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"Хозяин заботливо смазал заржавевшие петли входной двери из маслёнки, погасил одну за одной свечи в люстре, смахнул пыль с каминной полки, задумчиво посмотрел на давно погасший камин, вздохнул … Вышел на порог, решительно закрыл входную дверь на ключ и, закутавшись в поеденную молью шубу, зашагал в метель… Через разбитое окно первого этажа лениво вывалился Постоялый кот, вытащил за собой любимую миску, пакет "Вискаса", матерящегося последнего беса и угрюмо поплёлся рядом с Хозяином. Бес поскакал следом за ними…
А на развилке всех дорог, в месте пересечения всех измерений, одиноко хлопая на ветру ставнями погасших окон, продолжал стоять ПОСТОЯЛЫЙ ДВОР…

(c) Skipper73


Who is this topic for?
This theme was created for adults who are tired of the dumb smiloflud. hopping and all the greetings. Here gathered people who know how to think, who love this ungrateful occupation, and who cannot do otherwise. And most importantly - being friends.
If everything said is about you, then you are welcome!


Regardless of your desire or desire in the topic unconditionally act all the Forum Rules and Rules of trepalki (in particular).

1. The numbers you occupy in the future may be occupied by other people. Remember this!
2. Based on clause 2 of the InnPROHIBITED :
2.1. Kindle in the rooms fires from the parquet and other.
2.2. Use curtains as napkins and handkerchiefs.
2.3. Drink alcohol without the participation of other guests.
2.4. To arrange drunken fights, orgies, skating on chandeliers (if you come with your chandelier - you can).
2.5. Unscrew sockets, faucets, tear off tiles in the bathroom, etc., for the purpose of subsequent sale.
2.6. Jump from the windows of floors above the 4th, without leaving a suicide note.
2.7. Chupacabras should be brought to the rooms (at the same time, prayasaurs and therapeutics can be brought in with the approval of the Administration).
2.8. And so forth
2.9. And etc.
2.10. Possible additions and changes.

ATTENTION! Children under 18 years old in the inn are NOT VISITED!
(Sorry, guys - there are enough other topics for you on the forum. Therefore, for a settlement, you must have a completed profile with the date of birth (EXCEPT FEMALE GIRLS !!!). And do not try to write in a profile that you are 47 years old - it is very easy to calculate ).

In this thread:

- do not holivar, do not show their coolness and exclusivity;
- do not greet in turn with each participant a separate post;
- do not communicate with other participants "significant" posts "hello to all", "who is there," "tell me how are you";
- do not communicate only with smiles;
- do not distribute "pluses" for "200 page" and "for 3000 post";
- do not entertain other visitors (the phrases “you are bored here” and “why no one communicates with mnu” are considered gross violations of the Rules of the topic);
- do not write "in the cap" on the first request of a new participant (moreover - the first post of similar content of a new participant of the topic is considered to be ignoring the Rules of the topic and provoking other participants).
- if you do not have friendly relations with local inhabitants, quietly leave the topic, because you are a cultured person, why should you poison your nerves for yourself and others;

The topic is FORBIDDEN discussion of religious, ethnic and interracial relations in any form!

Good advice from the Classic

If these conditions, as well as the Rules for guests, you consider too harsh or they do not suit you - please find yourself a different topic for communication! The forum is big and there is a place for you somewhere!


This book lists all visitors to the Inn (both those living here and guests), the image, real name and birthday they created. For visitors whose names I don’t know or have missed because of carelessness, and also whose image is not defined or is defined by me incorrectly: if you want me to enter or change your data, write to the topic or to QMS. Be sure to fix it. If you DO NOT WANT the heading to contain your real name or birthday - also write. I'll fix it.
Tsarevna_L(shePrincess Frog ) – Helena 4 January )
Dyushka74(heFox ) – Andrew ( 4 January )
alextech77 - Alexey ( January 7th )
ale1231(hehippopotamus ) – Alexey (January 29)
sabotage - Artyom (February 4)
-Denisych-(heHunter )– Denis ( February 16 )
Gridzilla(heThe Dragon ( Drakosha ) – Gregory (18th of Febuary )
RT147 - Alexander ( March 7 )
E = M [c](heShaggy he Bartender he Shaggy Bartender ) – Arseny ( March 8 )
ksilenychSergei (10th of March)
Alex78qAlexey (March 28 )
DSN2010 - Alexander (Sasha) ( April 1 )
Guttentagen(He's-Winny, he's -Beddy) -Alexander (Sasha) ( April 3 )
Dmitriy R - Dmitriy ( April, 4 )
dva974 - Dmitriy ( April 18th )
Bespectacled(heShurik Freeman ) – Paul ( may 13 )
sergej-svar - Sergei ( May 19 )
sabas62(heSanych )- Alexander ( May 28 )
lenwin(sheRed Queen ) - Alyona ( 4th of June )
Nordline-Ost(heSquirrel ) - Vladimir ( June 5 )
zonov(heSpherical hamster in a vacuum ) - Dmitriy ( June 18 )
AtomicAVK- Andrew ( 4th of July )
avissa(sheBird ) – Valentina (Tina) ( July 17th )
LensoHelena ( July 31 )
shpatelman(heBuilder ) - Gregory (Grisha) ( August 6 )
Skipper73(heSkipper ) - Igor ( August 17 )
addessit - Alexander (Sanya) ( 24 August )
Mcburns - Maksim ( 24 August )
zxc(hePolar fox ) - Alexander ( 4 September )
Mr.Kot - Konstantin ( September 13 )
Anadele Helena - ( September 27 )
Lovanda - (October 1 )
Kom-si(heBassoon ) – Valery (October 5 - July 3 )
alexymca(heServing ) – Alexander ( October 6 )
dem0naOlga ( October 8 )
dmry - Dmitriy ( October 10 )
Vector735 - Sergei ( October 14 )
Godless - Novel ( 27th October )
la gitana(sheGypsy ) - Olga ( November 2 )
Dr. Mario(heDock ) - Paul ( December 2nd )

In memory of Valery Komissarov (Kom-Si)
Bright memory!
lenwin @ 07/20/2014, 20:15*
At the forum I have many good friends whom I love and respect. But I always treated Valera in a special way. Highest intelligence, encyclopedic knowledge, an amazing sense of humor, combined with kindness and self-irony ... I will really miss Fagot ...

Lenso @ 07/20/2014, 20:33*
You know, we were waiting for his drawings with the next topic. And his assessment, some comments. And it has always been very tactful and, it seems to me, with a little irony, soft, pretty.

alexymca @ 07/23/2014, 00:43*
We are silent about dreams, about dead dushmans,
Who carries as many of them behind him.
There are no stories or words about the wounds received,
Everyone understands and so - each is marked by war.
Remembering the guys who shared the bullets,
In glasses of vodka pour, silently standing up to his full height.
By unwritten, but very true laws,
Remembering, silently drink for them. The third toast ...

Long nights
Lips dry
Between dreams
I open the window wide

I always burst in the door
To be near
I cheat time
To stay by yourself

I want to stay
Where I have never been
How I wanted to fly
But the sky was covered with snow

Balancing on the edge
It all seemed
Too easy
I tear my wounds
Staring by the stars
There was only pain ...

Ultor_Media @ 07.20.2014, 19:43*
Here is the thread of your fate
Where were you in a hurry? Where did you go, the whole world without seeing?
But he waited and we waited
But time has only given us the tragic end of your fate.

Dr. Mario - Farewell ...

Honorary guests

CLIENTS (with numbers)


PRIVATE PLACE - a collection of personal photos of the inhabitants of the Inn, posted on the service Yandex. Photos. A PRIVATE LOCATION created by the Inn Managing Director (Topic Curator). Access to photos is possible only to regular visitors of the topic ("guests with numbers"). Access is locked with a password. The password is issued by the Manager upon the personal request of the visitor and at his own discretion. Access decisions are not contested.


Our Bookshelf


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No ... Can you imagine ... He hid in the safe so that the workers didn’t steal it during the repair ... And sow the key somewhere ... That's a shame ... What to do ...


Picture gallery

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Decrees and appointments

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Dear inhabitants and guests!

In connection with the "extinction" of the topic, the PERMANENT YARD is closed! Those who wish to continue its existence and have any ideas for this - please contact the section moderators! For all the guests their numbers are saved! Passing by - please pass by, and do not spit on the door and for the fun of beating windows! Always yours.
P.S. Periodic activity in the topic is not forbidden and, in principle, welcome!


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"The horses and the servants fell asleep, the inn dies down ..."

(Inns Stories)

Stories toldSkipper73

Stories toldSergej-svar

Stories toldZXC

Stories toldalexymca

Incomparable, like a fairytale prince!
Only cough interferes, infection.
Beauty is a world without borders
Even snot sparkle like rhinestones ...

First impressions :)
Away from the hustle and bustle, from the county town,
Wandering under the sun so angry and sluggish.
Suddenly in front of the picture, as from childhood,
And not a mirage, no. Courtyard inn.
But on the door is written - "closet"
Well, I recently drank a beer ...
Logged in There the Cat, taking carelessly a gun,
I am smiling in Cheshire ... Beautiful ...
Cover a glade to me for the meeting offers.
He rushed to the market, buy vegetables to the table.
But prices have natsmenov ... Nerves are not enough!
Involuntarily arms reach for the trunk.
But the bartender at the place is wonderful.
Shaggy hard rescued people!
And the ice arranged quickly, and different drinks.
(Kompashka on Pasha's credit card is drinking)
The princess quietly whispers Lisa in her ear,
To draw a number on her door.
She can't say for herself, she is a Frog.
And Fox nodded calmly and disappeared.
I drink whiskey with a guilty smile
Through the smoke, I look at the Fortune Tellers.
Slender. (But I can see cotton)
"Yes, you got drunk (hear) captain!"
"Hike yes. But that Doc lured, right,
Brought a hookah and three shila beakers
After all, "white silence" - poison "
I said after her smiling cute.
But in general, time quickly flew by.
But not past flew by. And for good reason.
And that's it. All for body and soul!
(Yes, and in the RD four liters viskarya ...)
Sad as it came out -
Around now about cotton wool can only be heard.
By stupidity Fortune teller insulted ...
Sorry, fortune teller, I can see you moron ...
To put an end to all the misinterpretations
I check it myself - slowly, honestly, sensibly.
Well, and then openly and without false
Publicly declare that was wrong. : blush:
How did the Dragon and Carlson meet ...

On the button zamknuv, Baby said "Bye"
Our Carlson famously dissects the clouds.
Gulping lightly so that it was more fun
He famously laid a twist of hop.
I drank more to escape from the heat,
Suddenly I saw a miracle. And what!
On the roof of the star hotel *****
Big Squirrel sprawled in the guise of a snake.
Waving wave - they say come here soon!
And Carlson, our stutter has become then.
Then they sat all night in the bar.
And this case was discussed violently -
"Uv .. saw - a little n .. forever not cooled down
D..drakosha padla .. padla .. fell "
According to the poets, there is a Muse,
At grafomanov only Pegasus held in high esteem.
Pegasim Muse even at work
Otherwise, the house can not make it.
And yet what brothers crap
In such a diverse version.
We are together like and not together.
And it's with us every day ...
All night they danced and played cancan for us,
But that's all over yesterday's fun ...
And something left snoring in the bed on the right
Baska hurts and on the table an empty glass.
Increasingly in the morning various thoughts
A solid line come to me.
About past, present, future life,
About faith, love and, alas, about the war.
Themes of thought, and more often pictures,
I will not be able to change it myself.
It happens tightened, as in wet loam,
Sometimes it leads away into total darkness.
Health is not that, and just tired ...
As before, returning alive from the mountains,
You go to sleep. Well, at least a little.
But you see the eyes. And in a look - reproach ...
I do not see dreams, it is beyond my control,
Only life pictures, like movie frames.
The forecast for the future is dangerous to build.
What will happen in reality? Know not given.

Flying Dutchman
Optimistic reality, or pipets ... sorry, fox sneak up
In the dark forest, where the light ends,
The modest fox calmed down.
Animals are not afraid of the light of the end -
In horror wild run from fox.
White, fluffy and greasy,
Quietly come - you just open the door.
Loves to sneak up when you are not waiting
Just gape, and here he is - good!
Lydyza fluffy snout in the bushes,
All in the loose throws na ...
It seems gone - a hundred miles waved,
Got up to catch my breath - he is near, impudent.
Again pulled, ran away at last!
Looking - paw waving appealingly fox!
Noble beast - not easy at all,
And besides, everyone has his own.
You can not guess what to expect from him -
It seems he is modest - nothing at all
Just do not think you are well done
The fox has just not eaten
If you can not see it - do not be sad,
So a bit late on the road.
And do not hope that suddenly zapropal -
He's not in vain for you to wave his paw.
Dust, dynamite - will not save, and the double-barreled gun,
And do not slyly eat ... the wolves of the muzzle.
You can only believe in a happy ending:
That fox also has its own fox.

About the Eagle
The moon softly caresses the road
Well what's in it? I do not know, by God!
Yes, the scar on the pope I caressed. But what next?
And whether in such a relationship false?
I am a simple guy. And she is not a queen ...
Do I have to marry a scar because of a scar?
This is how days and weeks run through
Moon thin scar sticks out between the firs.
From the balcony I look at the endless distance.
Nedat Eagle ... You again did not give me ...

About good advice

About fishing ...

Fishing with departure ...

Stories toldla gitana

For Fox:
You do not need surgical skills,
Open the abscess of a yearning soul.
Gypsy will not deceive - not a cheat,
You do not rush to her right away.
Let the milk of the she-wolves, and the coffee be thick,
Deck, rings, bones and palm
They will not tell each of us living,
What lies ahead is a mountain, or a bias,
Crazy bullet or grenade blast
Love, or loneliness on the way.
Fatum leads us through life,
But, every way to go.
Under the influence of heat and from alcohol,
Tightening the barrel of the machine,
You said two offensive words:
They say that's a cheat, put cotton wool ...
Anyone can slander a gypsy
But I didn’t expect anything from you!
You slandered me twice.
And I, and I do not remember what I said ...

wine - goodbye to our clear mind!
"drink or not drink"
does not occur if immediately
vessel faceted roll!
the wine poured a glass of rugged
drank - ready for feats
let your head ache awfully
and pulls on poems cats!
He yuzal his life ineptly,
Vlacha your little smoked ...
But then Muse appeared to him,
As a "fleeting vision" ...
And the chakras of creativity have opened,
Eating her energy ...
Otzyuzav muse with gusto,
He lay down on his laurels, enjoying ...
The dying glare of the past
Soul corners fill.
We remember only the good -
Bad memory erases.
Who knows, maybe someday,
From these bright moments,
Wise creation
Weave fate continuation ...
On the border of the real world,
Among different latitudes and countries
We met you and decided
That we have a perfect novel.

We matched like challenging puzzles,
To the smallest details - a groove in a groove.
Stuck to each other immediately -
From the first meeting of sparkling eyes!

Touching the bodies to shiver
And unable to unclench,
Grow every skin cell
So that no longer tear.

Until now, we are not together - is it necessary?
Torn skin, blood pouring from wounds ...
Edits life mercilessly
Our perfect romance is with you.

The full version of the thriller "Sad Tale - Nepruha or the night before Christmas ..."---

Stories toldale1231

The story of the hatch - ale1231
Inn (Fasting # 25135769)

One day, ten or twelve years ago, we went with my, then still small, daughter to the theater of the Soviet Army to the play “The Wizard of the Land of OZ”. But not on a simple day when life is not particularly expensive, but on January 1 !. In the morning which traditionally you want cold shampoo and chew yesterday's cake.
But the tickets were bought in advance, and, after a brief but furious fight with my wife, I cowardly tucked my tail, took my daughter by the handle and we went on a campaign for art.
When I came to the theater, I first tried to reconnoiter the dislocation of the buffet, because I did not smile at all when watching a children's play with a non-humble head. As luck would have it, either the buffet was not there at all, or it was closed for repairs, but I was left with nothing. But my genuine grief was not lonely. In the lobby, we wandered with a detached look, dragging our offspring behind us, another twenty unhappy parents. In the end, having met with dull glances, we realized that only in unity was our strength. One of the fathers was chosen, he was shoved with money and sent to search for the desired nectar. He returned, for good luck, another five minutes before the start of the theatrical mystery. We nibbled a hundred and fifty, bit our liver and waited for the call.
And so the play began. I prepared for terrible boredom in the next one and a half hours and tried to doze off, despite the fact that we were in the front row, right in front of the ramp.
Ellie stepped onto the stage, and, holding a theatrical pause, quietly burped. In her eyes, looking in different directions, it was clear that the holiday was a success for the actress. I opened one eye and, with increasing interest, stared at the scene.
Let us skip the scene, where Ellie with the faithful Tatoshka, who loudly uttered “Woof”, and then quietly “Bl ...”, the scene of her landing in the Magic Country, and proceed to the scene of dating the heroes.
Iron Tinman, having spoken his cue, retreated to a dark corner of the stage and applied an ax to his forehead. Leo, who had thoughtlessly attempted to growl, miraculously didn’t vomit Scary, who was dragging himself draggedly behind Ellie across the stage with a huge balloon, staring stupidly in front of him.
The people in the hall listened with interest to what was happening on the stage. The performance slowly eked out its existence. The culmination of the action was the jump of Ellie, running away from the flying monkeys directly into the hall. She shouted something heroic, but completely incomprehensible and siganula fish in the first rows, the benefit of the people was a little and some of the chairs were empty. As I understood later, the actress had to make this jump backstage to something soft. At least that was where the Flying Monkey group was waiting for her. But having lost her way in the drunken mist, she made a turn somewhere not there and found herself between the chairs. The auditorium froze. The children were delighted.
The monkeys, quickly oriented, jumped off the stage and began to pick out his captive from the captivity of the chairs. They were helped by the Cowardly Lion. In the end, piecemeal by gathering the Main Heroine, who mumbled about the goats of the workers, they took her to the castle of the wicked Sorceress. I was especially pleased with the fact that Leo helped his own worst enemies to take his dear Ellie into captivity.
Children with gazing eyes watched the tale, and parents, forgetting about their hangover, bellowed out loud.
It was then that I realized that luck could be in unexpected places. And, that you never know where you will find, and where you will lose. And then I was struck by the high prowess of artists who could play the play in any conditions and in any condition. Art is a terrible power!

I met David at a regular dive in the glorious city of Krasnomorsk in those decent times, when the Egyptians did not even think about revolutions, the Russians had just mastered this sunny country, while I was working on a diving tour with my friend.
David is a non-typical Englishman. Imagine Winnie the Pooh under one hundred thirty kilos in weight, who always walked in a red tattered baseball cap with the words “God did well only one thing - he created me!” And David ... how to say it ... was very passionate about the fair sex. Rather, even - concerned, and this is in its fifty-something! He did not miss a single skirt, to which he had the opportunity to reach. True, this opportunity was not always given to him, as often in all movements the beach - walks - restaurant - bar was accompanied by his beautiful half, who knew about the excess of sociability of our playful bear cub! David's wife had the biblical name Judith, was about a meter and a half tall and weighed no more than forty kg. But she had a perky, funny character, and a love for the Viskarik.
David, in the company of three more people, paid Seryoga and me (the dive master, with whom we made the diving team) a dive tour on the outer reefs. From the morning we loaded onto the yacht and drank to the dive site.
David, having happily spent this night without his wife, from whom he somehow managed to escape after the disco, was dozing at the stern, mouth agape in a sweet languor and scaring off gulls with powerful snoring.
Here I must make a retreat and describe the Red Sea gulls to you. I must tell you that, compared with the Black Sea, they are very, very big in size. A kind of flying penguin, hanging in front of you and screaming shouting demanding handouts. Tourists have taught these monsters with buns and they are constantly swarming around any waterfowl.
Our wards did not differ from all the others and intensively fed insolent gulls loaves of bread. And here with David there was a first embarrassment. Gulls are creatures known to be alive, and therefore have digestion. In short, they not only constantly eat, but ... and also with enviable periodicity. And here is one of the cute Ptah easily made the next physiological departure. And the gods disposed of in such a way that the bombing was done with enviable accuracy in ... Well, you already knew where! Bird cocoa, with a fist the size of (!) With a soft "Splash" fell into the happily open mouth of the inhabitant of foggy Albion. David snorted shortly, his eyes opened and jumped out of orbit (you know, so clearly distinctly “Chpok - chpok) and he went first in a cough, and then ... then he began to tear. And this is putting it mildly, the poor fellow naturally turned inside out. The people were initially taken aback by this turn of events, then they rushed to help the unfortunate son, and then everyone began to laugh. Laughed so that the boat stopped jumping from wave to wave! They bellowed, rolling on the deck and could not stop! For a long time afterwards, someone, having met David in a restaurant, said to him: “Sir, you are a gourmet! It is a pity that the local institution can not offer your favorite delicacy! ”
We came to the site, anchored, and began preparations for the group dive. The dive was purely exploratory, the depth was not more than seven meters, the sea was calm. As always, I explained in a briefing how to behave under water, what can and should not be done. You can not, among other things, touch anything (you can get hurt about coral, be bitten by a poisonous creature, in general, a lot of things).
The immersion of the group went well, our players clustered around us, looking around, happily showing their emotions with gestures.
Returning to the yacht, David first of all ran to the toilet (a cultural nation suffered in the water!). Coming out of there, he somehow became bored, having lost his fervent temper, huddled in the corners. And his face expressed an extreme degree of suffering meditation. After some time I paid attention to him, and asked what happened? “Everything is okay, ah from fayn”, the newly-minted diver answered me. But by his appearance it was clear that a worm, about the size of Kaa's constrictor, gnaws his tender, loving soul. I insisted that he broke down and said that last night, having run away from his wife (who was related to several batches of whiskey with ice), he either met a Ukrainian woman, or a Russian, and had fun before the underwater excursion. And everything was just fine, until he went to pee in the toilet on the yacht. In the eyes of his dear friend itching, covered with a rash, and then ... became like a small eggplant (and with color and shape!).
-This is a special infection!, The man cried, why am I, what is it for !? What will I tell my wife !?
Alex, do you, in Russia, this often happens? I will die now !?
I was shocked. In my life I have never seen such a thing! Choking on pent-up laughter, I tried to calm the sufferer, saying that no one had yet died, we would think of something ... In short, I ran to Seryoga and told him a terrible story about the David friend. I must say that Serega had a medical education, and in nature could something sensible to advise. After a joint re-examination of the part of the body of our perky friend, Seryoga looked sternly at David and asked: “where did you put your fingers under the water !?”. David, embarrassed, said that he touched actinia. "She is so beautiful, and the fish live there with her."
-And then, without removing the gloves, I went to piss? - Divemaster asked.
-He - bleated the sufferer.
-matd word, -Said Sergey. Anesthetic pill and rinse organ.
The organ of our friend returned to normal by the end of the second day, but Judith never believed her husband’s story about the insidious underwater fauna (which was also confirmed by me and Serega) and didn’t talk to him. Probably remembered his past voyages ...
We told this story later on introductory instructions, as an example, why you should not touch anything with your hands.
And also: there is a proverb about a bad head that does not give rest to its feet. In our case, it turns out that bad hands ... do not give rest!

The measure of existence is.
We drink it to forget
We drink it to remember everything ...
We drink, wrinkling dull faces
In the open wide window.
We remember life milestones:
Do you remember how he got drunk?
And how girlfriend slapped
Vino my fashionable hoodie
And it was with a humpback, well, that vodka banned
And this - with the king rich, he established a monopole.
So much life fit
In faceted, sherblinny glass
Wine! And life went on,
How on the road sharaban ...
Isp wines
Once a cat
Created this humble sandwich:
Verse above,
Downstairs - wine
That is not poetry element
So, grafomanstvo is only one
The night has come
The weekend has already been lived
Saturday night, long-awaited
Will meet you in less.
We drink
Time is immeasurable
And the next day, Monday will come
And we will harness the new one already.

Stories toldlenwin

Stories toldPo3ueji

Stories toldalextech77

Stories toldMcburns

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I will be the first! Pour the vodka! Full full glass!
Well, with housewarming! : drinks:

Posted 07/15/2013 4:26 PM:

Igor, I propose to add one more clause to the rules: ban inappropriate friends by voting
And no snot! Passed already. : censored:

Posted on 07/15/2013, 16:29:

Yes, this ... here in the vicinity of Faun hung around, I saw him, he was released from the basement. We ought to catch here and settle. Sorry for the brute.

What would your Good do if there were no Evil?
Diving Club
15.07.13, 16:31
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Cats can not be! With cats it is impossible! Scat! Get down, and then I'll call the police! (with) :)
Pour the vodka! Full full glass!

Gorilka is a little monkey (s)
Well, with housewarming!

God forbid! You know - I don’t know whether the topic will get its development or not, I don’t know if I can drag someone into it ... Maybe it will stall or slide into the level you know something ... But you can TRY THAT! And what if we find our company? And what if something interesting happens? I could not on the forum to find a topic that would fit. So I decided to create this one!

All rooms are free. Are you the 13th? : D

Posted on 07/15/2013 at 16:31:

We ought to catch here and settle. Sorry for the brute.

We will not force anyone to catch.
he was released from the basement

Let's see what he says ...

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here in the surroundings Faun hung around, I saw him, he let him out of the basement

Hurray !!! Alive: clap:
I propose to start with the inventory, something I missed her, and the songs have no one to go with. So, as Faun will catch, pour him a half-bucket of oak juice, and then the poor fellow will disappear again: yes2:

15.07.13, 16:53
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I sent invitations to all my friends! I will be glad to see them here! And new people too!
And I repeat: in no case do I claim to create a copy of any other forum topic. We will try to find our way and handwriting. And with other topics you can always be friends.
- Gosh, I propose to be friends houses ..
- Nick, there is a counter offer, to be friends with families ...
(c) I think everyone knows how: D

Posted on 07.15.2013, 16:53:

Gone. I will try to come in the evening. And always from the phone ... But I don't always write ...
15.07.13, 17:31
Everything is strange and strange ...

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Hi Hi!Attached Image

Skipper73, dmrykov ale1231,a hundred years have not seen and, as it turned out, missed. : blush:
I happened to drop out of all the crooks, and then it turned out that I missed a lot and lost the thread ...

I propose to start with an inventory

dmrykov: rofl: what is proposed to inventory? Let's start with the dishes?
Attached fileDishes.mp3(1.57 MB)

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15.07.13, 17:42
man with a cigar and alcohol)

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Perhaps I will live with you :)

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Moving to "Clubs"

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Although the topic is about nothing ... But with adequate people ... And can I? Accept? ;)
15.07.13, 18:12

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On the Rights of Veteran: welcome to all! Pour who loves what, pile on, who bites than. I have a vodka. Simple Russian vodka. My love. Gorilka is the owner of the wake up lock. Well, do not break the same!
Ace nalili? Well, with Novosel, comrades, with housewarming! And even though I am not in God, nor in the devil's disbelief, God forbid that this Tavern will survive us! Well! Startled!

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15.07.13, 18:46

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A shabby gazelle arrived at the entrance and some inconspicuous personalities began to unload copper pipes and bulky boxes from it. A huge black cat nervously walked between them with a colt strapped on its side. Up! All upstairs to the attic! Take care, your mother! Do not plutonium, tea ship! Bring in!
The cat turned to the bewildered guests: Citizens brought the beer pipe! And the fish feed to him. Wait we will mount. Engineers are there to help!? Not? So go away. Do not crowd. Tomorrow the first batch to the bar will go. Without pampering. And dark, and light, and red. And the fish there, emulek Baikal, flounder Black Sea, roach ocean, smelt Baltic.
This I tell you - Hippo. And I, as you know, do not throw words at the wind.

Posted on 07/15/2013, 6:46 PM:

Dyushka74,Andrei, you released Faun, you catch him. Lure now to the oak juice.

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15.07.13, 18:56

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Lovanda,how many light years! How many light winters! Come in, sit down soon. Wine? Red, white, pink? Lung, as a spring, and invigorating, as love. How glad I am to see familiar and pleasant faces!

What would your Good do if there were no Evil?
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15.07.13, 19:07
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Greetings to the first guests!
Disassemble the rooms while there is a choice. Cars, horses, ostriches and other vehicles - free parking in the yard (not guarded by anyone :)). Oh, yes ... The rooms are not all over ... So yourself :)
Don't look for a faun ... He will either find himself, or will return from where he came from, or he will leave - this is his choice ...
And we ... We will try to create new ...
Shl. Run away ...
ZYZY. Glad to see old acquaintances.
15.07.13, 20:43

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Good evening everyone.
If the rooms will have antique furniture, candles in candelabra, and the view from the windows is not on the neighboring courtyard, then ... probably I will go. : yes2:
Yes, and even in the bar, it is desirable to see a large selection of juices, for ... we do not use anything strong: beee:: rolleyes:

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Using our virtuality, we can choose any view from the window. Today, for example, we have the ocean. A little stormy. And the beach from horizon to horizon. And the sunset.
The bar is always full of any drinks, for every taste, even the most exotic, you can be sure. But the main thing here is a pleasant conversation and pleasant interlocutors. Everything else is an entourage, albeit an attractive one.

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15.07.13, 20:58

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Are you the 13th?

Offense! My number is traditionally 50. The classic!

What would your Good do if there were no Evil?
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15.07.13, 21:00
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And how happy we are: wub :: blush: You can't even imagine yourself! You must come in: there is a minute - come in for a minute, there is an hour - for an hour ... The doors are always open: I am not - someone else will appear ...
Lovanda @ 07/15/2013, 17:31*
What is proposed to inventory?

That's it ! And what, actually, to inventory? Is there nothing yet? Even licenses for alcohol - and no! Nobody knows: "Where can I get a license? Or to whom should I give it to my paw?": Blush:
Greetings Let's talk and see ... I am not going to write anyone down to the cap ...
SimplexDumplex @ 07.15.2013, 17:53*
adequate people ... And can I? Accept?

Adequacy is determined by the manner of communication. We will communicate - we will look ...
Pour who loves what, pile on, who bites than.

Here is the client - so is the client. I came with all my own things - I covered them all! Where are you going to mount your beer pipeline? The attic here is still full of old rubbish and remnants of repair ...
If the rooms will have antique furniture, candles in candelabra, and the view from the windows is not on the neighboring courtyard, then ... probably I will go.

As I once (in the mid-80s) were told in the Odessa dining room, when asked to pour vinegar on dumplings: "Bring it - we'll pour it in!" I can select a room without anything - bring your antiques! : D
in the bar, it is desirable to see a large selection of juices, because ... we do not use anything strong

Juice, like there ...
15.07.13, 21:08

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The attic here is still full of old rubbish and remnants of repair.
offend! Already all cleared and installation is in full swing! This is my official position for personal use.
Zaatra already pivasik will be yours!

Posted on 07/15/2013 21:08:

Where to get a license?
we are in neutral territory and are not obliged to buy a license from anyone. So we will manage.


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What would your Good do if there were no Evil?
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15.07.13, 21:09
Everything is strange and strange ...

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Lung, as a spring, and invigorating, as love.

ale1231,: drinks: for the meeting!

Skipper73 @ 07.15.2013, 23:07*
Glad to see old acquaintances.

Skipper73,mutually! : friends: Avatar you amazing! : rolleyes:

Not quite understandI didn’t understand at all what happened to Favnoy and why he runs freely. o_O Maybe, on occasion, tell me))

Today, for example, we have the ocean. A little stormy. And the beach from horizon to horizon. And the sunset.

Beauty! : girl_tender:
Attached Image

"An optimist is a dreamer, only with a more elegant name." Mark Twain.
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Lovanda,with Faunthe following happened.
Raising a glass: for beauty!

What would your Good do if there were no Evil?
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