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Discussion Acer Iconia W3-810
tabletpc | Atom Z2760 | 2GB RAM | Windows 8 | screen 8.1 "
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Photos of the opened tablet:

CPU: Dual-core Intel Atom Z2760 1.8GHz processor
GPU: PowerVR SGX545
Screen: 8.1 "TFT 1280x800 CrystalBrite LCD 186.35 ppi
ROM: 32 / 64GB
GPS: -
Wi-Fi: 802.11a / b / g / n
USB: micro USB 2.0
Battery: 6700 mAh for up to 8 hours of battery life.
Front camera: 2MP
Rear camera: 2MP
Sizes: 219 x 139 x 10.2 mm
Weight: 495 g.
Price: $ 279 / $ 299 (in America) 15000-16000 rubles in Russia
List of models:
American line:
W3-810-1416 - NT.L1JAA.002
W3-810-1632 - NT.L1JAA.003
W3-810-1650 - NT.L1JAA.007
W3-810-1833 - NT.L1JAA.006

Line for the Russian market:
W3-810-27602G03nsw - NT.L1JER.001
W3-810-27602G06nsw - NT.L1JER.002
Mini F.A.Q. (answers to frequently asked questions)

Q0-installation system from scratch
A0-instruction 1
The key is not picked up, it needs to be pulled out of the BIOS, you need to install it with a test key (in the archive with the image), activate it with a key from the BIOS. Those. the only inaccuracy in the header is that 8.1 is not activated by the key sewn into the BIOS.
Acer Iconia W3 - Discussion

Q1-Is it possible to use third-party programs for backup?
A1-it just so happens that neither Acronis, nor NortonGhost, nor Paragon work correctly. But dearzalpet discovered that we can successfully apply (and can even replace the regular Acer program Macrium.Reflect plus you can play with the sections.

Also availableWinPE imagewith all drivers (touch works) and Macrium Reflect.

When you "chemize" with partitions, be sure to backup and restore the hidden UEFI partition to 100MB without it the tablet will not boot

Q2-Just bought (looked in the store) a tablet and found that it only works when the charger is on and the battery is not charging. And update the BIOS file
A2-Many have come across such instances (such a courier himself brought). This sin (mainly) tablets from M-Video. One solution is that when the tablet is turned on, start the acer update program and update the UEFI (BIOS) file, the program will offer to update two components (one of them will concern the battery problem fix). after a reboot, firmware will occur, and then windows will start. The main sign that the method worked is the charge indicator on the power button will light steady (and not blink) in orange, and when fully charged it will turn blue.

Q3-Can I connect peripherals?
1-using a standard OTG adapter to which you can connect a USB hub (with or without external power)
2, you can embed this hub inside the tablet:Tyk, Tyk
3-buy bluetooth peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc)

Q4-Can I connect a hard disk?
A4-Can. 2.5 "disks are connected without external power.

Q5-Are there OS images with integrated tablet drivers (touch, etc)
A5-Isboot.wim boot.wim (cloud thanks to the userzalpet ) with integrated drivers.

Q6-How to roll back the system to factory settings?
there are also recovery images (links inthis post )

Q7-what quality video can you watch comfortably?
A7-720r goes without brakes. In principle, the 1080p device also pulls, but on this screen, there is not much difference.

Q8-if I connect the tablet via HDMI to the TV FullHD what will be the image?
A8- FullHD

Q9- battery does not charge
A9- possible solutionhere
Officially, this tablet does not support Windows 10, however...
... it is possible to install it manually with drivers from 8.1. Ie: you can install and use it, but without a guarantee for stability.
technical support response
Good day.
Thank you for contacting Acer technical support.

This model will not be supported with Windows 10.
Detailed information you can read on the link.…dows10-eligible-models

Best regards, Acer tech support.

Attention to those who rearrange the system or assembly from scratch:
Before installing a new system, you need to know your key: using AIDA 64, pull it out of the BIOS or in any other available way.
However, they do not activate Windows 8.1 or 10, only the "Eight" is activated with our keys, and without our participation, i.e. automatically.

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and if it's not Roman-Good’s secret, why did you buy the device? what are you doing on it? I didn’t do anything else with surfing on 8k in tablet mode and the films of course!)

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Watching movies on Xoom Me is much nicer, but surfing in a normal browser does.
I took it because of a full-fledged office, plus I have to work with the company's website, which on Android does not work correctly and is not very convenient.
I wanted something smaller than a laptop, I have a 11 '' laptop, so I did not want to take 10 ''.
And if you honestly just wanted to have such a toy, a full-fledged computer the size of a small book.

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Roman-Good @ 06/12/2013, 02:14*
I tried to install Opera and Mozzila. The opera slows down godlessly, Mozzila also slows down, but the regular Internet Explorer pleased - it works smartly and smoothly, you have to get used to it.

Here you will find a solution to many of your problems.Acer Iconia W510 / W510P / W511Including the brakes can be reduced if you install wines pro from the header

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As a whole, apart from the screen, I like the head of your topic, I carefully studied it, but I don’t want to change anything in my device yet, plus, when I change the version of Windows, its license will be lost, as I understand it.
He refused the Opera, and I even began to like the Explorer.

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Roman-Good @ 06/18/2013, 01:38*
its license will be lost, as I understand it

Not if you will use the official Microsoft key to register a new Windows, then the license will not be lost. Generally speaking, it’s easier today hacked Windows 8 does not exist. Since Microsoft refused to OEM keys, and for each copy of Windows, a unique individual key is issued, which, interacting with computer hardware, generates a unique code using which you register your copy of Windows on the Microsoft website. So if you do not register your computer with your own key, it will be the key officially obtained by someone from Microsoft and posted on the Internet. There are no unofficial pirate keys. Have to

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Hello gentlemen! Is it possible to put a seven on this device? If so, where can I find firewood? In the seven, I think they can not be anyway.

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well, it’s a wine tablet, hypothetically, you can put any axis on x86, the main thing is that there is firewood from the manufacturers! On the website of the eser, w3 is there and there is no firewood! Question to the esteemed Roman-Good, did you have a drive with firewood in the kit and What was besides charging and waste paper in general? By the way, it is possible that somewhere there is a magic inscription support with vin7)

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There are no magic inscriptions. All that was in the box I took a picture of, except charging and the tablet itself is not at all nice. There is no disk either, but there is a recovery section on the screw plus a utility from Eiser to copy this section to the USB flash drive. As for me it’s better, I don’t need an external sidirom, which I don’t have.

I almost forgot, I tried to install 3DMark Basic, the test consists of two parts, the first (Ice storm) W3 failed with a result of 3521, and in the second it gives an error.

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WILDC @ T @ 06/19/2013, 10:15*
! On the website of the Eiser, w3 is and there is no firewood!

This is shitty :( In principle, the firewood can be pulled out of Windows (there are programs). I use it on two laptops myself, launched the executable and all the firewood are there. But if you reinstall the eight, since there is no disk on the site, bye. And they’ll go whether, and will they become a seven? Do they have compatibility among themselves?
Roman-Good @ 06/19/2013, 10:45*
All that was in the box I took a picture of, except charging and the tablet itself is not at all nice

Strange,: wacko: maybe the equipment is different? I personally watched the video of unpacking the box, I don’t remember where, roofing felts on YouTube, or somewhere else, there, in addition to the above, there are in-ear headphones, a miniUSB-USB HUB adapter for 3 inputs, and a case. Everything except Klava.

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The box from under it is very small and it is difficult to push something into it. At first, you upset me a little and I even specifically watched a couple of videos, but everywhere it turned out to be the same kit as mine, only with the difference that there is a disk with the 32Gb version and no with 64Gb.

It is a pity that no one else has, I would like to know the impressions from the screen.

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Tanger73 @ 06/20/2013, 16:54*
I personally watched the video unpacking the box

Can you give a link?

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Happy owners!

If it’s not difficult, please measure the size of the visible part of the screen — I want to shove it into the car.

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8.1 "diagonal, it is indicated on the device, if you are interested in width and height, in the evening I can measure.
If you embed it in something, then there will be no access to buttons and ports. The border around the screen is small, wide only from the Windows button.

... and so the screen width is 17.4 cm, height 10.9 cm.

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Il1dan @ 06/21/2013, 11:31*
Can you give a link?

Yes, I don’t have it :( I wanted to upload it myself, but I didn’t find the link somewhere, but I couldn’t find the video, if I didn’t delete it, I’ll post it. Three external screws need to be broken.

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People of the whole planet, maybe someone has heard whether they are going to release the Acer W3 version at all with 3G and GPS and with Micro SD, but without these functions the device turns out to be not very attractive in terms of using as (CAR PC). : thank_you:

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P.S. I saw everything in the photo, the slot for Micro SD was hidden so that you won’t find it right away, but when will the rest be? Owners of W3, share your impressions good and not good, unsubscribe do not be shy, everything is interesting. We are waiting for the start of sales, otherwise the "treasury tickets" are knitting a thigh ©. : D

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UPSE® @ 06/24/2013, 17:35*
... and so the screen width is 17.4 cm, height 10.9 cm.

Yeah! Thank you very much.
Of course, open the case and solder everything and everything - but where to go.
I have a computer in the car, but my monitor has a native resolution of 800x480 (but there are no other 7-8 "), and you can poke a finger at each pixel)))

Posted on 06/25/2013, 22:31:

upse®, You can use an active hub and an external modem and gps - but this is not correct, I agree. Although external gps can be carried out on the roof.

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Honestly, I never thought of using a tablet as a Car PC.
In my Golf 7, everything suits me both navigation and the on-board computer, the only thing that is not convenient is that the head unit does not support video playback, in this case I use a tablet. Honestly, an Android tablet is more suitable for these purposes. He will have better responsiveness of the touch screen, and in general more comfortable work in driving conditions. Vidovs is still Windows, here both the icons are small and the touch orientation so far wants the best. But if there is a need to use software for adult computers - then yes.

Offtop: The other day my wife bought a new Grand Cherokee, everything is there: both video players and a browser + screen as in a C-class dualview (a passenger is watching a movie and you see a navigator).

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Roman-Good @ 06/26/2013, 04:08*
Vidovs is still Windows, here both the icons are small and the touch orientation so far wants the best.

Icon enlargement for wimps? Have you used W8 on your tablet at least? : P Normally there is everything with the work of the wheelbarrow on W8 and 8.1, they work fine on tablets.

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There are special casings for machines, such as a centrifuge
But this is already on the verge of offtopic, there are resources on car pc, and there was something here.

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