Quick Voice Input Keyboard | Voice keyboard (Harmattan)

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Quick Voice Input Keyboard
Version: 0.2.3

Last update of the program in the header:20.02.2013

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Voice keyboard using the service Google Voice, supports all languages ​​that are available inGoogle voice.
Finally writing SMS voice, voice dialing and searching is available on the N9!

Compatible with PR1.3
After installation a restart is required.
To operate the keyboard requires an Internet connection.

open the application for voice controlSearch and say the name of the program or the name of the contact.
For greater precision, select the recognition modemore accurate in the program settings.

Homepage: Quick Voice Input Keyboard
Buy at Nokia Store: Quick Voice Input Keyboard @ Nokia Store

Russian interface: Not

Attention!!! Some bug occurs when you install the latest version of the program ...After installing the program disappear all soft-keyboard .. thus putting his hands the text becomes impossible. The developer said. Before installing disable the security code if you have it installed. There are occasions when I had to reflash the phone because it could not unlock.

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Download stable version:
DEB: 0.1.7
Attached filequick_voice_input_keyboard_0.1.7_armel.deb(192.91 KB)

DEB: 0.2.0
Attached filevoiceinput_0.2.0_armel.deb(214.76 KB)

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in some there is not sickly glitch ... when installing the program disappear soft karaoke keyboard .. thus putting his hands the text becomes impossible. The developer said. Before installing disable the security code if you have it installed. There is a case when it came to reflash the phone because it could not unlock.

upd: in cap added stable version.

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And then there are those who have purchased this program in the store?

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my correspondence with the developer:

Hello Alex,

only 0.2.1 version of QVIK was affected by this bug. I received some complaint about similar problems by users who downloaded the app from sites outside the regular Nokia store, like unofficial forums. I'm not able to reproduce the problem using a regularly bought version of QVIK. If you can provide your Nokia store's username (only username, absolutely not the password), I will check if there's some problem validating your purchase.

Kind regards
Patrizio Bruno

2013/2/23 Alexxxl

My name is Alex, I'm from Russia.
I want to report a problem with Quick Voice Input Keyboard for Nokia N9.
after installing version 0.2.3 disappear all standard keyboards, all languages.
Text input becomes impossible.
The problem persists only uninstalling Quick Voice Input Keyboard.
Not a single problem, some of my friends with nokia n9 also faced with this problem.
With version 0.1.7 is no problem. works very well.
The same message about the problem can be seen in the comments of the program in nokia ovi.store

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I did yesterday learned by experience that I did not robyat versions from 0.2.1 to the same ...

In general, the essence is that .. if there is someone who bought and who are not running the latest version - rolls in PM will dig Developer)))

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Well yesterday I was dictating complete sentences when writing sms ... a bit inconvenient .. I do not always understand the excuses ...
and since I also struggled DragonDictate)))), and because it seemed that here now will work as it should ... he was still fingerboks ..

Posted on 23/02/2013, 15:34:

hooddy @ 23.02.2013, 16:19*
Actually, that's it.

yeah ... so I imagine going in the subway and in broken Spanish to her - "enviar mensaje de texto a contacto"

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I also poteryalos v.klaviatura, remove the program, restart your phone and it poyavilos.

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Good time!
how to delete this wonderful program? soft-keyboard does not dial the phone ... nothing is impossible ....

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* UA_Oleg,
and check whether the selected set of languages ​​in the settings do not?
ps - whisk (switch) that Claudia a little harder ... maybe not to waste anything anywhere ...

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And it works yet? Network gives me error when I try it to say something.

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* nyakze
I can not get the app, but I venture to suggest that the situation is the same as with the translators. Most likely Google API changed

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