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Google Nexus 7 II - Purchase

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PurchaseGoogle Nexus 7 II
PictureGoogle Nexus 7 II, Nexus 7 2013, Razor
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Where can one buy
Google play
Nexus 7 (16 GB Wi-Fi) - $229
Nexus 7 (32 GB Wi-Fi) - $269
Nexus 7 (32 GB Wi-Fi + LTE) - $349

Nexus 7 (16 GB Wi-Fi) - $229 [Can be ordered without intermediary]
Nexus 7 (32 GB Wi-Fi) - $269 [Can be ordered without intermediary]

Best buy
Nexus 7 (16 GB Wi-Fi) - $229
Nexus 7 (32 GB Wi-Fi) - $269
Nexus 7 (32 GB Wi-Fi + LTE) - $349.99

BH Foto & Video (tax not charged)
Nexus 7 (16 GB Wi-Fi) - $229
Nexus 7 (32 GB Wi-Fi) - $269

Purchase Instructions
UPS Delivery Limit Specification
Thanks for the infomerly_temp
When purchasing from Amazone WITHOUT an intermediary using UPS delivery, the following rules apply:
1) If your order is stacked up to 200 euros (cost of goods + delivery), then there should not be any problems with customs. No additional actions need to be performed. Place an order, pay and wait for it to be received.
2) If your order leaves more than 200 euros, but less than 1000 euros, then additional data is required to be submitted to UPS for customs clearance of the goods. IN ADDITION TO PAY FOR CUSTOMS CLEARANCE DO NOT NEED !!! The cost of customs clearance is included in the order price. It is only necessary to provide documents! Customs clearance can be carried out either independently, or remotely send the data to a UPS representative who should contact you when the order appears in Russia. Examples of successful customs clearance and a list of documents required for this can be found in the spoiler "Purchase Instructions".
3) Delivery of goods (via UPS), the customs value of which exceeds 200 euros or with respect to which an individual customs clearance procedure is applied, is not performed for goods addressed to settlements other than Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Vladivostok, Stavropol, Novorossiysk and Nizhny Novgorod.http://www.ups.com/content/en/ru/resources...mport_ship.htmlBut there are cases of delivery of orders worth more than 200 euros to cities other than the list! It is advisable to learn this question in advance from UPS employees, or order at your own risk.
Personal experience

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No pre-order anywhere else?

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Campery, Play Market and BestBuy

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so no one wrote about Bestbuy, is there a special purchase instruction for bestbuy or is it necessary to do the same thing that is done in google play (replace ip, credit cards with an intermediary address, etc.)?

Give me a link to pre-order in the play market :)

P.S. In principle, after reading a ton of information on an order from the USA, a scheme has been outlined: buying at bestbuy, sending it to an intermediary (shopfans, or polexress, or a parcel. Probably for Muscovites the most profitable option is shopping, but they have a lot of fuss with paperwork). Everything should fit in ~ $ 300. (if you take the initial 16gb model, I don’t see the point of 32gb for myself, I never could fill them with anything on the ipad, because I don’t carry films with me)

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$ 300 good price.
I thought so with a 16GB parcel will cost 9500 rubles. For such a price, you can buy an old one with 3g, but the new one attracts me more, albeit without a SIM card ... Okay, I'll distribute an Internet from a mobile phone

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asschool, in fact, I thought I thought without insurance :) I still don’t know how things are with the store with the tax staff, so the price can easily go up to $ 330.

It’s not clear to me yet whether it’s worth creating a credit card with the left address of an intermediary in the USA for bestbuy or not.

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is it better to buy without 3g and save or pay for the extra 16 gb and nobody needs LTE?

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asschool, I can give you my whole study on this subject. More precisely, I don’t have time to paint all the features of the choice so far, it can go to the whole article, but the conclusions are as follows:

1) When I chose ipad 3g or ipad wifi, at least there was a sense in the 3g version! because There is no GPS version of the wifi version! this is a strong omission. and therefore I feel sorry for them to lose. In the case of Nexus, we have GPS in the wifi version and LTE version.
2) On the fact of using the 3g module, I can say the following: At work, at home, with friends, Wifi was waiting for me everywhere. If you are a business traveler and constantly travel to Russia, then the LTE module can be useful to you (for the sake of convenience). If not, why wait for the LTE version (it’s not for sale yet! You will have to expect it from 2-4 weeks) when wifi can be bought now.
3) Buy a regular 3g-wifi modem for all devices (I bought from a megaphone a couple of years ago for a couple of thousand rubles, it still works and, if necessary, connect a laptop, smartphone and tablet to it ..)
4) As for the extra 16gb (talking about the 32gb model), I personally would have been useless, from 16gb I filled in only 8gb. But if you are a fan of storing a bunch of films, then you need more memory (I don’t watch films on tablets at all, this is also a perversion, I prefer a home theater with plasma :)

Conclusion - in fact, the LTE module is almost meaningless if you work in the office. If you are on a business trip, then it makes sense to wait.

P.S. Still gentlemen, we will all take risks)) for if we are lucky, we will be sold the first batch of the device, for which there are even no reviews, who knows what could be wrong with them. But probably in the gray market they can be easily sold if something does not like in the first month.

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I looked at the delivery address of the intermediary shopfans: Folcroft pension. What is the state tax for electronics like our nexus 7?

Update: already found, 6% tax, then another $ 14 on top.

Update: they turned out to have two warehouses, the second is in Delaware, DE it seems to be 0% for electronics. This makes me happy.

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Rename the theme to Purchase Nexus 7 2013 and add the menu. Somewhere there was a discussion there was a menu there. Turn it into an off topic

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Something people freeze about Bestbuy .. did anyone shop with them? what will happen if you hold it from the Russian IP and from the card where is the Russian address?

Another observation on the Google play page of the new nexus 7:https://play.google.com/store/devices/detai...xus_7_16gb_2013(enter only from the American IP!) write
Free Shipping *
Free ground shipping for a limited time. Available July 30th.
* For a limited time only.

For their novelty, there will not be a large period of free delivery in the states. Sales do not know where it is better to take now :)

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If someone decided that he would buy a tablet through Google Play: superman:, thenhttp://habrahabr.ru/post/161791/very detailed instructions! B)
P.S. I look forward to the start of sales: foto:

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Which intermediary is better? In the regions of inexpensive, let the long

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Still inhttp://www.staples.comBut before they did not accept Russian cards.
http://www.staples.com/Nexus-7-16GB-Tablet.../product_215186 230$
http://www.staples.com/Nexus-7-32GB-Tablet.../product_215185 270$

In general, it should be sold a little later in the UK, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, South Korea, Spain, Australia.

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Luis Suares, hmm, if you only accept US credit cards on best buy, then this option is not suitable for me. As far as I understand on Google play, there is no reconciliation by credit card country? Is it possible that they can selectively look at the address of the credit card to match the address of the intermediary?

lakoros, I wonder when it's "A little later" Comes, I'm talking about selling in Europe.

As a result, what are the real alternatives to Google play at the same price, where will our credit cards be accepted, or is there no point in bothering and is it worth the wait until they open upfront payments on google play?

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lakoros, I wonder when it's "A little later" Comes, I'm talking about selling in Europe.

Wash said about the coming weeks. Therefore, if you want LTE, then you have to wait for the European model on our chat sites, it seems to work. if not, then you can take in America. if unbearable)

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How to buy at BestBuy

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torre, article from ~ 2012, the person wrote above that when paying in bestbuy 2 months ago, they wrapped it up and returned the money because the credit card was not from the USA, has anyone bought anything on bestby recently? I want a few opinions on this subject :) Although I do not exclude the possibility that a person who tried and who was wrapped could do "something is wrong."

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You just need to wait for the 30th. Then he will appear in many American stores.
If not in Amazon, I will order at B&H

By the way to the first Nexus it is written that

6. Will it be possible for me to repair the tablet in the official SC, if it is purchased from an online store abroad?
Yes. The tablet has a global warranty. It will be repaired no matter where it is purchased. In Russia and Ukraine there is a global guarantee.

Is there an international warranty on the second? In the event of a breakdown, contact the Asus service center?

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torre, article from ~ 2012, the person above wrote that when paying at bestbuy 2 months ago,

poke ka, I do not see point-blank
further, even if it is and I did not see, the instructions say what address to write when buying from the Russian Federation and I do not see the details of the purchase 2 months ago
Do you think every month they will post it on a new manual?

from the BB site in Russian English, what is not clear?
International orders
If you have a non-US billing address, you have two options when placing an order on BestBuy.com:

Have your order shipped to a US mailing address. This includes states within the United States, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, and APO / FPO (military) addresses.
Pick up your order at any US store. You can also designate someone else to pick up your order in the United States.
To complete your online purchase:
During checkout, in place of your non-US billing address, use this exact billing address:

10780 Kempwood Dr.
Houston, TX 77043

You can also call 612-292-0995 at any time for assistance or to place your order over the phone.

Shipping to a US Mailing Address
During checkout, enter the phone number of the person you're shipping to.
International orders are intended for use in the US, and it is assumed that products will be used in the US.
Best Buy does not ship to known freight forwarders, and orders to such will be canceled.
Tax manifestos and sales tax refunds are not available for these orders.

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pre-ordered bestbuy.
So far, everything has rolled, but finally it will become clear when there will be a shipment.
There is a nuance. According to the bestbuy rules, they do not send to intermediaries. And unfortunately the tax-free address of shopfans in Delaware is known to them :(
Ordered to Pennsylvania, tax 32 GB - 16 with a penny bucks.
I ate our credit card without any problems. On an Internet, I collected reviews, they also wrote that the credit card is eating normally, but not all intermediaries are sent. I hope they don’t know the Pennsylvania address, as tax staff and few used :)

Posted on 07/25/2013, 21:02:

further, even if it is and I did not see, the instructions say what address to write when buying from the Russian Federation and I do not see the details of the purchase 2 months ago

I paid with my Russian credit card, I left the intermediary addresses. They normally withdrew money from me :) Here I am not waiting for an ambush.

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