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Spongebob Moves In | [IPhone] [iPad] Urban planning simulator

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SpongeBob Moves In
version: 4.37

Last update of the game in the header:14.01.2016

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Short description:
Urban Development Simulator

Players can decorate the underwater world to their liking, adding new characters, buildings and accessories to it. Players collect happiness to maintain a high level in the city’s happiness meter. When at the luckiest level the maximum possible level of happiness is reached, the player moves to a new level of the game. The goal of the game is to make city residents happy.

During the game, players receive coins for fulfilling desires, building buildings, creating recipes and collecting leases. Players can purchase additional land, ingredients, buildings, and decorations with coins or using their iTunes account.

Firmware: iOS 4.3 and higher
Supported devices: iPhone (3GS / 4 / 4S / 5), iPod Touch (3/4/5), iPad (1/2/3/4 / mini)
Requires constant internet connection

Languages : Russian , English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spongebob-m...d576836614?mt=8

Download: Version 4.37

What's New in Version 3.07.00
- Immerse yourself in a Christmas tale told by Patchy and Potty, and find out how Sponge Bob helped Santa save Christmas. A mysterious stranger turns elves into evil, and SpongeBob needs your help. Together you can cheer them up by feeding your favorite treats and accumulate Christmas joy.
- New characters - Santa's elves come to make toys, and Meha SpongeBob is rampant in the city
- New buildings: Build a new toy factory. Place the elf houses. Build a Spice Hut and Sweet Shop to uncover special ingredients for holiday recipes. Top the collection with the Cafe "Milk and Biscuits".
- New decorations - Feed the elves and earn Christmas coins to reveal Christmas decorations available only for Christmas, such as the Patrick’s trap for Santa, Sandy's magic meter, The Nutcracker, Santa's Sleigh. Give your Bikini Bottom winter charm with lawn deers, snowy bushes, Christmas trees and other decorations!
- New recipes - roll up your sleeves, and cook the elves their favorite dishes: Snickerdudley, Gingerbread, Hot Chocolate and Bread Pudding.
What's New in Version 3.06.00
Halloween Event is Over
What's New in Version 3.05.00
- Bug Fixes
What's New in Version 3.0300
Gobs of ghosts have invaded Bikini Bottom hungry for a ghoulish dish. Conjure up Rusty's Rib Eye restaurant and help SpongeBob make the Rusty on Rye sandwich and other recipes for the ghastly guests.
This update is Rated S for Scary and won't be here for long!
More ghostly goodies:
New Characters - Move in Rusty Rickets, Old Man Jenkins, and Slasher McGee to roam through your town.
New Buildings - Place Rusty's Rib Eye to make 7 new spooky recipes. Build the Barg'N-Mart to unlock special discount items including all new special ingredients for the Halloween recipes. Get in the spirit by adding the Psychic's Tent and Haunted House to your collection.
New Decorations - Feed ghosts and earn Ectoplasm to unlock spine-tingling limited time items like the giant Jack o ’Lantern, Skull Rock, and the Sunken Skelly Ship. Design your own haunted Bikini Bottom with Gravestones, a Scarecrow, Coffins, Scary Trees, and more.
Haunted Bayou Package - Perform quests to get 7 Halloween themed buildings and props like the Haunted Outhouse, Broken-down Airboat, Spooky Gas Lamps, and a Submerged Wagon Wheel.
New Recipes - Grill up the ghosts' all time favorite, the Rusty on Rye, and serve it with a side of Splintered Slaw.
Celebrate Halloween with SpongeBob today by updating your game and start collecting ectoplasm to unlock all the eerie items
What's New in Version 3.02
- Fixes
What's New in Version 3.01
- Bug Fixes

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Reason for editing: Updating the version ...

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And where exactly is there to edit?

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: rolleyes: tried to hack, failed. no game player no guard did not take this game o.O
: blush: can anyone hack, share a way? : blush:

Posted on 01/02/2014, 21:47:

I hope for your help: blush:

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Spent a couple of hours but in the end I realized how it works.

In general, here is the instruction for anyone interested.

1) Using ifunbox download your file / var / Mobile / Application / Moves In / Documents / p_xx_xxxxx / game.json
2) Replace the necessary values ​​in the file (I will describe below).
3) Replace the file.
4) turn off wifi (or data transfer if you are working through a cellular network).
5) start the game, it will warn that you are working without an Internet connection, after that a new value should be displayed, for example coins
6) switch to settings and enable wifi (or data transfer)


Now about what to change in the file. If you are familiar with the json format, then everything is simple, the section with the name did: 3 is coins, did: 2 is jelly, did: 52 are snowflakes (in version 3.08).
If you are not familiar, then open the file, for example, in notepad, do a search, for example, by line
{"did": 2
(yes, yes, with curly braces and quotation marks, and no spaces).

In general, the section looks like this:
{"did": 2, "name": "Jellyfish Jelly", "amount_earned": 999999999, "amount_spent": 245, "amount_purchased": 0}

where amount_earned is how much was earned, amount_spent - how much was spent, and accordingly amount_purchased - how much was bought for real money.
The easiest way to set amount_earned is 999999999.

One section is limited by curly braces, instead of the equal sign, the colon ":" is used and all names must be in double quotes, and numbers can be written without quotes. For example:
"name": "Jellyfish Jelly", "amount_earned": 999999999

And yes, pay attention to the fact that my name parameter says "Jellyfish Jelly", I just renamed it.

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The game crashes (
Oh God(
With an Internet at 85 percent, and without it at 35 percent

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And if the original file is replaced back? Is the internet turned off? What version of the game? The game from the very beginning, or already completed several levels?

Well, or let me see the file.

Rep: (5)
And if the original file is replaced back? Is the internet turned off? What version of the game? The game from the very beginning, or already completed several levels?

Well, or let me see the file.

I reinstalled the game, I tried it with the Internet turned off and on.
after changing the file, I played. passed enough levels.

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Then it is not clear what the problem is. Everything works at my place.

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I'll tell you how I did !! .....
The file Game.json which is located in the directory / var / Mobile / Application / Moves In / Documents / p_xx_xxxxx / was dropped onto the desktop, opened with a regular notepad and changed the values: "did: 2" and "did: 3" to 999999999.
I deleted the file from the folder / p_xx_xxxxx / and inserted the one that I edited and everything turned out
Screen attached
I hope it helped !!!!

Attached images
Attached Image

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dirt94, Add me to VK there ok or skype nasn_nasn skype

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And saves during hacking are saved?

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How is hacking done:
Do everything as describeddementor246 .
1) When you are going to copy game.json to your computer, close the game from multitasking before this.
2) DO NOT enter the game before you make all the changes and put this file back into the game.
3) And only then run.

Saving and progress remain + at each entry into the game, the number of Jellies and Coins resets at 999999999.

Try it, do it.

If it still does not work, then write to the PM. Let's try to figure it out.

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and the meaning of did2 and did3, change the words themselves with a digit to nine? or only 2 and 3

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Sterilizator @ 01/26/2014, 02:58*
and the meaning of did2 and did3, change the words themselves with a digit to nine? or only 2 and 3

need to change amount_earned: blablabla
that's exactly blablabla change to 999999999

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After connecting to the Internet for some reason, everything flies (
PS Everything worked - it was necessary to change the rights to the file)

Post has been editedvalecuca - 29.01.14, 11:12

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dirt94 thanks figured out, catch the plus)

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Thanks for the hack, everything worked out the first time.

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Now, the infection, wants updates and sends to appstore. Well, it does not start.

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Here you can downloadversion 3.09 (yandex disk)

Rep: (2)
Version 4.00on Yandex disk

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