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> StarTrek (Qtek 8500, i-mate Smartflip) - Firmware | Unofficial ROM
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HTC StarTrek
Qtek 8500 / i-mate Smartflip / Dopod S300 / Dopod 710 / Orange SPV F600 / Cingular 3100 / Cingular 3125

Description | Discussion | FAQ | FAQ on flashing | Firmware
General section on firmware | WM6.1 Standard | WM6.1 Professional | WM6.5 Standard from Arev | Windows Vista Firmware | Buckskin change


By starting a flashing of your device on any of the firmware below, you agree with this text on all points.
1) The authors of the modified firmware, as well as the authors issuing recommendations for any changes to the official firmware, do not bear any responsibility for the final result of the flashing of your device by you. In the topic will be posted links only to the firmware, which exactly work on several devices, or to untested firmware, always with reservations. All unsuccessful flashing - the case of your "curves hands."
2) Everything is done on a voluntary basis, therefore, you have no right to ask, much less demand anything. As you will contact the author, so he will talk to you.
3) Make any claims is useless! You yourself chose whether to flash you or not, and generally perform any actions with your device.

ATTENTION!In order to avoid a possible problem with interrupting the firmware process and, as a result, not detecting a device by a computer,beforehow are you going to change toAnyunofficial firmware, be sure to doSuperCIDand sewlatest rum from cingular 3125, never mindwhether you have a Qtek 8500 or i-mate Smartflip. Especially like bleeding from the nose, this needs to be done by the owners of the i-mate Smartflip.

ATTENTION! Register your startrekit should beFULLYunlockedand should be doneSuperCID(see below)!

>>Click to view<<

INFORMALmodified firmware:
>>Click to view<<
WM6.5 Standard Build 23017 RUS / ENGauthorArev(dated April 20, 2010) -more

WM6.1 Standard AKU v1.6.0 RUS / ENGauthorErofich(dated May 2, 2009) -more

WM6.1 Standard AKU v1.3.6 RUSauthorShurik a(March 22, 2009) (based on kitchen fromErofich) - more

WM6.1 Standard AKU v1.4.0 RUS / ENGauthorPeopleX(January 16, 2009) (based on kitchen fromErofich) - more

WM6.1 Standard AKU v1.4.0 RUS / ENGauthor- = CaXaP = -(based on rumPeopleX) (January 8, 2009) -more

WM6.1 Standard AKU v1.4.0 RUS / ENGauthorPeopleX(based on kitchen fromErofich) (December 26, 2008) -more

WM6.1 Standard AKU v1.1.7 RUS / ENGauthor- = CaXaP = -(based on kitchen fromErofich) (October 14, 2008) -more

WM6.1 Standard AKU v1.1.7 RUS / ENGauthorErofichaka pArtizAn (dated September 1, 2008) -more
Download clean-version, without additional software.

WM6.1 Professional V2 AKU v1.1.6 WWE (English)authorErofichaka pArtizAn (dated July 14, 2008) -more
Download: Attached fileimg-93233-RUU_STAR100_WM61PRO_V2.exe(36.98 MB)

WM6 AKU v0.5.1 RUS with NEO (CHome) plugin (RUS + ENG)authorJony_aa(dated February 29, 2008) -more
Download software version
Download the clean version Mirror

WM6 AKU v0.5.0 RUS Clean & Lite (Russian + English)authorJony_aa(dated February 24, 2008) -more>Here<, GPRS works
Download Lite version (with software): Attached fileimg-74004-Wm6_Lite_from_jony_aa.rar(31.93 MB)

Download Clean-version

>>Click to view<<

Modified bootloader (SoftSPL) created by comrade Alex_DFR, necessary for firmwareinformal Roma:
Download SoftSPL(180 kb)

KITCHEN (constructors):
>>Click to view<<
WM6.1 Standard Build 21040 AKU v1.6.0 RUS / ENGauthorErofich (Erofich) (May 4, 2009) - more Download

WM6.1 Standard Build 20757 AKU v1.4.0 RUS / ENGauthorPeopleX (dated December 26, 2008) - more

WM6.1 Standard Build 19593 AKU v1.1.7 RUS / ENGauthor- = CaXaP = - (based on kitchen from Erofich ) (October 20, 2008) - more

WM6.1 Standard Build 19593 AKU v1.1.7 RUS / ENGauthorErofich aka pArtizAn (dated September 1, 2008) - more Download

WM6.1 Professional (V2) Build 19591 AKU v1.1.6 ENGauthorErofich aka pArtizAn (dated July 15, 2008) - more Download

>>Click to view<<

ATTENTION! The new version does not always mean better quality of communication - more often the opposite is true! If you are satisfied with the current connection, then you should not experiment!

Radio version
Download -http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/139834/GSM_4.1.13.14_02.26.31.rar

Radio version
Download -http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/139835/GSM_4.1.13.16_02.30.31.rar

Radio version
Download -http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/139836/GSM_4.1.13.28_02.67.30.rar

Radio version
Download -http://rapidshare.com/files/93019358/RUU_S...34_02.79.30.rar

Radio version
Download -http://rapidshare.com/files/93336134/RUU_S...46_02.97.90.rar

SoftSPL firmware manual
1. We do a full registry unlock (see below)
2. Copy all files from the archive (JumpSPL.exe, SPL.lnk, SPL.nb) to the root folder of the smartphone - where the Windows folders, Program Files and Application Data are located
3. Run SPL.lnk
© Erofich

Unlocking / unlocking the registry / Application Unlock
First, download regeditSTG2:http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/171318/regeditSTG2.cab
Run it, and in digging into the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Security \ Policies \ Policies \ 00001001 = 2
->change the value from 2 to 1
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Security \ Policies \ Policies \ 00001005 = 16
->change the value from 16 to 40
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Security \ Policies \ Policies \ 00001017 = 128
->change the value from 128 to 144
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Security \ Policies \ Policies
->Add a new key "0000101a": Dword = 1
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Security \ Policies \ Policies
->Add a new key "0000101b": Dword = 1 "

Now you just have to reboot.


An easier way is also possible - using SDA Application Unlock.
© Erofich

We do SuperCID, it is also CID Unlock.
The difficult and the only remaining way to make SuperCID, since spv-developers.com has long been broken.
1. Downloading http://www.multiupload.com/AAAVXIIQ3B
2. Go to itsutils folder and run 1.bat

3. In the command window that appears, we write "pdocread.exe -l" (without quotes) and press ENTER.
We get something like this:
C: \ ITSUTILS>pdocread -l
36.99M (0x24fcc00) TrueFFS
| 2.06M (0x20fc00) Part00
| 2.38M (0x260000) Part01
| 32.55M (0x208cc00) Part02
17.30M (0x114c000) TrueFFS
| 2.06M (0x20fc00) Part00
| 2.38M (0x260000) Part01
| 32.55M (0x208cc00) Part02
STRG handles:
handle # 0 6fad139e 17.05M (0x110ba00)
handle # 1 0fb5e3f6 32.55M (0x208cc00)
handle # 2 efb5e1fa 2.38M (0x260000)
handle # 3 8fb5e1d6 2.06M (0x20fc00)
disk 6fad139e
2 partitions, 2 binary partitions
customerid = 00000000 uniqueid = 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
disk 0fb5e3f6
2 partitions, 2 binary partitions
customerid = 00000000 uniqueid =00 00 00 00 6f 11 02 11 04 03 0b 11 05 05 06 b4
disk efb5e1fa
2 partitions, 2 binary partitions
customerid = 00000000 uniqueid = 00 00 00 00 6f 11 02 11 04 03 0b 11 05 05 06 b4
disk 8fb5e1d6
2 partitions, 2 binary partitions
customerid = 00000000 uniqueid = 00 00 00 00 6f 11 02 11 04 03 0b 11 05 05 06 b4

4. We launch in the open command line "pdocread -n 1 0x000000 0x10000 -b 0x4000 original-bdk1.nb" - in the end we get the file original-bdk1.nb.

5. We copy our original-bdk1.nb in a folder with perl

6. We write "perl startrek_cidedit.pl" and you should get:

Usage: startrek_cidedit [-l] [-c NEWCID] [-o newcidfile.nb] -i DOCID cidfile.nb

7. Writing "perl startrek_cidedit.pl -l -c 11111111 -o outputfile.nb -i 000000006f11021104030b11050506b4 original-bdk1.nb "

But instead000000006f11021104030b11050506b4 Must be your UNIQUE ID number from step 3! The wrong number will kill your phone!

customerid = 00000000 uniqueid = 00 00 00 00 6f 11 02 11 04 03 0b 11 05 05 06 b4
This is how you noticed my unique UNIQUE ID number. This is so, by the way.

8. Now take outputfile.nb and drop it back into itsutils folder, and in the command line write:

pdocwrite -n 1 outputfile.nb 0x000000 0x10000 -b 0x4000

5. Run "pdocwrite -n 1 patchedfile.bin 0x000000 0x10000 -b 0x4000", where patchedfile.bin is the file obtained in step 4.

6. Reboot - that's it, SuperCID is done.
© Erofich, using Mo3ulla

Unsuccessful flashing / recovery of the device with microSD

If someone has a situation in which the smart is sitting in bootloader mode andnot seen by computer or from whom broken usb port In the smartphone, there is still a chance of firmware from the memory card.

ACCURATE The manual on which out of the situation, and restored the device:
1. Take / buy Kingston 1 GB microSD card
2. Insert into a computer card reader
3. Right-click onMy computer and there Disk Management
4. Select Removable Disk
5. Format as FAT32, Cluster size = 512 andNOT to put Fast formatting and Volume label
6. Take with WinRAR'aRUU_Signed.nbh from the official rum.
7. Rename RUU_Signed.nbh toSTARIMG.nbh (STARIMG in big letters!)
8. Copy to SD card
9. Insert MicroSD into your phone
10. Insert SIM
11. Insert the battery
12. Keep the notes and camera buttons pressed, then press and release the power button (red tube)
13. The phone will search for the SD card.
14. Find the card, then when asked to press the volume up button, the firmware will start.
15. For 10 minutes, the device will be fully restored :)

Device Recovery. Even the official rum is not sewn. Creating a "Golden HTC Card".

This instruction will be most popular with i-mate Smartflip owners, since for their device did not appear correct official rum.

HereThe instruction in English for HTC Touch, you just need to do everything by analogy.

Firmware unofficial Roma from the memory card. Or "I want WM6.1, but I have a USB connector killed."

  1. pre-copy STARIMG.nbh from WM6.1 to the map
  2. Download from the headerSoftspl(MODIFIED BOUTLOADER)
  3. Copy all four files (one of them is “hidden”) from the archive to the root of the device (folder\ )
  4. launch spl.lnk on your device, the screen will turn white and switch to tricolor mode
  5. Further in the bootloader, we act as always with the firmware from the card :)

Stupor on the bootloader (tricolor screen)

In the case when after the end of the firmware your smartphone reboots into the three-color bootloader mode and nothing else happens, it will help youthis manual.

Attached files

Attached fileimg-65469-star.rar(204.5 KB)
Attached fileimg-65471-itsutl050628.zip(1.28 MB)

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Familiar granny brought Qtek STAR101 (HTC Innovation, Made in Taiwan) with a broken connector.
I soldered the connector.
But when you try to turn on the phone asks for a microSD card:"Searching for SD card" and comes in 3 color mode.
I do not have a USB cable for this beast.
Sew, as I understand it, in this case, you need the official firmware via the macroSD card.
But the sitemyqtekAlready put up for sale, on Rapidshare all the files have already been deleted, a search on the Internet gives the same links to myqtek and Rapidshar :(
Tell me where to getSTARIMG.nbh from the official firmware to lift the phone?
Here I found the firmwareruu_star100_3.6.261.0_02.67.30_qtekrus_ship.exeaccording to the link of the highly respecteduter : http: //www.mediafire.c.…_qtekrus_ship.exe/file
Unzip, rename fileSK_QtekRUS_3.6.261.0_Ship.nbhatSTARIMG.nbhand threw 2GB microSD cards into the root, preformatting it in FAT32, cluster size = 512.
I inserted a flash drive, SIM card and battery into the phone.
Clamped the lower side buttons on the flip + red power button.
Text appears quickly."Searching for SD card".
Then the RGB screensaver with the version and hangs on it.
The phone is not flashing :(
Who will tell?
Phone returned to the owner. Looks like a flash.
If anyone needs firmware files, you can get here -YandexDisk
The link was kindly provided by the highly respectedYerofich

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