Soundwave | Recognition of music, analogue SoundHound / Shazam (Harmattan)

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Version: 0.1.20

Last update of the program in the header:01.10.2013

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Soundwave - an app for music recognition.
Allows you to recognize the music being played and share the results online.
To work using the library SoundHound Midomi.

Homepage: Soundwave by knobtviker
Buy at Nokia Store: Soundwave @ Nokia Store
Download: Version 0.1.20

I ask you to appreciate the work of developers and to encourage him in every way! If you liked the software and really need it - pay it in the store.
Russian interface: Yes

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Expensive for such a rattle.

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on some kind of Chinese forum, someone posted this program, but I could not master their hieroglyphs to download

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I put Soundwave, thanks for it: happy:, and right away, I found the famous song PSY - Gangnam Style she found, but I didn’t find Eyrie, and honestly speaking I couldn’t find anything with her, so I doubt that she can find anything

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hooddy @ 01/26/2013, 01:41*
Eyrie perfectly complements it.

Holy holy holy! Even the mention in one sentence of Soundwave and this crafts causes horror! Soundwave is a full-fledged music search engine (hallelujah!), And Eyrie is something that finds nothing at all and never. The idea was good (open source, all things), but they scored on her.

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Does she allow you to listen to the song for only 30 seconds?

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Bianconeri @ 01/26/2013, 1:56 PM*
Eyrie - something that never finds anything

he just finds everything for me, though the melody should sound clear, which is not always convenient, there is no filter there, but there is no question of singing a melody.

Both programs can not determine the music played by the device, for example, when playing something on the radio, but while it is not, take all the audacity of the money.

Eyrie : not completed, because there is not enough definition of a melody in the presence of extraneous noise, there is no possibility to stop when the melody is over and he already writes just other sounds, there is no analysis function of the melody playing on the device or a specific sound file.
Soundwave : overloaded with extra whistles, unrealistically expensive and has all the same flaws that Eyrie , except that it works faster and noisy ringing understands.
In general, for me, the ideal will remainTrack ID on my nostalgic Sony Ericsson W950i .

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The store is already 0.1.18 version

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A new version has appeared in the store :)

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program, kanesh is far from shazam, but agree. that is much better than airi ...
of the 3 songs, the soundwave found only one

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Version 0.1.20 ...;)

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Attached fileSoundwave_0.1.20_armel.deb(2.26 MB)

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Sorry, but how to upgrade? Put a new version over the old one?

ps A good application, so far not let down. Recognized all that offered him =)

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Even in the store I do not observe this version, but the downloaded one is not put:
~ # dpkg -i / home / user / MyDocs / Downloads / Sowndwa
Aegis rejecting /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/Sowndwave_0.1.20_armel.deb: Could not open debianarchive
aegis aborting dpkg - all listed package files rejected
Compilation failed in require.

how to be?

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delirious, delirious,
delirious @ delirious @ 10/05/2013, 04:06*
~ # dpkg -i / home / user / MyDocs / Downloads / Sow ndwave_0.1.20_armel.deb

check the spelling

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Emmm, and what is not already installed from the manager file?

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Alexxxl @ 10/05/2013, 13:54*
Emmm, and what is not already installed from the manager file?

I just installed it ...

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If anyone has installation problems, try this:

cd / home / user / MyDocs

dpkg -i Soundwave_0.1.20_armel.deb

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That that finds nothing. Though straight to the speaker phone popped. Whether the songs are too exclusive for the application, or if you need to honestly buy (where you accidentally saw and downloaded), it does not work that way.
Sometimes I just honestly bought the application, but it does not plow. And the money is lost. It was impossible to return from ovi. Respectfully remembered Applestor and Google Play.

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try the version from the cap

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Alexxxl, everything is working. Thank :) .

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A good substitute for Shazam for our old man. And the only one that works now :)

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