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> Games for - LG E440 Optimus L4 II | LG E440 Optimus L4 II
27.09.13, 06:14
Writing code.

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���� ��� - LG E440 Optimus L4 II download

The main provisions of the topic:

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(Proven games that work stably)

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While there are none

Important information!
Read all, be sure!

Do not install the Chainfire3D application. When installing it on Android 4.1+, this will cause an endless download of the phone, and only a flashing will save!

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04.06.14, 11:27

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LG Optimus L4 II

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Nikita28Rus @ 23.5.2014, 17:52*
Can you somehow make it so that the cache from the games read from the sd card and not from the phone's memory?

Root is
31.08.14, 01:21
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Hello, could you please help me, I play Minecraft 0.9.5 with friends, it works almost steadily, when I go, everything is fine, but at some point it lags a little, on the minimum with a non-infinite world as well, alone so, I play maximals with an infinite world, also when walking at some point it lags. Thanks in advance !!!
04.04.15, 16:30
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* bonus2004,
can be through® GL to SD (root)great goes gangstar rio and Heroes 3 hd
10.03.16, 22:55

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PIP theme

Club owners Xiaomi Redmi 4X
I hacked myself and the rest somehow
Alien shooter
11.01.19, 19:32

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Tell me how to put games on a memory card? Is it real without root, and complex hacks?

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