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Club Mod APK | Here we make orders for mod apk, learn to create them, hacking, etc.

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Club Rules:
You can find the full list of rules here: link

Information for modders> link.

  1. Orders for hacking games , including cheating various buns (life, currency, resources, etc.) are accepted in Club cheaters . Discussion of such hacks is conducted in the same place.
  2. Orders made not by the rules of the club are deleted immediately and without warning.
    • Sample order:
      1. The full official name of the application.
      2. Link to the application (savagemessiahzine.com/ Play Market)
      3. The essence of the order (for example: open Premium functions) + your explanations / details. Call things by their first name if the application says "Buy Pro version?" then you need to write "hack on Pro", and not on "Premium" or "Full."
      4. Screenshots (required under the spoiler).
      5. Attached apk file of the application - MANDATORY!

  3. Due to the increased number of one-day accounts and, as a result, part-time work is wasted, craftsmen usually take orders from users who havesavagemessiahzine.com>50 useful posts. Remember that multiple registration is prohibited and punished by a ban ( 2.1.3 ).
  4. "Just questions" on modifying a specific application without an attached APK are ignored. Make an order as is customary in the club, there are no psychics here, at a distance to see the structure of each application.
  5. Be polite, thank the masters for their work and completed orders. Thank in accordance with the rulessavagemessiahzine.com- not by post-respecting the topic, but by pressing a button Picturenext to the reputation of who helped you. If you do not have 15 useful posts yet, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you with the buttonPicture.
  6. Here, no one owes nothing to anyone.Even the correct execution of the order does not guarantee that it will be completed in 10 minutes / hour / day / week, etc. Just leave an order and wait. There is no need to duplicate and вАЬupsetвАЭ orders, to remind them, to ask when they are ready вАФ repetition and obsession do not increase the likelihood of fulfillment. A repeated application is possible no earlier than 7 days later, otherwise the application will be deleted. If someone wants / will be able to complete your order, they will execute it without reminders. If your order is not fulfilled, it is not because it was not noticed.
  7. Publication of the ordered mod in other topics / on other resources without specifying the author of the mod is not allowed.Let's respect the work of others.
  8. Users who maliciously ignore club rules, risk to get into the black list of the club and get eternal ignore from the masters.
  9. Paragraph 4.20 of the rulessavagemessiahzine.comworks here, which means it is strictly (!) prohibited to discuss and publish hacking programs whose application is prohibited on the forum (in the topics of such programs there is usually a warning and / or developers present). Examples of such applications: HD VideoBox, Torrent Stream Controller, True Phone, Poweramp, Call Recorder from skvalex, Navitel, Yandex.Music, etc.>READ THE LIST(the list is replenished, if it is not in the list, it does not mean that the option is allowed. We read this item of the rules and do not violate.
  10. Before you voice the order, without fail, use the search on the topic to avoid repetitions. Replays trash the topic and are deleted without warning.
Useful information, links, instructions
Modifications from club members
How to join the club
  • Application for membership in the club:
    • I want to join the club.
    • 1. Here to describe what you can help the club.
    • 2. Your portfolio (examples of your mods).
    • 3. I commit to follow the rules of the club.

  • Requirements for admission to the club:
    • Left in the subject of the club application, issued in the form described above.
    • Five successful mods.

  • Club Signature:
    • If you want, you can add the signature of the club. She looks like this:Club Mod APK
      [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.

Hall of Fame
Previous polls
there will be screenshots of polls

Old hat>here

For all questions, you are always ready to help. CuratorSaWSeM

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Video from the screen without sound, but when you start recording, there is still sound. It does not depend on the settings at all.

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Attached fileSCR_20190609_015957.mp4(2.75 MB)

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LAINER1977 @ 06/09/19, 00:07*
Maybe someone still wants to make a clone and (or) untie it from Google services

Read and calm down already:
AliExpress Shopping App (Post<DMITRIY> #82910700)
* 3HTEP, Well, these are not my problems if the tick of silence in the program settings that I set for you does not work.

Threat. The duty post passed. Midnight team of psychotherapists, magicians and psychics on the way out ...: lol:

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Good night specialists!
Please activate Premium in the application.
Thanks to everyone for participating: thank_you:
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Attached fileParallel texts_com.adamantmobile.ienglish.apk(9.44 MB)

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* PiratRodger ,
Attached fileParallel texts_com.adamantmobile.ienglish-1.apk(8.87 MB)

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* >root< checked your version. Installed ... like premium activated.
Thanks for the hard work: rofl:: friends:

Rep: (985)
* PiratRodger , The menu item remained with premium, removed it, updated the post)

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* PiratRodger , Attached fileadamantmobile.ienglish-5.3.2_sign.apk (9.48 MB)

Unsubscribe, okay?

* >root< and you check please
Attached fileadamantmobile.ienglish-5.3.2_sign.apk(8.55 MB)

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* Alex.Ognev ,
Writes premium activated, did the premium item also cut out on the menu? : D

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* >root< , well yes. Hid it. In the code, he does not hide himself, for some reason. And then he cut a googol: D

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Alex.Ognev @ 06/09/19, 4:46*
And then he cut a googol

And now I tried to cut it, somewhere I caught the extra code, it crashes))
Deleted a mod shorter: D

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You can unblock this application, remove ads and unblock those I will be very grateful

Good night, quiet and quiet night

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Attached fileNetworkSpeed.apk(6.74 MB)

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* >root< , I personally cut gms / analytics for a long time

Rep: (5)

If this tick of silence worked, then I would not ask to cut out the sound. There is no sense in it, there is still sound when recording video.

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2. ¬Ѓ MT Manager
3. The essence of the order:
I edited this application a little by myself.
The principle of operation is convert:
Rename the necessary files in orig.xml and trans.xml
place "orig.xml" on "o.xml" and "trans.xml" on "t.xml".
After the finished file is called merge1.mtd

1) What I would like to do so that there is some kind of check and if merge1.mtd is in the folder, then metge2.mtd, merge3.mtd, etc. were created.
2) also after combining the translations, the file DefaultDictionary.mtd is obtained, I also want to check that if the folder contains DefaultDictionary.mtd, then DefaultDictionary1.mtd, DefaultDictionary2.mtd, etc. are created.
5. Attached fileXML2MTD 1.5 MOD.apk(994.26 KB)

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* Antix666 what is this game. Ohhh and where did you get this,
Thank!!! : rofl:
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Attached Image
Attached Image

I will never forget this application ...: boy_girl :: butcher:
And his muse.
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I like ...: girl_hospital:
I'm done now ...
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Updated by YaPlakal
Removed ads.
Attached fileYa Cried 0.990 no ads.apk(6.31 MB)

- Added confirmation for the item "Report";
- Fixed a bug when submitting complaints;
- Fixed bug when copying text;
- New logic and correction of errors in editing messages with quotes;
- Fixed errors related to the display of Gif.

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* >root<,
Now nishtyak. What does it mean to really check)

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AlexsandrBikov @ 06/03/19, 09:38*
please make a premium version


Rep: (39)
* Alex.Ognev , I checked your version ... the flight is normal ... Premium is activated ... everything is exactly the same in the menu. Thank you for your work. : thank_you :: rofl:
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Guys, help remove the license check from this apk.

Here itвАЩs like the check itself
.method public onResponse (Lorg / json / JSONObject;) V
.locals 3

: try_start_0
const-string v0, "status"

invoke-virtual {p1, v0}, Lorg / json / JSONObject; ->getInt (Ljava / lang / String;) I

move-result v0

const / 4 v1,0x0

const / 4 v2, 0x1

if-eq v0, v2,: cond_0

invoke-direct {p0, v2}, Lir / blindgram / ui / LoginActivity $ PhoneView; ->setLinear (I) V

iget-object p1, p0, Lir / blindgram / ui / LoginActivity $ PhoneView; ->checkLicense: Landroid / app / AlertDialog;

invoke-virtual {p1, v2}, Landroid / app / AlertDialog; ->setCancelable (Z) V

iget-object p1, p0, Lir / blindgram / ui / LoginActivity $ PhoneView; ->codeField: Lir / blindgram / ui / Components / EditTextBoldCursor;

invoke-virtual {p1}, Landroid / widget / EditText; ->getContext () Landroid / content / Context;

move-result-object p1

const-string v0, "NotOk"

## AllInOne ##! ID! TYPE = string NAME = NotOk VALUE = Invalid license Touch here to buy license
## AllInOne ##! COLOR! FF80F2FA
const v2,0x7f0d065b

invoke-static {v0, v2}, Lir / blindgram / messenger / LocaleController; ->getString (Ljava / lang / String; I) Ljava / lang / String;

move-result-object v0

invoke-static {p1, v0, v1}, Landroid / widget / Toast; ->makeText (Landroid / content / Context; Ljava / lang / CharSequence; I) Landroid / widget / Toast;

move-result-object p1

invoke-virtual {p1}, Landroid / widget / Toast; ->show () V

goto: goto_1

: cond_0
const-string v0, "free"

invoke-virtual {p1, v0}, Lorg / json / JSONObject; ->getInt (Ljava / lang / String;) I

move-result p1

if-nez p1,: cond_1

goto: goto_0

: cond_1
const / 4 v2, 0x0

: goto_0
sput-boolean v2, Lir / blindGram; ->isOk: Z

sget-object p1, Lir / blindgram / messenger / ApplicationLoader; ->applicationContext: Landroid / content / Context;

const-string v0, "mainconfig"

invoke-virtual {p1, v0, v1}, Landroid / content / Context; ->getSharedPreferences (Ljava / lang / String; I) Landroid / content / SharedPreferences;

move-result-object p1

invoke-interface {p1}, Landroid / content / SharedPreferences; ->edit () Landroid / content / SharedPreferences $ Editor;

move-result-object p1

const-string v0, "isOklice"

sget-boolean v1, Lir / blindGram; ->isOk: Z

invoke-interface {p1, v0, v1}, Landroid / content / SharedPreferences $ Editor; ->putBoolean (Ljava / lang / String; Z) Landroid / content / SharedPreferences $ Editor;

invoke-interface {p1}, Landroid / content / SharedPreferences $ Editor; ->apply () V

iget-object p1, p0, Lir / blindgram / ui / LoginActivity $ PhoneView; ->checkLicense: Landroid / app / AlertDialog;

invoke-virtual {p1}, Landroid / app / AlertDialog; ->dismiss () V

invoke-direct {p0}, Lir / blindgram / ui / LoginActivity $ PhoneView; ->login () V
: try_end_0
.catch Lorg / json / JSONException; {: try_start_0 ..: try_end_0}: catch_0

goto: goto_1

: catch_0
move-exception p1

invoke-virtual {p1}, Lorg / json / JSONException; ->printStackTrace () V

: goto_1
.end method

As I understand it, if boolean Lir / blindGram; ->isOk: Z will be true, then the check should pass?

In class ir / blindgram / ui / blindGramSettingsActivity;
const-string v3, "isOklice"
invoke-interface {v0, v3, v1}, Landroid / content / SharedPreferences; ->getBoolean (Ljava / lang / String; Z) Z
move-result v3 changed to const / 4 v3, 0x1
sput-boolean v3, Lir / blindGram; ->isOk: Z
Did not help. Who knows how to bypass the check please help.
: thank_you:

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