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Sony Xperia Z2 - Discussion | Smartphone 5.2 ''

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Sony Xperia Z2 - Discussion
PictureD6502, D6503, D6543, D6553, SO-03F, L50w, L50u, L50t, Sirius, Maki
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  • Operating system - Android 4.4.2-6.0.1 (custom, up to 9.0)
  • The processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AB, 32 bits
  • Those. process - 28 nm
  • Architecture - Karit 400
  • The number of cores - 4
  • Frequency - 2.3 GHz
  • Built-in memory - 16 GB (in SO-03F - 32 GB)
  • Available memory - 11.57 GB (in SO-03F - 25.41 GB)
  • RAM - 3 GB LPDDR3 (rarely models with 2 GB)
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    Attached Image
    These models are one of the prototypes, i.e. were designed before the official announcement of the device, which has already been installed 3 GB. The fact is that 2 GB was officially built into Z1 and at first Sony was going to install the same amount in Z2.
    In theory, these devices should not be available for general use, but there are very rare cases when they also fall into the hands of buyers.
    As a rule, on the official Android 4.4.2-6.0.1 firmware for such devices in the "Settings">"About the phone" mentioned that this is a prototype.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    By performance, devices with 2 GB are not inferior to standard devices.
  • Support for microSD cards - up to 128 GB


  • Diagonal - 5.2 "
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • Size (LxW in mm) - 64x114
  • Widescreen - yes
  • Screen Type - IPS LCD
  • Technology -Triluminos в„ў(original only), OGS
  • Multitouch - is, up to 10 touch points (on a non-original screen up to 5)
  • The number of pixels per inch (PPI) - 424
  • Video Processor - Adreno 330
  • Frequency - 578 MHz

Wireless connection:

  • Wi-Fi support - is (Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi router, DLNA)
  • Wi-Fi bands - 2.4-5 GHz
  • Bluetooth support - is, 4.0
  • GPS support - is, with A-GPS
  • NFC support - is
  • Slots for SIM-cards - 1
  • SIM card connector type - microSIM
  • Mobile communications - 2G, 3G, 4G.


  • The rear camera is, 20.7 MPx
  • Features of the rear camera - flash, autofocus, Zoom 8x
  • Max. photo resolution - 5248x3936
  • Max. video resolution - 3840x2160 (4K)
  • Front camera - yes, 2.1 MPx
  • Max. photo resolution -1920x1080
  • Max. video resolution - 1920x1080


  • Speaker - there is
  • The main speaker is
  • Features of the speakers - the location on the front of the smartphone, stereo
  • Built-in microphone - is, 2 pcs
  • Microphone functions - noise reduction and stereo sound recording


  • Sensors - accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor, gyroscope, compass, barometer
  • The vibromotor is


  • USB support for computer connection - there is
  • OTG support - is
  • Headphone jack - is, 3.5 mm jack, 5 pin


  • Type of charging connector - microUSB
  • Battery Type - Li-Ion, not removable
  • Battery capacity - 3200 mAh
  • Support fast charging (QC) - no

Additional Information:
  • Estimation of luxury - 4.299
  • Body material - metal and glass
  • Design - water resistant, IP55 / 58 compliant
  • Dimensions (LxWxT in mm) - 73.3x146.8x8.2
  • Weight - 163 g
  • Completion - telephone, USB-cable, headphones, network adapter, manual (in some there may be a docking station)
  • Announcement date - February 24, 2014
Is your smartphone hot?
Attached Image

Does your smartphone have problems with the microphone
Attached Image
If the phone becomes very hot
Recently, complaints about a rise in the temperature of the phone began to gain momentum. This is due to the fact that it has petrified and lost its thermal-conductive properties of thermal grease, which serves to transfer heat from the processor and the power controller to the heat sink tube.
To correct this problem, a thermal paste must be replaced. You can buy it for almost a penny on AliExpress.
Instructions for replacing the thermal paste .

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Creit, And what Sony fishechki?

Post has been editedOcane - 26.03.14, 07:56

Rep: (59)
foxsick @ 25.3.2014, 23:33*
On the other hand mb problem is that it is not necessary to turn the phone hlamushnik and throw off the old photos in the archive on the PC ... an interesting idea, it is necessary to try)))

And yet you in 64GB OTG help buy and carry 10 thousand pictures of their notebooks with them :)

Rep: (1268)
With fishechkami - it's a Samsung.
There they were full, and most of them remain unused.

Post has been edited@ Victory @ - 26.03.14, 10:35

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Vicario @ @ @ 26/03/2014 at 09:00*
With fishnchkami - it's a Samsung.
There they were full, and most of them remain unused.


Rep: (375)
Ocane, so I did not write about what that fishechkami Sony. I said that Sony has surprised more. and, as already noted, is to fishechki CAMCE. The Sony just has all the most important and best organized

Rep: (352)
Why, Sonya, too, have fishechki, once they are in the other - the design, materials, water repellent, camera.

Rep: (6)
You will probably have to look in the direction novovypuschennogo ZTE - there in the older model 3GB RAM, 128GB + total and 4250 mAh battery. Here are just a screen 6.4 "does not fit all

Rep: (7)
romiros-d @ 26.03.2014, 21:23*
fishechek full enough eyes open and look at at hardware and a software products Sony (its branded services preinstalled software) and all vzaimointegratsiyu HayFay / HayEnd / Sony Digital products make life easier for consumers. This is for the fans of the brand and are willing to pay a premium. The same applies to the largest Koreans. And this is something that does not shine every Ksaomi and other 300 dollar hack. Remember, everything has its price.

A specific examples of can

Rep: (40)
2Dzot @ 26.3.2014, 21:41*
A specific examples of can

Digital noise reduction all praised in reviews can be read.

PS For me, as long as the phone as the phone worked fine, but then Z1 with this obvious problem.

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http: //savagemessiahzine.com/2014/03/26/149232/Here's a more interesting infa !!!!!

Rep: (63)
tell me where you can see live images in a purple body, all owners of P1 and tell me what color more practical?
ps waited waited NTS ONET M8, not even looking at 2GB operatives in comparison with competitors going to take, Mr after seeing his key just scratched vschepki..vse desire otpala..a I think that's something else s2 glass burst crack, it is better to metal block NTS !

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All three flagship presented. Now I can on my own behalf to say that this year among SGS5 OneM8 Z2 - the best Z2. I do not understand how HMRC could make such a flagship, such dimensions, even with the power button on the top. Tin.

Rep: (7)
Danug @ 27.03.2014, 10:43*
I do not understand how HMRC could make this the flagship such dimensions

Sony more

Posted 03/27/2014, 9:51:

DeathAngel @ 26.03.2014, 23:58*
all owners of P1 and tell me what color more practical?

On white fingerprints less visible, black is always the whole stained

Rep: (79)
I was surprised to hear would be the topic that is different. But, I think, this year actually won the Sony.

I'm a fan samsungov itself was shrouded in mist marketing fishechek last year and bought sgs4 - which is in principle not a bad device, but nothing outstanding there is no comparison with sgs3. And sgs5 - the same situation. Moreover any movement away from their annoying tachviza not. Those minor changes, they make only prolong the agony.
With CHTC I had long severed ties with their relation to their clients - the flagships like bake pies and zero support, and the same annoying Sens, who became like better, but also inevitably crushes and goes away from the native androdovskogo UI. Do not understand how they are still on the market hold, judging by the number of stars in the presentations, all the loot they do not spend on the development and marketing, only due to this and live. It's kind of Apple among androids.

Sony is not visible on the market before the village pulls people, it is pleasant to look and I want to hope that in the next couple of three years, they do not roll down like samosas.

Post has been editedNetstranger - 27.03.14, 10:05

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himself a former owner of C4 ... HTC one much more like at this point (in comparison with c4) Wait'm thinking what to take or Sony or the new one

Rep: (18)
I, too, will have a difficult choice between HTC and Sony in return S4))

Post has been editedTrise - 27.03.14, 10:24

Rep: (72)
Deker13 @ 27.03.2014, 11:13*
Wait sitting think that taking one or Sony or the new

And to think there is nothing (IMHO). Despite the fact that he recently is the HTC fan, still ...
Georgich1983 @ 27.03.2014, 10:52*
Sony this year presented the most balanced flagship medium size

Rep: (79)
TriSe @ 27.03.2014, 11:23*
between HTC

Why it that? What should one look like a transformer and a power button in the wrong place ...

Rep: (130)
NetStranger @ 27.03.2014, 11:04*
flagships like bake pies and zero support

it has long been irrelevant - the flagship HTC updated faster than the competition

Rep: (128)
"Motion Launch gestures:" Allow Motion Launch gestures to wake screen "
Double tap: "Pick up the phone in portrait orientation and double tap to wake"
Swipe left: "Pick up the phone in portrait orientation and swipe left to wake phone and launch widget panel"
Swipe right: "Pick up the phone in portrait orientation and swipe right to wake phone and launch BlinkFeed"
Swipe up: "Pick up the phone in portrait orientation and swipe up to unlock"
Volume buttons (in landscape): "Pick up the phone in landscape orientation and press the volume button to wake phone and launch the camera app"
button to solve elementary, plus a really, htc Wait promptly update your device, plus Google's new policy they do not have the choice =)

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