Viper4Windows (V4W) | Global equalizer for the entire system with many effects.

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Viper4Windows (V4W)
Version: 1.0.5
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Last update of the program in the header:04.10.2013

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Global equalizer for the whole system with a lot of effects.

additional information
Code Name: Ariel
Platform requirements: Intel x86 / x64, AMD x86 / x64, does not support 64 Itanium
Operating system: Windows Vista or higher (32/64)
Additional requirements: .NET Framework version 2.0
Interface language: Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English (US)
License: Is free
ViPER4Windows is a global sound processing system Windows Sound, used mainly for audio rendering in various audio effects, including Replay Gain, EQ, as well as:
- pulse processing
- surround sound creation
- digital reverb
- compressor and limiter and so on.
Install the program as administrator.
At the end of the installation, the Configurator will open, in cat. you need to select your speakers and press ok.
Reboot and you can use it.
We adjust the sound in the panel and you can close the panel - the sound settings remain.
To turn off the viper, turn off the panel.

Developer: Euphy Wong (viper520)
Instruction (in English.):
Version 1.0.5 Official release: Viper4Windows (V4W) (Post # 25565390)
Version 1.0.5 NON-Official release (fixed for WIN10): Github
Russifier: Viper4Windows (V4W) (Post # 24276532)
Russifier for v1.0.4-1.0.5: Viper4Windows (V4W) (Post # 25397831)
Profile Presets: Viper4Windows (V4W) (Post # 24257017)
Plugin for Winamp: Attached fileDSP_VAPXP_EN_Winamp.rar (100.64 KB)
Corrected informal. V4W version for Win10
Past versions

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[ViPER4Windows current progress] (description translated from Chinese by great Google: D)
In order for the broad masses to support my oil always know the progress of the new version now ViPER4Windows, JP Citie is updated in real time in order to facilitate the progress, which we anxiously await the mood.

Edition Progress: Ariel [v1.0.0.1]

Ariel Progress: [Test Ing]
Update time: 2013 -8-6, 23:14
Did not find a problem: No
Beta Date: 9 August ж—Ґ (е‘Ёдє”)
Not Rel Time: No
Compared to the previous version, issues were fixed / New content: No

Task list:
1 main function of the effect [supplement]
2 Movie 5.1 surround sound mode [achieved]
3 hearing calibration [achieved]
4.EAX level digital reverb [implemented]

Questions and answers:
1, ViPER4Windows in the end what is it? This is a virtual sound card, like SRS did, or what?
ViPER4Windows is “APO”, APO is the “Audio Processing Object” abbreviation. Microsoft entered sound card can be installed in any single output audio processing frame and SRS virtual sound card technology used in comparison as follows:
APO SRS virtual sound card
All supported Vista systems or higher
Global Sound yes yes
Stability is very stable and easy to blue.
Compatible with other audio parts can be compatible with all compatible only
System compatibility is very good. Poor

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V4W doesn’t work for me at all. The Chinese they are ........ The Chinese

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win vista + 32/64 in the compatibility settings give admin rights, restart the computer.

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thank you very much, earned ;-)

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Configured Viper for Windows :) Sounds good with Aimp

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Upd: Reduced the power of the convolver by -3. and removed Xbass and xclarity to 0. and set xclarity Normal. :)

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did something with Aimp?
share the momentum from the screen, something for the speakers)

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I have earned V4W, but there is one thing but ...
If honestly V4W is still far from V4A
I just tested there are no such strong bass and high as on the phone
Headphone test from phone
Still not as juicy a sound as on a hundredth

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Made my own crack program. Almost everything has been translated into Russian (a couple of points in the compressor in English).
Translated points based on information taken from the Internet.
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Installation Procedure:
move fileRus.lanto folderLanguageinstalled program, select Russian in the settings.
I will update the translation as necessary.
Attached fileRus.rar(9.4 KB)

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She took Dolby Surround + Pro Logic + LFE. :) I listened to the current in the headphones.

http: //

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that for a bunch of headphones, I was looking for speakers)
already found forspeakers good: Foobar2000 + & XMPlay + & + Apollo + , namely Foobar2000 Crystalizer 20% and up Foobar2000 Crystalizer 100%

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I have earned V4W, but there is one thing but ...
If honestly V4W is still far from V4A
I just tested there are no such strong bass and high as on the phone
Headphone test from phone
Still not as juicy a sound as on a hundredth

And what do you want from the alpha version? It is being implemented as an STB, wait for updates.

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underheadphones while normal not found yet though speakers sound, I'm waiting for a new program, or convolvers / presets just for PC version)

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Here you simply can’t choose an impulse and rejoice.)) You need to configure everything else for the impulse. and will be normal.
There are many ways to control the volume (Pre-Level, Post-Level, Auto Gain and Output Gain (Compressor)

The Auto Control option in the Compressor does not work as I thought :) It does not control automatically ignoring the scales, maybe it does not work at all :)

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when I turn on some kind of convolver (except Dolby) during playback, some kind of crackles, like a fire ... it interferes greatly ...

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Momentum Creative Surround Norms Works :)

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And where to look for him, Creative, tell me please

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Right here.Р’В® ViPER4Android (V4A) (Post # 21918383)
Spoiler "my samples"
Creative + Sound + Effects (Full + & + Light) .zip

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I retried all the settings and could not configure it normally. Demolished (

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Yes, the program is still raw, of particular benefit did not notice ...
on android the effect is the opposite, everything is fine! ..

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