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Discussion of the business tablet Dell Latitude 10 based on the Atom Z2760

A photo
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Dell Latitude 10 Dock

The main advantage of Latitude 10 (LT10) over other similar (and not only :)) tablets isreplaceable batteries.
Extended battery has capacity60WHr - This is two times higher than the capacity of the batteries of all other tablets on this platform.
I think many will be enough for the standard 30Whr - 8.5 hours of video viewing.
But after a year and a half, it will be no longer 8.5 hours.
Those. it is better to be able to replace the battery (with a new one), even if you do not use replaceable batteries during operation.

Only the LT10 has a full-sized SD card slot and can be used.128GB , speed maps.

The body is made of magnesium alloy.
The front part is completely covered with Gorilla Glass (apparently with an oleophobic coating - it does not get dirty much and is very easy to clean), and the backrubberized soft-touch plastic .

The perimeter of the tablet is closed with a soft rubber border, i.e. There is protection from light blows.
No gloss - which is also a definite plus.
Already realized that I will not buy the cover for LT10.
For the same reasons that I didn’t buy it for the Nook Simple Touch, it’s nice to have a piece of iron in my hands.

Although the Wakomovsky stylus and a full-fledged USB connector are no longer a rarity on tablets, but it also undoubtedly comes as a plus.

The LT10 does not have a keyboard docking station that turns it into a netbook.
Initially I thought it was a disadvantage, but looking at the implementation of such keyboards, I realized that if the “keyboard” is needed for normal operation,
you need a full-sized, regular keyboard.
The rest can be with the same "convenience" slap on the screen.
And here it became clear why Dell is positioning the LT10 as a business tablet.
And the docking station made appropriate.
Here and USB additional charging and parallel andEthernet and any (convenient) "clavs with mice".

Additional photos.
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Latitude 10 with a regular 30WHr replaceable battery.

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Battery 60WHr.

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Griffin cover, suitable for LT10 c 2 and 4 cell battery.
2Getter and 2-cell battery - Black Griffin Survivor case for Dell Latitude 10 and Latitude 10

Dell Latitude 10 Features

Very important - There is a heavily trimmed version of the tablet - Latitude 10 Essentials, there is no:
replaceable battery, no Wacom screen and stylus, comes with Windows 8 (NOT Pro), no microHDMI, no microUSB
- (in the older models is used for charging, in addition to the main charge).
It is better not to buy.

Information from the Russian presentation DELL:

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Operating system: Windows 8 32-bit PRO
Processor: Intel® Atom ™ Dual-Core Processor Z2760 (Clover Trail) 1.5GHz with Intel® Burst technology up to 1.8GHz (1MB Cache, Hyper-threading, 4 Threads)
Video card: GMA 3650 (PowerVR SGX545 (0.533 GHz) (4460 3D Marks ))
SSD: eMMC 64 GB.
10.1 "IPS (1366 X 768) Wide View Angle LCD, Corning Gorilla Glass, 5 finger touch points (essentials model supports 10 points) with Optional Wacom Active Stylus Support

Wi-Fi: Dell Wireless 1536C (802.11 a / b / g / n 1X1)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 LE Combo Card
WiDi: no
NFC: no
Rear camera: 8 megapixel
Front camera: 2 megapixel
Interface: 1 - Full-size USB 2.0 Port, 1x MicroHDMI Port, 1x Microphone-in, 2x stereo speakers
MicroUSB - for charging only. MicroUSB charging takes place only when the device is off (!!!).
Memory Card Reader: Full-size SD

Battery: 2-cell (30 Whr) Lithium Ion battery (replaceable) - charging time about 2 hours
Battery: 4-cell (60 Whr) Lithium Ion battery (replaceable) - charging time about 4 hours
Battery life: 30 Whr - 8-9 hours in mixed mode, video review in the review - 8.5 hours. from 60 Whr - 16-20 hours.

Charging comes through:
1. 30 wadded charger
2. Micro USB - used only for charging
3. Via optional docking station

Dimensions: 274 x 176.6 x 10.5mm / 658g (2-cell), 820g (4-cell)
3G and GPS: 3G is in the configuration, for US operators, but it also works with ours:
Dell Latitude 10 (Post # 19643644)

Attached Image
Dock station

Latitude 10 Productivity Dock,
Ports: 4 * USB 2.0, audio out, HDMI, power input, gigabit ethernet - $ 142.86


Problem solving:
There are reports of touchscreen hangs, using the stylus helps to get out, for some owners this problem was solved by using a regular battery instead of an extended one (it did not come across, and there were only a few messages about the problem with the touch):
There was a message about problems with sound. Disappear after a reboot, and I think, after turning off hardware acceleration. The problem was on the tablet from the first batch, on the old software version.
Fixed update drivers.

Download software, firewood, bios:

Download BIOS, the latest version of the software.
Soft and BIOS better update immediately.
Login to BIOS can be so :
Turn off the tablet, hold down (and hold down) the volume down key, press (and release) the power key - we will get into the BIOS.
Or so:
Connect the keyboard, turn on the power and immediately press the "Power" and Win keys simultaneously for one second (or "Power" and turn down the volume simultaneously).
Next, the download line will run, and in the lower right corner of the Press F12.
We press F12, we get to the menu. Here you can choose Diagnostics (ePSA), Enter Setup (let's get into the BIOS), Change Boot Mode Setting.
After (during) the purchase, you can run a set of test programs ePSA. Quite detailed tests.

WinPE4 bootable win8 flash drive (requires an active USB hub), clean install Windows 8 on Dell Latitude 10. - thankssykt, vaddy !

WinPE4 bootable win8 flash drive (bakap, ...), prepare a flash and boot from it! thanksykt !

WinPE4 bootable win8 flash drive (backup ...) with a full set of drivers for a clean install of Win8, and thanks againsykt !

Windows 8: Work Discussion
Select the version for printing, CTRL + F - drive in the keyword:
Windows 8: Work Discussion (printable version)

There is a problem with the "vitality" of the speakers, in English-speaking forums there are a lot of messages about problems with sound.
Now you can say for sure that the problem is in the speakers.
It's a good news. :)
The speakers can be replaced by similar ones, but if the amplifiers were killed .....

The bad news is that my LT10 went silent a few weeks ago. :(

But the good news is that Dell changes these pieces of hardware (speakers) without question.
Especially not hoping, went to the chat of those. support
He described the problem, said that I want to replace these "boomerangs" myself - the LT10 sound system is painfully similar to this Aboriginal invention:

In general, the guys almost gladly sent me these "boomerangs", here are their Part Number:


I received about the mail, today I set it up - my relatives are “rattling”!
If they are covered again, I will replace it with something louder and more tenacious.

What happened to the family talkers:
One "short-circuited" - the resistance was near zero - 0.1 Ohm, this (right, like most) speaker "croaked" very quietly,
can be heard only if the ear is attached to it.
The second was 4 Ohms - I think this is native resistance, just something there is “stuck” in it.
From it was the sound of about 1-3% of the native volume.
Unfortunately, I did not check the resistance on the new speakers.
But I think - it's 4 ohms.
The second speaker, despite the 4Ohm, was also “killed” - checked, leaving only it, but the volume did not increase.

Replacing the speakers, you can do it yourself, or in any "workshop".
What is interesting is that there is a part in the dock in which this process is described in detail.

GPS troubleshooting

I bought a tablet on the Dell website (credit card payment, paypal does NOT work), with delivery via shipito, and you can take it through “polar explorers”.

I recall, you should not take the configuration of Latitude 10essentials It is cheaper, but severely curtailed.
To the basic configuration (was $ 646) added a stylus and an extended replaceable battery,
out $ 777.
Tablet came withWin8 pro .
Plus small expenses for shipito (asked to open and take a picture of the tablet) + delivery.
Here to taste, but it is better to use Fedex for such products.

Discussion of intermediaries. Shipito, Banderolka,, ShopFans, Polar Express and others (part 2

Subtleties of payment (if we take through the spike, then replace the "polar explorers" with the spike :)):天016#3016

One more thing, the first payment attempt for me ended with the fact that the payment did not pass the verification.
It turned out that either the bank or Mastercard introduced the 3DSecure system for some time.
Its essence is that payments of more than $ 500 (I don’t know for sure) must pass through additional authorization.
Those. You must log into your homebank, and set a password on the card for such operations.
When paying for, for example, air tickets, a question will pop up asking to enter this password.
And the service is bolted regardless of your desire.
If the password is not entered, then “stomp” in the homebank and get a password.
Just so turn off this system does not work.
But here we will not enter information about the card, .... Dell will enter this information, and they do not know anything about any, the bank invented passwords.
Until you turn off this 3DSecure "radically" :), Dell will not pay. Just do not set a password - also does not roll.
In general, I called the bank and asked to completely disconnect this service.
Disable for 3 days.
Then in Dell'sk chat I asked to repeat the payment (you could just place an order, but I was in the queue and did not want to lose the “antiquity” of the order :)).
The money was immediately withdrawn from the card.
I have come across this chip of a bank a long time ago, but often forget to remove this service before such payments.
And often (about 1 to 5) comers from the Call Centra Bank, who will argue that it is impossible to disable 3DSecure, that you have not set the password anyway, that you control it yourself, .....
In such cases, you need to be persistent :) - they can and should disable 3DSecure completely for 3 days.

I actively use spines - by the way, sometimes it is more convenient and even sometimes much cheaper - there is a choice of postal service, + plus in the USA, delivery is often free.
You make a lot of purchases from different stores, they gather in a spike warehouse, and then you make out one consolidated parcel, saving a lot by mail.
There is a topic on ixbt (given above), there is a site Shipio in Russian:

My shipping costs are:
Processing Fee:
1 package (up to 30lbs) $ 2.50
Special requests: $ 13.50 - ordered parcel photos twice
Discounted Postage: $ 127.34 - Fedex Express - reaches in 3-4 days
() ($122.09)
(bank fee 4.3%) ($ 5.25)
TOTAL: $ 143.34

143.34 - 127.34 (Fedex express) = $ 16 - expenses for hiss, including 13.5 in the photo.
You can add $ 50 herein year for account hiss.
This is beneficial to those who make a lot of purchases.
With this account, all services are cheaper (processing, consolidation).
If there was a regular account, the processing would not be $ 2.5 but $ 8.5.
Those. Speaker costs would be $ 22.5, which is more than acceptable for such purchases.
By transfer, you could save $ 30-40 by choosing the usual Fedex or USPS Express.

Additional Information
Description of the processor and video (integrated into the processor):
The performance of the nuclei itself remains approximately at the level of the previous binuclear atoms with HT (4 - virtual nuclei).
The main achievement is the very energy efficient CPU cores and productive (for office, cinema, ..) and economical graphics Imagination SGX545. "Video long-play" is partly due to the use of this economical GPU (SGX545) from the world of ARM processors.

Codecs " - Windows 8 Codecs" and VLC player were installed.
Shark007 Codecs 3dnews
Shark007 Codecs

Installed A03 BIOS in order for it to appear in the list of drivers for up to select "All related drivers for your Product (15 files)"

In the photos, a fragment of the "Cloud Atlas" - 9GB MKV'shka.
VLC twisted this movie without straining.
Two speakers, although located on the "back", give an unusually loud (for the tablet) sound.
Require something more from the video on the tablet, IMHO, it is not reasonable.

Efficiency of processor cores is achieved by low TDP (1.5vt) Atom Z2760 anddisconnecting processor blocks in idle modes.
In fact, Haswell's modes of operation are introduced in the just me S0i1 , S0i3 :

So, in modeS0i1 activated when idle (screen on, no activity), power consumption decreases to milliwatts , and the time of "awakening" is estimated by microseconds. While in mode S0i3 when there is no interaction with the device, almost all blocks are turned off and power consumption drops to microwatt . Exit this state requires milliseconds.
As a result, on tablets based on the Z2760, we have more than acceptable autonomy.
Wakomovsky stylus
In the order I went under the number:
Item Number - 332-0102 Stylus for Latitude 10
Attached Image

There are still spare plastic tips, and the ring goes to extract a worn tip from the stylus (you will not understand at once why it is :)).

I have no experience with the active stylus, but business seemed "tough."
Those. I expected that he would draw from a weaker pressing.
Then similar complaints appeared. In general, I expected more from him.
But for simple work in the desktop mode, it is sometimes not replaceable.
I did not find any batteries in the stylus.
Calibrate and work with him preferably not much tilting.
It was noticed that it works more precisely (especially in the corners of the screen) with a more "vertical" position.
There is NO slot for storing a stylus in the tablet.
In the previous model (Dell Latitude ST) it was, but for some reason it was removed.

Demonstration of drawing and accuracy of the active stylus on the Dell Latitude 10.

And indeed with such a stylus you can use any "non-tether" applications.

Disk subsystem
Z2760 does not have SATA support, work with eMMC is implemented (the controller is integrated into the processor):
eMMC *
- Support two eMMC * v4.41 Ports:
—X8 bus width, up to 800Mb / s


Seq | Read 81.73 | Write 34.20
512K | Read 76.15 | Write 28.55
4K | Read 9.036 | Write 2.041
4KQD32 | Read 10.06 | Write 2.160

This is of course much weaker than normal SSD drives, but it’s not noisy, it doesn’t get warm, and in principle it’s enough for office work and video viewing.
Usually, this eMMC card is soldered to the board, and has not yet seen messages about the possibility of installing a card with a larger capacity.
I think there is a regular MMC card, and apparently it will not be very difficultto solder (if the hands are not hooks) there is a 128GB version (speed only ... well, the risk).
I think soon there will be messages from the craftsmen.

Or will not appear, especially for Latitude 10, as we have a full-size SD slot.
For myself, this issue was decided to purchase high-speed128GB SD cards:
SanDisk Extreme 128GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB / s SDSDX-128G-X46

The card fully reveals itself when using a good USB card reader. I checked three things, but she only breathed with this device (I think there are other high-quality readers):
SanDisk ImageMate All-in-One USB 3.0 Flash Memory Card Reader (SDDR289A20)

Movies can be more convenient and faster than any ways possible with our tablet. True, I did not check the download through the network in the docking station (I do not have it :)).

To be able to install software on an SD card,
You can create a directory on drive C: (C: \ SD - for example) then mount it to the flash drive in Disk Management ("Disk Management").
After you set up media libraries for this directory (files will be visible in metro media applications) andcan install programs on SD pointing the way C: \ SD ...
Installing programs on SD is not really worth it, because There may be problems with the extraction of the SD card (it may be busy with the program launched from it).

Here with pictures:
Mount the SD card to the directory C: \ SD

Acer Iconia W510 / W510P / W511 (Post # 18957020)
Just in case for those who have difficulty with English I will give a brief instruction in Russian:
1) Create a folder on drive C where the USB flash drive will be mounted, for example C: \ SD
2) Go to "Disk Management" (For example: right click on My Computer - Management, select Disk Management in the left menu in the left menu), Find our USB flash drive (most likely drive D), right-click on it and select "Change letter drive or disk path ", in the window that opens, click" Add "and select C: \ SD
3) Now in C: \ SD all files from the flash drive will be available, we add the necessary folders to the appropriate libraries and enjoy life))

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On charging, I still do not have statistics on regular charging.
With an expanded battery (60WHr) from 6% to 97%, it was charged in 3 hours 30 minutes. In general, it can take 4 hours to charge an extended battery.
By micro USB charging.
Charging from Nook Color (2A, 5V) - for some reason I couldn’t insert it into LT10 with what I wanted to charge.
It is charged from the "Chitalkovsky" charges (5V, 0.85A), but has not yet detected time.

For example, is it possible to charge from a car charger in 1A?

I think there will be no problems, 5V, 0.85A from readers are close to these parameters.

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I can’t understand something: are there versions with a modem or not?

If there is, give a link, pzhl.

Found: there is a modem. But the della website says "Dell Wireless ™ 5565 mobile broadband card for AT&T (HSPA +), GPS." That is, it will not work with other operators?

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There was a similar question from Canadian users - they answered that 3G would not work with their operators.
In the header it is written, “3G and GPS: 3G is in the configuration, but not for our operators yet.”
At least until the opposite is proved.
In Estonia they sell with 3G - but there are no details.
In the Ukrainian review - also a version with 3G, but there is no test, and it is unclear whether the connection works or not.
If you look at the possible 3G configurations in Latitude ST - there is a lot of choice.
I think it will also be here, we must wait for official deliveries.

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of the details only that wwan-only, mikrosim. It was not possible to see live, they brought in a couple of pieces in total, quickly dismantled. it was not possible to get parts from sellers; it fell on sellers who did not speak Russian.

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Also interested in this question. From what is on the site, the board uses the same MiniCard Dell Wireless ™ 5565 HSPA +, but it can simply be locked under AT&T.

Were there any difficulties with changing the system language?

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on, they answered me that their copy was from Poland, there wasn’t a checkmark there, so judging by the Amer’s website, when ordering from 3g from the USA, it most likely will not work, because locked under AT&T.
I looked at the Polish site, there is a version with 3g, but more expensive than from America, apparently just because of the lack of lock on AT&T.
On the other hand, in theory, there should be a way to unlock, because the board is the same in all models.

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on the Ukrainian website Dell the following infa:

Mobile Broadband and GPS:
- MiniCard Dell Wireless ™ 5565 HSPA +
- Optional Gobi ™ 4G LTE Multi-Mode Card (Dell Wireless ™ DW5806 for AT&T, Sprint and
Verizon Wireless) (US only)

That is, there are two cards ...

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If you order from the states in the state store in the configuration, only 5565 goes and seems to be locked. Why is everyone pushing the states? It’s the cheapest place. Other countries have problems with this, but are more expensive there.

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I just called the Russian representative office of Dell and asked when Latitude 10 will appear in Russia. I was told that throughA COUPLE OF MONTHS. There is already 22nm haswell on its way and nobody will need this latitude. Well Dell ... There is such a saying - "Beat the iron while it's hot!". This "Iron" is not so hot, but will soon completely cool.
Now I will study the question of the ability to unlock a 3g modem, if I write any results.

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Sometimes 3G is locked conditionally.
Those. in the US only one operator can be used, and outside the states there is no such restriction.
As an example - Motorola Droid RAZR HD / MAXX HD - you can safely buy the versionRAZR HD from Verizon and 3G will work for us.

Haswell tablets will be widely availablein the autumn .
A competitor to L10 on the Atom will be only tablets on the following Atoms (available in a year :)).

In my understanding, the tablet does not need more performance.
The Internet "seems" without idiotic restrictions on 5, all my films are similar.
All that is missing is the android wealth of all-rivals and quality metro programs.
But it is a matter of time.
Vin8 itself has all the capabilities to create great mobile programs.
The metro IE10 is a living example.
What on haswell kinetic scrolling in metro IE10 will be faster?
And "photo-asses" at 10 inches can only be launched ..... - for tests :).

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Sometimes 3G is locked conditionally.
Those. in the US only one operator can be used, and outside the states there is no such restriction.
As an example - Motorola Droid RAZR HD / MAXX HD - you can safely buy a version of RAZR HD from Verizon and 3G will work for us.

It is possible, but there is no exact information. It may also be a lock that implements a card driver, which for Russia, for example, will be modified. As I understand it, the Dell Wireless 5565 HSPA + WWAN card, combining 3G and GPS, is removable and connects to the main board using a cable. Here Dell abandoned the mini PCI-E connection (unlike the Latitude ST), although the place allows it. If the mini PCI-E slot were soldered, there would be no problem: I installed any of the existing cards and installed the driver. Find out the pinout pin on the main board, then you could take the soldering iron in hand and go.
The tablets on the Haswell mobile will be widely available in the fall. A competitor to L10 on the Atom will be only tablets on the following Atoms (available in a year).

Yes, you’re right, the "autumn" Haswells will probably consume about as much energy as the ivi bridge mobiles currently consume. The situation should change with the transition to a new technological process next year.
What on haswell kinetic scrolling in metro IE10 will be faster?
A "photojacks" at 10 inches can only run ..... - for tests

Haswell I think will make itself felt when a lot of heavy tabs will be open and something else in the background. Personally, I am a fan of opening many tabs, and at the same time, memory is consumed in large quantities. Haswell will open access to more RAM. Photoshop can be used at 10 inches if a thin digital pen is supported, and, accordingly, if the power allows.

By the way, I calculated the pixel size for Latitude 10 and Ative Smart PC 700T and it turned out the first 0.162mm, the second 0.133mm. Despite the Full HD resolution of the Smart PC, due to the larger screen size, the difference in pixel size of these tablets is not very strong and it seems to be at first glance comparing the screen resolution.

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On the German site (Link) in the configurator when you tick "64GB Mobility Solid State Drive for TPM base (WWAN) [Im Preis enthalten]" at the bottom of the field of the network device, this appears: EMEA Internal Dell Wireless 5565 (HSPA +) MiniCard SIM not included [Im Preis enthalten]. EMEA means a region that includes Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Reference 2) Russia is also included there. This makes me think that if you order in Germany, then the 3g module will support operators of EMEA countries. If only I was right (today I spent the whole day solving a problem with 3G in Latitude 10). In addition, when ordering on a German site, the power adapter with an euro outlet. True, it turns out more expensive than on the American site, but no more expensive than officially in Russia when they start selling.

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Limbio @ 02/14/2013, 02:53*
If only I was right (today I spent the whole day solving a problem with 3G in Latitude 10).

I don’t know how on the German site, but basically there is a chat, and you can trite to ask this question.
I think that if Europe officially sells a tablet with 3G in the configurator, then it is obliged to work with local operators.

On the tablet - I found out that charging from MicroUSB only happens when the tablet is completely turned off.
Time has not yet detected.

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Overcame branches on samsa and acer. The desire to buy something disappears ... :-)
a question for the sole owner of the device (although they already advised me to read these branches for problems):
Are there any problems specific to acer-samsung?
Most concerned about:
Does the battery eat in sleep mode?
Are there any problems with getting out of sleep (not joining via wi-fi, does not load, loads, but something does not work (touch, buttons))?
Is the pen working correctly?

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I don’t know how on the German site, but basically there is a chat, and you can trite to ask this question.

He asked a question and they answered that they won’t work with Russian providers. The answer is obtained only the second time. The first time they did not understand me, they sent me to a Russian site.

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My tablet had the only problem with the touch screen.
Hangs a couple of times. But the pen continued to work.
If the touch screen freezes, you go with the pen (or mouse) to Device Manager, do enable / disable on I2C HID devices - the touch screen hangs.
After updating the BIOS there was no problem.
Although there are reports of similar troubles with the latest bios.

Many people think that a pen requires too much pressure.
And again, many complain about the accuracy of the pen in the upper left corner.

The battery does not go away.

Limbio @ 02/14/2013, 20:50*
He asked a question and they answered that they won’t work with Russian providers. The answer is obtained only the second time. The first time they did not understand me, they sent me to a Russian site.

What can I say?
It’s good that they still answered, it’s bad that 3G will not work here.
Someone is relevant. My device doesn’t go further than the sofa. :)

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I do not know any secret? here they are selling with us ONLY from 3g! Suppose I bought. He works here, went to a friend in St. Petersburg, will not work in roaming? I doubt it ... What is so special about you ..?

The problem of the wheelbarrow is not good. Especially if there is no stylus ... And with the stylus they are not selling, infections.
I tried to buy Dell from English, so he is there in the business section, and does not require personal mail (he wanted to ask a friend), but the address of the company!: - /
Prices, while some kind of unreal ... tablet + 3G = 850-870euro. The price of Acer B700 with I5 128GB-830 ...

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and the address of the company!: - /

This is a common practice of underdeveloped Westerners. So in any program (more or less serious, but not so much that you can use it only for professional purposes) when registering, "enter the name of the company." You can try writing "Home".

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I ordered Latitude 10 c taobao through an intermediary. One of the Dell factories is located in China. Most likely from there they will supply tablets to Russia. I ordered a model with 3G and an additional battery for 60Wh. Let's see what they send, if at all: lol:

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How much did it cost?
Link do not share?

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