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AppGratis | every day one application for free or at a discount of up to 90%

Rep: (593)
version: 3.1.4

Last update of the program in the header:22.11.2016

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Short description:
Every day one application for free or at a discount of up to 90%.

AppGratis is a completely free service that has already been recognized by 5 million people on iOS, and finally, AppGratis is coming to Android!
So what is AppGratis?
A small tour from the brave Seeds (creator of the service):
вЬУ Every day I negotiate with developers to get the best applications for free.
вЬУ I offer up to 90% discounts on some paid apps.
вЬУ I also very often offer free home purchases, unlocking levels and other cool things that you usually have to pay for.
вЬУ Only one notice per day! I promise.
вЬУ And, of course, all applications are tested personally by me (a living person).

Russian interface: Yes

Developer: iMediapp
Homepage: Facebook / Twitter
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...app.appgratisv3

version: 3.1.4 AppGratis (Post And_RU # 55353665)

Past versions

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Rep: (141)
Another program for advertising and cheating number downloaded? Looked at previous offers, all lead to free versions.

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Rep: (593)
ezhikizv, I downloaded the light version of the application, registered in the program and wrote to me that tomorrow they would activate the pro version on my account. Everything happened the next day. If you read the entire description, then there were no problems with activation.

And now not a lot oftop. All applications from the topic header:Discounts and promotions in the Android Market and Amazon AppstoreI use, if they cheated I would not write them there.

Rep: (141)
Master YODA, Thanks for the clarification, now I understand everything. It's a pity the bonuses after the "data cleaning" will disappear: (

Rep: (11)
Something I did not observe what is written in the cap. It is a pity, I thought a great program and even a plus would put.

Rep: (296)
AppGratis v2.0.3
What's new in this version *:
¬Ј Now the application is stable
many viruses (in that chile
flu viruses and chickenpox)
¬Ј Added stealth mode
(only he is invisible)
¬Ј Character has become more flexible
¬Ј 10% more fruit!
* - there is some probability that this is humor
Attached fileAppgratis_v2.0.3.apk(2.98 MB)

Rep: (895)
Leff69 @ 07/03/2013, 07:11*
AppGratis v2.0.3
What's new in this version *:

They wrote about the update, as if a virus or hackers are joking))))

Rep: (18)
In fact, I also noticed that the lite or free version ("become free" ..)
Developer Answer
I would never dare to think that all people are so stupid as to be able to carry them out. Surely, you know that such a system is popular in the Play Store: two versions of the application. Free and paid. By downloading the free version, you try the application and if you like it, then you can unlock additional features for an additional fee. What am I doing? I ask the developers to unlock these features for free for my users on the day of the promotion. Thus, when you download a supposedly light version, when you open the application for the first time, an automatic version occurs (or you need to use a password! I write about this in my texts) unlocking the pro version. And besides, sometimes, the pro version is just a version without ads. Which is also very good. I now do not like advertising. And most importantly, I present applications that I like myself and I recommend them to my users (sometimes, with a pleasant, useful and free bonus) I hope that now itвАЩs becoming clearer. And if not - do not be shy, write more!

See you, Semyon

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Rep: (25)
AppGratis 3.0.4

Download : Attached filecom.imediapp.appgratisv3-1_3.0.4.apk (4.66 MB)

Rep: (1366)
AppGratis v. 3.1.2 from May 15, 2015

Past versions

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Attached filecom.imediapp.appgratisv3.apk(6.38 MB)

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The application is working fine. Through the program sends to the market, after installing the light version and launching it, it says that the full version has been activated. So you just have to wait for the right stock program to pop up ... :)

Rep: (440)
AppGratis v. 3.0.8
Attached fileAppGratis_v3.0.8_.apk(5.25 MB)

Rep: (14)
Version 3.0.9

Attached files

Attached filecom.imediapp.appgratisv3-2_3.0.9.apk(5.42 MB)

Rep: (393)
Version3.1.0 from 21.10.2014
What's new (from the market):
What's new:
- Supports image hiding (GIF) and video.
- Updated user interface.
- Added "ripper" effect as in Android L.
- Updated and added additional themes with a "ripper" effect.
- New feature trusted devices, support lock / unlock using a smart watch.
- Added video instructions for resetting the password and turn on fake cover.
+ GET_ACCOUNTS: restoration of the premium version when you get the app as a gift
+ BLUETOOTH: use for trusted devices.

Attached filecom.imediapp.appgratisv3_3.1.0.apk(5.68 MB)

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Rep: (61)
Very worthy. You just need to wait patiently for the right thing, at the same time exploring the proposed.

Rep: (1095)
One I do not understand - why the descriptions of shares in Inglish?

Rep: (1095)
Something about the action notification of the program o.O began to open up in me

Rep: (1389)
Something about the notification of the action began to open the program settings

I have it from the very beginning - a window with a valid special offer opens for half a second and a settings window immediately appears.
It is necessary to click on the return button to see the offer of the day.

Rep: (115)
Similar situation.

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Rep: (1095)
Yes Yes exactly

Rep: (981)
AppGratis v3.1.3

What's new:
вШЕ Even faster than before
вШЕ To flag up a bug, use the 'bug to report?' button in Settings
вШЕ A suggestion, problem or complaint? Write to me at [email protected], and I will reply

Attached fileAppGratis 3.1.3.apk(6 MB)

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