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[WP8] The Dark Knight Rises | [Action]

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[WP8] The Dark Knight Rises
Genre: Action

Last update of the game in the header:28.04.2013

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Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy epic is now in an exclusive video game inspired by the plot of the film.


Eight years passed, and Bruce Wayne again had to wear a Batman costume. This time his enemies will be the mysterious Selina Kyle and Bane, a sworn enemy who wants to take away from Batman all that is precious to him.
Act together with Batman's comrades and protect Gotham from Bane.
All the characters from the movie - Catwoman, Lucius Fox, Commissioner Gordon - will help you travel back to this unforgettable world.


Assignments and random events will make you feel like a superhero. You are waiting for the hostages, bombs, prison and dizzying chases. In short, prove to the people of Gotham that you are able to stand outside the city.
A fascinating combat system and a variety of cinema techniques will take you into the heart of action.
Collect items hidden in the city, discover improvements and new combat techniques for Batman.


At your disposal the entire arsenal of Batman. Use the harpoon to quickly cross the city or disarm the enemy, or Batarang, to knock down the enemy or press a button at a remote distance - your possibilities are unlimited. If there is no need to fight, get behind the wheel of a unique Bet-Mobile or Betting to move around the city.


Explore Gotham and its individual areas on a huge map, appreciate the excellent graphics, thanks to which you are transported into the dark universe of Batman.

Download: hacked
The Dark Knight Rises
Marketplace Web: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-ru/store/ap...a1-c4ff645fae24

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Lumia 525 1GB of RAM and infernal lags (the same in spider men

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How to download from the van drive? I click on download, some page loading starts and nothing happens, the browser is chrome and 11

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save via PCM by “download” and save the object.

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On htc one m8 windows is pretty buggy - does everyone have it? Didn't gamelofts optimize anything at all?

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A working link to download, but all that’s in the subject is dead.

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Maybe someone should

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Maybe someone should

And on mobile 10 is it, can you tell me?

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