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Version: 2.3.10

Last update of the program in the header:23.10.2015

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Short description:
Application for downloading and reading content.

The application is only a shell for downloading and reading content.
Each "comic" whether "book" will have to download separately. It weighs from 25 to 100 MB. The size is explained by the fact that these are not only pictures, but also sounds, music, animation.
New issues are published every two weeks.

NARR8 is a new word in the world of mobile applications, blurring the line between the book and the television series.
NARR8 is more than an e-book. All series are filled with animation, sounds and music, HD-special effects and interactive elements that allow you to interact with what is happening on the screen.
Superheroes and furry, space fleet officers and monsters, romance and politics.
What is remarkable about NARR8:
- Unique multimedia content
- Regular releases of new series
- A wide range of topics and genres for every taste. And it continues to grow!

Russian interface: Yes
Requires Android version4.0and higher!

Developer: NARR8 Global Limited
Google Play:
YouTube videos:;v=CAd7sYLjTzE

Version: 2.3.10 NARR8 (Post Latent # 36311897)

Past versions

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Damn 1.0.17 already, and now 15th. when I finally upgraded?

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NARR8 1.0.17

After the upgrade will be made of content optimization. Please wait until the operation is completed, it will need only 1 time.
- Ability to select the place to save the episodes (the device memory, or SD-card)
- Support for the new series (Five)
- Error correction

Attached fileNARR8_1.0.17.apk(8.03 MB)

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seimuron1 @ 25.5.2013, 18:52*
Sorry, but I do not find this folder :(

It is located in the internal memory of your smartphone / tablet (underline) in the ways of this Android / data / .NARR8 / serials / but already there is a folder sorted by series, in which more folders with episodes

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Again I) 19 th version of the long wait?

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NARR8 1.0.19

- "Storibilder" - service to create your own interactive stories
- New section "Club": forum + profiles of your friends in the annex
- Added notification of the application
- Error correction

Attached fileNARR8_1.0.19.apk(8.49 MB)

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Already 1.0.21 - fast they are this month!
Great respect to those who lay out: thank_you:

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Version 1.0.20 changes unfortunately I do not know
Attached fileNARR8_1.0.20.apk(8.51 MB)

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Is it possible to hack on nars?

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Is it possible to download the series does not pay for them, the first 2 "sample в„–9" episode free, they also need to pay.

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How to move the cache program on a memory card?
internal memory
to external memory card

And Daddy is growing by leaps and bounds and it is necessary to remove soap operas.

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NARR8 Serials
NARR Serials
Shared folder:
NARR Serials on YandexDisk

NARR8.Serials ... ID folder with a series ........ ..... The name of the series 1 to series number:
Links may not be valid due to the addition of the new series, and change the name, go to the home directory on Yandex.Disk (link above)
NARR8.Serials_ [50b66bfc5050e8276c00001a] [TAYNYY_GOROD] _ [1] - [2] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50d475bf5050e81a5f00007e] [FIVE] _ [1] - [3] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50ddf3755050e8eb0e0000c1] [IPC-IPC] _ [1] - [2] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [51c192a3ccb5edbd6f000001] [Eureka] _ [1] - [1] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [51c193baccb5edf46e000048] [MICRO] _ [1] - [3] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [51c19195ccb5ed9868000028] [Biography of] _ [1] - [1] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50484cf35050e8a34c00000b] [PARADIGM] _ [1] - [3] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50484cf65050e8a34c00000c] [OBRAZETS_в„–9] _ [1] - [15] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50484cfa5050e8a34c00000e] [multiverse] _ [1] - [2] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50484cfc5050e8a34c00000f] [ISTREBITELI_KOSHMAROV] _ [1] - [2] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50484cfe5050e8a34c000010] [POSLEDNIY_PODVIG] _ [1] - [14] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50484d005050e8a34c000011] [JAM] _ [1] - [14] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50484d025050e8a34c000012] [BLUDNYY_ANGEL] _ [1] - [15] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [50484d055050e8a34c000015] [TRIBUNE] _ [1] - [1] .zip
NARR8.Serials_ [505995dc5050e86f270003b5] [RYTSARI_PUSTOTY] _ [1] - [3] .zip

  1. Content extracted from the archive
  2. Copy the contents of a folder serials based storage space series,/mnt/sdcard/.NARR8/serials/ or /storage/emulated/legacy/Android/data/

Serial ID Name of the series
50b66bfc5050e8276c00001a - Secret City [The Secret City]
50d475bf5050e81a5f00007e - FIVE [FIVE]
50ddf3755050e8eb0e0000c1 - IPC-IPC [Qumi-Qumi]
51c192a3ccb5edbd6f000001 - EUREKA! [Eureka!]
51c193baccb5edf46e000048 - MICRO [Micro]
51c19195ccb5ed9868000028 - Biography of [Biographics]
50484cf35050e8a34c00000b - PARADIGM [Paradigm]
50484cf65050e8a34c00000c - SAMPLE в„–9 [Subject 9]
50484cfa5050e8a34c00000e - Multiverse [Multiverse]
50484cfc5050e8a34c00000f - FIGHTERS Nightmare [Fear Hunters]
50484cfe5050e8a34c000010 - latest feat [Final Feat]
50484d005050e8a34c000011 - JAM [JAM]
50484d025050e8a34c000012 - PRODIGAL ANGEL [Prodigal angel]
50484d055050e8a34c000015 - TRIBUNE [Spin]
505995dc5050e86f270003b5 - KNIGHTS VOID [Knights of the Void]

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Guys even do not work! All made in the description is written, copied the series where it is necessary, but a fig does not work, it only shows those downloaded directly through narr8 on the phone. Can anyone help ??? Thanks in advance!

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To get it, they made expensive. There are ways to Nara or a series on a freebie to get?

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Through freedom does not break, can be through other attackers who thread on lomanetsya narrs?

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Judging by what they write on the forum, people give birth to more than one account, and until they accumulate in one narnsy spend with the other.

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Install the version 1.0.6 there is a new series of free

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yaroslav5376427 @ 07/23/2013, 7:57*
Install the version 1.0.6 there is a new series of free

But that's confusing when you try to download a message "Episode ... is not free" :(
The idea and the idea was excellent.

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There have to enter sort through the mail or contact better go into nar8 through contact or through that nirazu not zohodil in narr8 try

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But it laid out a series of comics they work

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There are a couple of ideas

1 have multiple accounts and save NARS in several buying it from one to the other.

2 Divide the series. Everyone who wants to participate, will buy and share only one series, and the other is a different series. How would each be responsible for one series. A watch will be able to all. The symbiosis of work.

3 Buy NARS supporting developers and authors.

PS It is unlikely to happen to have general accounts, through which it will be possible to download a new series of accumulated NARS, as in the convenience store, paid applications. For there will always be "well-wisher" who decides, he (she) will replace all smarter and pass on the account.

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