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DOTApedia | Convenient program includes a description DotA 2 characters, and their skills

Rep: (342)
Version: 1.3.20

Last update of the program in the header:17.07.2013
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Short description:
Easy to use program includes a description of DotA 2 characters and their skills.

Portable Guide to DotA 2.
Available features:
Items from the store Steam
View Steam Inventory
match History

Free version with advertising.
To view the news, tools, items from the store and the history of games require an internet connection.

Russian interface: Not

Developer: Empty Tea House
Homepage: http://dotapedia.tumblr.com/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...LmRvdGFmcmVlIl0 .

Download: Version: 1.3.20
Attached fileDOTApedia Free_1.3.20.apk(10 MB)

Version History
  • Added hero Abaddon
  • updated statistics
  • Updated images for the heroes and skills
  • Fixed Inventory & Shop

Past versions
Version: 1.3.19
Attached fileDOTApedia Free_1.3.19.apk(9.31 MB)

Post has been editedGalaxylOL - 17.07.13, 09:46

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Good prog. It would be nice just to do the translation into Russian. Another would be to add a calculator heroes, but it would have made it perfect.

Posted on 12/08/2013, 14:59:

And I crash when you try to go to the store

Rep: (342)
guillaume_vade, translation is not impossible to make, because ceases to check the list of items and characters.

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Rep: (8)
Just be translated, only the description of the hero and skills to them. : Blush:

Rep: (342)
mr_aleks, there are none in agriculture. At least they are not in resources.asrc.

But in another file they are, try to ...

Post has been editedGalaxylOL - 25.08.13, 17:57

Rep: (1)
Ah would the Russian language: russian_ru:

Rep: (78)
And that, the forum is not Russian Knowledge Base DotA?
I downloaded good, I can download if you want to

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Rep: (74)
Like 1 to 1 program only in Russian.
Attached filepkg.apk(4.5 MB)

Rep: (45)
WBCs, good you

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