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Nexus 7 II - Accessories

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Accessories forNexus 7 II
PictureNexus 7 II, New Nexus 7, Nexus July 2013
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CaseAsus Premium CoverIt went on sale.

Covers, cases, bumpers, film.


Wireless charging

Useful tips and instructions
Reviews, reviews

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Reason for editing: Compare covers: Poetic Slimline Case vs ICARER Genuine Cowhide Leather Tablet Stand Case Cover

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* MVolodya,
first-fit, he has already replaced. Price 450r. But you can find cheaper

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Advise how to buy the battery for the tablet to Ali?

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A VR glasses (case) under our tablet Alix nobody found? or some sort of a stretch to 7 "?)

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Can anyone recommend a good case, with the inclusion of the function of the magnet. Now therefore I take, but he podrastrepalsya for years.

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Flew battery. Prompt trusted sellers to book online.

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Mr. Nobody @ 11/02/18, 18:09*
By the way, the people who did what with our device uses? That can advise? Based on personal experience, of course.
I tried a few simple single coil.
C convenient faced.
For normal operation, you need precise alignment of the provisions of the charging coil and a receiver coil in the device.
And all the transmitters are designed for phones and have the appropriate dimensions.
I triedhttps://www.jd.ru/1116727.htmland in fact similarhttps: //ru.aliexpress....e-5-8/32835373390.html .
They are convenient for mobile phones and as a result were the owners of samsung smartphones. Smartphone owners are comfortable with what you just you put the device on the kruglyash and quite naturally and it reflexively lozhish it smoothly.

And our size quite a smartphone device. And it is this kruglyasha conceals like a bull sheep and put exactly in the center of the complex.
Plus kruglyasha quite plump and the resulting installation "the QI Charging + tablet from above" is not very stable.

Really gets charged "upside down" - the tablet face down and on top of it is put Qi charging.

Eventually caught deshimanskaya charging typehttps: //www.aliexpress...tem/P/32682768279.htmlshe is
1 thin, installation is "the QI Charging + tablet from above" is not unsteady.
2 large, "the right to put on top of" a lot easier.
With me cover NILLKIN used, having an influx of one of the parties, all at all trivial - presses the charge to this influx and set about evenly in height.
Attached Image
Attached Image

But in the end magnetic cables won its convenience - Charge I was just them.

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It looks like the branch is dead. Also I wondered about the Batteries replacement, but all links lead to Ali and ebay, and in Russia to take sykotno that will send the old battery for the price of a new, already faced with this. The Chinese of course, too, can do so, but there the price even lower. So I think to look for the original or alternative use of the Chinese. Based on a dead branch will have to choose at random ...

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Enlivening his story thread. Changed Case 1.5 years ago. I bought on Ali. It seems everything is banal, but with a new cover has stopped working mechanism (sensor) on-off of the screen when you open the lid. Because tablet in the use of the child, drew attention at once. I wrote here (4pda) with the issue, but no one answered and I doubted, and "Was there a boy." Once again, remembering and thinking about the problem, and this function can not work through the magnet, and a light sensor, began to dig in this direction. I was digging the wrong way, but I was lucky and found a link, how it should work, and I realized that there is not applied a magnet. This was the background. Checking the magnet that the tablet is working, I drew attention to the case and found in it a place where a magnet is to be placed. Special notch. It turns kitaezy saved or shalturili. Place a magnet is, and most do not have a magnet. the corners of the magnets are present. He entered a scalpel cut through the slot, put in a regular place a magnet, sealed with adhesive tape and it worked.

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