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06.04.18, 08:28
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Flatout on n73 did not start ..
10.12.18, 02:38
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On N8, under S ^ 3 Belle, version 1.0.1 rises, but it seems not to be playable at all, only version 0.9.6 is relatively stable, at least Tehra Dark Warrior hardly lags, somehow even half-dead Dead or Alive - Paradise goes, only both the core and the body can be hung at any time, up to a full (8 sec.) reboot.

Unexpectedly, the compatibility of the mule with the PSP DOOM ports was discovered, and since apart from the video on YouTube, a certain young Indian, who launched a shooter on the DosBox mule, could not find anything intelligible:
then after numerous attempts at random, a couple of working ports were found.
So, a mini-report on the launch of PSP DOOM-ports for PPSSPP on Nokia N8, running Symbian ^ 3 Belle Refresh:

On PPSSPP version 0.7.6, this is a decorative purple charm:
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Attached Image

but at 0.9.6 it is already acceptable and it looks like this is the only compatible version of the mule, it only podlagivaet a little, well, nothing, in a couple of days, you can probably pass the level:
Attached Image

From observations, two releases 1 and 4 are tested, both are compatible with PPSSPP versions of the 0.9.x series, the fourth is more agile, lags less and is better discharged, although it also depends on the version of the mule, 0.9.6 will be more stable. Any original WADs are suitable, but it’s better to take trimmed ones, without a demo, it seems to be spinning more brightly, the main thing is not to throw more than one WAD in the folder with the port, after that it stops seeing them at all, recovering from the old versions of the mule. Release 1 is better launched through the game's icon in the folder overview, and not through the "open" submenu:
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attempts to launch another port - DOOM 2.01 (Homebrew) for the PSP, were unsuccessful
Of all the versions of PPSSPP, only the 0.7.x series shows some distinct static screens and that's it:
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On attempts to launch DOOM on the GBA-GPSP mule, the snake is written here:
if someone loves bluing, then no problem.

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On my old man does not rob

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