16:58*
what are you talking about the second point?

I meant about the post script to the money back account

Rep: (628)

No way! When you purchase each software below in bold it is written: Attention, a refund for this product is not provided.

So you agreed with this when you bought this software: happy:

Rep: (0)
How can you buy this miracle. I'm from Ukraine. There is no way to pay through the marketplace. Tell me, who knows, pliz.

Rep: (140)
I can not configure sending files through the program by mail with the outlook.com account via smtp.outlook.com
He writes that the token is invalid. I ask for help ...

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Rep: (628)
Kirill Lakodin,

The secret to knowledge:

Incoming Server (IMAP)

Server Address: imap-mail.outlook.com

Port: 993

Encrypted Connection: SSL

Outgoing Server (SMTP)

Server Address: smtp-mail.outlook.com

Port: 25 (or 587 if port 25 is blocked)

Authentication: yes

Encrypted Connection: TLS

Rep: (140)
SPIDER3220, gods! thank you, good man!
and still need to cancel the two-step verification)))

Rep: (1)
Not available on Lumia 920 through WINDOWS POWER POWER TOOLS!

No one came across?

Attached Image

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Rep: (122)
Gentlemen, good, how to install this miracle on smart through a computer.
I don’t know VinFone at all, but I need to help my friend ...
Waiting for advice.

Rep: (844)
FAQ on jailbreak on Windows Phone (Post # 23979846)

Rep: (122)
= UFO =,
My mother is a woman .....
How complicated it is, yes ... it's not a Bucket.

Rep: (129)
Today, another update has arrived. I was very pleased with the appearance of the ability to view Exif information.
I am glad that they continue to work on the application and are quite fruitful.

Rep: (2)
Not available on Lumia 920 through WINDOWS POWER POWER TOOLS!

No one came across?


Similarly, HTC 8S (wp 8.1)

Rep: (6)
On WP8.1, you can install XAP of the same version as in the store, and there already 4.3.3. That's where her figs knows

Rep: (33)
Pocket File Manager
He stole from the Chinese. I do not put it :(

Attached filePocket_File_Manager_v4.3.2.0.xap(5.33 MB)

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