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> Modification and Ornaments for FLY IQ444 and Fly IQ444 Quattro
15.01.13, 11:35
Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Sorg

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Modification and Ornaments for FLY IQ444 (OS Android 4.0.4) and Fly IQ444 Quattro (OS Android 4.x.x)
Description | Discussion | Discussion Fly IQ444 Quattro | miniFAQ | Accessories | Firmware | Modification

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    [*]���������� ������ ������������������ Android ��������� �������� � ����: Benchmark
    [*]����� ����������� ���������� ������������ � ����� ������ � ������������� �� ������ download

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Without failmake nandroid backup(You can skip it if there is no such option in the recovery or you are not afraid of reflashing: blush :)

Battery Modes with Percentages
Changedbatteriesin the status bar for firmware SW10. How does the battery look likehere. If the downloaded archive is not installed via moderation, simply download the files from the .zip archive, (SystemUI.apk, framework-res.apk, etc.) to the appropriate replacement folder with any file manager and set permissions like the originals (rw -r - r--). If the rights are set incorrectly, there will most likely be a cyclic reboot, or endless butanimation.

Programs for self-changing the theme of smart design
Online kitchen.
How to use the kitchen
Detailed instructions for using the kitchen in pictures here.
So, since it's often difficult for people to figure out how to use this wonderful resource.http://uot.dakra.lt/I will try to tell about it as clearly as possible.
Click in the cap Kitchen->Click File Upload (Now we need to upload some files from the phone that are responsible for the graphics - we take files from the phone from: system / framework /framework-res.apkand / system / app /SystemUI.apk(Root required) ->Select System files under the framework-res.apk labeledSelect fileand load yourframework-res.apkunder the inscriptionSystemUI.apkpushSelect fileand load yourSystemUI.apk.
Actually, the most difficult part, it’s also preparation, is finished, now you can start implementing the desired
Different modifications are divided into groups:
  • Battery - battery icon in the status bar
  • Icons - status bar icons
  • Status bar - the status bar in expanded form (aka Notification bar)
  • Popup - pop-ups Window Animation - window animation
  • Font Pack - Bootanimation fonts - boot animation

Choose what we want to change, put a tickUse this modand enjoy the creative process. I will not describe each tab in detail, because it takes a long time and does not make much sense - all tabs on the right have a buttonGenerate Preview, clicking on which displays previews (viewing) of what you have done, which is not difficult to figure out for yourself. When you are done with the choice of modifications, it's time to start the process of "cooking" - clickSummaryand see on the left a list of all mods used. Making sure all mods are highlightedin greenpress the buttonSubmit work to kitchen.
On the page that appears, we are told that nothing happens instantly and you need to wait until the kitchen collects our topic. Write down / remember the name of your "order" - it is indicated in the orange box under the inscriptionThis is your order numberin UOT format<tsiferki>these numbers are the date and the number of the order. ClickClick here to go to the pickup page!
Now it only remains with anticipation to wait ... You can still do other things, periodically looking at the page - it is updated every minute.Your recently cooked files- it contains the number of the "order" that you recently recorded. Click to the right of the orderdownloadand get the coveted archive
We sew the archive through the recovery and enjoy: thank_you: (or grieve: hysterics:) result. That's all!Thank youOggyandGrin_tlt
If the received archive from the kitchen is not installed via moderation, then we simply download the files from the archive, if bootanimation.zip has been welded to the required folders with replacement, by any file manager, and set the permissions as the originals (rw-r - r--). If the rights are set incorrectly, there will most likely be a cyclic reboot, or endless butanimation.
Program page from oleg.svs (in development). Beta versionprograms
Verified by users
MiHome_v1_80.apkInstallation is normal, all the programs on the desktops, download those from an Internet. There is no Russian. (6.44 MB)Do not forget to thank the distinguishedlaxta1
Launcher Plus.apkInstallation: Paste into the folder app and change the permissions on the "r" native launcher delete from the folder (it is better to save somewhere on the memory card). Ability to add clean tables, move icons. (1.79 MB)Do not forget to thank the distinguishedlaxta1
IQ442 camera
Camera.apkWrites video in mp4, full Russian version. Installation: paste into the folder app and change permissions to "r" (1.82 MB)Do not forget to thank the distinguishedlaxta1
Compass.apkInstallation: paste into the folder app and change permissions to "r" if it does not work, reset to factory settings (2 MB)Do not forget to thank the distinguishedlaxta1
SoundRecorder.apkInstallation: paste into the folder app and change permissions to "r" More interesting than ours (130.78 KB)Do not forget to thank the distinguishedlaxta1
Clock widget
TnClockWidget.apkInstallation: paste into the folder app and change permissions to "r" (92.82 KB)Do not forget to thank the distinguishedlaxta1
Video player
VideoPlayer.apkInstallation is normal. Just shows all the video files, and what you can decide what to watch through. (56.72 KB)Do not forget to thank the distinguishedlaxta1
Attached fileROM + Manager + Premium + v5.5.1.5.apk(2.97 MB)
ROM Manager version: Managing features mod. rekoveri. Requires root.Premium version.The program supports:
Rekoveri firmware
Creating and restoring backup
Firmware download
Firmware from memory card
Formatting and splitting a memory card into sections
And much more.
Hi all

I have the Allview P6 stony myself. I like this. I've been searching for it. So far without luck. Thats too bad, because the phone has this option integrated. I found so far.

This phone is sold all over the world with different names. The dual core version is know as:
Allview P6 Stony (Romania and the Netherlands)
Fly IQ 444 (Russian)
Blu Vivo 4.65 (american, has versions based and band)
NGM We Move Legend XL (Italian)

There is also a quad core function ...
Gionee Dream D1 (Chinese)
Allview P6 Quad (Romania and the Netherlands)
Walton Primo X1 (Indian)

Nice detail: I need it (I didn’t associate contact to SIM, but I don’t give it a chance)

I found it so far but ...
For the Fly IQ444savagemessiahzine.com
with extension /forum/index.php?showtopic=415423
For allviewmobile site with firmware / comadmin / p6_update / Allview_Update_P6_17012013.zip
Hellomobilecms.blogspot dot nl
with extension nl / 2013/05 / walton-android-primo-series-phone.html (google how to use ...)

Now I still have these questions.
This is the “brick” it?
Can you get it?
Is this "associate contact to SIM" function working?
Original source

FLY service centers

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@ l e k s
27.08.15, 19:55

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Sorry if offtopic, but did not find a more suitable topic. Does this phone have two microphones? When talking, everything is fine, but there is no sound when recording a video or voice recorder. And is it fixable by flashing?

Yes, you can still use a third-party camera application.

21.09.15, 12:16

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Hello! Please help me deal with the following problem: Miui 4.6.1 firmware was installed on the Fly IQ444 Quattro, then I decided to increase the size of the system partition using the procedure described insavagemessiahzine.com, made a backup of the firmware and installed the Gionee Dream D1 firmware, increased the volume of the system partition, returned to Miui from the backup, but the Gionee logo remained during the download, but Fly's animation (some appearing and then fading multicolored pixels). I decided to change bootanimation and boot logo. I haven’t reached the logo yet, but I’m stuck on bootanimation - I couldn’t change it. I did everything clearly according to the instructions: I took the files on this forum, copied it to the system Root Explorer folder, set permissions with the letter G, copied it to the media folder (with file replacement), rebooted and ... nothing changed - the same colored and fading pixels appear ... The phone is loading normally, there are no problems in operation. It seems to be possible to leave everything as it is, but, as they say, a matter of principle. Can someone tell me: what's the problem? And one more question: is it possible to install a bootanimation file via TWRP (there are options via CWM, but I haven’t seen it through TWRP)?
That is, if I understand correctly, butanimation is completely disabled in the firmware. Therefore a possible solution would be its "inclusion". How to do it?

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14.01.19, 21:34
Homo locum ornat

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The topic is closed. Lack of activity.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 4/64, AEX 5.7, OS 8.1
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