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I would like to know how many different animals on the site?
This picture for our zoo paintedLenso!

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And this is a gift to us from our psycho friends:Attached Image- beer machine! : friends:

Resolution of 25.11.2006 for young animals to celebrate the following holidays (which is lost - highlight red in the messages):

February 12 - Birthday of Charlie Dar wine.
February 13 is the birthday of the Moscow Zoo.
May 21, 1896 - Birthday of the Kaliningrad Zoo
June 7, 1927 - Birthday of the Rostov-on-Don Zoo.
-20 June - the birthday of Kolya Drozdov from TV, the host of the program “in the world of animals”.
July 2 - the day of the veterinarian
July 31 - Lenso's birthday
August 14 - the birthday of the Leningrad Zoo
- September 26 is the birthday of the scientist I.Pavlov, who fed his dog with saliva.
October 4 - International Day for the Protection of Zhovotnakh!
October 25 - the birthday of the Yalta zoo.
December 1 - the anniversary of our zoo! Dancing fse!

-1 Saturday of April is declared a Saturday! (with all the ensuing consequences ...

Have a fresh beer

Guardian Zoo with the appropriate content and salary - knight uu7jf
Rodent Zoo with appropriate content and salary - suhestvitelnoe

Honorable inhabitants of Zoo!

We meet!
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Oh can I have elf-ranger? =)

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Where's my green pill?<_<

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Operation of the resurrection, codenamed "Sunkaerb" ... connect to, nationals of the forum users! =)

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Breaknus It is to Barsiku. He is the director of the zoo. : P

MrGod And what species you include? : Blink:

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Lenso ,
I tell you: He stranger! On the green planet! : Ph34r: And he's extremely dangerous ... probably ... =)

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And what about me? : Unsure:

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Zoydbergenka. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart. The exact origin is unknown. Perhaps this is a product of genetic engineering, scratches inflated rubber glove, smile and two ostrich yaytsa.Da without shaman's drum, I think, has not done. In general, fear and respect!

AAAA! And I have not seen! :(

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Breaknus , The aliens are not little animals.

Blower All to Murlokotu

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Lenso ,
I am a green alien critter from the family Pilulos-Grinus, in common Green pill or GreenPill

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as I grow up, become a tigerPicture

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I finally succeeded avatar :) so that you can write me: lol:

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web $ ter ,
: nea:
Give Yak-MCC-PCO! : Yahoo:

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Okay :(

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Vovchik , So I snoe case, you and chichas tiger: D

web $ ter , Cap - class :)

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web $ ter ,
Although this Ava cool! : Good:

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XA she weighs 19 kb: P

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I also Koshak = da)

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Opa-on ... And I'm not a kettle. But since, according to Ava, will soon be a log, you can stay there.

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Friends, but what am I? : Unsure:

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For me volerchik cook! ;)

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