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Xiaomi Club | Communication without strict rules

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Club charter
1. In the club are Forum Rules ( Rules in Pictures ) and Trepalki *
2.Welcome goodwill in the messages and the lack of direction in the search.
3.Prohibited rudeness, disrespectful communication, mate and any foul language.
4.Encourage club members to post news, they try for us.
5.All technical questions about the devices we ask in the relevant topics (spoiler "Xiaomi products onsavagemessiahzine.com ").
6.We have a conversation inTelegram Come in

* 2.7. It is forbidden to create topics and messages of a political nature.Breaker is out of politics .
** Trolls and how to cook them correctly.

To join the club, you must:
1. Havea wish
2. To haveno negative reputation
3. To be the ownerdevicebutfrom Xiaomior be his wait. (In the profile it is desirable to specify the brand of the phone)
4. Say the oath: "I swear by all Chinese mobile entities always and everywhere to speak Xiaomi! May my language wither, may my smart wipe if I say otherwise!"
5. Have a healthy sense of humor.
6. All technical questions about the devices we ask in the relevant topics (spoiler "Xiaomi products onsavagemessiahzine.com")
7. Invite everyone to the table

Examples of tables (not necessarily the same, this is only the direction of the idea):1, 2, 3etc.

Club members
Club geography

The list of participants has become so large and changeable that it no longer fits here and changing it constantly is difficult. You can use the activity card of the club members.

Club Members Activity

Navigator on Xiaomi devices Russian-language chat rooms in Telegram

Xiaomi products onsavagemessiahzine.com
Note: Models with a Note in the title - imply a larger display diagonal than just Mi / RedMi
Ruler "flagships" Mi (pic)

Budget line RedMi (red rice)

Other devices
Programs and Applications

Spare parts

Comparisons and impressions of the "tubers"
Our signature
[url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php? show
- Xiaomi club

How to pronounce Xiaomi

Ask curators of all topics related to Xiaomi to add a link to the caps toClub . If the subject does not have a curator, you can do this using the "Complaint" button

The curator of the topic is scsichnik ( QMS )

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* bakpetr ,: rofl:

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* bakpetr Yes, he worked all the time! : Butcher:

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_MeHaNiK_ @ 3.06.20, 8:25*
Yes, he worked all the time!
Well, yes, yes, I understand, sometimes the technique works so that just itching to take and restore ...
_MeHaNiK_ @ 2.06.20, 22:59*
I regained his former redmi laptop 4!
: D: drinks:

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* bakpetr Changing the display module house, I damaged the battery. While waiting for the battery to China, the girls lost tray simok ...: wallbash: As a result of the smart 3 years lay on the shelf 2 months! : Laugh_wild:
So I put that restored "justice!" : Roll:

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* bakpetr
: Rofl: Yeah)

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