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Another subject of the Russian Siri | [IPhone]

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Another topic about Russian Siri
version: 1.0

Last update of the program in the header:12.05.2013

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Short description:
Apple voice assistant in Russian.

Repository moved temporarily to MyRepoSpace, because old repository worked magic, which the action suddenly stopped.
In the nearest time the original repository will work again.


I immediately set out to translate into Russian Siri so that the functionality was as close as possible to the original Siri from Apple.

The project is still being developed and is currently being tested.
At the moment, Siri can answer some questions, make calls, send / verify / read and write SMS text dictation.
New features are being developed

To experience the Russian Siri, short enough to follow instructions:
I strongly recommend to have the firmware 6.1-6.1.2.

For iPhone 4 / iPod touch 4:
  1. Set the desired port Siri. (Sparkz, SiriDR (may be unstable) or Ac! DSiri)
  2. Install from a repositoryhttp://cydia.myrepospace.com/RusSiri/tweak В«RusSiri EssentialsВ».The order of principle! First, Siri, then tweak!
  3. Turn on in settings Siri Russian.
  4. Go tothis linkfrom your device. The certificate will be installed automatically.
  5. List the proxy hosthttps : //guzzoni.apple.comthe settings on your device.
  6. Make respring and start enjoying.

For devices with native support Siri (iPhone 4S and later)
The owners of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is already set up port, do not try to remove it! This will result in removal from the device Siri!
Just do all the instructions for the iPhone 4.

  1. Install from a repositoryhttp://cydia.myrepospace.com/RusSiri/tweak В«RusSiri EssentialsВ».
  2. Turn on in settings Siri Russian.
  3. Go tothis linkfrom your device. The certificate will be installed automatically.
  4. Make respring and start enjoying.

After installing the tweaknecessarily make respring

The service is still under development.

Supported commands
Commands somewhat extensible because Siri performs a keyword search. Those. questions "how are you" and "Tell me, my dear assistant, how to move your overarching business this beautiful morning" in the eyes of Siri are identical, since searched the parameter "* how * things *"

Send / WriteMessage / SMSCate
How / / check whether therenew / newmessage (s / s) -> readmy newmessages
CallbeCatea mobile / work / home
What is / what's up with / whatever / that for / aweather / forecast - shows the weekly weather forecast. Adding to the request'Now / today / at the moment "will present a 24-hour forecast.
Add reply
I have an idea
I love kittens
Who is your author
Something about sex
How are you
Marry me
tell a joke
tell me a story
What are you wearing?
I'm fat
The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything
I love you
What do you think about Android?
Happy Birthday
I'm tired
What's your favorite color?
What is the best phone in the world?
What is a sense of life
Are you a virgin?
Where to get drugs
Where are you
Sing a song

If you got any idea about Siri, or you want to add your answer - just tell Siri about it.

P.S. If Siri when "you can start using Siri soon", switch to the language settings to English, ask something, wait until it says "Sorry, I do not understand", and switch the language back to Russian startup says.

We have aVkontakte community, Where you can ask any question as well as follow the news.

Sitesiriport.ruIt does not have to projectnothing .
II have no idea That you broke after you have decided to take advantage of this and I I do not know how then liven up your device.
Questions on logs sirporta ask the author siriporta.I am not.

ViaCydia, repository: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/RusSiri/
[FAQ] Installation* .deb

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Reason for editing: a list of supported commands

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It is clear that nothing is clear, and here on the pavement I booted skiing and felts do not go skiing toli I do not understand. One essence is clear - such a problem I have one. Post above. Well I beg to 5th custom, it all works.

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Slider in my foursome also he goes to off. I put on incl. reappears menu dictation, language (unless there was a menu - forcibly move the slider to off and back to on -.. always will be some kind of disease twice should be switched on and off..) After selecting the language the slider again will be off. Naturally it back to On. and on the way out. The next time will be the setting slider back to off. After restarting again set to on. again twice that would earn.
I have a 4-ka no S, 6.1. Everything works. I put AC! DSiri with bsssamkassem.

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All these operations are performed after you install the certificate and prescription proxy?

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Set AC! DSiri, then russian essentials, is configured to include Russian, and then install the certificate prescribed proxy after proxy is done respring again configured to include Siri and select the Russian again. Everything.

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Try utrechka, accomplish your goal. Thanks.

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By the iPad is not a prog not. There is an alternative to what else?

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Something which is increased hype on this Siri in forume.Obyasnite me where ever she use? When riding in the train or subway to sit and gain a voice SMS, people like a fool watching what I was talking with the phone? Or maybe the house instead of with household talk, this Siri sit communicate? Tell me, what kind of practical sense in this application?

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Tomorrow will continue testit :)

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I need Siri while driving, if the work on the wheels - a very useful thing.

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You get into an accident when typing understand SIS)

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the microphone is activated, "How can I help?" and after about 30 seconds that it says very sorry, but the queries are not currently accepted. Language to English and back again asking me, did not help. Voice typing in SMS also does not work, after clicking on the microphone, processes in the line of text something and then an empty string.

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All figured out.
The reason is simple. When you have to write proxy host settings, note that afterhttps://russiri.netthere was no oblique slash / as it was prescribed there do not know. Removing it all worked.
Good luck!

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After installing Ac! DSiri lost all applications and games. It's just wonderful.
iPhone 4S 6.1 JB

Deleted Ac! DSiri, all applications are again in place. It just hides the icons? How can it be and why?

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filaretov @ 15.02.2013, 08:22*
All figured out.
The reason is simple. When you have to write proxy host settings, note that afterhttps://russiri.netthere was no oblique slash / as it was prescribed there do not know. Removing it all worked.
Good luck!

Confirm long tormented itself ....)

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We continue, poured port for iPad: rolleyes:

Attached Image

Attached fileerica.utilities_0.4.2_iphoneos-arm.deb(54.11 KB)

Attached fileRetinaPadX_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb(6.78 MB)

Port for iPad:
Attached fileAcidiPadiOS61_1.3_iphoneos-arm.deb(123.29 MB)

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how to register the proxy host in the setup?

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Paragraph 5 of the cap.

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Put AC! DSiri with bsssamkassem, then he did as a cap. Siri starts, but any request says "I'm sorry, I do not understand ...." :(
Iphone 4 6.1

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Well done:)
I also poslival all ports. Soon they will be in our repo.

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Guys podsazheny I siri slider is also not included proxy https // russiri.net?

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