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Voice Dream Reader | [IPhone] [iPad] The best text-to-speech program for iOS

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Voice dream reader
Version: 4.0.4

Last update of the program in the header:06.06.2016

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Short description:
text-to-speech program.

The application is integrated with the services Dropbox, Bookshare, Pocket, Instapaper and Gutenberg, which simplifies the receipt of texts. 60 high quality voices available in 20 languages. The application is fully compatible with VoiceOver.


Speech synths
- Built-in voice Heather, fantastic male speech synth American American
- 60 speech synthesizers in 20 languages ​​from Acapela and NeoSpeech are available through in-app purchases for $ 1.99 or $ 2.99 (Iapfree?)
- Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese,Russian , Czech, Catalan, Polish, Turkish, Greek and Arabic.

Sources of texts
- Support eBooks without DRM protection
- Formats: plain text, PDF, Word, MS PowerPoint, Apple Pages, RTF, HTML documents
- Integration with the Dropbox service
- Integration with the Bookshare service
- Integration with the library Gutenberg
- Integration with Pocket and Instapaper services
- Built-in browser for reading web pages
- Work with text through the clipboard
- Text editor
- Text translation
- Copy all text to clipboard, send to printer, email or other application
- Sharing information with friends via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or email

Listening to the text
- Playback control from the Hands Free Remote
- Memorizing the place to stop reading text
- Displays the elapsed and remaining playback time
- sleep timer
- Go to previous or next text
- Move back and forth for 30 seconds
- Go back and forth through offers
- Change speech speed on the fly. 50-500 words per minute
- Change speech synthesizer on the fly when changing the text language
- Different speech synthizers can be used for different texts.
- Playlist for several lyrics
- The application works in the minimized mode and with the screen locked

- Full screen mode
- Search by text
- Table of contents for ePub and DAISY books
- Bookmarks
- Highlighting offers
- Customizable font and font size
- Preset color themes, as well as the ability to create a custom color theme
- Built-in dictionary

Homepage: http://voicedream.com
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/voice-dream...d496177674?mt=8

Download: version 4.0.4
Past versions

Many have questions about how to install the Russian voice engine.

1 way
We add a repository to Cydiahttp://cydia.crazydoraemon.comand install the IAPFree program from there. Launch IAPFree, download the Core Plugin plugin in it and enable it (moreabout IAPFree). Next, restart the device and "buy" the Russian voice engine.

1. Install Voice Dream Reader
2. Install and enable IAPFree
3. Reboot the device
4. Launch Voice Dream Reader
5. Make a "purchase" and download the Russian voice engine.

2 way (from runia1 )
1. Install Voice Dream Reader
2. Download the archiveAttached filecom.voicedream.Voice-Dream-Reader.rar(2.51 KB)
3. Unpack the archive
4. Through any file manager (iTools, iFunBox, Diskaidetc.) copy the file to the devicecom.voicedream.Voice-Dream-Reader.plist on the way // var / mobile / Applications / Voice Dream / Library / Preferences /
5. Download the archive:Attached fileAlena.zip(73.03 MB)
6. Unpack the archive
7. Throw a folderhqm-ref-Russian-Alyona-22khz in the device on the way: // var / mobile / Applications / Voice Dream / Library / voices /
8. Do respring.
9. Run the program!

Who flies when buying from IAPFree - delete IAP Craker.
If the LocallAPstore is installed, it should be disabled.

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Reason for editing: update version

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everything's Alright. works + in turnips

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What works? Free demo version? Yes. There is no Russian. Just buy.

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Free demo version?

Full version.

There is no Russian. Just buy.

You don't need to buy anything,Iapfreehelps you to download the desired language for free;).

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How and where to download the Russian language?

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Zon2009 @ 02.24.2013, 17:57*
How and where to download the Russian language?

In the program, she will offer.

Post has been editednirotub - 24.02.13, 20:30

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Lay out, plz, an example of reading this program of any text.

Post has been editedkuwahara - 25.02.13, 11:22

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On firmware 6.1, who broke the voice? I, when I try to buy, crashes.
Drop the program directory with the purchased language.

Post has been editedcompo - 25.02.13, 16:13

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compo ,
I easily bought a voice using IAPFree 3.2.1 from the official repository. Nothing crashes when purchased.

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Russian found but how to install it?

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Thanks for the program.
I can not download the Russian voice. Is it possible to upload an archive of a program folder (for example from iFunBox)?

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ezdra I put it from the appstore- did not even offer to buy anything, so everything is set

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Thanks, according to the instructions, everything works ipad3 6.1. Today is the best text reader. Management is clumsy, but as they say, the rich ....

Rep: (255)
Version 2.7.2

What's New in Version 2.7.2
- Text field available in VoiceOver
- Support for page numbers in Bookshare books and PDF
- Evernote Experimental Integration
- Bugs fixed
- Minor usability improvements.

Download: Attached fileVoice Dream Reader-v2.7.2.ipa (7.73 MB)

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Who flies when buying from IAPFree - remove IAP Craker from the sidium and then follow the instructions. LocallAPstore must be disabled.

Posted on 03/07/2013, 6:17 PM:

nirotub you ATP for the program, reads better than the reader and more functions.

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Example of reading Russian lay out, plz. (At least written on a mobile phone)

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new version 2.7.3 has been released. Did she lay it out?

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Alenka - brainless blonde. Who needs russish - look at the reader.

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the reader does not have a speed setting.

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I will not enter in any way how to load into it for example an epub. Through the built-in browser does not download, through aytyuns like throws, but in the program files are not visible. Teach a fool.

Rep: (255)
Version 2.7.4

Attached fileVoice Dream Reader-v2.7.4.ipa (8.46 MB)

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