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> Oysters T34 - Discussion | Tablet, 9.7 ''
Combining themes
What device do you own?
Oysters T34 [ 356 ] ** [88,34%]
Oysters t3 [ 47 ] ** [11,66%]
How do you feel about the idea of ​​combining those into one?
I support, as it is identical devices. [ 174 ] ** [43,18%]
I do not support. Devices are different. [ 228 ] ** [56,58%]
Total votes: 403
16.02.13, 14:12

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DiscussionOysters T34
PictureOysters T34
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A photo
Attached Image

Unpacking the tablet (box).
Attached Image

Tablet, charging and USB cable. (That's all the equipment except for waste paper).
Attached Image

Tablet with a standard film.
Attached Image

Photo connectors tablet.
Attached Image
From left to right - Mini Jack 3.5 mm jack, HDMI jack. Plug - Mini-Sim connector (regular SIM card), MicroSD connector (Flash cards up to 32GB), Micro USB connector, Mic (microphone).
Link to the original message with photos and information.

Device characteristics
Black colour
Processor type: Tegra 3 (4 + 1) cores with a battery saving system.
Frequency: 1.3 GHz. (1.5 GHz announced.)
Front camera: 0.3 Million pixels
Rear camera: 2 Million pixels
Display Type: IPS, Capacitive
Display Size: 9.7 "
Resolution: 1024 * 768
Built-in memory: 16 GB. (not all memory can be available to the user)
RAM: 1 GB.
Power supply
Power supply: 5V, 3A
Battery: 6000 mAh Li-Pol.
Operating system: Android 4.0
Additional functions
Built-in 3G module: yes
Bluetooth: yes
SIM card: mini SIM (regular)
micro SD: up to 32 GB
Wi-Fi: yes
G-sensor: yes
HDMI output: yes
OTG function: yes
PC connection via USB: yes
Webcam: yes
Sound recording: yes
3G Internet: yes
W xHxH: 187x244x9.5 mm.
Weight: 670 gr.
Stereo: yes
MP3 player: yes
Games: yes
View pictures: yes
Play Video: Yes
View texts: yes

The price at the start of sales is 11,990 rubles.




Question answer
1.Question:How do the games go on this tablet?
Answer:Games go stably (without lags), but not all because of internal game problems or incompatibility.
2. Question:Why does the touchscreen / sensor periodically stick in games?
Answer:The problem is the unfinished core. This is easily treated by swiping a few fingers across the screen at the same time. Alternative solution to the problem: Replacing the kernel with a more stable one (there will be a link here).
3. Question:Is there a tablet software update for a later version?
Answer:There is no official update! But there is a port firmware 4.1.2 Paranoid (link).
4. Question:Incorrectly entered graphic / numeric password. What to do?
Answer:You need to download an update that will reset the password. (link)
5. Question:Is there a CWM tablet (recovery)?
Answer:Yes there is. (link)
6. Question:After transferring files via Bluetooth, the tablet turned off and does not turn on. What to do?
Answer:The error is in the firmware and standard ES Explorer. I recommend to use third-party. Solution flashing. (Link)
7. Question:I downloaded the firmware, flashed it and the tablet does not work correctly (the sensor and the battery indicator do not work). What is the reason?
Answer:The fact is that this tablet has several different modifications. And you downloaded the wrong firmware.
8. Question:How do I find out what firmware is right for me?
Answer:You need to know the serial number of the first 4 digits and the structure of the sensor (to the point / strip / neither to the point and not to the strip).
9. Question:The tablet has stopped charging. Why?
Answer:1. Failure 2. The charger cord does not fit snugly in the socket. Solution: Replacing the charger or USB socket.
Note: You should check the voltage in the network. Charger. USB socket in the soldered track should not be discrepancies.

Attached Image

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I am looking for help / advice: I gave a tablet with a broken connector, the connector fell out in order to eliminate a short circuit, disconnected the battery and replaced the laboratory power supply instead, when turned on, the tablet starts to consume up to 0.3 amps, the screen blinks once and is cut down, the consumption is immediately 0. If you turn off display cable, the tablet is not cut down and consumption rises to 0.6-0.7 amperes and changes during download (probably), there is no HDMI cable to check through the monitor ...
What could have happened to the tablet, namely, the display, according to the previous owner, the tablet just lay there for a long time due to a broken connector and was discharged ... it worked fine before.
18.01.19, 17:08

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

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* mcprince, a little longer hold the button
18.01.19, 17:23
a guest

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Turns on if you throw charging. Another question, from the battery go 4 wires (2 red and 2 black) the connector came off, soldered the wires straight, what is the correct order of wires there? But then I connect the charging, writes that the charge goes and the percentages fall down ...
23.01.19, 18:12
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Dances with tambourines improved the situation a bit ... The tablet works, but there are a few problems left: 1. there is no sound in the speakers, all the headphones are OK (the headphone jack is OK, I was drinking, the problem remains) 2. Youtube does not work, it says that you need to update the application , although everything has just been updated through the playmarket. WITHsavagemessiahzine.comalso put different versions, but no result whatsoever. 3. Does not see the Sim card, the connector is whole, cleaned, it calls the rules.
Throw ideas, especially on YouTube, basically he is needed. Somewhere I found that this is because of the outdated version of the android, but I can’t put a new one on our tablet, as I understood from the forum.
23.01.19, 23:03

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Youtube does not work, writes that you need to update the application, although everything has just been updated through the playmarket.

And the official Youtube client will not work, Google officially stopped supporting Android 4.0. In the branch there is Paranoid 4.1 firmware, it is easy to find a search, but it was never brought to mind, the accelerometer does not work and, accordingly, the screen auto-rotate, sometimes cameras hang. If this suits you, flash it. Youtube 4.1 works exactly.

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27.01.19, 13:18

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* mcprince,
YouTube (Post iMiKED # 81360017)

there is a solution:YouTube (Post kampers_in_pampers # 81582972)

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17.04.19, 10:56
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Help guys solve the problem. On the tablet I decided to reset the settings to the factory settings, went to the settings, chose the reset settings menu, and the tablet went into reboot, then it started to boot and hung up on the WELKOM inscription. and writes this inscription for two days in a row, it does not load further. what can be done?
Yesterday, 18:19

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

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* Dmitrizh,
Need to flash!

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