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PinIt! Lists
Version: 1.1.0

Last update of the program in the header:1.03.2013

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PinIt! Lists will allow you to maintain lists of intended cases, shopping lists or various other lists of all kinds of activities.

The created lists are attached to the lock screen, which allows you to get quick access to them without unlocking the device, simply by pressing the side button of your phone.

Attention!!!There are contraindications. PinIt app! Lists conflicts with MeeCast, the program settings do not allow to disable the display of information on the lock screen. The authors note that if you have a problem with an application conflict, then reinstalling the wallpaper from the system settings should correct the situation.

Russian interface: Unknown

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Ooh yeah! I'm just the one who is just right))) This program definitely falls into my list of Mast Hev! At the expense of the interface - xs, for me, so everything is normal)) the program is excellent: happy:

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The software is interesting, I would even say the right one;) there are no particular problems with the interface, it’s a pity that only one list can be displayed on the lock screen ...

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Very good software!

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