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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

[WP8] SamWP8 Tools | System utility based on Diagnosis.

Rep: (770)
SamWP8 Tools

Last update of the program in the header:04.02.2014

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The functionality resembles the well-known Root Tools. But this one is for Samsung phones with WP8 on board. The functional is still small, but constantly expanding.
RequiresIntrop unlock ! Yes on WP8.

ATTENTION! This program can be dangerous! Everything you do, you do at your own peril and risk. No one except you is responsible for this.
I strongly recommend NOT to include access to the file system. This feature is still poorly tested. I can not even say whether it is turned off correctly. Your chances of catching XP, flashing, or even a brick are very high.

  • Registry Editor
  • Accent colors change
  • Change search engine
  • Opening full access to the file system
  • and so forth

Russian interface: Not

Attached fileSamWP8_Tools_Debug_ARM.xap(325.41 KB)

Post has been edited-WOLF- - 04.02.14, 22:50

Rep: (98)
-Wolf-, please tell me, but now you already have the opportunity, by editing the registry, to make it possible for the preinstalled Office to “see” the memory card? I think it is interesting to many.

Rep: (770)
Nope, I have not seen this

Rep: (98)
It's a pity. And tell me where the registry files are, and how can they be viewed tree? I've found similar DRIVERS.REG, SOFTWARE.REG and SYSTEM.REG in the RegistryFiles directory - is that?
I would have picked it up at leisure myself.

Post has been editedLeoL00 - 01.10.13, 00:23

Rep: (770)
Windows \ system32 \ config

Rep: (98)
Windows \ system32 \ config

-Wolf-, but I have no config folder along this path! Then you can tell the names of the files or their extension - try the search.

Rep: (176)
I think people will like search engine presets more. ListPicker, and it Yandex, Google, Bing (for a tick), for especially sophisticated any Baudi, DuckDuckGo. And still it is worth correcting a typo)

Rep: (770)
And you still can not copy them from the phone. : D They are open at the moment.

Rep: (496)
-WOLF- , you would ask the cofits of the registry editor (from its root tools), it would be more usable than just input boxes. Screw, I think, is quite simple.

Rep: (770)
Old features do not work. Almost everything has changed. GoodDayToDie made a new library, but it runs with the permissions of the application using it. The library that I use has system rights, but little functionality. For example, it cannot take a list of nested keys. And create new ones too.

Rep: (496)
Yes, this is not good ... Well, then we will wait: Cliff wrote that he already received interesting results, but you know him - he works productively, but slowly :)

P.S. I’ve almost matured to “jump off” from the WP platform :( I’ll wait for the 5th nexus, and most likely I’ll take the main handset as the main one. Is that if the Nokia / MS “Nashar” L-1020 or something something like him "fit" :)

Rep: (176)
I think it will be cool to open a topic or write in the existing WP8 tweaks in the registry. With WP7, something echoes, but units.

Rep: (98)
Grozaman @ 10/03/2013, 17:38*
... it will be cool to open a topic or write in the existing WP8 tweaks in the registry ...

grozaman support And this, for the seed:
Simultaneous work of melody and vibration when an incoming call:
HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ EventSounds \ SoundCategories \ Ring \ RingerOnVibrateOn
Script = av0.1w0.3v0.3w0.3v0.1w0.3v0.3w0.3v0pr
Script = av0pr

Maybe someone pomozguet script, so that the vibration throughout the call was intermittent. With such a script, it is intermittent only at the very beginning, and then continuous. It would be more expressive, and from the point of view of energy saving it would be better.
Adding the items "15 minutes", "30 minutes" and "never" to the lock timeout setting:
HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Settings \ Lock
DisableNever = dword: 0

Change the sounds accompanying pressing the buttons "dialer" in the "dialer":
HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ EventSounds \ Sounds \
there are keys Dtmf *, Dtmf #, Dtmf0, Dtmf1, ... Dtmf9.
Each of these keys contains a Sound parameter. The value of each Sound parameter in these keys is the path to the corresponding sound file, for example, the path to the sound file of the Sound parameter of the Dtmf # key by default:
C: \ Programs \ CommonFiles \ Sounds \ Dtmfpd.wav
We change this value to the path to another system file, or to our sound file. For example:
C: \ Data \ Users \ Public \ Ringtones \ FILE NAME.wav
At the same time, the sound file "FILE NAME.wav", previously, must be placed in the Ringtones directory in the main memory.

Post has been editedLeoL00 - 10.02.14, 09:12

Rep: (1)
Guys and you can put a function on the search button, and how after that the IE will work
I also wanted to find out that Google Bing was replaced, and not by Yandex (Yandek is written: P), and is it possible to add a search engine, well, supposedly Bing Yandex and Google?

Rep: (770)
I understood almost nothing. The search engine can not be added, so not SER go to the forest. We are lucky, only we have Yandex.

Rep: (98)
The "Full FS acces" switch is in some way connected to the "Location" system switch. I consider it necessary to additionally warn (see warning from-WOLF- , in the header) of colleagues that the use of the switch "Full FS acces" is not safe for the system. If you decide to take advantage of this opportunity, I strongly recommend that you turn on this mode only when the Location is turned off in the System Settings. Today, once again, this convinced himself.
-WOLF- , You can specify such a warning in the header. Better yet, provide such a reminder in the program, before turning on the “Full FS acces” or, in the program, ensure that the “Location” is automatically turned off when the “Full FS acces” is turned on.

Rep: (1)
I mean, I had an old mobile a long time ago (I don’t remember which one, I think SE) there the search button could be programmed, is there such an opportunity for us ?!

Rep: (770)
I don’t want it to be activated at all. It may disappear from future versions.

Rep: (0)
Explain to the idiot what to edit to turn off letters in the application menu: 3

Rep: (21)
Pasha_kaplan @ 10.22.2013, 12:16*
Explain to the idiot what to edit to turn off letters in the application menu: 3

So far, unfortunately, no how.
The way to edit the registry from WP7 is not suitable.

Rep: (98)
Pasha_kaplan @ 10.22.2013, 10:16*
... what to edit to turn off letters in the application menu ...

pasha_kaplan, tonight, if I have time, I'll look in the registry. In general, if you want to get a list without an alphabet, start a search in this menu and scroll through the list without an alphabet to your health.

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