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TorrentTV | The official app of Torrent-TV

Rep: (106)
Torrent tv
Version: 4.0.32

Last update of the program in the header:27.04.2017

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Short description:
The Torrent TV app will allow you to watch over 400 TV channels on your Android device.

Description at the office. the site
Key features:
  • ability to view almost any channel
  • the ability to add a channel to your favorites (synchronized with the site)
  • access to the program schedule
  • access to the archive
  • quick search by channel name
  • viewed channel history
  • "My Account" - a screen with information about the balance
  • ability to view torrent streams (requires installation of AceEngine)
  • ability to view channels in mobile quality (only for torrent streams)
  • ability to view using server ts-proxy (subscription required)
  • the ability to view using the local ts-proxy (requires installation and configuration of local ts-proxy)
  • the ability to choose a video player with which to play

Download the application as an APK file from here and install it.
In AceStream, NoxBit or TSProxy engines, the application can work completely autonomously, without requiring the computer to be turned on.
The application requires the AceStream or NoxBit engine installed and running.
Also need a video player. We recommend trying VLC beta, MX Player (may require additional decoder settings), BSPlayer or any other player that can play streaming video.
Run the installed application.
Enter the username and password or enter anonymously for test use (fewer channels).
Enjoy watching.

Acestream - Ace stream media
Noxbit - Noxbit

Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Torrent tv
Homepage: http://torrent-tv.ru/

Torrent-TV 4.0.32 TorrentTV (Post by vinni.sl77 # 60892386)
Torrent-TV 4.0.27 Mod (AndroidTV) TorrentTV (Post xam1988 # 48325678)
TS-proxy Attached fileTS-proxy- (652.77 KB)

Past versions

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Reason for editing: new version

Rep: (386)
anonymous login does not work, please sign up, turn on the link to register - and there .Podskazhite page is not available. who knows . how to enter the application, does not kick much please.,

Rep: (0)
Alcoloid @ 11.02.20, 03:45*
how to go to the app

After all, the old application does not work.
Come to the site under the old password and picks up a playlist.

Rep: (386)
DarkRAZAR @ 11.02.20, 18:29*
After all, the old application does not work.
Come to the site under the old password and takes a playlist

... I do not remember how to be?

Rep: (4)
* Alcoloid , Come under your password, proceed to your personal cabinet, choose the top mc proxy and there you will see a link to the playlist, copy and paste in the iptv player. Something like this

Rep: (386)
egmax @ 12.02.20, 07:04*
under your password, proceed to your personal cabinet,

... in fact of the matter . that no password or login name I do not remember ... how to be ..? :(

Rep: (4)
* Alcoloid Can have on the site password recovery function, or remember, no middle ground. Well, you can registered with the new and see what happen

Rep: (386)
egmax @ 12.02.20, 18:29*
Well it is possible for the new eV

... page is not available .... (where registration take place ... (

Rep: (4)
* Alcoloid Then just remember to sort out all your passwords. I remember so often, if the password itself created.

Rep: (2)
at the moment when all who wish to provide an opportunity to look through the TTB a server for free, better to look the web version. mobile browser handles flesh.u me the fastest flash loaded on dolfi.takzhe tried opera and moziloy.rabotaet, but a little longer to boot.

Rep: (0)
What about the history of 4 days? I did not try to get to watch.

Rep: (4)
Everything seems to exhaust the torrent. Again covered his life. : Censored:: D

Rep: (3)
* egmax ,
egmax @ 18.02.20, 3:23 *
Everything seems to exhaust the torrent. Again covered himself resource
doesn’t work for me either

Rep: (7)
valyuk58 @ 18.02.20, 12:58*

Rep: (5)
Maybe not all is lost?

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Rep: (0)
Here I am just delighted

Rep: (0)
poprubuyte UTB:http://tv.dvb-p.com/live-tv/russian-tv/
it seems to work
On Mozilla Firefox works without problems. On Google Chrome need to allow pop-up for the site. On IE and Edge works too.

Post has been editedhahomir4ev - 23.02.20, 13:25

Rep: (2)
Everything is working!!! With the return of TTV!

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Rep: (6)
* Mr.DJoniX That does not work

Rep: (38)
* karleone18 ,
Since yesterday, everything works. I watch the whole evening.

Rep: (222)
* djalexxx200,
The computer is working or is it a subject earned?

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