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The cave | [IPhone] [iPad] adventure

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The cave
version: 1.2

Last update of the game in the header:2.10.2013
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Short description:
Explore with the coast of Pomorya the mysterious depths of the cave

Note: Cave requires a Mini 5 / iPad 2 / iPad Touch iPhone 4S / iPod or higher.

Go down to the mysterious depths of the Cave in this adventure game from Island Creator Monkey Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions.

Gather a team of unlikely adventurers — each with their own unique faces and stories — and go down into the heart of the cave to find the one that is most important to each of them. Prepare to dive deep and solve riddles hidden in exotic locations including an underground amusement park, a medieval castle and a fully armed nuclear experimental facility. The cave is waiting.

Seven adventurers, various ways:
Select a team of seven explorers and descend into the depths of the Cave. From Highlander to Time Traveler, all 7 characters have their own unique faces, special talents, and mysterious motivations to descend into the Cave.

Experience the detailed, stunning art style and humor that only Double the Beautiful, and Ron Gilbert can invent.

Homepage: http://thecavegame.com/
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/the-cave/id...?ign-mpt=uo%3D8

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This application is optimized for iPhone 5.
Note: The Cave game requires an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S / iPod Touch 5 / iPad 2 / iPad Mini or a newer device.
Tongue: English

For those who are stuck: sveta: Passage:
Level "Gift Shop"
Level Objective: Find three souvenirs. Exit: the door to the right of the gift shop.

Run to the right as the first character and take the mount. Run to the left and tear the boards interfering with the movement. Run further, until you reach the rock, on which it is impossible to climb. Go to the right, find the box and drag it under the rock.
Jump onto the creaking bridge. Choose two other characters and also bring to the bridge. The bridge will naturally collapse. Get out of the water.
Run to the right and talk to the seller of the gift shop. After his tirade, go left: the seller will offer to go to the cave and find three souvenirs (the door on the right is the future exit from the level). Take the key and go left where two other characters are floating in the water. Open the door. The second character is better to take with them a mount (you will need it).
Get down to the well and even lower to the vending machines (if you did not take the mount, there is another one hanging here). At the bottom there is a lever, click on it first character. At the level of the well on the left there is a second lever. Click on it with the second character. Use the third character to reach the character at the second lever, go through the open door and press the third lever.
Go left to the bell. Here you need to climb up the character with the mount and tear the handle off the second well (you can drop the mount, it will no longer be needed). Take the handle, return to the first well and pick up the bucket. With the bucket, go back to the first well, rise higher and use the bucket on the sparking shield. Remove the fuse from the shield and return to the location with the vending machines. Insert a fuse in the guard and tap on the machine with sausages. Take the sausage. Take the fuse with the second character and take it to the first shield. Stand to the left of the claw control lever. A character with a sausage go to the bell and click on the stakes on the left: you will stab the sausage. Ring the bell, immediately switch to the character at the flap and pull the lever.
You will catch the monster. Go left and jump into the water. Rise to the right bank, go down two stairs and take the sticks of dynamite. Climb up the two ladders, light a sword on the torch on the wall and place it on the right under a block of stones.
In the opened cave, you need to find two objects (it can be a guitar, a dramatic reward, a bear, a skull). One of the items can be obtained only by diving under the water.
Next you will see the platform and the grid. One of the characters stand on the platform: the lattice will rise, and behind it you will find the second platform. Put the second character on the second platform, and the third (which without reward) climb the stairs to the right of the second platform. Here is the third souvenir.
Translate the characters to the right (the one on the right platform should be the last to leave). Call the elevator, stand on the platform with all the characters and climb to the vending machines. Return to the gift shop and give the seller all the items. Twitch the right door, then again talk to the seller. He will open the door.
Go to the right, jump into the water and climb out to the left. One character jump on the hanging block. Use the second character to jump left over the stones and go down to the ground. Move the third character to the ground to the second. The first character climb the rope of the block and stand on the middle stone. Push the box to the right with the second character so that the first character jumps onto it and doesn't crash. Go right and the three of you stand on the platform. The next door will open.

Level "Castle" (Knight)
Objective level: get the sword. Exit: garden to the left of the throne room.

Go down and to the left, where you will see a narrow passage on fire. Jump down and use the Knight skill (“Q”) in a jump: then in a balloon he will slowly fly through the fire. Go left, talk with the King and find out what you need to find the Princess, bring her amulet and pull the Excalibur sword from the stones. Go right in a straight line: a grate will open into the courtyard of the castle. Climb the stairs and ropes to the very top and talk to the Princess. She wants you to defeat the dragon and bring the gold that it guards to prove it.
Get down to the courtyard and go to the castle. At the fork (arrows to the dragon and to the Princess) climb the right rope, then the stairs (pay attention to the guard with a gun that guards the key to the dragon's gate). At the top, find the elevator and sit the Knight in it. The second character run after the track, near the elevator, climb the rope to the lever that controls the elevator.
Switch to the Knight and apply his skill (because the Knight is hanging in the air, the balloon will protect him until you move the Knight). Lower the Knight to the 3rd floor (the bell should ring) and check the elevator by switching to the Knight: if everything is correct, the guard should shout and shoot. The third character go to the castle and pick up the key to the dragon's gate.
Lower the Knight to the 4th floor (down), and run to the same character with a key. Open the dragon's gate and stand not very far from the coin that you have to steal.
Run around the Knight dungeon and go to the dragon on the other side. Run close enough to the dragon and use your jump skill. While the dragon is bursting hot on the Knight, quickly switch to the second character and sneak a coin. Rise to the Princess (along the right rope, then along the long stairs and the second stairs to the left of the road to the elevator). Open the door with a coin and take the amulet.
Go down to the fork. Switch to the Knight, from the dungeon go left and up the rope. At the fork (to the dragon or to the skulls) go right. You will exit to the second character with the amulet. Take the amulet and return to the King (in the courtyard, upstairs and again through the passage in the fire). He will allow to take the sword.
Try to pull the sword, but bad luck: stuck. Switch to the second character and climb into the castle on the right rope. Before reaching the stairs to the Princess’s room, on the left, find the boxes with dynamite. Return to the dungeon and at the fork, go along the arrow to the skulls. In the very left corner you will see a stone square pedestal, directly above which stands the Knight. Light the sword on the nearest torch and throw it on the pedestal. Switch to the Knight and take the sword.
One of the remaining characters can run into the room of the Princess, where the King went, and check what he is doing. Then switch to the Knight, run left into the garden and jump down.

Amusement Rides (Derevyane)
Level Objective: Earn five tickets and buy them a bear girlfriend for your girlfriend. Exit: the gate to the right of the girl.

A countryman jump into the water, apply the skill to hold your breath and swim to the left. Get out onto dry land, take a sticks of dynamite from a box, set fire to a torch and throw it on the right bank. Go down the stairs to the left of the pool. You will see the dream of the Village - a long-legged girl, for which you have to get a teddy bear. Bear is sold in the machine next to the girl and costs 5 tickets.
- The first ticket is to the left of the machine in the hands of the cardboard figure.
- The second ticket is in the diving booth in the left corner of the level. It will take two characters: the first must climb on the booth, the second - press a button. When the first character falls into the water, take the second ticket.
- The third ticket is in the gauge next to the diving booth. You will need a hammer and two characters for it. The first character (it is better not to choose Derevyanschina) climb on the rope in the center of the level. The rope separates the left and right side of the rides. Now you need to go to the left until it stops (you will see the boxes). Get on the boxes and up to the truck-generator. Nearby is a wrench that you need to take and stand next to the generator.
The second character climb on the rope and go left. Go up the nearest stairs to the upper level of the park. On the right you will see a large Ferris wheel. You need to aim and jump into the booth. When you are at the top, you will see a ledge with a shield in the upper right corner of the screen. Jump there. The first character disconnect with a wrench the voltage on the generator, the second character pick up the fuse. Jump down and go left.
You will see a disabled theater. Climb the stairs to the empty sparkling shield. Turn off voltage with the first character, insert the fuse with the second character. Climb down the stairs: the theater will work, and you can take the hammer. Go down to the power meter and hit with a hammer. Take the third ticket.
- The fourth ticket is in the weighing attraction. Here you need a dumbbell, which lies to the right of the Ferris wheel near the strongman. With the dumbbell run right to the boxes, climb down the ledges and find the magician. Seeing how he makes a transparent cupcake, put a dumbbell on the table. Then click on the table: you will take the transparent dumbbell. Rise to the weighing attraction, stand on the scales and press the button. Get the fourth ticket.
- The fifth ticket is on the wheel of fortune. It will take three characters. The first character should remain near the generator, the second character will have to run after the fuse to the theater (do not forget to turn off the voltage when you take the fuse). Then run to the right to the boxes and the magician. You will see a mechanical predictor. Insert the fuse into the shield. The third character must climb on the rope and run to the left to the boxes, but not climb up, and go down to the wheel of fortune.
Switch to the character near the soothsayer and click on it. The ball in his hands will light up (either red, or blue, or green). Switch to the character at the wheel of fortune. Put the color you just saw on the color selector and press the lever on the left. You will win the fifth ticket.
Buy a teddy bear (automatically the Derevyane will come running). Look at the girl who is not interested in your maniac at all. Bring here a character with a spanner and take the key with the Countryman. The second character take another ticket from the hands of the cardboard figure and buy a lighter. Countrymen run to the diving booth, the second character - there too. Repeat the focus, dropping the water into the village with a wrench.
Apply skill and swim to the right. You will see a valve that can only be closed with a wrench. When you do this, switch to a character with a lighter. Go to the right and light the hay bales to the right of a couple in love.
Run to the left until it stops (a fire will start, and you will be blocked by a box). Run to the right: now the gates will open. Then run to the pool, swim it and go to the mine.

Mine Level
The objective of the level: to clear the rubble and find three trolleys for the gnome. Exit: the bridge next to the gnome.

Jump into the water and go right. Two characters press two levers. Jump over the location with the stakes and go down all the way down (there will be many stairs and ropes). As a result, you should get on the rails (this is the future exit from the level). A gnome will appear on the left, who will first throw a shovel, a bucket and a can of corn, and then begin to throw dynamite pieces and demand his trolleys. Grab a bucket and rise above, where your character is waiting for comrades. Take water from the puddle and return to the gnome. Catch the saber in a bucket of water and get up.
Three trolleys are located where torches burn on the walls. Throw the bucket on the ground: the character will automatically pull the dynamite stump out of it. Set fire to dynamite and put it near the dam.
- The first trolley (lower level, right, with gold). It will take two characters. The first character must move the car under the claw, the second character - press the claw control lever. The claw will hook the gold bars and drop them into the cart. Then push the trolley to the left to the barrier (it will roll straight to the gnome).
- The second trolley (top level, right, empty). It will take two characters and a shovel (you have to run to the gnome and pick it up from the rails). Put the first character with a shovel in the trolley, and move the trolley as the second character until it automatically rolls. Immediately switch to a character with a shovel. First you will see a black screen, and then the character in the trolley. Quickly click on the yellow semaphore sign in the center of the screen (if you don't get there, you'll have to try again). If everything is in order, you will switch the arrow and come straight to the gnome.
- The third trolley (middle level, on the left, with food). It will take three characters.
This is a puzzle with ladders and swing platforms. Your task is to move the trolley from the lower right corner to the left to the middle level.
The initial position of the platforms is at the top, so the first character you will automatically jump to the right platform and go down to the lower level. Send the second character there. While one character is standing on the platform, the other must pull the trolley onto it and move the central staircase 2 positions to the left. Place the second character on the left platform (to hold it), then drag the trolley onto the left platform with the first character. Leave one character and a trolley on the left platform. The other two characters must climb the central staircase to the upper level and jump to the right platform. Now the character with the trolley will rise to the middle level. Push the trolley to the left.
Automatically you will find yourself near the gnome. Put all the characters in the car and jump around with some character. And again have to swim ...

Pyramid Level (Adventurer)
Level Objective: Pull out the sarcophagus and get out of the trap. Exit: the door to the right of the block from under the ankh.

Go left through the door and immediately apply the hook (as stakes will appear from under the ground). Stand on the platform - the stakes will be removed. Move the other two characters and go them to the other side of the pyramid and inward until you see the following stakes. Come run adventurer, use the hook and jump over the stakes. Get on the platform. An archaeologist will appear and talk about the sarcophagus. Move the other two characters to this side, and with them go right and down the stairs. Then again to the right, to the location with the cat and down. The adventurer must go right, down and down the long stairs. On the right, take the ankh from the block and climb to the very top. Insert the ankh into a niche, after jumping over the stakes, and go left to the platform. The “rabbit” sign lights up. Because the other two characters are already nearby, jump both of them down. Now two are locked on a floor with 4 platforms: Snake, Heron, Jackal, Lion.
Climb the adventurer onto the ledge on the right. To open the door, you need to activate the platform of the Snake and the Lion (look at the signs on the wall). Stand as two characters on these platforms: the door will open. Next, you need to remove both characters from these platforms and put one on the Jackal. Then you can use the hook and climb up. Activate one Heron and cross the platform with stakes, but do not jump down. Rearrange any character on the Snake - the stakes below will cover the platform. Below (this is the floor with the sarcophagus) put two characters on Heron and Jackal, run across the stakes and immediately click on the hook (because the second stakes are not removed). Go to the sarcophagus (you will automatically click on one of the platforms). Place two characters on the Snake and Heron, and move the sarcophagus to the right. The door will open, move the sarcophagus further and jump down.
Here you need to move the sarcophagus to the left and go down with it to the next floor. On the left there is a platform. Stand on it and wait for the sarcophagus to go down. Run along it to the right and jump below. Quickly move one character to the Jackal: the door to the sarcophagus opens. Here you need to have time to run under the sarcophagus and jump onto the platform to the left (otherwise, the Adventurer will press down and you will have to start again).
When the sarcophagus on the middle floor goes down, quickly run to the right, jump out of the door and jump. Put a character on Leo and run to the third platform. Click on it and go down with the sarcophagus.
Here is the archeologist again. Move the sarcophagus right on it and continue to the right. The adventurer will fall down, the sarcophagus will disappear.
There are three drawing tips on the wall. Put the two characters on the Snake and the Jackal, and the Adventurer on the leftmost platform. Then put the characters on Leo and Heron, the adventurer on the middle platform. Finally, put the characters on Leo and the Jackal, the Adventurer on the right platform.
If everything is correct, two characters will break out of prison. One of them jump down and push the cube to the left (you can not jump over the cube). Adventurist drag the cube to the rightmost platform. Climb up the stairs that appear and go right. All characters gather on the platform at the door. Go to the right and climb up the rocks.
Mansion level (Gemini)
Level Objective: Find the key to the front door and go outside. Exit: door with three levers.

Get out of the water to the left. The door will open, jump down and run below to the fork. Here you need to jump up and find the three levers. Pull behind them with three characters, set the Gemini closer to the gate closer than others. When the gate opens, use the Gemini skill (press “Q” once) to split. Jump through the pit and further down the ledges to the green-lit balcony. Having run up the stairs, you will see on the opposite stairs the father with the newspaper. Father is blocking the front door. Nearby is an umbrella that you need to take with you.
Then run along the numerous stairs to the very top until you find the attic. Use the umbrella on the ring in the ceiling and lower the stairs. Run downstairs and look for a kitchen where mother cooks soup. Run past her and pick up the hammer from the tool box. Return to the attic, climb to the right and nail the torn floorboard. On the right is a very useful box (it is more convenient to drag it with the “E” keys pressed and the direction). Slide the drawer slightly and grab the fuse with you. Push the drawer up the stairs into the kitchen, on the way, insert the fuse found in the empty shield.
To the left of the mother there is a kitchen elevator, on the platform of which you need to drag a box. Then pull the elevator lever twice to lift the box to the 3rd floor. Rise to the box (it is on the same floor as the guard). Push the box to the left to the window.
Return to the kitchen and pull the kitchen lift lever. Use the Gemini skill and stand in the elevator. Automatically you arrive in the bedroom of the parents, where you need to pick up the chamber pot.
Go down to the kitchen again. There is a staircase that leads to the bathroom. Collect water in a night pot and go up to the 3rd floor. Standing on a box, get out the window and jump onto the rope. Climb to the roof and run right to the chimney. Pour water into the chimney and go down to the cabinet in which the key lies. Open the door and run with the key to the floor below the kitchen. Here is the basement. Open the door and take the dog food. Go up to the kitchen, go to the left of the elevator and pour food into a bowl.
It remains to remove the father from the front door. The second character (who remained at the levers) run left and down the fork and right. There will be a step up where the bones lie. Take the bone and go down even lower. Find and turn the bright red valve. Climb and jump on the porch to the dog.
Twins return to the basement and take a pack of rat poison. Go back to the kitchen and stand next to your mother. With the second character, show the dog a bone and switch to Gemini. While the mother is turned away, click on the pan. It is done.
Climb the stairs to the bathroom, wash your hands and go back to the basement for the key. Open to them the front door, near which stood his father. Jump right and down and run left until you find three levers. Pull three characters for them.

Museum Level (Time Traveler)
Objective level: pick up the key to the door. Exit: the door to the left at the beginning of the level (with bright blue paint).

Get down into the cave and go to the lowest level, not paying attention to the stairs (this is the level of Gemini). Go past the vent and find a staircase in the very corner. Further you see to the right past the three levers, until you come to the stalactites. Switch to Traveler and apply the skill on stalactites ("Q"). You will seep through the wall.
Now you are hereby. Go right past the idle time machine, go up the first stairs. At the top, go left, move the stone to the cliff and from the shield at the top remove the fuse. At the middle level (where the time machine is), go right, find the stairs down and get down. Put the fuse in the shield (left). The time machine will work.
Double-click on the button of the time machine to switch to the Past. Go up to where you took the fuse, and slide the stone under the dripping resin. Switch to the Future. Go right, seep through the door and turn it off with a button. Then you have to talk with the administrator of the museum. Then go right to the farthest stairs and get down. Pass by the key (which cannot be taken) and go below. At the lowest level, find a dinosaur layout. Press the button: now the Traveler smells like a dinosaur.
Return to the time machine and switch to the Present. Bring here the two remaining characters (now that there are no stalactites, they can jump down), and, put one character on the time machine.
Switch to the Past. Get down to the same place where the model of the dinosaur was: now a real dinosaur is sitting here. Approach him so that he smells, but does not eat the Traveler, and go slowly to the left to the stairs. The dinosaur should stop under a break in the stones. The second character, go here, but do not go down, but go left to the cave man. Take away the stone part from him and drag to the right until it breaks in stones. Drop the stone on the dinosaur. Climb to the very right stairs, but go right: you will see a round stone. The second character roll the stone from the center, and the stone must be held.
Switch to the Present. Send the remaining character to where the round stone was. A well will appear here. Click on the well and leave the character to hold the well handle.
Switch to the Future. Go to the well and see what happened: two skeletons and a bucket. Take the bucket and go down to where the dinosaur mockup was. Collect a bucket of oil and climb up. Pour oil into the machine funnel and call the elevator. Climb up, pick up the wheel and roll back to the elevator. Get down with the wheel and roll it into the time machine.
Switch to the Past. Roll the wheel all the way to the right. When it falls, the caveman will be interested and go down to where you killed the dinosaur. Go to the work place of the caveman and take another stone detail. Drag it to the edge and hit the caveman’s head. Bring the character who moved the stone to the time machine with you.
Switch to the Future and collect the key.
Switch to the Present. Bring along a character who twisted the handle of the well. Open the door, then go forward and open another door. Then go back the same way you came and open the third door. Jump down.

Zoo Level
Level Objective: Get rid of the monster. Exit: bridge.

Go left until the monster grabs one character.
Another character run to the left and go down, then - right to the hunter. After the video, take the broken tape recorder. Get down below, go over the bridge (the future exit from the level) and go left. Somewhere in here throw a tape recorder and go to the monster. It will automatically transfer the character to the left: it turns out that all your maniacs are alive.
Climb up the stairs and throw off the box on the ground. The second character pull the box to the ledge on the left, climb up there and find the broken clowns on the left. One of the clowns has a dead battery that needs to be picked up. Climb back and throw the battery on the ground (to the right of the hatch). Climb to the ledge and press the lever: the hatch will open. The first character jump into the hatch and press the second lever (if you have a Scholarly team, the door can be opened from the console using the “Q” skill).
The third character go to the monster, pick up the battery, jump into the hatch and return to the very top of the level. On the left there is a pool with electric eels. Jump into the pool: the battery will charge. Return to the monster, apply the battery to the tape recorder and move it to the left so that the recording starts. Go to the monster, make a circle and pick up the tape.
Take the tape recorder to the location with the hunter. When it disappears, tap the vending machine and take the sausage. Return to the monster and entice him with sausage (the monster should be on the same screen as the character). You must slowly go to the right, so that the monster crawls behind you, but you cannot get too close (otherwise you will have to run after the new sausage). Go through the bridge, at the very end of the bridge, quickly throw a sausage on the bridge. The monster will fall into the abyss, the hunter will jump after him. Jump following.

Level "Laboratory" (Scientific)
Level objective: launch a rocket. Exit: the door to the left of the empty panel.

Open the door by applying the Scientist skill (press the control button once with the “Q” key). Run along the corridor to the end, then apply the skill on the machine with soda. Get down and run all the way to the left. Dive under the rocket and take the fuse from the shield (on the left is the door - the future exit from the level).
Swim the pool, go up the stairs and insert the fuse into the empty shield. Get on the elevator and go up. Upon reaching the rocket control room, go up the stairs and turn off another remote with the skill. Return to the elevator, go down and immediately go up. The exit door is open, but now the rocket is in the way.
- The first key (scientist with a laser). Run to the right. You will see a scientist standing behind the console and a laser, which at the slightest attempt of contact will burn your character. Watch the laser: as soon as it starts moving to the right, quickly jump to the nearest control panel and apply the skill (here you need to hold down the “Q” key until the laser turns). The laser must burn the scientist. Take the key and insert it into one of the keyholes in the rocket control room. Apply the skill to the right remote control in the laser room: you activate the elevator. Get in it and go to the 1st floor.
Now you have to find three tips. First go down the stairs next to the elevator to the 3rd floor and go left. Take the wet floor warning sign with you. You will find yourself in the dining room. Look at the large slate, which shows the dish of the day (it is generated randomly, you need to remember).
Go up to the 2nd floor and go right (there is a green sign with a chair on the wall). Find a bulletin board near the vending machine and, by the "dish of the day", determine which day of the week it is. For example, "dumplings" are on Mondays, soup on Tuesdays, etc.
- The second key (the scientist near the warhead). Go up to the 1st floor and go left (a yellow sign with a flame sign hangs on the wall). Go up the stairs to the room with the second scientist. Put a warning sign on the floor and apply the skill to the control panel. The scientist will go to see what happened: it's done. Go down to the scientist and take the second key. Climb into the control room of the rocket and insert it into the second keyhole.
Return to the room with the laser, go through it to the right and find the terminal. Look at the code for your day of the week (randomly generated, you need to remember the numbers).
Go down to the 3rd floor and go to the right (there is a purple plate with a microscope sign on the wall). From the stairs jump to the platform and enter the code found in four remote controls. If you make a mistake, all three tips will have to look again.
If everything is correct, the door will open on the right, where you need to pick up the vessel with purple gas.
- The third key (guard). Go up to the 2nd floor, go right past the bulletin board. Go into the room and put the vessel on the floor. The second character (who remained in the rocket control room) run right across the room with the laser, further past the terminal and climb the stairs. Click on the air control unit. Scientist click on the vessel with gas: it will flow through the pipes and poison the guard.
Go up to the 1st floor and go right. Take the third key and return to the rocket control room. Insert the key into the third keyhole.
It remains to find an astronaut. Get down to the dining room and go to the right. On the table is a bowl of fruit. You need to dig in it and pick up bananas (throw the rest of the fruit on the floor). Go to the 1st floor to the right, where the guard is lying, and give the bananas to the monkey. Then slowly go to the 2nd floor to the left (here is a sign with an alien head hanging on the wall). The monkey should go after you. In the room, click on the capsule: the door will open, the monkey will climb inside.
Rise into the rocket control room and turn all keys with three characters. Get down on the elevator to the left and iditol to the left to the door near the empty panel.

Monastery Level (Monk)
Objective level: pass four tests. Exit: the door to the right of the reservoir in which the characters are floating.

Monk run up to the large stone that holds the beam. Place the mouse on the beam and apply the skill by holding the "Q" key. Climb higher to the pagoda and stand on the balcony near the sleeping monk. Click the mouse over the monk’s bells and apply the skill. The bells will ring, the monk will wake up.
- The first test (pen). Catch the pen that the monk will give (you need to click on the pen and apply the skill). Get down to your teammates and stand on the bridge with all three characters. Jump one character. The bridge will collapse, you will find yourself under the ground.
- The second test (lotus petals). Run to the left and climb the stairs. Stand facing the right wall and with skill remove a dish with lotus petals. Go left, simultaneously holding the "Shift" and the direction key: so the Monk will not run. As soon as gusts of wind begin to appear on the screen, release both keys: The monk will instantly turn around and cover the dish with his back. If you do not have time to turn around, the petals will blow off, and you have to start again.
Reach the left corner of the hall: you will see a monkey statue and an open window. Hover the mouse over the window and hold down the “Q” (do not need to press LMB). After closing the window, with the "Shift" and the direction key pressed, go to the statue and click on it: The monk pours the lotus petals into the statue. The stairs will descend.
- The third test (jugs of water). Climb the stairs and run to the right, where there are two jugs. You need to measure 6 liters of water with jugs of 7 and 4 liters.
Take a large jug, add water and pour it into a small jug. Pour a small jug. Take a large jug and pour the water into a small jug. Pour water into a large jug and pour it into a small one. Give the big jug a statue of a monkey.
- The fourth test (elevator). Jump to the activated elevator and climb higher. On the right is three rugs. Bring the two remaining characters and place them on the rugs (Monk is better placed in the center). You will begin to slowly rise. Do not do anything, but wait until the carpets take you to the very top. Someone from above will throw a rope, climb up and further along the stairs.
You will see the third statue of a monkey. Click on it so that the Monk stands with his back to you. Wait a bit: the camera will increase the angle of view, and you will see a golden bolt behind the left wall of the building. Apply the skill to the bolt (as much as five times) until finally it drops out. On the same floor, go all the way to the right and look at the beam behind the right wall. Also apply the skill on it: the beam should fall, collapsing stones. Go down the stairs one floor, run to the right and move the stone block to the right wall. Climb the rope up and return to the monk. Wake him up again with the bells. A monk will give your character an aura around his head. Run down to the stop on the initial location. Use the skill on the locked door.

Island level
Level Objective: Drag the boat from the left bank to the right bank. Exit: boat on the right bank.

Go right, move the boat into the sea and jump into it with all the characters. On the island, leave one character in the boat. With the two remaining characters, go up. With one character, pick up a piece of straight pipe and go right to a high cliff. Another character, go to the hermit's house, pick up a piece of a cross-shaped pipe and throw down the blue box. Substitute the box under the rock and move on to the right bank. There is a second box, which you need to pull up to the rock on the left and climb into the cave. First go with a character with a cross-shaped pipe (across the bridge and further to the second bridge, where a rope hangs at the top). Find the place where you want to install the cross-shaped pipe, go up and take the L-shaped pipe. Then, with the second character, place a straight pipe next to the air valve. Reach the first character to the left to the water valve and let the water run.
The third character (who remained in the boat) push the boat to the pool (here you have to drag it with the clamped "E" and direction keys). Swim the pool, pull out the boat also clamped "E" and the direction key. Drag the boat to the second filled pool and push it inwards.
The first character get to the left bank (where the parrot and the hermit's house) and pull the pirate flag. The second character (who stayed on the right bank) click on the second pirate flag on the top of the mountain. The third character climb the stairs to the left of the boat, go around the pool and go down the stairs to the right of the boat. Run to the left and pull the third pirate flag.
The door opens, behind which there are three barrels. They need to be arranged so that the left barrel was just to the right of the grating in the floor, the middle barrel should be near the pile of stones. The right barrel should be pushed up the ramp to the fire. The wick of the first barrel will ignite automatically. Release the barrel: a chain reaction will follow, and all the barrels will explode. The water in the second pool with the boat will pour out.
Do not forget to go to the skeletons, where there were barrels, and pick up the femur bone. Then go up to the boat, press the lever and push the boat through the open door to the bridge over the fire. The second character (who put a straight pipe) turn the air valve and wait until the boat rises in a balloon. Go from the cave to the balloon and push the boat to the right bank.
The hermit will come and jump into the boat. Take the box of crackers lying next to you and go to the parrot on the other side of the island. Lure it by clicking on the parrot. He will sit on the shoulder of the character. Rise into the house of the hermit.
The second character (with a bone) go to the dog in the hermit's house. Give her a bone (both characters must stand together) for the parrot to remember barking. Character with a parrot on top run to the boat (because the parrot is afraid of water and swim will not come under the wheel). The hermit remembers the dog and runs away. Jump into the boat with all the characters and swim to the waterfall.

Level "Final"
Level Objective: Collect three items in a cave. Exit: the door to the right of the seller of the gift shop.

Return to the gift shop. You have to go through this level once again (only without puzzles) and bring three objects (they are in the same places).
If you want to get good finals, give back to the seller those items that he gave you, and go through the right door empty-handed. Take turns on the stairs. If you want to see bad finals, climb the stairs with gifts. The last character must reach the top and jump to the surface.

Cave painting
At each individual level, one picture must be searched.

- Gift Shop (4)
At the well at the beginning of the level, on the wall at the second well, on the way to the waterfall, on the wall at the end of the level.
- Amusement Rides (3)
Above the diving booth, on the Ferris wheel, to the right of the valve under the water behind the boxes.
- Castle (3)
On the 2nd floor of the castle (from the elevator), in the dungeon on the way to the dragon, in the dungeon under the throne room.
- Mine (3)
On locations with trolleys.
- Pyramid (3)
On the way to the pyramid at the beginning of the level, to the left of the sarcophagus on the middle level of the elevator, at the end of the level after the open door.
- Mansion (3)
In the attic, behind the cabinet in the library (under the room where they took the key), in the dungeon on the way to the valve.
- Museum (3)
In the present tense on the upper level to the right, in the future - where there was a caveman, in the past - on the middle level to the right of the stairs.
- Zoo (4)
Above the pool with electric eels, on the way to the monster, on a level with clowns and robots on the ledge to the right, on the lower level to the left of the grid.
- Monastery (3)
To the left of the elevator on the level with carpets, to the right above the level with the carpets (climb on the rope), on the way to the roof at the end of the level.
- Laboratory (3)
At the beginning of the level, on the stairs to the cafeteria, on the 3rd floor to the right below the platform with sleepy gas.
- Island (5)
At the beginning of the level, in the hermit's house, near the L-shaped pipe, below in the fire under the balloon (only for the adventurer), on the left above the stone near the vent.

Download 1.2

Past versions download:

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Reason for editing: Added new device list

Rep: (834)
I often used this method - I found out a long time ago. More precisely time did and forgot;)
Maybe someone quicker than me with a rusik gets dark.

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The game is just class! No worse than trine

Rep: (172)
nord [98rus],
I also knew this method for a long time, but I had to use it only now, it’s still useful to someone else

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How is the game on iphone 4?

Rep: (10)
On the iPad, the mini-game sometimes slows down, and the graphics seem to be worse than the original. Management still did not like it, it is difficult to jump up. And so - this is a AAA class project on iOS

Rep: (546)
Bagdalaz @ 10/03/2013, 13:49*
Give torrent please


Rep: (172)
Indeed, the AAA class project, on the 4th Yapad is played perfectly, except for clumsy management

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Yes, it would be better to make buttons for the game, it is more convenient to play on the PC. But all the same - the game is just a bomb, the schedule is not much worse than the PC version

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how to find in pphelper

Rep: (172)
So far, no in pp

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Then no one can try to install it on 4 iPhones ?! friends, not everyone has your jails and you don’t want to buy igruha without spending money anywhere, try who the thread is ..

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Editing Plist helped! : lol: Thanks JeyKey and nord98, put a plus in the turnip.

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By the way, "pitfalls" were discovered, I stopped logging into accounts in eppstor. But I just changed back, and everything goes into eppstor, and the game is in place: P

Rep: (912)
JeyKey555 @ 10/03/2013, 10:03 PM*
By the way, "pitfalls" were discovered, I stopped logging into accounts in eppstor. But I just changed back, and everything goes into eppstor, and the game is in place: P

Those. if I return the old .plist back, will the game still launch anyway?

Rep: (172)
** novichok2008 **, yes, everything is ok with the game

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Account with the game, please;)

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PC port?

Rep: (912)
Agent_Ochevidnost @ 10/04/2013, 11:47*
PC port?

Well, obviously

Rep: (33)
** novichok2008 **,
the description says, "mobile version", and that's confused, either it's a stub of a game like Rayman Run, or a full-fledged game from a PC.

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Please give me an account with the game. Immediately after downloading, I undertake to exit your account.

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