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Workshop design elements, orders.

In this topic, you can place an order for making, modifying, editing graphic elements, such as: icons, wallpapers, theme elements, etc.
"And draw me, please, ..." - this is here.

The rules of the topic.
  1. We place orders related only to the graphic part;
  2. Big pictures and "sheets" are removed in the spoiler;
  3. Questions "how to do?", "How did you do it?" - do not ask. Help on them can be in the subject.[FAQ] Change the interface;
  4. All questions relating to the work of tweaks, programs, topics, etc., ask (place) in the profile topics.
    Help topics available inTopics - Discussion;
  5. No search in this thread!
    Original files, if there is no backup, ask inRequest for lost files;
  6. Flood and offtopic death;
  7. Erotic hide under spoiler indicating (+18). Frank - do not publish!
  8. It is forbidden to publish images in the format "uncompressed BMP", all links to BMP will be deleted.

General conditions and recommendations:
  • Acknowledgments: If you want to thank the user for the help, do not write the message “Thank you! You are super!!!".
    Just press the buttonPicturenext to his reputation.
    If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the buttonPicture
  • Formulate your order as accurately as possible: what you need, format, size, transparency, etc .;

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