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Mapcam Info RUS | [IPhone] [iPad] A program that alerts the driver about fixation cameras

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Mapcam Info RUS
version: 2.3

Last update of the program in the header:15.01.2014

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Short description:
program warning the driver about the cameras fixing traffic violations and potentially dangerous places on the road.

“Mapcam Info” will remind the driver in time about the observance of the speed limit and traffic rules, and help to avoid a fine or prevent accidents.
“Mapcam Info” can work both independently and with any navigation program in the background.
The program uses the project warning base.http://mapcam.info. At the moment, this is the most complete and current base for the CIS countries and not only.

The database includes the following types of alerts:
1. Stationary camera, measuring speed;
2. Camera built into the traffic light;
3. A camera that checks the passage of red light;
4. Pair camera on the road;
5. Mobile camera (ambush);
6. Camera control strip route transport;
7. Stationary post DPS;
8. Railway crossing;
9. Dangerous pedestrian crossing or school zone;
10. The beginning of the settlement;
11. Speed ​​limit sign;
12. Lying police officer;
13. Bad road;
14. Dangerous change of direction;
15. Dangerous intersection;
16. Other danger.

This version of the program is completed with the “Russia” database, information in which is relevant as of the date the program was posted on the App Store. Access to the database update and maintain its daily relevance can be after registering a user in the project and subscribing. Subscribed users have unlimited access to update the databases of the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Finland, Bulgaria.

The relevance of information in the database is maintained by the project participants themselves. More than 170,000 participants have already been registered in the project and, at least in large cities, cameras get into the base almost on the day of their installation. The lack of a camera in the program can be caused by several factors:
1. The camera is not related to the recording of traffic violations. Such cameras are not entered into the database or are removed from the database by more experienced project participants.
2. Maybe it's a dummy. Dummies are different from real cameras in the absence of filling, apparently they are completely identical. Such objects are also removed from the database.

Each object in the database has an individual rating (ranging from -1 to 5). This parameter ranks all database objects according to the degree of driver's attention to this object. This rating is formed by voting of the project participants on the site.http://mapcam.info

Check the availability of a specific object in the project database and read more detailed information about it on the pagehttp://mapcam.info/speedcam/If the object is really not in the database, then it can be added on the same page using a convenient visual interface.

The warning distance is specified in the database individually for each object. This minimizes the number of false positives and warns the driver exactly where it is really necessary. You can change the warning distance of each object on the page.http://mapcam.info/speedcam/

You can get more detailed information about the program, as well as ask your questions in the appropriate section of the project forum:http://mapcam.info/forum/



What's new in version 2.3:
1. Added the function of voting for the object from the application in the online mode (subject to the Internet connection);
2. Added the function of receiving online results of voting for the object of other project participants (subject to the Internet connection);
3. Added individual settings for application behavior for each type of object ("Settings" - "Warnings");
4. Added the function of displaying a text line on the screen, which duplicates the voice notification (when the application is running in the background);
5. Changed the color design of the main screen of the application in the "Day" mode;
6. Changed screen brightness settings for Day / Night modes;
7. Many small improvements and of course the traditional work on the bugs ...

Homepage: http://mapcam.info/forum/index.php?topic=2117.0
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/mapcam-info-rus/id644832729

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Reason for editing: New version 2.2

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The databases are not updated and the site is down. What happened?

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Share the full version

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free, folk counterparts tell me !?

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AN12 @ 10.12.16, 14:57*
free, folk counterparts tell me !?

Yandex.navigator =)

I used the subject on trips to the Krasnodar Territory (with a paid subscription for a month).
It’s an interesting program, but it cautions you when you don’t exceed the speed.
On the way back I was already driving off. prog.

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People, tell me.
when making calls, it doesn’t turn off the warning - that is, the program continues to play a joke in the ear during a conversation. I understand that the sound should turn off when making a call.
maybe I’ve configured something wrong, which audio channel should I choose, which one is selected?
I have selected "multimedia" so that when I turn on "in the background", the sound of I. Navigator also increases.

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Crookedly works in landscape orientation.
Has anyone had this? How to fix?
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Two three months ago I could not get enough, everything worked clearly and without problems! I don’t understand what happened. Notifications ceased to be transmitted via Bluetooth ... I tried all the audio channels of the smartphone many times, nothing helps ... Tell me step by step, who knows what to do ?! Sound comes, but only from a smartphone. During movement, the sound is barely audible. Android 6.0.1. Maybe you need to change something in the car audio settings? When making calls, the speakerphone works fine! Smartphone Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Version Mepkamdroid 2.7.425. In the list of paired devices there is only one of mine - Audi UHV 3599. In the list of profiles for it there are two profiles and both with daws: Sound during a call and Exchange contacts! Turned on and off your Bluetooth! Problem still exists! Then! As for the multimedia device, I went to the official dealer! The maximum that they could do was reset all the settings to the factory settings, i.e. forgetting the smartphone, then again pairing between the smartphone and multimedia device! And nothing ....... I don’t know what to do already ... Tell me, please, who understands!

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All one to one, like the previous friend Finor, the same phone, the car Nissan X-Trail.

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Is it possible to install the program bypassing the apple store? For example, through xCode or jailbreak.

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unlimited for 1150 r is not cheap; (
considering that the database is updated at the expense of users

PrishelUshel @ 12.25.16, 07:58*
It’s an interesting program, but it cautions you when you don’t exceed the speed.

so there are convenient settings when warning with voice when sound
in 5 seconds you can configure all types of restrictions

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* karomb, bro, here for apples. I missed the branch (

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Do you guys have a way to stir up the free paid version? 980 r too much like that

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980 r too much like that

50 rubles a month costs - you go on vacation and buy. It’s ridiculous to read like that from an apple-grower.

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I have a car radio on android, how to get this program to start itself when the radio is turned on?

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On android 8, it crashes when the background mode is turned on, where the developer has already finished.

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I have been using the program for a year and a half and at the beginning everything was OK. The first "bell" sounded when fines began to come from cameras about which the application does not notify. Recently, I specially paid attention that you were driving under the camera, and the application was silent. Moreover, the Yandex Maps application reports on cameras, but our application does not, and the difference is about 30% and the difference increases. We can say that the information is updated from and I update the database daily, but at the same time, there is a growing conviction that the developers abandoned the application and it lives its own life. And this is insulting. In the beginning, everything was fine.

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Please write about this (indicating specific cameras that do not work) on the mapcam.info site forum
We'll figure out...

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Most often I have to drive along Leninsky Prospekt and Kiev Highway to Vnukovo. I know the cameras there by heart. Previously, this program provided information about all cameras, and in advance. Now the maximum is about 60-70%, and even then the warnings pop up in "torn mode". Audible and visual warnings pop up and disappear, as if the signal was interrupted. Included information about cameras from the Yandex traffic jam application. I get food and get warnings from them, and Mapcam.info is silent. The first time I received a fine from the camera at the intersection of Leninsky and Zamora Moshela. to the center. There is no information from the application to this day, although I tried to add it with a button. I wrote about this in the Mapcam.info forum, but your moderator just snapped back and I spat. Anyone can do an experiment and at least drive along this route, where the cameras are visible perfectly, and the application will be silent. But the most interesting thing is that everything worked before. Daily updated information about the cameras, but rather by inertia. Unfortunately, this happens. The beginning is good, and the end is sad.
[email protected] Andrey.
PS. I do not break down, ready for communication, moreover, constructive, and not just criticism.

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You obviously confuse something. There are no moderators in Mapcam on Mapcam.info.

Later @ 01/27/18, 12:49 PM*
Now the maximum is about 60-70%

The problem is most likely either in the program settings, or in the fact that the Standard Database is loaded.
Check you have installed an extended database or standard. If Advanced, check the camera rating settings in the program.

The camera you are writing about is present on the map.https://mapcam.info/speedcam/ ?

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Check out the forum and my question is there. Who answered me like that? Anyway. The base is extended. With the same settings, a year ago, all cameras were shown.
Today did an experiment. I drove to Vnukovo from Gagarin Square and then back. Almost half of the cameras are not shown, although they are. The most insidious camera stands with the utmost shopping center Rumyantsevo. After the Moscow Ring Road, everyone thinks that the limit is 90, and it’s exactly at the metro level the camera is at 60. The camera is visible through the eyes, the Yandex map voice informant speaks about it, before Mapcam.info spoke in a voice, since I set it to exceed 15km / hour by voice and constant visual information. Today, the information window flickered for 5 seconds at a distance of 200 meters from the camera, although it is "by default". Before 600 meters, a window appeared and went out only after the camera passed.
Understand correctly. I really want to figure it out myself or help find a program crash. I don’t see where I might have a mistake. Education and experience allows you not to feel like a teapot.
As far as I understand, the base of all such programs is the same and it is tied to GPS coordinates. Since there is a failure of information, this means that there was a failure in the processing of these coordinates by the program in this very section. There are no failures on Komsomolsky Avenue, on Frunzenskaya Embankment, on Michurinksky, on Borovsky Highway. Only along the highway the center is Vnukovo, moreover, along the entire length of almost 30 km.

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