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on the themes of the final stage of voting Navigator 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 PictureAuthorsavagemessiahzine.com2012 (Android) Picture
PictureAuthorsavagemessiahzine.com2012 (WM) PictureAuthorsavagemessiahzine.com2012 (Apple) PictureAuthorsavagemessiahzine.com2012 (WP) Pictureprize 2012 2012 2012 2012 Picture

Friends, we are pleased to announce the holding of the annual Seventh The prize will be awarded according to the results of our active operations you. Award format - the user, as well as last year, but with the active participation of the moderators. They will simply help, use available functionality and moderator capabilities opportunity to award did not go beyond the Regulation. Approximate load distribution and powers 60% (Members): 40% (Moderated).

rules of conduct
1. It prohibits direct and indirect propaganda for some of the nominees, including himself.

2. users can participate in the voting, registered no later than 01.07.2013

3. To vote for a particular user can onlyonetime.

4. For each prize is only one person applies. With the same number of votes held another ballot involving only those nominees.

If found engaging in the violation of paragraph 1 and 2, we will be forced to exclude from participation in the award.

Stages of the Prize
(Highlighted in red the current stage)

Stage 1: nominations. Each user will be able to push on each nomination from one to three people, but only once in each category. Nomination of candidates for the nomination will be made within 7 days, with 11.08.2013 by 18.08.2013 .

Stage 2: Drawing up the list of nominees. Guided th 1 stage results in each category are selected by 20 users. If nominated by you, will be more, we will select 20 members, which put forward the first or more times. Creation of the voting round 1. (1-2 days)

Stage 3: 1 round of voting. Each user can vote in each theme category, and choose from one to three persons presented in the subject. (7 days, with 22.08.2013 (00:00 MSK.) On 29.08.2013 (00:00 MSK.)).

Stage 4: Compilation of the list of winners circle 1 vote. In each category selected 3 leaders who go in the 2nd round of voting. Creating the voting 2 laps. (1-2 days)

Stage 5: 2 round of voting. THE FINAL. Each user can vote in each theme category, but only one nominee. (7 days, with 02.09.2013 (00:00 MSK.) On 09.09.2013 (00:00 MSK.))

Stage 6: Processing of the results of voting 2 range. (1-3 days).

Step 7: closing awards, summarizing, awarding prizes to winners and prize-winners.

Information on the prize

In categories: Misssavagemessiahzine.com2012 Master 2012 Lifeguard 2012 Creator 2012 Samodelkin 2012 Fakmeyker 2012 Prize Award 2012 Curator 2012 Moderator 2012 - The winner is determined and awarded prizes.
In categories: Validating the Year 2012 (selected at the end of the Prize among all participants on the amount of votes), 2012 The author (WM-) By 2012 (All Android), author of 2012 (Apple's), 2012 The author (of WP7) Steering 2012 - prizes will not be awarded.

Curator of all topics relating to the current Premiums appointedKISLbIU

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Why all the pictures in 2012? We're kind of in 2013 ...

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grikukan, so choose the same over the past year

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Good luck to all: yes2:

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I hope they will receive the first salary

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grikukan, Prize is really carried out at the end of last year. For technical reasons, we could not run it before

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Good luck... :)

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kicked off the nextAward I want all users and site administration wish worthy and informative select the best nominees 2012 of the year. I note there is no pity for the Award naminatsii SymbianOS and Maemo / MeeGo. The more users will take part in it, the more interesting will be the prize in all categories. Good luck in everything! : Congratulate:

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Good luck to all participants!

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While the theme is not grown, MB it is worth considering the experience of the last award? And write that are accepted for the year 2012?
As well as take into account the level of users, and instead of fiction (under the logo), write in simple language what works (people) are involved in this nomination?
We will try to take into account, thanks for the comment

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Heroes need to know in person!
Good luck to all! :-)

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Good luck to all worthy, those on the forum enough!
AntiNub @ 08/11/2013, 22:10*
Heroes need to know in person!

I agree!

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Good luck to all participants!

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I wish you all good luck !!! :-)

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And I can participate? And here is my branchDNS AirTab P82w (Post # 19309524)

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All can participate. All those nominated by other users ;-)

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cold_start @ 13.08.2013, 16:05*
All those nominated by other users

and that logical, registered no later than 2012 - Award-it for 2012;)

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I wish you all good luck: D

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Chota I did not understand and on what parameters chosen Miss 4pda? Chota no one pictures are not seen)

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links to threads in order to vote in a cap, a post deleted.
and we criterion is beauty is not physical, but mental :)

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Bespectacled @ 08/13/2013, 16:29*
which is logical, registered no later than 2012

KISLbIU @ 13.07.2013, 14:18*
may have users that are registered not later than 01.07.2013

Or I did not understand something? It is necessary to determine the I think etim..Pervaya quote a fair ...

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