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Sony Xperia Tablet Z - Discussion | Tablet 10.1 "

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DiscussionSony Xperia Tablet Z
PictureSony Xperia Tablet Z
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Mini F.A.Q.
  • Q: Can I send sms messages, make gsm-calls from the tablet (in the lte version)?
  • A: You can send SMS, you can also call SGP321. Read more

  • Q: Is there native support for exfat sd-cards (exfat is a file system that allows you to write files>4 GB)? Does the microsd tablet recognize 64 GB?
  • A: In the WiFi version is. LTE version supports exfat only with firmware number 4.2.2 (and higher). With a 64 GB microsd tablet (both WiFi and LTE versions) works great.

  • Q: What are the changes in the firmware on Android 4.2.2?
  • A: List of changes

  • Q: How to connect the tablet to the TV cable via HDMI?
  • A:
    1. Check in the passport TV supportMhland connect with a microUSB-HDMI cable (first on top).
    2. If there is no support for MHL, then use the 2 lower (active) cables, with the second input on the rectangular adapter or the mini cord on white connected to the USB input on the TV to provide additional power for not having a native MHL.
    3. Purchase an adapter cable to connect to USB TV.

  • Q: What to include in order for the tablet to wake up on a double tap?
  • A: Settings (Options) ->Display->Exit sleep mode.

  • Q: Duck after all, is it necessary to glue a protective film on it, or is it already in the kit?
  • A: From the factory, the tablet comes "closed" with two films. The first - with the applied specifications, it must be removed. The second - the factory, glued directly on the glass, glossy, with oleophobic coating. To get rid of it or not is up to you, but its protective functions are quite high. Video (English) , clearly demonstrating this. In some SONY smartphones, the brand logo (i.e., the SONY inscription itself) is printed directly on the factory protective film, and when it is removed, the logo also disappears. In this tablet, the logo is printed on the case and, if necessary, the film can be safely changed.

  • Q: What are the 2 metal dots on the left side of the tablet?
  • A: Contacts for docking station. Upper - plus, lower - minus.

  • Q: When scrolling through the list of widgets all the time crashes with an error.
  • A: Remove the Yandex.Search application.

  • Q: Does the tablet have a native file manager / explorer?
  • A: There is no standard file manager in it, but nothing prevents you from downloading any other from the market.

  • Q: How to make Flash work on our tablet?
  • A:
    1. DownloadFlash player
    2. Install a browser that supports flash (Mozilla, Dolphin, etc.)
    3. If required, turn on Flash in your browser settings. Everything.

  • Q: What does the combination of 13W21 (or similar) on the edge of the tablet?
  • A: 21 week 13 year.

  • Q: How to take a screen shot?
  • A: If you have already upgraded to version 4.2.2, then the screen can be made using 2 methods:
    1. Simultaneously hold down the power button and the volume button down
    2. Open the list of running applications and click on this icon in the bottom right:Attached Image
    3. If you have 4.1.2., Then the screen shot can be done in another way: hold down the shutdown button and select the corresponding item in the list. (For some people, this method is also saved in 4.2.2)

  • Q: Where are the screenshots saved?
  • A: If you made a screen 1 or 3 in the manner described above, then: sdcard / Picures / Screenshots. The screenshots themselves are displayed in the Gallery.
    If you used method 2, then: sdcard / com.sonyericsson.notes / clip_small_app. Also, these images can be found in the Fragment Manager, which is located in the Notes application.

  • Q: Does this tablet vibrate?
  • A: In all versions of this tablet there is no vibro.

  • Q: Can I connect a 3G modem / mouse / flash drive to a tablet?
  • A: 3G modem - instruction ; mouse, flash drive and other peripherals - yes(via otg-cable).

  • Q: Can I install applications (transfer cache from them) to a memory card?
  • A: Alternatively, you can use Foldermount . The presence of root-rights is required.

  • Q: How to change the alarm melody?
  • A: To change the melody on the alarm clock, you need to disable the "style settings" function in the advanced alarm settings.

  • Q: The tablet hangs, does not respond to commands. How to perform a reset / reset (i.e. simulate pulling out the battery)?
  • A: At the same time hold down the power button and the volume button up, then, without releasing the buttons, look at the LED on the side - it should flash once and after 2-3 seconds another three times. Everything, imitation of removal of the battery is made, turn on the tablet

  • Q: How to make a full data reset?
  • A:
    Method 1: Settings - Backup and reset - General reset.
    Method 2.: Go to the service menu, Customization Setting>Reset custamization>Reset custamization and reboot.

  • Q: What is the resolution of the wallpaper, so that when changing the orientation / desktops the wallpaper is not cropped / does not change its proportions and quality so that the black bar does not appear?
  • A: 2880x1920. Picture explanation why so. Alternatively, alternative launchers can be used.

  • Q: How to enable Swype in the native keyboard?
  • A: Options ->Language and input ->Keyboard Xperia [button on the right] ->Text Input Options ->Enter text with gestures.
    The spelled words are saved in the dictionary, you can see, edit or delete them in:
    Options ->Language and input ->Keyboard Xperia [button on the right] ->Text Input Options ->My words.

  • Q: How to enter the service menu?
  • A: Instruction

  • Q: How to disable demo mode?
  • A: We act by analogy with how to get to service menu , just dial another code: * # * # 73556673 # * # *

  • Q: After removing from the dock. The station / power outage writes "... Unplug the power outlet" or something like that. How to get rid of it?
  • A: You need to select Settings ->Applications ->Everything ->com.sonyericsson.unplugchargerreminder and click the Shut Down button.

  • Q: How to transfer the image from the tablet screen on TV using Miracast?
  • A:
    1. Make sure your TV supports this feature.
    2. If not, you will have to buyadapter.
    3. After connecting Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV WiDi to TV and turning on the Miracast search, go to Settings / XperiaTM / Duplication of the screen on the tablet.
    4. Some featuresconnect.

  • Q: Is it possible for this device to be connected as a simple flash drive?
  • A: There is. Settings>Xperia->USB connections>USB connection mode.

  • Q: LTE does not work from Megaphone, what should I do?
  • A: Instruction

  • Q: What are DRM keys for?
  • A: These are Key-codes confirming that you did not crack the device. But it is rather rude. Detailed description on Wikipedia .

  • Q: I do not like the volume of the speakers. Can somehow strengthen?
  • A:
    1. Try to turn on (if turned off) the xLOUD and Clear Phase parameters (together and separately) in the sound settings.
    2. PutSonyZBlastAudio V2 mod(you need a custom recovery, how to install lookhere), according to my feelings the sound became a little louder. With this method, you must make a nandroid backup, in order to recover if necessary.

  • Q: How to make Miracast and WiFi work simultaneously?
  • A: Instruction

SGP311 - 16 GB ROM; WiFi only; black, white * pct *
SGP312 - 32 GB ROM; WiFi only; black, white * pct *
SGP321 - 16 GB ROM; LTE / 4G; black, white * PCT * [UMTS: 1, 5, 8; LTE: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20]

SGP341 - 16 GB ROM; HSPA +; the black/? * China * [UMTS: 2, 4, 5]
SGP351 - 16 GB ROM; LTE / 4G; the black/? * T-Mobile USA *, * Chile * [UMTS: 2, 4, 5; LTE: 4]
SO-03E - 32 GB ROM; LTE / 4G; black, white * DoCoMo Japan * [UMTS: 1, 5, 6, 19; LTE: 1, 19, 21]

CPU : Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064: four Krait processing cores (ARMv7 instruction set); frequency: 1.5 GHz; technical process: 28 nm
GPU: Adreno 320
Screen: 10.1 inches: 1920x1200 pixels (WUXGA); 224 ppi; Capacitive touchscreen, IPS technology, Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2
Operating system: Android 4.1.3 Jelly Bean (current version is 4.2.2 Jelly Bean)
Battery: Lithium polymer battery 22.2 W * h (6000 mA * h, 3.7 V)
Built-in memory: 16/32 GB NAND Flash
  • Primary: 8.1 MP (CMOS Exmor R sensor, autofocus, no flash)
  • Front: 2.2 MP (BSI backlight sensor, no autofocus)
Dimensions: 266x172x6.9 mm
Weight: 495 g
Modules: Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 Ghz (IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n + Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Miracast), DLNA, Bluetooth (v 4.0), GPS (+ A-GPS), NFC, IR Remote-control
  • Qualcomm MDM9215M: GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900;
  • HSDPA / HSUPA, UMTS 850/900/2100;
  • LTE 800/850/900/1800/2100/2600
Dust and moisture protection: IPX55 / 57
  • 1 x Micro USB MHL (with OTG support)
  • 1 x microSD
  • 1 x microSIM
  • 1 x 3.5 mm mini-jack audio jack
Other: Accelerometer (three-axis), gyroscope, digital compass, light sensor, built-in monaural microphone, 2 built-in stereo speakers
Tablet Z Photos
Photo tablet
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Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image
Photo tablet disassembled
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

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Attached Image

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Rep: (3)
New leak about Xperia Tablet Z: announcement is possible as early as next week

Rep: (105)
P. S. Interestingly, the IR port will be?

This moment also interests and whether there will be a dock, I think on a tablet Z in a consequence to wave a tablet With. All the same, full xd for 10 "is actual. Honestly, the game teg doesn’t especially hurt the interface speed and the net standards, the programs that fly to me (all sorts of FM and TV viewer) I look at 55" video, play PS3 or Wit (so to sensor and I could not get used to it), but it pleases me with a teapot to the C4 pro - energy consumption, etc.

Post has been editedjello73 - 18.01.13, 23:58

Rep: (2114)
Attached Image


Post has been editedHeso - 07.10.13, 17:59

Rep: (3)
mdeejay if it's not a fake, then it looks pretty good: good: I just want to buy my first tablet :)

Post has been editedwano_1985 - 21.01.13, 07:29

Rep: (105)
Judging by the lower status bar, the ICashnik has it, I hope that the dock in the aks will be: D !!!!
Great news )

Rep: (5)
Looks cool, and the body is metal or not?
P. S. Who and for what my korent zatert?

Rep: (105)
AnDrOiD RuLLeZ! @ 01.21.2013, 11:20*
Is the case metal or not?

Judging by the eponymous smart, it should be glass, maybe the aluminum frame will be

Rep: (514)
New infa

Added 01/21/2013 11:10:

Aluminum, ultra-low thickness and weight, Qualcomm 4 core processor, 1920 * 1200 screen, 8 MP camera, but 6000 mAh battery (for the sake of thickness and weight).

Rep: (111)
Leonid_F @ 01.21.2013, 12:09*
New infa

Battery 6000 ma / h - crosses out all the other charms, in my opinion. I have 7.7 5100 batteries on my Samsung. In Sony, the screen is bigger and the filling is more powerful. It would be better to have made inches 9-10 thick, but with a more capacious battery.

Rep: (16)
From the latest data and photos it is not clear whether he has a front camera?

Rep: (23)
inches 9-10 thick

nifiga yourself a brick would be! and how to wear it then would be necessary? on a cart nearby?

Rep: (5)
Well, what for to pursue subtlety and ease, the battery is really sad. In all other respects, he is gorgeous, there is no unnecessary frontal by the way, as I understand it, cool!

Rep: (0)
more newshttp://hi-tech.mail.ru/news/misc/sony_xperia_tablet_z.html

Rep: (5)
vsdn This link has already been thrown a little higher.

Rep: (111)
nifiga yourself a brick would be! and how to wear it then would be necessary? on a cart nearby?

Slip of the pen. I meant millimeters)

Post has been editedmailos - 21.01.13, 12:25

Rep: (21)
Russian LTE networks will support ???

Rep: (0)
It is a pity that not a word about 3G, it's a shame if it doesn't :(

Rep: (31)
Checker @ 01/21/2013, 11:05*
From the latest data and photos it is not clear whether he has a front camera?

There is, it is necessary to slightly increase the image of the front panel and you will see everything.

Post has been editedlundo - 21.01.13, 13:12

Rep: (10)
spiderman99 @ 01/21/2013, 5:58 PM*
It’s a pity that not a word about 3G is a shame if it’s not

there can be no LTE and no 3G

Rep: (5)
There is, it is necessary to slightly increase the image of the front panel and you will see everything.

In the description on Mile, nothing is said about the front-end ...

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