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About the device
CPU:IntelВ® Atom в„ў Processor Z3740D (2M Cache, up to 1.83 GHz), 4 cores, 4 threads.
Graphics: IntelВ® HD Graphics
Operational memory: 2gb
Built-in memory (GB): 32 / 64gb
Screen: 8 inches, IPS, resolution 1280x800 pixels
Front camera: 1.2 MP
Main camera: 5 mp.
Bluetooth: Qualcomm Atheros AR3002 4.0 + HS Adapter
WiFi: Qualcomm Atheros AR6004 Dual-band 2x2 MIMO 802.11 a / b / g / n /
3G and 4G lte (4G is available only in the USA) is optional.
Dimensions: 216 x 130 x 9 mm
Weight: 395 gr.
Date of commencement of sales: October 18.
Price: from 300 $
Optional: Synaptics stylus support (available separately).

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What does the letter "D" on the end of the Intel Atom 3740D processor mean?
The Intel Atom 3740D processor has support for 2GB of RAM (4GB*), DDR3L-RS memory type (LPDDR3*), the frequency is 1333MHz (1066MHz*), bandwidth 10.6GB / s (17.1GB / s*), consumes 2.2W (2W*).
(*- in parentheses are the differences from the Intel Atom 3740 processor.)


Where to read the user manual in Russian?

Windows Experience Index
BIOS A03 (overclocked)
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How to enter the BIOS and the test menu?


Microsoft Software FAQ
Can I reinstall Windows 8.1 using the Russian image?
Can. For home users, only 8.1 and 8.1 Pro. Cannot change interface language - 8.1 SL (Single Language).Microsoft response.

How to reinstall Windows? What do you need?
Since our device has only one micro USB, we first need to charge it up to 50% in order to avoid sudden shutdown. Next we need an adapter with micro USB to USB, USB HUB, USB keyboard (for convenience*), USB mouse formatted in FAT32 USB Flash Drive at least 4GB with pre-downloaded drivers. Our system is installed via UEFI, respectively, the NTFS file system is not supported. To create a bootable drive, you can useWinsetupfromUSB. We connect all USB devices to the hub, hub - adapter with micro USB to USB, adapter to the tablet. Further bystandard Windows installation script, graphically. Then install the drivers (the link to the drivers is in the “About device” spoiler) they are necessary for the sensor, Wi-Fi, BT and other devices, as well as for some Windows settings.
*- if you do not have a USB keyboard at hand, you can use the iconAttached Imagespecial features enable on-screen keyboard.

How to install the Russian interface in Windows without resorting to reinstallation?

How to install Russian Microsoft Office Home & Students 2013
No reinstall
Download language packand run the language pack.
With removal and installation
Delete the installed office, enter the key onOffice site, choose the language "Russian" and download the installation package Office.Read more.

How to take a screenshot of the screen, send CTRL + ALT + DELETE and enable on-screen speaker on the device
What should I do if Wi-Fi does not work when I exit Sleep?
Update BIOS to latest version (currently A08) andDrivers for Wi-Fi / BT (, A04).

There are problems with the screen. The backlight works, responds to the buttons, to the touch of the screen, but there is no image or different colors of the glow occur. What to do?
There is such a problem on some devices (it turns out on what). It is solved by turning off the device and turning it on again. If it does not help, then in the off state, hold down the power button and the volume key down (you should get into the BIOS) after pressing "Esc" and continue loading Windows.

How to find nezasypayuschiy process during sleep tablet?

Does not come out of sleep
1) Wait 10 seconds after the power button.
2) Disable hibernation (command line (Administrator) powercfg -h off) and uncheck "Enable quick start (recommended)" (save space and load time for switching on and shutting down the tablet)

Useful programs
Overclocking the processor and video card
Before proceeding further, we do not recommend performing it.These manipulations can damage your device!

Where can I buy parts for Dell and how to disassemble the device?
Attention!We do not recommend disassembling the device yourself. This is contrary to the warranty.Contact a Dell Service Center better..

Commands to move Windows to different modes

Windows 8.1 (Special Edition for Dell Venue 8 Pro) fromAlexFBG
Attention!The image is unofficial, ask all questions to the creator of the assembly. By clicking on the next spoiler, you confirm that you agree to use third-party software.

How to find out the serial number (Service Tag) of the device?
1) Look at the box where the tablet was packed. Example: Service Tag (S / N): XXXXXXX;
2) View on the tablet itself, if not erased (from the side);
3) Log into UEFI BIOS, tab "Main", field Service Tag 7-character code;
4) Enter the device check mode (the Service Tag will be indicated at the top of the screen). Your actions: during the UEFI BIOS check, press F12, select Diagnostic or, in the tablet off state, hold down the keys: the Start button, the volume up button and the power button;
5) Command line (Administrator), enter:
wmic bios get serialnumber

How to find out which key is installed on my device?

BIOS dependency on release date
Two images for installing Windows without a mouse / keyboard (integrated drivers for wi-fi and touchscreen)

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages. How to do it right, what would you understand the first time, well describedhere.

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WizardWise @ 10.23.2013, 11:19*
Everywhere where one 3.5 jack mik + earphones are combined

The fact of the matter is that this is not always the case, here's the desire to know the jump pin 3 or 4 has a 3.5 jack input for this device.

P.S. I had to communicate with the Acer A500, so there is not a word about the headset officially, but it was possible to use it with a tambourine, now I have a Chinese man on my hands, having understood the problem worse, I learned that there is 3 pin current.
In addition, when you connect your ears, the built-in microphone extinguishes, in a word * Trouble * (.

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There are 3 pins.
4 pins only for phones .. and devices like a netbook or tablet have 3 pins, that is, a regular jack for headphones and mono for a microphone.

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WizardWise @ 10.23.2013, 22:14*
There are 3 pins.
4 pins only for phones .. and devices like a netbook or tablet have 3 pins, that is, a regular jack for headphones and mono for a microphone.

The lack of the ability to use a full-fledged headset does not please, although all this is not critical, but not pleasant.

P.S. The Acer A500 has 4 pins. input was: happy:

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Skat1234 @ 10.24.2013, 21:07*
The lack of the ability to use a full-fledged headset does not please, although all this is not critical, but not pleasant.

P.S. The Acer A500 has 4 pins. input was: happy:

is it permissible to insert a three-pin plug into such a connector? (I connected it on the phone and it seemed to work, but I do not know if it is possible according to the specification.)

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Don't you think that you are fixated on one question?)
So you better tell me how often will 4 cores be involved?
Will the Dell pen have the right mouse click like a samsung s-pen pen? (The s-pen in Diablo 1-3 is more convenient to play than a mouse)

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Iridus @ 10.25.2013, 10:22*
is it permissible to insert a three-pin plug into such a connector?


I found what I wanted - in the specifications of this device there is also 1 x Headphone and microphone combojack.

A request from Google did not give direct answers, but the conclusion is obvious, nevertheless in the device 3.5 jack 4 pin (Personally, my opinion).
So you can use the usual headset through this campaign ->headset to phone adapter converts dual 3.5

You can relax and wait for supplies.

I'm happy .

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I mean, how often do programs and games use more than 2 cores (I have 2 physical and 2 virtual cores on my computer and just don’t even know how they work).

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There are 4 physical cores.

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I hope that we will quickly appear in the gray market, I don’t really want to wait for official sales until January -____-

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People how much free space will be, if you take with 32gb?

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With Windows 8.1 it will be free 10-12

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lanssassin, 4 cores will always work, the load is distributed to all 4 cores at the same time and with approximately equal intensity, regardless of the running application ... 4 cores - does not mean that they will do different things, they just share the load, like a torrent tracker, the more people the higher the download speed, each gives 1kb, but if there are thousands of people, 1000 streams appear and you get the file 1000 times faster. A similar principle for processors. The fact is that the processor is a computer, and the more cores the faster the speed (one head is good, and two is better), but this does not mean that such a percent will launch an application that requires a computation frequency of 3 GHz. In general, if in short, then single-core are not "weaker", they just 4 times slower. And now everything is speed, the concept of fps is taken from here. If the application needs 800 MHz, then 4 cores do not scatter the frequency of 200, but the number of threads being processed, for example, you have 4 apples, and you are the only one, you will eat them for the nth amount of time, while 4 people have the same number of apples, but they will cope faster, because the total amount will be eaten at a time.

For clarity, I’ll add:
But for example, you won’t eat 4 stones, you simply won’t manage)) but they tell you to eat and put them in)) (the user is responsible for this) your frequency of the “processor” will let you down)), and if you compare your teeth with the fender hammer, then its frequency is higher) as he will cope with this matter. A processor is a foreman, under his subordination, for example, 4 workers (cores) of the same qualification, they will do the job faster than a foreman with 1 worker with the same qualifications as those 4, but this does not mean that he will not cope with the task, for example, build a house, cope, but not so fast. And now what kind of house (as in the tale of the three little pigs) depends on the superintendent and his skills (processor frequency).
I hope I brought to you the principle of operation of the cores and what is actually the frequency of the processor. )))

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The result is that there are 4 workers who can do everything, they need to do a lot, and they will not do everything in the fourth, each case in turn, but will divide the case among themselves? Or will they all do one thing together in priority?)

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They will do everything at once in the same four streams, just the required application frequency will be added up, for example 800 + 200 + 500 MHz, etc. and they o5 will not share it, the cores do not share the bandwidth frequency, but the process itself ... in general, let's do this:
1 l 2 l 3 l 4 - cores / threads
1.8 l 1.8 l 1.8 l 1.8 - ghz maximum frequency of each core
now download the application, it requires a calculation frequency of at least 1200 MHz
1200 MHz is released from each core
the processor is loaded and we see the frequency of all cores it will be something like this
~ 1.2 GHz / ~ 1.2 GHz / ~ 1.2 GHz / 1.2 GHz
if the application does not require such an active computational load, the frequency drops depending on the manipulations in the running application ... it happens, for example, in the midst of graphic flashes in the game, the percent sags and lags appear ... or after you click on the pause and the activity will also decrease ... when you hide the application in tray, the frequencies for the needs of the application also fall, but are already growing from the desktop.
we’re launching some more or a few heavy applications and what we see ...
the frequencies were summed at the minimum, but since the others are in the tray, and only one is active, the maximum priority of the calculations goes to the active window, the rest are stupidly passively supported ... at the minimum demanding frequencies ...
and we get that the main part goes to the active, and the rest is in passive support, but we did not immediately get to this.
In general, understand that with ordinary applications / games / programs that do not dare to handle multi-nuclear proca, it will run this way ... and it will not be that one toy took a maximum from 1 core, the second half from 2 ... so they can only special adapted programs, but few of them.

Just the analogy with the workers only helps to understand the principle, but in fact the principle with the workers is exaggerated to simplicity. There, in fact, everything is much more complicated. For example, this is how to take a nail, and everyone will start to hit it at once, with the same strength, which will allow him to hammer it for 1 hit of 4 workers, and 1 worker will have to hit it 4 times ...)))) and time is money )). They will work just like that, and not just cut one, hammer the other with nails, lay the third roof))) ... only special heterogeneous processors can do this, they exist, but now they mostly go homogeneous, which make the whole process 1 core.

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Ilidan ATP all beautifully and clearly explained ATP people)

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Vobschem kernel, it is almost a marketing move, but only created by rational and practical people, this is a plus. But few applications use it. If we take a game that requires 100 MHz, and run it on a 4-core computer, it will play at its 100% FPS ... but our computer can give out 400% FPS, for the same 100 MHz, they will simply be processed 4 cores at once, but they played such a nuclear outcome, and loaded the percent essentially for nothing during the game process (but there will be no subsidence and lags, and lags during the alt-tab, and the computer will load the game faster and that's it landscape loading, etc.) ... but unlike programs that are much capacitive in this regard, on the contrary, they use all 400% in the otsesse use those same 3dmaksy etc. while images on the 1st nuclear player will be longer and tedious, games will load longer, Windows will load longer ... etc.)

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Do you think this tablet will be able to charge from an external battery?

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I looked there are batteries with a custom output 6-19v and different nozzles (for ultrabooks and netbooks) in general, with this one you can definitely)

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If you order it from the USA, can you somehow Russify the windows and office installed there?

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Igor Chek @ 10.27.2013, 19:05*
Can I somehow Russify the windows and office installed there?

I think some crackers have already released, google.
In extreme cases, the tablet will have a backup partition in which the original clean Windows will hang, and if you spoil something, you can restore it from the backup drive. And then the guys are somebody mb and lay out the image of the same drive, only the PCT ... so feel free to order, in any case there will be a crack or already.

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