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Catalog of games and software for Chinese phones

Typically, phones that support these formats (one of them) have a MediaTek processor (MTK), but in rare cases, phones on a Spreadtrum processor run .mrp applications, but not all will work
There are no games for Android !!!
But here you can even test .mrp games or programs on Android -Mrpoid
First, figure out what kind of game format suits you.
For example, for MRE, i.e. vxp:
List of supported devices
Fly e154
Fly e157
Explay TV240
Phillips Xenium x1560
Lenovo MA309
Alcatel OT-2012D
Nokia 220 Dual Sim
Texet TM-512R
Maxvi (clone Nokia 225)

But MiniJ, i.e. mrp is a bit more complicated. Such a format may or may not be read by Chinese fakes.
Undefined exact list
Nokia TV E71 - From the manufacturer Jixin must precisely support
Chinese fake on Nokia 5130 XpressMusic calledMusic 5130
Fly e160
Explay TITAN
Explay MU220
Mobile Q9
- clone of chinese nokia q9

Nobody forbids you to download and try to install any game.

But instructions for starting and installing games of different formats

How to install MRE (.vxp) games
Just click on the desired game and select, install or just run. It is best to move them to the Applications folder (may appear as My Apps on the phone).
Or (if you have alcatel or tcl) put them neatly in / MRE / gmas (tcl) / download / app on a flash drive (depending on the folders). (this method is only suitable for certain phones that have launch support from the menu)
Or for those who have a GameloftStore (game store)

How to install MiniJ (.mrp) games
Download MRP games
Create a mythroad folder on the memory card if it is not there
The folder should contain the file dsm_gm.mrp - the loader itselfAttached KB)
There are different loaders, they are called differently (captain obvious !!!), some instead of dsm_gm.mrp setRxmanagerby replacing its name with dsm_gm.mrp (obviously !!!)
Transfer the game to this folder (mythroad)
Dial the combination * # 220807 # (sometimes you have to press a call)
On the screen there will be a list with the contents of the folder mythroad, possible instead of the normal names of the squares. Select the desired game and click "OK", then go to the first point of the menu and launch the desired file.
If you have failed, you can try the following:
Disable SIM 1 (in SIM settings, select SIM 2 mode only);
or Change the name of the folder mythroad to MulGame;
Or Move the mythroad folder to \ @downdata and rename it to @mr;
or Alternatively, instead of the code * # 220807 #, you can try * # 777755999 #;
Yes, by the way, some phones support the launch of MRP in the menu "DSM game" in the folder "list of downloaded", provided that they are not laid out in the root "mythroad", but in the folder "applist240x320" (depending on the screen)
mrp is the usual GNU zip (gzip), you can try to decompile

MRE (.vxp)



MiniJ (.mrp)



To replenish the topic, testers with Chinese phones are required !!! Feel free to add games and programs that can be taken from the site below, and test. We are actively discussing what went wrong or who did not work! Unsubscribe, people are interested to know!

Reviews, tests

PC software

Most of the games were taken from the does not work Site with mrp, nothing new since 2013

We kindly request when you post games here, write information about it, the genre, what was the test for, etc., in this format
[size = 5] [color = "blue"] Alladin [/ color] [/ size]

[color = "blue"] Type: [/ color] vxp // Here either mrp or vxp (if other format, write what: thank_you :)
[color = "blue"] Genre: [/ color] Action // Genre, you don’t know for sure - at least offhand
[color = "blue"] Screen resolution: [/ color] 320x480, possibly on others // Screen resolution for the game
[color = "blue"] Tested on: [/ color] Fly e154 // Phone, which launched
[color = "blue"] Description: [/ color] // At least a little about the game / program
Game Aladdin. The name speaks for itself. You need to jump, run, etc.
Trial version // It is advisable to specify, if such

At this time, the discussion of games and programs is conducted in this topic, so you can ask about the format (vxp or mrp) of games or programs for your phone (But remember, no one can say for sure, just try to install them using the methods I described besides, Chinese phones of the same appearance (and in name) may be completely different)Therefore, write what folders your phone creates on the flash drive automatically. You can find out by inserting a blank (or formatted) USB flash drive into your phone. Folders will be created on the sd card. Indicate them in the message for information

The theme is in constant development and refinement!: beta:

Thank you can be through the reputation system by clicking onPicture, or ask the moderator to raise the reputation throughPicture, and you can also use the rating of postsPicture

Usually I add to the header myself, but you can contact me at QMS for its replenishment
If you notice an inaccuracy, then also contact me at QMS

My quote:"The problem is that many people have a phone from China, but no one wants to test for others, it can lead to a problem. The point is about this. And I myself have a device for games of the first vxp format(no longer...), but there is no apparatus for games of the second mrp format, was, so I added, I know what it is, but then there are problems with testing the performance of the game. The topic requires people! It is the people! "

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Hiph0p kungfu rabbit

Type of:vxp
Screen resolution:320x480, possibly on others
Tested on:Fly e154
All the name implies) Rabbit jumping on the walls
Attached fileHiph0p + kungfu + rabbit + 320x480 + (Bi.77) .zip(152.63 KB)

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Type of:vxp
Screen resolution:320x480, possibly on others
Tested on:Fly e154
Puzzle game. It should be on-line to control the burning girl and frozen guy to get to the exit together.
Attached Kb)

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MAN! Shoot it

Type of:vxp
Genre:Tyknite and see
Screen resolution:320x480, possibly on others
Tested on:Fly e154
The game is both easy and difficult. You need to shoot so that got lost as many drones, while if you hit the drone, it explodes and flies away from him twice kolivestvo shots
Attached fileman + shoot + it! (prejie) .zip(183.2 KB)

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Blowing skirt

Type of:vxp
Genre:18+ NedoEro
Screen resolution:320x480, possibly on others
Tested on:Fly e154
Game Pick up her skirt.
Attached fileBlowing + skirt + 320x480 + (Bi.77) .zip(561.58 KB)

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Moero yakyken

Type of:vxp
Genre: 18+
Screen resolution:240x400 (320x480 at work), and possibly other
Tested on:Fly e154
Game Rock-paper-scissors. Only need to play with half-naked Chinese women
Attached fileMoero + KB)

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Need for speed

Type of:vxp
Screen resolution:320x480, and possibly other
Tested on:Fly e154
Racing on the car
Attached KB)

240x320 version (Explay TV240)

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Type of:Internet Jobs
Screen resolution:320x480, possibly on others
Tested on:Fly e154, Phillips Xenium x1560 (spotted bug: does not accept messages, but you can try)
ICQ now VXP !!!
Attached file[email protected](203.89 KB)

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Thank you so much) would be more VC client vxp, then all would be super :)

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fugoo64 @ 29.01.2014, 21:41*
Thank you so much) would be more VC client vxp, then all would be super

Yes, if found, it would be laid out. I can find

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thank you but if you find out with

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Yes vryatli it exists, even when some may do, it would be better for those Ms. money megafon login2 on Androyd bought than fl turd T400 ((

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I have a Samsung galaxy s3 i9300 is, sales do not know whether the Chinese? Under the battery-Made John Corea, 2 sim act, the internal memory of 450 kilobytes of a penny, drove it mrp bend and igry.No trouble occurred, cracked touch screen not screen and the top of losses does not respond and the bottom sboychevo.Pones in service, they say we do not get there b remontiruem.Es touch I'd potestiroval.Interesnye prog, with low weight and rich graphics are not bad speed and functionality + prog run with flehi :)

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Asvalt hangs in my copy of Nokia E50

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Long backgammon Put pliz, if you can find, I could not

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Bomberman - "launch failure". Fly e154.

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ro529 @ 01.02.2014, 19:32*
Asvalt hangs in my copy of Nokia E50

You have a screen resolution that try240x400 version, but a trial

Posted on 10/02/2014, 13:13:

n-ququ23 @ 09.02.2014, 12:59*
Bomberman - "launch failure". Fly e154.

I have all right to fly e154, file perezalil,try again

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rezit08 @ 03.02.2014, 17:08*
Long backgammon Put pliz, if you can find, I could not

Unfortunately, only .mrp


Type of:mrp
Screen resolution: ???
Tested on: ???
Attached fileBackgammon + MTK + KB)

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Need a multifunctional calculator

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TERMINATORFOX @ 10.02.2014, 17:35*
Need a multifunctional calculator

Here .vxp 240x320, but you can work

Scientific Calculator

Type of:vxp
Screen resolution:240x320 (works on touch)
Tested on:Fly e154, Explay TV240
multifunctional Calculator
Attached fileScientific + Calculator + Kb)

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Here .mrp calculators


Type of:mrp
Screen resolution:different
Tested on: ???
Archive mrp calculators.
Attached MB)

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