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Official ultrabook page.
Today on the market there are more and more devices running Windows 8. It reveals all its advantages on devices equipped with touch-displays. Apparently, having seen quite good prospects for this operating system, manufacturers began to produce more and more devices based on it. Features of Windows 8 and market conditions compel manufacturers to invent universal gadgets that can fulfill not only the role of ultrabooks that are fashionable today, but also taking on the functions of tablet PCs. Some of these devices work out well, others - not so, the consumer will appreciate the work of engineers.
I decided to open a new topic dedicated to one of these devices - DELL XPS DUO 12
The device, in my opinion, turned out to be wonderful for the company DELL in all respects - spectacular expensive materials, powerful performance stuffing, excellent backlit keyboard, awesome (you can’t tell another way) display with FullHD resolution and 12.5 inches diagonal covered with Gorilla Glass, long enough, among similar devices, battery life and the strongest WOW-effect, all this fully applies to this device.
In my hands, this transformer turned out yesterday, after long torments of choice, comparing gadgets from different manufacturers. Therefore, while it’s too early to talk about the pros and cons, you can only talk about first impressions. However, as they say, the first impression is often true.
Ultrabook Official PageOfficial ultrabook page.
So, first impressions ...
Taking the device in hand, you catch yourself on the fact that you no longer want to let go of it, it is so comfortable and pleasant to touch.
Booting the OS takes no more than 7 seconds, aided by a 256 GB SSD drive.
The display rotation mechanism is very convenient and looks quite reliable.
The amount of RAM 8 GB allows you to hope for the absence of problems when working with any applications.
Because there is no disk with the OS to restore it in the event of a failure; the first desire was to make such a disk. To create it, there is a preinstalled application from the manufacturer. I launched it, and was pleasantly surprised by the offer to connect a flash drive, in addition to the standardly expected devices, to a choice. Without much enthusiasm, I connect the available 4 GB flash drive formatted in NTFS format. After a second, the drive is recognized and ready to receive information. True, the system honestly warned that this volume was not enough to accommodate the entire image on it. Delayed the procedure until buying a flash drive for 8 GB.
Very pleased with the keyboard, both hardware and screen. The hardware has a convenient switchable manually or automatically backlight. The screen is also very convenient, and what is important appears automatically every time a tap is performed on the input field, at least at first glance.
These are the first impressions of this interesting device.
I invite all owners and interested to support the topic.

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The people who have Windows 10? I have persistent problems with wifi that goes out to heal through troubleshoot. I went to the conference, connected to the network there, then I’m not looking for my network at home. + when you send the laptop to sleep with a button, the keyboard illumination is still on for some time and the screw is spinning.

Therefore, I want to roll back to Vin 8. I made a bootable USB flash drive by downloading the official program from the Microsoft website. Questions:

1) The installer asks for the Windows key. Where to get it? Isn't he sewn into BIOS? Can now peep from there and enter during installation?
2) During installation, will my files be wiped? If so, what is the best way to backup?

Thank you in advance.

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* Self98b,

The key is sewn up, you can get it with the RWEverything prog, google it, it's simple there.

I have another question. It costs win 10, when you switch to tablet mode and vice versa, the laptop starts to alttale applications quickly non-stop, and you don’t know what to do with it. This does not always happen, I don’t understand what is connected

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Troferick @ 02.26.17, 15:29*
The key is sewn up, you can get it with the RWEverything prog, google it, it's simple there.

I did just that. But the Windows installation program writes that this key does not work. What kind of image must be chosen so that the key fits? How to find out the correct version of Windows to install.

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Self98b @ 03/04/17, 23:07*
What kind of image must be chosen so that the key fits? How to find out the correct version of Windows to install.

I suspect that you need version 8.0 of a single type like here

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Greetings! Did someone try to shove the ssd connector of M.2 through the adapter into it? And right now, you can hardly find any sensible SSDs with mSATA

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Hi people.

The key cover of the Russian letter B. broke. He took it to the service, there it was finally torn off to me and said that the keyboard must be changed completely, which does not fall under the guarantee.

In this regard, I had a question, how to tear off the key covers from this keyboard? I tried with a toothpick to remove the lid from the letter E, but it sits tight. I'm afraid to break the mounts. If someone knows how to remove the keys, then write, please.

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Did not find recovery image on the Internet? Or maybe someone can merge the image? I bought the device without a disk, I want to see my native software. Model 9Q33

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drive, I want to see my native software. Model 9Q33

What do you mean by native software?

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Dear Gurus! Tell me plz. Your answer is extremely important! Is it possible to put a full-fledged android 5-6-7 on the Dell XPS DUO? If possible, then emulation, or fully two systems? If two systems switch through bios or dual block? Extremely grateful in advance!

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Hello. Recently I became the owner of this computer in the configuration of 9q33. Question 2.
1. Who is struggling with the heating process?
2. The presence of NFC.Did someone put this block on it or it goes with us by default. With i7 it should go by default.If yes, thenHow to activate it?

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Pablo_Picasso @ 06/08/18, 13:06*
1. Who is struggling with the heating process?

To disassemble and change the paste, I have significantly less heat. Without much load, even the fan does not start.

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* daspb ,
Daspb @ 11.19.18, 20:47*
To disassemble and change the paste, I have significantly less heat. Without much load, even the fan does not start.

Changed. Nothing changes. Next in line is liquid iron. There is an assumption that Windows is crooked. As hands reach, I will unsubscribe.
I have Haswell

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